Best Chat Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total chat plugins - 93
Google Hangouts Chrome extension download
Google Hangouts Hangouts brings conversations to life with photos, emoji, and even group video calls for free.

hangouts, friends, photos, conversations, group, devices, video, conversation, notifications, calls, free, google, emoji, chrome, window

MEGA Chrome extension download
MEGA Secure Cloud Storage

mega, extension, find, chrome, download, storage, site, https, security, version, cloud, secure, nz, text, audio

BetterTTV Chrome extension download
BetterTTV Enhances Twitch with new features, bug fixes, and reduced clutter.

chat, twitch, betterttv, channel, messages, links, settings, username, list, features, history, lines, quot, channels, notifications

MySearchDial Chrome extension download
MySearchDial A new tab page that provides an easy way to access and search the web

mysearchdial, tab, sites, search, page, feature, dials, games, design, favorite, access, user, categories, chrome, time Mods, Zoom, Unlock Skins, Bots Chrome extension download Mods, Zoom, Unlock Skins, Bots The Best Mod and Extension for! Mod Zoom, Play with Friends, Skins, Custom Skins, Bots

game, zoom, play, skins, snake, menu, io, snakes, background, nicks, mod, mods, nickname, key, selection

facemoji - Stickers and emoji for Facebook Chrome extension download
facemoji - Stickers and emoji for Facebook Stickers, emoji (hidden emoticons) and drawing board for Facebook

facebook, stickers, emoji, ng, chat, facemoji, comment, chrome, emoticons, web, send, extension, ch, group, trong

FrankerFaceZ Chrome extension download
FrankerFaceZ Use a variety of unique faces on Twitch!

emotes, twitch, experience, custom, community, add, extension, channel, top, frankerfacez, direct, chat, broadcaster, expand, ffz

Showgoers for Netflix Chrome extension download
Showgoers for Netflix Watch Netflix movies with your friends or loved ones online

netflix, showgoers, movie, invite, watch, distance, chat, url, watching, chrome, sync, shared, loved, skype, create

SPOTS - A better way to start Chrome extension download
SPOTS - A better way to start Give your homepage cool designs & awesome features - speed dial your favorites sites, text message from your computer, discover…

spots, cool, phone, web, computer, text, games, app, sites, favorites, start, features, chrome, websites, homepage

Heartbeat Chrome extension download
Heartbeat Heartbeat Chrome Extension by Freedom! Labs

youtube, video, comments, track, chat, videos, heartbeat, add, helps, grow, day, growth, month, night, time

FB Chat Layout Chrome extension download
FB Chat Layout An editor to 'DIY' your FB layout.

layout, quot, added, chat, chrome, fixed, update, facebook, ver, extension, change, support, minion, click, problem

Twitch Giveaways Chrome extension download
Twitch Giveaways Comfortable giveaway system for channels.

twitch, extension, giveaways, system, giveaway, https, issues, chats, github, embedded, report, comfortable, chrome, popped, dashboard

Netflix Party Chrome extension download
Netflix Party Watch Netflix remotely with friends

netflix, long, adds, playback, remotely, chrome, extension, party, nights, distance, special, group, synchronizes, video, watching

Giphy for Chrome Chrome extension download
Giphy for Chrome Bring the power of a GIF search engine anywhere on the web. Respond to emails, tweets and more with GIFs quickly and easily.

gifs, extension, giphy, search, hipchat, permissions, gmail, gif, support, respond, twitter, facebook, drag, requests, hostname

SocialReviver Chrome extension download
SocialReviver The way YOU want Facebook to be!

chat, fb, fixed, home, classic, blue, quot, posts, socialreviver, disable, rockmelt, search, opera, correctly, bar Chrome extension download One-click video conversations with text chat and screen sharing for up to 8 people for free.

room, chat, notifications, video, enters, chrome, extension, friends, conversations, activity, text, funny, people, information, apps

Pretty Facebook Chat Chrome extension download
Pretty Facebook Chat Prettify your Facebook chat. Bigger size, more animation, more... nice :-)

version, facebook, extension, chat, bug, shadow, fixed, chrome, pretty, icon, size, source, instructions, share, added

Facebook Protector Chrome extension download
Facebook Protector Protect you from phising pages. Block the 'seen' features and the typing indicator of the chat.

facebook, block, clickjacking, chat, extension, pages, https, features, indicator, safe, phishing, note, chrome, protect, demo

Impero Client Extension Chrome extension download
Impero Client Extension Version 5.4.20 The Impero Education Pro Chrome Extension enables you to manage and control devices running Google Chrome OS on your…

device, impero, chrome, selected, devices, screen, control, students, extension, pro, education, specific, view, group, safe

Widget Shopping Mailorama Chrome extension download
Widget Shopping Mailorama Achetez Moins Cher ! Installez le Widget Shopping Mailorama et économisez jusqu'à 50% de vos achats chez plus de 1000 marchands.

mailorama, chez, shopping, achetez, le, de, votre, extension, widget, disponible, chrome, cashback, ductions, ou, promos

Classic for Facebook Chrome extension download
Classic for Facebook A simple extension that restores the Newsfeed as a chronological collection of posts. It also hides the triangular blue corner tabs…

facebook, feedback, chat, users, code, view, extension, news, problems, quot, ticker, chronological, nsa, classic, feed

Ebsta For Salesforce Chrome extension download
Ebsta For Salesforce Ebsta for Salesforce in Google Chrome.

salesforce, page, ebsta, extension, appexchange, required, integration, free, records, sfdc, manage, sized, tasks, pocket, chatter

TradingView Free Quotes and Chat Chrome extension download
TradingView Free Quotes and Chat Follow free market quotes, your watchlist, public and private chats from TradingView, while surfing the web in any browser tab.

tradingview, browser, free, extension, market, quotes, financial, chats, watchlist, chrome, forex, bitcoin, open, site, share

Twitch Mini Player Chrome extension download
Twitch Mini Player Always-on-Top Floating Mini Player for Twitch.

player, mini, floating, chat, window, mode, resize, quot, features, twitch, extension, chrome, top, move, channel

Alerte Bons Plans eBuyClub Chrome extension download
Alerte Bons Plans eBuyClub Achetez Malin ! Grâce à l'Alerte Bons Plans eBuyClub, économisez jusqu'à 50% de vos achats chez plus de 1900 marchands.

ebuyclub, de, site, vous, la, achetez, plans, conomisez, vos, gr, ce, tout, simplement, extension, remboursement

babblr Chrome extension download
babblr A media messaging platform for users to communicate with each other.

users, babblr, chat, friends, chats, create, media, web, add, send, password, social, click, share, change

HoofSounds Chrome extension download
HoofSounds Listen to pony radio stations 24/7!

v1, firefox, chrome, radio, hoofsounds, stations, song, songs, fixed, fix, info, bug, fixes, issue, chat

GChat Pix Chrome extension download
GChat Pix Send and view images in Google Chat

images, chat, google, window, uploaded, chrome, extension, send, view, converted, support, desktop, automatically, pix, thumbnails

Tris Chrome extension download
Tris Search any and see others searching same. Chat with other Searchers in real-time. Create Alerts to be notified when others search.

search, searching, millions, chat, connect, tris, rooms, time, users, real, widget, keyword, privacy, extension, alerts

Point Chrome extension download
Point Point is a quick way to share and discuss what you find online.

link, share, app, http, point, extension, article, chat, research, knew, frustrating, world, discuss, simple, quick

WebChat Chrome extension download
WebChat Acesso ao WebChat

webchat, extension, para, acesso, destinada, ao, webchatextens, uso, chrome

Barc Chrome extension download
Barc Barc is a free and simple tool that lets you chat with other people who are browsing the same website. Current Features: * Share…

chat, barc, permanently, private, people, log, visit, websites, free, features, simple, share, languages, pictures, rich

Impero Client Extension Chrome extension download
Impero Client Extension The Impero Education Pro Chrome Extension enables you to manage and control devices running Google Chrome OS on your network…

device, impero, chrome, selected, devices, screen, control, education, students, extension, pro, specific, view, group, safe

Impero Client Extension Chrome extension download
Impero Client Extension Version 5.3.32 The Impero Education Pro Chrome Extension enables you to manage and control devices running Google Chrome OS on your…

device, impero, chrome, selected, devices, screen, control, students, extension, pro, education, specific, view, group, safe

Radiant Community Extension Chrome extension download
Radiant Community Extension This extension automatically loads the Radiant Community Script when loading

chat, custom, user, change, plug, tools, styling, history, extension, features, video, community, alerts, special, automatic

Chatwork Live Screen Sharing Plugin Chrome extension download
Chatwork Live Screen Sharing Plugin Screen sharing for the ChatWork Live

screen, sharing, plugin, chrome, extension, chatwork, live

ClickDesk Chrome extension download
ClickDesk ClickDesk Agent Dashboard

chat, clickdesk, agent, chrome, chats, time, extension, agents, businesses, customer, complete, visitors, login, notification, receive

Ghost for Chat Chrome extension download
Ghost for Chat Ghost for Chat allows you to vanish from Facebook’s chat and talk to whomever you’d like without getting caught.

chat, ghost, balls, caught, won, ll, green, talk, facebook, vanish, chrome, extension, leave, quot, traces a facebook messenger for chrome Chrome extension download a facebook messenger for chrome a facebook chat-head experience on google chrome

chat, facebook, head, data, chrome, sends, faces, ll, popout, experience, im, heads, messenger, side, start

Message Count Chrome extension download
Message Count Go to:, and watch the counter tick up!

counter, messages, extension, time, page, quot, version, facebook, added, load, message, bug, nb, changelog, required

FB Chat Privacy Chrome extension download
FB Chat Privacy Block or allow 'seen' and 'typing' feature on Facebook.

messenger, chrome, privacy, toolbar, facebook, mathew, google, block, chat, extension, improvements, added, support, feature, fb

Web Messenger Chrome extension download
Web Messenger Chat using Google Hangouts, Skype, and Yahoo! Messenger from the web without installing any software.

messenger, chat, chrome, web, extension, skype, fixed, notifications, yahoo, tab, v2, google, client, hangouts, websites

[J2TeaM] HQ Mp3 Downloader Chrome extension download
[J2TeaM] HQ Mp3 Downloader Download music at Zing Mp3 and Nhaccuatui

mp3, zing, cao, junookyo, extension, trang, chrome, chat, vn, chi, ti, tai, downloader, nhac, dang

Snapchat Chrome Chrome extension download
Snapchat Chrome Snapchat lets you easily talk with friends, view Live Stories from around the world

snapchat, friends, add, pro, version, snaps, view, fun, send, free, watch, story, ghost, mode, pc

8 Ball Pool Chat Chrome extension download
8 Ball Pool Chat Do you play 8 Ball Pool? Would you like to chat with other players? 8 Ball Pool Chat adds a Chat section when you play the game on…

chat, ball, pool, players, play, chrome, live, watch, gifts, youtube, join, coins, send, friends, room

Impero Client Extension Chrome extension download
Impero Client Extension Version The Impero Education Pro Chrome Extension enables you to manage and control devices running Google Chrome OS on…

device, impero, chrome, selected, devices, screen, control, students, extension, pro, education, specific, view, group, safe

CrowdCast Chrome extension download
CrowdCast Displays the most popular cheers, jeers, and emotes used by the stream viewers on Twitch.

chat, stream, phrases, phrase, extension, popular, shows, emotes, messages, crowdcast, twitch, create, increases, total, popularity

PlugPro Chrome extension download
PlugPro A more usable and professional layout for the Plug.DJ music community

view, dj, plugpro, chat, screen, plug, music, github, purple, furries, usable, extension, professional, frolicking, features

Wildix Collaboration Chrome extension download
Wildix Collaboration Add quick access to Wildix Collaboration, requires a Wildix UC System to be used, more info at

wildix, call, collaboration, extension, users, pbx, quick, events, history, access, phonebooks, memos, shared, instant, virtual

Pretty Facebook chat Chrome extension download
Pretty Facebook chat Get now a new Pretty Facebook chat for free

facebook, chat, black, log, template, predefined, screen, removed, pretty, chrome, extension, choose, freeadd, cool, create

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