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Proxy SwitchyOmega Chrome extension download
Proxy SwitchyOmega Manage and switch between multiple proxies quickly & easily.

switchyomega, proxy, chrome, settings, switching, options, proxies, menu, switchysharp, privacy, quot, extension, multiple, enjoy, switch

VkOpt Chrome extension download
VkOpt ?????????? ????????? ???????, ?????????? ????? ????????? ( Official site and support:

chrome, support, vkopt, ru, official, webstore, site, http, amp, hl, settings, extensions, google, extension, hoboppgpbgclpfnjfdidokiilachfcbb

Chrometana - Redirect Bing Somewhere Better Chrome extension download
Chrometana - Redirect Bing Somewhere Better Redirect all Bing (and therefore Cortana) searches to a search engine of your choice!

chrome, bing, v1, background, redirect, chrometana, quot, blog, apps, searches, search, work, cnet, google, cortana

1-click-timer Chrome extension download
1-click-timer a slick and reliable timer app for Google Chrome

timer, chrome, stylish, special, design, safe, works, offline, app, reliable, extension, slick, easy, permission, indicators

Kardashian Filter Chrome extension download
Kardashian Filter Block any words which annoy you, including the Kardashians

quot, extension, kardashian, filter, words, facebook, content, chrome, install, connection, friend, kardblock, software, headaches, diapers

BBC Radio Tuner Chrome extension download
BBC Radio Tuner BBC Radio Tuner

chrome, extension, flash, radio, settings, player, bbc, pause, auto, pattern, install, mbhegenoegcelljcidbaalkopfhiddke, blocker, tunerplease, tuner

Omnibox Timer Chrome extension download
Omnibox Timer A simple timer built for Chrome

timer, chrome, omnibox, options, page, commands, icon, click, select, https, show, action, feedback, notification, bell

Deezer Mediakeys Reloaded Chrome extension download
Deezer Mediakeys Reloaded Enable the use of MediaKeys for Deezer

chrome, mediakeys, deezer, code, https, chromium, extension, change, issues, windows, shortcuts, native, id, version, background

SearchSafe Chrome extension download
SearchSafe Protecting your privacy while you search the Internet

search, searchsafe, click, extension, privacy, searches, www, engines, results, https, tracking, internet, browser, engine, chrome

Add-ons, Settings, History Locker Chrome extension download
Add-ons, Settings, History Locker Lock the Add-ons, history and settings in chrome browser with a password. Dedicated to mybbc and AS

password, settings, chrome, history, extension, security, version, browser, access, lock, ons, add, features, enhanced, avoiding

The Legend Of Zelda - Dawn Of A New Day Chrome extension download
The Legend Of Zelda - Dawn Of A New Day Get once a day the authentic Zelda 'Dawn Of A New Day'-Message.

hours, day, extention, quot, change, options, pc, days, chrome, message, time, settings, click, left, year

JsCIN: JavaScript based Chinese Input Methods Chrome extension download
JsCIN: JavaScript based Chinese Input Methods Chinese Input Methods (XCIN/GCIN compatible) for Google ChromeOS™

chrome, chinese, methods, input, extension, compatible, win, mac, gcin, based, chromeos, xcin, google, settings, languages

Dota 2 Wallpapers for New Tab Chrome extension download
Dota 2 Wallpapers for New Tab (Unofficial) Change your new tab's background to a random photo from Dota 2 Wallpapers collection.

tab, dota, photos, wallpaper, settings, chrome, nh, collection, wallpapers, ui, performance, album, https, optimize, synced

Macify Chrome extension download
Macify Make your Chromebook™ behave more like a Mac®

chrome, extension, enable, scrolling, shift, ctrl, rough, included, originally, select, overlay, os, pointer, mac, simple

Settings Button Chrome extension download
Settings Button Provides quick icon access to your Chrome settings.

tab, extension, button, quick, open, settings, access, chrome, bookmark, assures, accomplish, downloads, switches, adds, opens

ExtManager Chrome extension download
ExtManager Manage the chrome browser extensions. enable it when you need and quickly disable it when you not.

page, extensions, settings, chrome, list, browser, pages, easily, enable, disable, icon, expansion, suitable, variety, permutations

FindWide Search Protection Chrome extension download
FindWide Search Protection Protect Chrome from search engines that aren't from the Web Store.

chrome, search, findwide, protection, yahoo, mature, tuvaro, trovi, email, support, controlled, asks, permission, citizen, tired

SafeSearch Chrome extension download
SafeSearch Protecting your privacy while you search the Internet

search, safesearch, click, https, extension, privacy, engine, searches, information, private, raaz, engines, browser, chrome, icon

Pi Reminder Chrome extension download
Pi Reminder Quickly add a reminder for yourself and friends (Android App also available)

reminder, reminders, android, app, pireminder, meeting, pi, people, add, chrome, setting, google, computer, client, working

CurlWget Chrome extension download
CurlWget Builds a command line for 'curl/wget' tools to enable the download of data on a console only session.

download, curlwget, copy, click, work, session, v0, bug, console, chrome, quot, remote, action, expected, curl

Cats Awesome Images Chrome extension download
Cats Awesome Images Lovely cats images, one per day, to make you smile.

awesome, chrome, cats, images, day, extensions, settings, requested, deactivate, https, programmers, github, works, extension, lovely

Ruby on Rails Search Kit Chrome extension download
Ruby on Rails Search Kit Instant access to the search bars every Rails developer needs

search, rails, tab, extension, press, github, ruby, chrome, access, code, developer, shortcut, phrase, bring, api

Alternative greek keyboard layouts Chrome extension download
Alternative greek keyboard layouts Adds monotonic Dvorak, polytonic and polytonic Dvorak keyboard layouts for ChromeOS.

layouts, greek, chrome, layout, extension, keyboard, polytonic, adds, monotonic, dvorak, quot, languages, chromeos, settings, steps

Save Image Router Chrome extension download
Save Image Router Save images to custom locations from the context menu.

chrome, save, directories, directory, downloads, configured, file, location, custom, slashes, host, suffixes, renaming, prefixes, context

FPL Mini League Team Viewer Chrome extension download
FPL Mini League Team Viewer View all the teams in your private mini league in one shot. Operating instructions: - Open your mini league standings page in FPL.…

league, extension, mini, teams, current, page, automatically, h2h, standings, load, view, chrome, bar, team, fpl

Spotify Mediakeys Reloaded Chrome extension download
Spotify Mediakeys Reloaded Enable the use of MediaKeys for Spotify

chrome, mediakeys, spotify, code, https, chromium, extension, change, issues, windows, shortcuts, native, id, version, background

Settings Button Chrome extension download
Settings Button Just a shortcut to Chrome settings page

settings, chrome, add, button, tab, open, icon, click, quot, panel, extension, shortcut, context, set, current

Simple JavaScript Toggle Chrome extension download
Simple JavaScript Toggle Enable or disable JavaScript on a site-by-site basis.

javascript, site, chrome, page, allowing, button, settings, toggle, allowed, current, extension, run, change, block, support

Show This Image Chrome extension download
Show This Image Visualizes blocked images and provides a menu option to load them.

images, image, load, default, chrome, page, content, disabled, quot, settings, backgrounds, fixed, loading, display, selected

Apps Launcher for Chrome Chrome extension download
Apps Launcher for Chrome A panel to access all your installed applications and their settings

chrome, apps, access, panel, launcher, settings, page, toolbar, installed, reports, add, applications, menu, open, context

Blank New Tab Page Chrome extension download
Blank New Tab Page Override the default new tab page with blank page.

quot, page, chrome, tab, open, extension, set, override, default, pages, window, specific, showing, shown, google

Temporary Content Settings Chrome extension download
Temporary Content Settings Quickly make exceptions to content settings (JavaScript, cookies, images, plug-ins) for some or all sites for a set time.

settings, popup, sites, exceptions, content, chrome, button, time, pages, site, block, exception, consume, lists, ins

1 Click Image Downloader Chrome extension download
1 Click Image Downloader Shift + Right Click to download any image. Support downloading original images from Google Image Search and Bing.

image, click, quot, images, download, save, downloading, chrome, shift, settings, choose, original, support, downloader, annoyed

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