Best Click Shortcut Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total click shortcut plugins - 5180
Tab Grouper Chrome extension download
Tab Grouper Group tabs for one-click access! Copy all open tabs to clipboard with a single click.

clipboard icon, tabgrouper icon, click save tabs, rightclick anywhere, shortcut shift ctrl, tools extensions, group tabs, open tabs, modify shortcut combinations, shortcut combinations, context menu, keyboard shortcut, tabgrouper options, group name, click access

Visual Event Chrome extension download
Visual Event Know what event is bound on each dom element

standard javascript frameworks, standard chrome extension, dom events, dom element, dom elements, click menu shortcut alt shift, allan jardine, link event2, click menu shortcut altshifte, standard javascript

Fiverr Shortcut - Make your shortcut for $5! Chrome extension download
Fiverr Shortcut - Make your shortcut for $5! always just a click away.

website blog, com website, simple extension creates, simple extension creates shortcut, publish similar shortcut, similar shortcut, shortcut, chrome store, official product, com

Global New Tab Shortcut Chrome extension download
Global New Tab Shortcut This allows you to open a new tab from within any application with a keyboard shortcut. This means that as soon as you think of a…

chrome apis, keyboard shortcuts, chrome keyboard shortcut, add handlers, shortcut key, web page, new tab, chrome keyboard shortcut handling, keyboard shortcut, global new tab shortcut, tab shortcut, select shortcut key, select keyboard shortcut, chrome tab

Pinboard Keyboard Shortcut Chrome extension download
Pinboard Keyboard Shortcut Bookmark the current page to Pinboard via a keyboard shortcut

extension allows, keyboard shortcuts, highlighted text, another shortcut, page shortcut, default bookmark, version history, keyboard shortcut, bug fixes, default keyboard shortcut, pull request, current page, hamburger menu, default chrome keyboard shortcut, chrome extensions page

Click to Remove Element Chrome extension download
Click to Remove Element Remove annoying elements with a single click

iframes embeds, ad blocker fixed menu distracting gif image overly, css selectors, customizable keyboard shortcut, single click, keyboard shortcut, gif image, power user feature, performance footprint, cumbersome context menu, minimal memory, feature customize

Recent Bookmarks Chrome extension download
Recent Bookmarks Easily access your recent bookmarks or search for them

recent bookmarks, chosen options, installation due, use default shortcut ctrlb, update shortcut manually, keyboard shortcuts, new tab, shortcut works, open popup, shortcut ctrl, old user update shortcut, actual tab, use ctrl, tab depending, open popup menu

PubMed Citation Manager Shortcut Chrome extension download
PubMed Citation Manager Shortcut Generates citation file on one click of icon.

pubmed citation manager shortcut, clipboard icon, clipboard shortcut, citation record pages, clipboard shortcut icons, citation manager, pubmed citation manager shortcut icon, pubmed search results, citation upper, extension icon, selection count bug, pubmed clipboard, citation file, citation manager shortcut quickens, citation manager shortcut icon, main citation manager, selected results, efficient research process, send citations, nbib file, clipboard shortcut icon, search results, upper right part, citation manager shortcut, pubmed clipboard shortcut

Shift Click Image Extractor Chrome extension download
Shift Click Image Extractor Extracting / sharing images: now easy as Shift

sharing images, automatically short url, rightclick inspect, instagram image downloader, image sharing, simple shortcut, shift click, image downloader, simple shortcut helps, hit test, sharing images, click inspect, shift click uses, bypass blank divs, bypass blank, gif downloader

Signup Block Chrome extension download
Signup Block Remove signup dialogs and view the content of some websites without signing up.

supported sites block, signup dialogs, manual mode, keyboard shortcut alt , signup block, remove signup, run signup block, automatic mode, signup block icon, keyboard shortcut, keyboard shortcut alt shift x, signup block click, signup block extension, websites including quora pinterest, toggle signup block

Explain and Send Screenshots Chrome extension download
Explain and Send Screenshots Capture or record a video of your screen, write text or arrows and share it. The safest extension with NO crazy permissions!

much safer, click context menu, assign shortcut keys, write text, screenshot extensions, bank account, clean interface, arrows circles, quick screen, quick screen captures, shortcut keys

Reload All Tabs Chrome extension download
Reload All Tabs Reload All tabs using keyboard shortcut (alt + shift + r), context menu, browser action button, or startup.

action button, content script permissions, keyboard shortcut alt shift context, context menus configurable, browser action button, alt shift r, action button top, reload tabs, read next section, top right, keyboard shortcut, extension bar top right, click choose reload, keyboard shortcut alt shift, blue arrow icon

LinkRedirector Chrome extension download
LinkRedirector Redirects any links to your arbitrary address by customizable filters.

click shortcut key, opened online, key mode, current page matches, shortcut key, docs viewer, link address, mouse hovers, google document viewer, image address, links rewritten, google translate, text node matches

Reload All Tabs Chrome extension download
Reload All Tabs This extension reloads all tabs in the active window.

extension allows, extension reloads, refresh, keyboard shortcut alt shift, simple click, tabs, active window, button, keyboard shortcut alt shift r

Snstar Me Chrome extension download
Snstar Me Snstar Moremenu Enabler

instagram facebook, rightclick menu, chrome browser, shortcut keys alt, google youtube, snstar, browser, blocked pages, android, click menu, snstar moremenu enabler, shortcut keys, downloaded photos

Quick Extension Reload Chrome extension download
Quick Extension Reload Reload extensions in development from the context menu.

click reload, default shortcut key, extension allows, every time, small icon, reload extensions, yusuke kamiyamane, context menu, tango project, extensions tab find, default shortcut

Feedbin Link Opener Chrome extension download
Feedbin Link Opener Open Feedbin links in a background tab.

extension allows, option, open feedbin links, configurable keyboard shortcut, custom keyboard shortcut, v, default keyboard shortcut, background tab

Virtual Desktops Chrome extension download
Virtual Desktops Place Chrome windows on virtual desktops using a tiling grid

tiling grid, current features, place chrome windows, virtual desktop capabilities, keyboard shortcuts, shortcut modifier q, virtual desktop, shortcut modifier, virtual desktops, position windows, move windows, keyboard shortcut, current window, shortcut move, next virtual desktop, shortcut left, previous virtual desktop, shortcut modifier left, shift alt

Duplicate Tab Shortcut Key Chrome extension download
Duplicate Tab Shortcut Key Adds a shortcut key to allow duplicating a tab.

set keyboard shortcut, shortcut key, requesting page, customizable keyboard shortcut, google chrome version, google chrome, tabs history, duplicate tab, true functionality, options page, keyboard shortcut, duplicate tab functionality, update google chrome

Share on Twitter Chrome extension download
Share on Twitter Share current tab, links and selected text on Twitter.

current tab, share current tab links, selected text, context menu, toolbar button, keyboard shortcut, links, share, click menu, click menu options, toolbar button keyboard shortcut alt, alt

[Ctrl+Z]-7 Chrome extension download
[Ctrl+Z]-7 Use Ctrl+Z keyboard shortcut to reopen last closed tab or window.

last closed tab, last session, change keyboard shortcut, text boxes, keyboard shortcut ctrl, mac ctrl shift, chrom command, web browser, keyboard shortcut, keyboard shortcut ctrlz, closed tab, opera web browser, shift ctrl, mac keyboard shortcut, ctrl shift

Backstay Chrome extension download
Backstay Stop Backspace key shortcut taking you back to previous page.

key shortcut, backspace key, issues brought, pressed takes, keyboard shortcut, previous web address, text delete key, previous page, backspace key shortcut, spent time, online form, extension developed, type something, chrome takes

Super Simple Highlighter Chrome extension download
Super Simple Highlighter Adds highlights to text on web pages, and tries to restore them on subsequent visits.

web site, highlight text, subsequent visits, web page, shortcut facilities, page highlights, shouldn highlight sensitive, next time, keyboard shortcut, shortcut facilities located, location content, main extensions page, web pages, use chrome

Easy Replace Chrome extension download
Easy Replace Search/find and replace text inside browser without leaving it.

full regex replacement support changelog, another text editor, text inside inputs, case sensitive search, added keyboard shortcut, next result recommendation, replace text, either copy text, keyboard shortcut, multiline regex, click keyboard, opened pages, use ctrl h, search find, alt

Upshift Chrome extension download
Upshift Allows you to quickly navigate up levels in a web site address.

current address, upshift icon, new tab, increasingly higher, ctrlclick middle mouse click, web site address, new addresses, keyboard shortcut, ctrl click, new window

Tagpacker's "Pack It" Button Organize bookmarks your way. Faster than ever with the "Pack it" button.

find bookmarks, complete list, keyboard shortcut ctrl shift z, rightclick website elements, type tp, happy packing, privacy policy, save bookmarks, click website elements, shortcut ctrl, quickly save bookmarks side, blue tagpacker icon, browser address bar

Gmail 'Expand all' keyboard shortcut Chrome extension download
Gmail 'Expand all' keyboard shortcut Press Alt+A to expand or collapse a Gmail thread

keyboard shortcuts, collapse gmail conversation thread, collapse, extensions page chrome, keyboard shortcut click, gmail conversation thread, press alt, extensions page, keyboard shortcut click keyboard shortcuts, expand, collapse gmail thread, gmail thread

Wiki It Chrome extension download
Wiki It Easily Wikipedia anything on the web without having to leave the page

shortcut ctrl shift , , extension manager, new tab, info slide, extension manager watch, keyboard shortcut, top right, shortcut ctrl shift, anything, double clicking, easily wikipedia

Type Helper plus Chrome extension download
Type Helper plus Auto-Complete with Shift Key + Any Alphabet

extension enables, gmail address gmail, key alphabet, shortcut key, g mygmailaddress gmail, web page, register phrase, form hold shift key, alphabet works, assign shortcut key, shift key , shift key, page click, register phrases, registered phrase

Snstar Me lite Chrome extension download
Snstar Me lite Snstar Moremenu Enabler lite

instagram facebook, lite, snstar moremenu enabler lite, lite icon, rightclick menu, chrome browser, shortcut keys alt, snstar, browser, lite alt, blocked pages, click menu, clicking snstar, shortcut keys, downloaded photos

History Button Chrome extension download
History Button HistoryButton creates a shortcut to the chrome:history page.

buttons, history page, toolbar, shortcut, chrome, historybutton creates, click access, chrome history page, historybutton creates shortcut

Meetup Shortcut Button Chrome extension download
Meetup Shortcut Button Unofficial Shortcut Button to quickly open in a new tab. A great time saver.

unofficial shortcut button, shortcut button, regular real life meetups, new tab, extension places, regular real, meetup page, similar interests, meetup groups, top right, great time saver, meetup icon, google chrome browser

Darken text Chrome extension download
Darken text This extension darkens text in

tags to make blog text more readable.

darken text dt, light grey text, grey text, chrome extension installs, darken text, freelance web developer, simple single click, dt chrome extension, shortcut ctrl shift, blog text, keyboard shortcut ctrlshiftk, grey background, extension darkens text

Refresh Active Frame Chrome extension download
Refresh Active Frame Refresh active frame or ifrmae with keyboard shortcut, fallback to refresh page if active element is not a frame

oldfashioned website built, refresh page, active frame, cmd ctrl, active element, shortcut key, alt shift, reload button, refresh active frame, keyboard shortcut, gain focus, keyboard shortcut fallback, address bar, many websites

Cookie Cruncher Chrome extension download
Cookie Cruncher Simplifies deleting cookies related to the current web site.

simplifies, keyboard shortcut altshiftc, display cookie icon, current web site, cookies, simply click, cookie icon, site, web site url, icon, deleting cookies related, cookies related, keyboard shortcut alt shift

Rsizer Chrome extension download
Rsizer Adds a handy shortcut for

press alt shift, tool, handy shortcut, rsizr, shortcut, great image, great image resizing tool, com, adds handy shortcut, press altshiftw

Download Button Chrome extension download
Download Button Opens Downloads tab from Toolbar and Context Menu. Options available to change icon, remove from context menu etc.

individual needs, show transparent arrow, download click options, change icon remove, chrome web store policies, new tab, context menu shortcut, toolbar click options, context menu etc, single click, click icon, context menu, downloads tab, icon updated, chrome web store, change icon

Snipt Chrome extension download
Snipt Save text or code to

button context menu, code snippets, github chrome extension feedback, change keyboard shortcut, chromeextension feedback, keyboard shortcut ctrl, browser button, tmp tag hint, context menu, quick pastes, keyboard shortcut, tag hint, extensions source code

VS Launcher Chrome extension download
VS Launcher You can finally launch VS easily within Chrome™

vs, finally launch, launch vs, click, shortcut, chrome, extension icon

Quick Tabs Chrome extension download
Quick Tabs A keyboard centric most recently used (MRU) ordered page list plugin with seek and switch functionality inspired by IntelliJ IDEA

window order, history search, tab management browser extension, keyboard shortcuts dialog, tab order, order tabs, 10yearold yellow argon web store keyword violation, tabs chrome extension, tab keyboard shortcut add, search history, tab list, search bookmarks, empty tab list triggers, list bookmarks, query search tabs, chrome keyboard shortcut, window tabs, popup window, chrome click window, read only access, tab shortcut, extension popup fixes, history fixes, query search, new native chrome css, chrome extension quick tabs, query search bookmarks, enter custom debounce delay value, tabs fixes, chrome keyboard, popup window search, popup window search box, search query, switch search, quick tabs, tab list popup shortcut

Print Chrome extension download
Print Print your current page.

privacy policy, adds shortcut, shortcut, item, current page, google terms, page, agree, print

TabList Manager Chrome extension download
TabList Manager TabList Manager

extension keyboard shortcuts, open tabs, iframe menu, delete shortcut key, altz popup, tablist manager, disable shortcut keys, tablist manager section, extension keyboard shortcuts button, sidebar menu, shortcut keys

Show Apps in new tab Chrome extension download
Show Apps in new tab This extension shows the apps overview when opening a new tab in Chrome.

automatic selection, extension shows, apps overview, new tab, app overview, chrome version, windows linux, shortcut ctrl, keyboard shortcut ctrll, popular demand, locationbar text

Javascript Pause Keyboard Shortcut Chrome extension download
Javascript Pause Keyboard Shortcut Allows you to pause script execution via the Pause button on your keyboard.

keyboard shortcut bugs, pause break features pick, pressing pause, open chrome developer tools, displayed incorrectly, open chrome developer, cant move, keyboard shortcut, lose focus, pause javascript execution, pause script execution

Clear Cache Shortcut Chrome extension download
Clear Cache Shortcut Quickly clear all your browser cache with a single click.

prefer type, tab key, extension uses, either click, enter key, browser address bar cache hit, tab key hit, single click, simple extension, browsingdata api, browser address bar, browser cache

Play - control your background tabs Chrome extension download
Play - control your background tabs An extension to control audio or video playing in background tabs.

keyboard shortcut alt, songs playing, video playing, web page, background tabs, alt p customizable, browser tabs, control audio, pause default keyboard shortcut, keyboard shortcut, pause videos, another web page

CLUT: Cycle Last Used Tabs Chrome extension download
CLUT: Cycle Last Used Tabs Cycle through last used Chrome tabs using keyboard shortcut.

chrome tabs, shortcut key, change shortcut, chrome windows, system level operations, change extension keyboard shortcuts, browser address bar, different timer settings, keyboard shortcuts, chrome extensions, alt tab, slower switch, open tabs, change shortcuts, keyboard shortcut, keyboard shortcut settings, extension work, alt shift , different chrome windows, change keyboard shortcuts, quick switch, switch slower

Tab Pinner (Keyboard Shortcuts) Chrome extension download
Tab Pinner (Keyboard Shortcuts) Pin or Unpin a tab easily from the keyboard.

pin tab, thing tick check, command shift x, simple key binding, unpinning tabs, another keyboard shortcut, key binding, another new command, command shift, simple key, click tab, ctrl shift x, new feature, page click, another comment

Qwerto Chrome extension download
Qwerto With Qwerto you can fix typing mistakes in English to your language and easily convert it to a logical sentence.

new languages, sartel guy, write something, personal shortcut, personal shortcut qwerto, next versions, logical sentence, easily convert, lotan sartel guy landa, ctrl q, vice versa

Go back with backspace Chrome extension download
Go back with backspace Restore the backspace key shortcut to navigate to the previous page.

shift backspace, shortcut, navigate, restore, extension brings, previous page, backspace key shortcut, backspace key, use backspace key, backspace

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