Best Com Paypal Flattr Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total com paypal flattr plugins - 55
Flattr Chrome extension download
Flattr Displays a flattr button for Wikipedia and other popular sites that do not have flattr buttons visible

page source, extra permissions, rel payment links, github flattr chrome extension, flattr buttons, relpayment links, correct thing, open source, flattr buttons visible, flattr button, popular sites

Youtube's Annotations No More Chrome extension download
Youtube's Annotations No More Disable Youtube's annotations. That's it :) Support the development, please: PayPal: Flattr:…

, disable youtube annotations, flattr, development, annotations, disable youtube, flattr kiboke, paypal, support, please

Vulcan Chrome extension download
Vulcan Convert emoticons in Google Hangouts to their text equivalent.

text equivalent, github put lot, paypal flattr, opensource, developers note, replace emoticons, google hangouts, developers, emoticons, hangouts, convert emoticons

Plank Chrome extension download
Plank Buy and Sell Steam Items. No scams. Instant Cash out.

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PayPal Optimizer Chrome extension download
PayPal Optimizer This extension scans your your web site for PayPal compatibility.

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Cashrewards Chrome extension download
Cashrewards The Cashrewards Notifier is the ultimate shopping companion to access cashback deals when you shop at over 2000 stores online.

iconic rebel, paypal account, international brands, eligible cashback rate, discount codes, apple amazon, click activate, cashrewards notifier, rebel sport, ultimate shopping companion, access cashback deals

FTP Fix Chrome extension download
FTP Fix Fix Stuff In FTP-Like Download Pages. ?????

download pages, binwebscrcmd donations business, fix stuff, initial versions, small donation, extension ftp fix, code usd, ftp fix, extension fixes stuff, cool heuristic way, ftplike download pages, ftplike webpages, paypal bin webscrcmd

Simple Radio Player Chrome extension download
Simple Radio Player Play your favourite onlie radio in background

background, paypal button, favourite onlie radio, click play, music portals, visit page, favourite online radio, visit page , play

Unofficial SmugMug extension for Chrome Chrome extension download
Unofficial SmugMug extension for Chrome Extra features for SmugMug site owners

backup copy, image titlescaptionskeywords, smugmug page, extra features, editing tool, sm button, image thumbnails, html format, features designed, paypal shopping cart, smugmug site owners, folders galleries, smugmug site, image titles

Yipit Coupons & Cash Back Chrome extension download
Yipit Coupons & Cash Back The smart way to save money when shopping online.

wait months, amazon gift card, online retailers, favorite stores, smart shopping, great deals, paypal amazon gift card venmo, online shopping, flexible payments, shopping online

Trap and Bass Chrome extension download
Trap and Bass Trap and Bass

donations, appreciated paypal jamstermcaccounts hotmail, bass upload notifier, bass upload, app, official trap, trap, bass, every trap

Better ESEA [Unofficial] Chrome extension download
Better ESEA [Unofficial] Dark Version for ESEA by Michal Walko

sponsored endorsed, esea website, paypal mike, michal walko, dark color scheme, walko gmail, steam account, additional functionalities, providing additional, dark version, dark aztec background, applies dark color scheme

Steam Market Float Checker Chrome extension download
Steam Market Float Checker Check the float/wear values of CS:GO skins in inventories, trade windows and on the Steam Community Market.

wearfloat value, skin index, wear float, project donate, check item floats, paypal play esea contact, trade windows, steam webpage hence, steam community market, float wear values, float values, floatwear values

Top Sites Widget [ANTP] Chrome extension download
Top Sites Widget [ANTP] Displays your top sites in a widget.

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Vimeo Video Downloader Professional Chrome extension download
Vimeo Video Downloader Professional Vimeo Downloader Allow Users To Download Vimeo Videos.

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Remember Password Chrome extension download
Remember Password Force the Chrome browser to remember passwords even if the site has disabled the feature.

password extension, chrome overrides, chrome browser, favorite websites, remember password extension, browser, remember passwords, default behavior, websites, quickly login, example paypal

Westpac External Accounts Chrome extension download
Westpac External Accounts See your other online accounts in Westpac Online Banking.

simply download, view, external accounts including ebay paypal store cards loans, store cards, accounts, banks, westpac online banking, access, external accounts, online accounts

Honey: Automatic Coupons & Rewards Chrome extension download
Honey: Automatic Coupons & Rewards Save money and earn rewards when you shop online.

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Locate Me, Google Maps! Chrome extension download
Locate Me, Google Maps! Adds a button to Google Maps, to locate you at your current position

current location fast, paypal currency language, google maps domains, current position, default location, location wont, google maps lets, new maps, new version, current location, google maps

YaCash screenshot uploader Chrome extension download
YaCash screenshot uploader's screenshot application

liberty reserve, websites filling, many offers, top payment options, top payment options including paypal payza liberty reserve, earn cool rewards, yacashs screenshot extension, screenshot application, offers giving, com, screenshot extension allows, yacash

MultiHighlighter Chrome extension download
MultiHighlighter MultiHighlighter allows multi-word searching/highlighting on almost any web page. Each term is highlighted with a unique color.

paypal donation page, chrome web, browser search functionality, web page, multihighlighter search, redact text, chrome web store feedback, multihighlighter search bar, highlighted terms, multihighlighter search box, search status area, unique background highlighter, text redaction option allows, search terms, chrome browser search

YouTube™ Music Visualizer Chrome extension download
YouTube™ Music Visualizer Enjoy some visuals while listening your favorite music on YouTube.

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Tab Keeper Chrome extension download
Tab Keeper Automatically closes inactive tabs and makes it easy to get them back.

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CheckYourTrack - mail tracking tool Chrome extension download
CheckYourTrack - mail tracking tool Convenient extension for tracking your packages from Amazon, Ebay, AliExpress or any other web store

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ChargeDesk for Stripe, PayPal & Braintree Chrome extension download
ChargeDesk for Stripe, PayPal & Braintree Manage payments inside tickets and emails. Works with Zendesk, Help Scout, Intercom, Freshdesk, Front,, Gmail and more.

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