Best Copy Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total copy plugins - 69
Flash Video Downloader Chrome extension download
Flash Video Downloader Popular Video Downloader. Downloads most popular media formats, flash videos.

media, video, videos, flash, download, chrome, downloader, popular, special, needed, restrictions, hard, drive, locked, copyright

New XKit Chrome extension download
New XKit A fork of XKit, the extension framework for Tumblr.

xkit, extension, original, fork, tumblr, follow, news, framework, guy, http, addon, contact, chrome, copy, info

Bitmoji Chrome extension download
Bitmoji Use your personal emoji in Gmail!

bitmoji, personal, extension, email, mobile, type, web, copy, virtually, paste, emoji, chrome, bitmojis, app, avatar

Bookshare Web Reader Chrome extension download
Bookshare Web Reader Installing this extension enables text-to-speech and word-level highlighting for the Bookshare Web Reader.

chrome, extension, english, female, text, speech, bookshare, web, os, qualified, people, content, copyrighted, reader, library

Office Online Copy and Paste Chrome extension download
Office Online Copy and Paste Use your clipboard in Office Online so you can cut, copy, and paste from the right-click menu and the ribbon bar.?

cut, paste, extension, copy, clipboard, online, office, menu, control, chrome, click, command, button, ribbon, bar

Linkclump Chrome extension download
Linkclump Lets you open, copy or bookmark multiple links at the same time.

links, open, copy, linkclump, select, choose, selection, delay, mouse, window, page, multiple, box, bookmarks, opening

Project Naptha Chrome extension download
Project Naptha Highlight, copy, edit, and translate text from any image on the web.

text, image, words, copy, document, watch, web, search, translate, experience, highlight, paste, edit, naptha, diagrams

Video Downloader All Chrome extension download
Video Downloader All Video Downloader All is a free and useful browser extension for downloading online videos

video, download, downloader, media, sites, copyright, format, plugin, youtube, behavior, questions, extension, browser, computer, popular

Allow Copy Chrome extension download
Allow Copy Allow Copy will re-enable select, copy, paste and right click in any webpage using any copy protection.

copy, enable, click, extension, icon, select, webpage, paste, wil, protection, page, chrome

Heartbeat Chrome extension download
Heartbeat Heartbeat Chrome Extension by Freedom! Labs

youtube, video, comments, track, chat, videos, heartbeat, add, helps, grow, day, growth, month, night, time

Sticky Notes - Just popped up! Chrome extension download
Sticky Notes - Just popped up! Easiest way for taking quick notes. Features like font size, color & themes. Collect as you browse in an awesome manner (See Demo)

notes, update, quot, size, chrome, sync, bug, improved, font, added, tool, cookies, device, fixed, option

Enable Copy Chrome extension download
Enable Copy Allow selecting, copying, pasting and right clicking in some restricted pages.

www, org, net, ww, cn, tw, news, gov, china, enable, copy, clicking, pasting, copying, selecting

Download Manager Chrome extension download
Download Manager Manage and interact with your downloads in quick and easy way

download, downloads, gt, chrome, start, notifications, extension, notification, progress, access, github, drop, items, tab, shelf

Spreed - speed read the web Chrome extension download
Spreed - speed read the web Train yourself to double or triple your reading speed, without sacrificing comprehension. Absorb knowledge, faster.

spreed, quot, reading, speed, extension, read, chrome, faster, reads, analytics, alt, train, time, content, online

JavaScript Errors Notifier Chrome extension download
JavaScript Errors Notifier Notifies JavaScript errors by icon in toolbar bar or notification popup

errors, error, icon, notification, javascript, gl, toolbar, chrome, details, extension, page, show, missing, linked, defined

Copy All Urls Chrome extension download
Copy All Urls Copy tabs URL to clipboard (formats : text, HTML, JSON or custom). Paste to open multiple URL at one go.

copy, tabs, url, urls, paste, open, clipboard, json, custom, html, text, formats, opened, extension, shortcuts

Simple Blocker Chrome extension download
Simple Blocker Easily block distracting or annoying websites and boost your productivity.

options, menu, simple, blocker, block, page, blocking, websites, improved, password, button, chrome, minor, fixed, bug

Data Scraper Chrome extension download
Data Scraper Data Scraper extracts data out of HTML web pages and imports it into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets

data, table, page, csv, websites, html, miner, xpath, scraping, extract, uid, file, google, facebook, list

Special Characters - Click and Paste Chrome extension download
Special Characters - Click and Paste Copy special characters to the clipboard

paste, special, characters, copy, portuguese, italian, german, spanish, chrome, extension, click, greek, french, clipboardeasily, supported

Table Capture Chrome extension download
Table Capture Copies HTML tables to the clipboard or creates a Google Doc from them.

tables, table, support, clipboard, extension, html, page, google, mouse, easily, copy, copies, courtesy, test, tab

SnappySnippet Chrome extension download
SnappySnippet Easily extract CSS and HTML from selected element. Then send it to CodePen, jsFiddle or JS Bin with one click.

css, html, snappysnippet, ui, selected, click, stackoverflow, extension, htmlcssjs, copy, element, send, extract, projects, jsfiddle

Certificate Enrollment for Chrome OS Chrome extension download
Certificate Enrollment for Chrome OS Request a certificate for your device.

copyright, extension, certificate, source, software, including, contributors, request, conditions, deployment, managed, google, pki, liability, binary

Auto Copy Chrome extension download
Auto Copy Automatically copy selected text to the clipboard. Has options for copying as plain text; including the URL in the copied text; etc.

extension, added, copy, v4, text, v1, options, comment, automatically, disable, chrome, v2, enable, copied, support

SlitherX Sidebar Mods & Skins Chrome extension download
SlitherX Sidebar Mods & Skins Add 40+ custom mods and skins to to extend your gameplay experience! Mods made by Turtle Clan.

show, added, hotkey, skins, v1, slither, statistic, custom, food, io, sidebar, firefly, server, sfx, slitherx

Le Lenny Face Chrome extension download
Le Lenny Face Quickly copy Le Lenny Face and other funny faces and paste them everywhere!

extension, chrome, face, click, faces, lenny, clipboard, copied, funny, updated, older, quot, latest, version, copy

Web Strike Chrome extension download
Web Strike Strike the web!

website, strike, mouse, web, copyright, click, gun, quot, rights, open, destroy, start, alterman, lior, hold

Enable Copy Chrome extension download
Enable Copy Enable Copy

v0, www, http, remove, quot, net, typeerror, read, cn, manifest, money, udn, export, import, enable

RightToCopy Chrome extension download
RightToCopy Enable right clicking, selecting, and copying text on pages that prevent these features. Also, prevent clipboard text injection.

text, extension, righttocopy, copying, pages, righttoclick, work, revised, complaints, firefox, extensively, features, prevent, fails, websites

Real-Debrid extension Chrome extension download
Real-Debrid extension Real-Debrid is an unrestricted downloader that allows you to download files instantly and at the best of your Internet speed.

links, plugin, instantly, unrestricted, download, unrestrict, debrid, clipboard, automatic, extension, discovery, real, files, click, added

Create Link Chrome extension download
Create Link Copy current page URL to clipboard in various formats.

page, link, formats, extension, url, ku, html, title, copy, current, wrong, create, code, http, source

ROBLOX ID Helper Chrome extension download
ROBLOX ID Helper Easily copy ids of ROBLOX assets and find decal image ids.

roblox, id, list, copy, decal, helper, ids, option, find, viewing, image, github, context, page, menu

Don't track me Google Chrome extension download
Don't track me Google Removes the annoying link-conversion at Google Search/maps/...

google, search, firefox, addon, track, https, extension, dont, url, results, annoying, conversion, removes, link, speeds

Background Changer Plus (NO ADs) Chrome extension download
Background Changer Plus (NO ADs) Make Your FB Looks Colorful & Elegant! 42 Themes to Change. NO ADs.

fb, themes, ads, facebook, extension, choose, belong, awesome, css, chrome, css3patterns, lea, copyrights, respective, owners

QPush - Push Text and Links to iPhone Chrome extension download
QPush - Push Text and Links to iPhone The easiest way to push text and links to iPhone! Copy, send SMS, open links and maps right away! No need to email yourself anymore.

app, qpush, iphone, push, links, actions, open, text, sms, phone, super, http, pc, chrome, store

Ballloon for Chrome Chrome extension download
Ballloon for Chrome Ballloon – A direct way to save web files to cloud storages(Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Copy and SugarSync). beta 2.0

ballloon, files, beta, bug, fixed, flying, file, web, website, choose, show, release, folder, storages, bugs

ToutApp for Chrome Chrome extension download
ToutApp for Chrome ToutApp for Chrome works with Gmail and Salesforce to help sales professionals quickly interact with prospects.

email, sales, quot, tracking, tout, toutapp, salesforce, templates, works, professionals, crm, time, gmail, prospects, click

Markdown Reader Chrome extension download
Markdown Reader Read markdown file in Chrome.

software, chrome, file, markdown, copyright, including, copy, copies, extension, markdownreader, code, mode, wang, gmail, https

Don't Fuck With Paste Chrome extension download
Don't Fuck With Paste Prevents the blocking of copying from & pasting into input fields

blocking, prevents, pasting, input, chrome, extension, fieldsextension, paste, copying, fuck, amp, fields, don

Text Link Chrome extension download
Text Link Create clickable links from plain text. Supports Autopager, any URL(even FTP or IRC domain name only) and email addresses.

uri, quot, text, extension, page, bar, chrome, string, load, tab, paste, rendered, url, ftp, irc

Simple Notepad Chrome extension download
Simple Notepad Make notes and sync them. What could be more simple?

note, notes, simple, notepad, create, copy, manually, sync, chrome, click, installations, menu, bookmarks, list, layout

Make a GIF Chrome extension download
Make a GIF Find and create GIFs - Makeagif

gifs, create, gif, makeagif, facebook, youtube, link, extension, copy, search, animated, browsing, share, issues, tumblr

IP-Address Chrome extension download
IP-Address Shows your IP address with some additional Information and adds easy copy and paste functionality!

ip, address, information, paste, click, adress, shows, myip, important, copy, adds, easy, domain, simple, dns

ColumnCopy Chrome extension download
ColumnCopy Enables copying columns from tables.

table, column, copy, tables, click, html, enables, support, columns, copying, options, page, clipboard, configurable, default

Tab-Snap Chrome extension download
Tab-Snap Get open tab URLs for window, or load a list of URLs into new tabs on this window.

extension, gmail, list, urls, window, mail, tabs, quot, computer, compose, links, tab, paste, pre, automatically

HoofSounds Chrome extension download
HoofSounds Listen to pony radio stations 24/7!

v1, firefox, chrome, radio, hoofsounds, stations, song, songs, fixed, fix, info, bug, fixes, issue, chat

Polarr Plugin: Edit Any Photo on the Internet Chrome extension download
Polarr Plugin: Edit Any Photo on the Internet Professionally edit any photo on the internet with one click.

image, images, edit, photo, polarr, extension, copyright, internet, chrome, button, works, questions, laws, plugin, tumblr

Link Grabber Chrome extension download
Link Grabber Extracts hyperlinks from an HTML page

links, grabber, link, http, react, html, icons, fatcow, twitter, configurable, block, page, context, menu, click

Copy as plain text - Chrome extension download
Copy as plain text - Quick and easy, the selected text without formatting, so as plain text, copy to the clipboard.

amaz, text, chrome, improvements, developer, de, quick, plain, easy, selected, criticism, suggestions, questions, impressum, mail

IPP / CUPS printing for Chrome & Chromebooks Chrome extension download
IPP / CUPS printing for Chrome & Chromebooks Adds direct IPP / CUPS printing support to Chrome and Chromebooks

printer, cups, printing, mfc, chrome, hl, printers, ipp, laserjet, google, extension, print, support, m2070, multiple

FACEIT HELPER Chrome extension download
FACEIT HELPER FACEIT user experience enhancement tools

faceit, auto, server, accept, premium, join, user, code, beta, veto, fully, tested, extension, match, link

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