Best Current Page Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total current page plugins - 10371
Surfingkeys Chrome extension download
Surfingkeys Rich shortcuts to click links/switch tabs/scroll, capture pages, use your browser like vim for productivity.

open multiple links, scroll page, l scroll right, capture full pages, open link, edit current, search selected, cs change scroll target, click linksswitch tabsscroll, close current tab, scroll pages, nonactive new tab, w new window, duplicate current tab, current tab, capture current full page, tabs scroll capture pages, scroll left, vim users, close tab, tab left, current page

Create Link Chrome extension download
Create Link Copy current page URL to clipboard in various formats.

page title , extension options page, osx windowsxp windows7, current page title, firefox addon, various formats, current page url, configure formats, page title page url, source code, link href page url page title, link tag easily, page url

New Tab Notes Chrome extension download
New Tab Notes A minimal notepad for a new tab page.

tab page, todo list, big open space, new tab page extensions, new tab page, current task youre, current task youre working, internet saved, minimalistic google docs, new page, minimal notepad

simple-debug.css Chrome extension download
simple-debug.css Debug your layouts with one line of CSS and a single click.

current page adding outlines, extension injects simple debug, debug, page layout, single click, page elements, current page, layouts, line, page, css, page layout easier

Full Page Screen Capture Chrome extension download
Full Page Screen Capture Screen capture your current page in entirety and reliably!

full page, entire page, web page, current browser, current browser window, visible part, turn full web page, full page screen capture, full web page, screen capture, current page, browser bar, actual size

Email this page (ver I. DUMAIRE) Chrome extension download
Email this page (ver I. DUMAIRE) This extension allow you to send the URL with the selected text by email or Gmail quickly.

action send, remove parameters, click shortcut, default email address, default email clientapplication, update integrate, default email, current page url quickly, email button, current page, new feature, selected text, page url

Site Geo IP Locator Chrome extension download
Site Geo IP Locator Shows the IP address of current web site, locate the IP geolocation on the map.

current web site locate, web developers, current ip address, web page, current web site, ip geolocation, blank tab, opened web page, ip address, seo research, geo ip locator

Add this page to Trello Chrome extension download
Add this page to Trello Add this page to Trello as new task

trello user, new task, trello, simple extension, add current page, current page, page

CollectIT Omnibox Helper Chrome extension download
CollectIT Omnibox Helper Add current URL to the Title bar to compensate for missing Chrome_OmniboxView

extension adds current page url, add current url, missing chrome omniboxview, missing chrome omniboxview handle, current page url, current url, chromeomniboxview, sample title, format sample title, title bar, compensate, chromeomniboxview handle

Mail this link Chrome extension download
Mail this link Send A Link from Toolbar or ContextMenu

link, send, wanna share websites, current page including page title, extension integrates, current page, support link, page title, send link

Instant Video Gallery Chrome extension download
Instant Video Gallery This extension detects videos on the current page and creates a gallery overlay for quick viewing

api issue, shift v, update page, current web page, quick show videos, gallery style overview, html5 video tag, watch reference videos, display gallery, video gallery, current video, instant video gallery, video information, updates version, youtube videos, youtube api version, current video highlight, extension updates version, video updates version, videos added, object tags, current page

Snapshoot Chrome extension download
Snapshoot Take a snapshot of the current web page. Save the whole thing as an image or drag a selection. Makes creating web tutorials easier.

whole thing, current web page tab, web tutorials easier, png format, chrome browser, south staffordshire college, mouse pointer, web tutorials, current web page, little camera icon, king south

Step Up Chrome extension download
Step Up Step Up show links to move up in the directory based on current URL. Or navigate by dropping each query string parameters in URL

page opens, visited page, thanks, upingo show links, query string parameters, current url, current domain, show links, easy navigation

Web Page Photo Chrome extension download
Web Page Photo Makes a photo for full web page screen. Has a convenient control menu and photo gallery of made screenshots.

interface design, web page photo, screenshot screen capture, full page screen capture, current web page, full page screen capture capture, capture full, full screen web, full screen, photo gallery, capture screenshot, full web page screen, alt shift p, entire web page, nice retro interface design, web page photo extension, current browser, current page, full screen web pages, capture page

kindleit direct Chrome extension download
kindleit direct Post webpage to kindle directly by using kindleit

current tab, asynchronous send, contextmenu function, first time, push kindle, web page, post current tab web page, kindle fivefilters, add kindle fivefilters, extension send web page asynchronous, easily add contextmenu function, happens success, send kindleit, post webpage, current tab web page

Vimium Chrome extension download
Vimium The Hacker's Browser. Vimium provides keyboard shortcuts for navigation and control in the spirit of Vim.

n cycle forward, previous find match, open link, enter insert, current url, open url, tab page, browsing commands, af open multiple links, chrome web store page, chrome new tab page, n cycle backward, link url, gf cycle forward, current tab, previous find, open source, gs view source, enter find, current page

Bootstrap Helper (Resizes, Duplicates, Doc) Chrome extension download
Bootstrap Helper (Resizes, Duplicates, Doc) Show the current Bootstrap breakpoint. Allow to duplicate a tab in each size and reload all in one click. Give doc's links.

current tab, page page, current website, close duplicate tabs updates, media queries, developer tips, bootstraps breakpoint, change extension icon, xs sm md lg, duplicate tab, help developers, new icon, website use bootstrap, extension icon, current bootstrap breakpoint

Facebook AD Blocker Chrome extension download
Facebook AD Blocker The Ultimate Facebook AD Remover!

loaded facebook page, small footprint, facebook ad, current page structure, facebook ads, single ad, visit facebook, preloaded facebook page, facebook ad blocker, current page, ultimate facebook ad remover, every single ad

Tweet Page Chrome extension download
Tweet Page A button that lets you tweet the current page title and url.

current tab, simple button, current page title, clicked sends, lets, open source, adds simple button, tweet, title, button, current tab title

Sports New Tab Page Chrome extension download
Sports New Tab Page Turns the New Tab Page for Chrome into a quick way to see what is going on in the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. There are current games,…

tab page, new tab page, current games live updating scores standings, current games, turns, live updating scores, quick way, nfl, open source, nfl nba mlb, chrome

GNotes Extension Chrome extension download
GNotes Extension Chrome Extension of Gnotes

add note, note create note, add note quickly, create note, web clipper, page capture current page, current page, page, selected text, note, gnotes

Sonoma Partners' Dynamics CRM DevTools Chrome extension download
Sonoma Partners' Dynamics CRM DevTools A variety of developer tools for CRM 2015 Update 1, CRM 2015, CRM 2013 and CRM 2011 UR12+

current user information, enable disabled attributes, entity type code, debug information page, user id, db server tab, entity id entity, id display, current form ability, update crm, form information displays, current user record ability, update attributes, fetch xml, current record url, current form display, new tab replaces, id user, information entity, displays version information, business unit id, form fetch, fields ability, current form attributes, current record, current form

Highlight Reading Chrome extension download
Highlight Reading Easily read news and articles while you highlight your progress

page hit, speed shortcuts highlight, bug report, read news, highlight, highlight color, highlight sentences, current linessentence, current lines sentence, articles online, article page, support altlimit, highlight reading

SERP Preview Tool Chrome extension download
SERP Preview Tool SERP Preview Tool by DejanSEO

small performance improvements, search results, semrush api, current serp, current google design, title description, multiple chrome windows, meta description, reset form, right semrush api server, semrush serp, preview tool, search engine result page snippet, current page data, serp preview tool

The QR Code Extension Chrome extension download
The QR Code Extension Allows to generate a QR Code for the current page and scan a QR Code using the webcam.

current tab, memory consumption, qr code, unnecessary memory consumption, small popup, displayed inline, performance implications, special permissions, current page, edit qr code, page url

Edit... ALL THE THINGS! Chrome extension download
Edit... ALL THE THINGS! This extension allows you to edit things on the current page for prototyping.

current tab, extension allows, edit things, feel free, page functionalitylinks, extension source, rapid prototyping, edit links, page functionality links, current page, extension icon

Click n' Tweet Chrome extension download
Click n' Tweet Tweet in one click within Chrome

tweet anything, current page default, add permissions, automatically close, click, tweet window, chrome, current page, tweet, fast way

CloudFlare Purge Plugin Chrome extension download
CloudFlare Purge Plugin This extension can purge the CloudFlare cache for the current page of your CloudFlare enabled website

new refresh timeout option, cloudflare purge, current cache, cloudflare cache, cloudflare api, cloudflare purge plugin uses, chrome safety requirements, current cachecontrol header values, added support, ecma script apis, cloudflare design, fixed bug, new cloudflare design guidelines, extension code, cloudflare dev mode, refresh functionality, page refresh, current page, second level domains

Google +1 Chrome extension download
Google +1 Share the current site with google +1

easy way, current page, current site, remark, share, specific url address, google

Link Pad Chrome extension download
Link Pad Netscape Link Pad clone

present page, page link pad add, current page link pad add, link pad clone, page element, chrome gestures, chrome gestures link, link list, chrome link pad, close tab, add, chrome keyconfig, link pad, current page

Twitter Analytics Plugin Chrome extension download
Twitter Analytics Plugin Add options to

analytics, extension adds functionality, new tab, add options, twitter, current features adds link, icon opens analytics, com site, current features, current page, com

Pasteboard Image Upload Chrome extension download
Pasteboard Image Upload A quick and simple way to upload images to Pasteboard.

quicker way, power users, clipboard images, numbers keys, current clipboard image, insert images, extension hotkey settings, lightning fast screenshot, upload images, simple way, current page, key inserts, page youre

QR URL Chrome extension download
QR URL Show current web URL as a QRCode so you may scan with your mobile device.

create qrcode, active tab, show current web url, qr code, non chrome phone, web page, free text, current url, create ean8 barcode, chrome phone, current web url, ean8 barcode, mobile device

QR Code (Generator and Reader) Chrome extension download
QR Code (Generator and Reader) Generate QR Code from the url of current page, link or selected text. And decode QR Code in image.

link, current page link, decode qr code, generate qr code, text, url, current page, selected text, image

Bulk Image Downloader Chrome extension download
Bulk Image Downloader Integrates Bulk Image Downloader (a Windows only app that must be installed separately) with Chrome

unlock full functionality, bulk image downloader, bid link, context menu, image downloader bid, current web page, open link, enqueue link, bid open, open current page, enqueue current page, click context menu allowing, image downloader, open link target, bid menu, installed download, download full, chrome allowing, single letter shortcuts, bid context menu shortcuts, popular image hosts, current page, e enqueue link target

Page up, top Chrome extension download
Page up, top Allows you to go to the top (page up) of current page for one click or hot key (ctrl + pgup ^) for all site (facebook /…

site facebook, top page, hot key, r250514217099 z298132469411, click, top, facebook , current page, allows, page, hot key ctrl pgup

Critical CSS Extractor Chrome extension download
Critical CSS Extractor extract Critical CSS rules for the current page

extract critical css rules, prevent css rules, downloaded file v2, css rules v2, main frame v2, page v2, import rule v2, css rules, open original page, url command v2, current tab, extract critical css, panel critical css, critical css, pseudo elements, current page, pseudo elements v2, critical css rules, relative path v2, tab v2

Tab Master 5000 Chrome extension download
Tab Master 5000 The swiss army knife of tab, history, bookmark, session, and extension management.

current tab sessions, tabs history, order tab tiles, grid tiles, view tabs, current chrome, sort tabs, session tabs, public github repository, grid view, tab page, flexible theme editor, top search bar, shortcuts enable, tab history, tab sessions, new tab page, current chrome window, undo tab actions, history apps, swiss army knife, create app shortcuts, view sort

LTC Ticker Chrome extension download
LTC Ticker This extension displays the current LTC/USD price on the badge icon.

price updates, current litecoinus dollar amound, current correct version, dollar amound, current price, many times, current litecoin, cache directive, current ltcusd price, usd price, every minutes

Git Patch Viewer Chrome extension download
Git Patch Viewer Git Patch Viewer

render, url patterns, git patch viewer, auto rendering, set url patterns, click, source code, render current page, options page, icon, current page, source code ext

Edit Page! Chrome extension download
Edit Page! Enables you to edit the content of the current page

extension enables, page restores, start changing, original content, edit page, edit, enables, simply click edit page, current page, page

Page2Images Pin Full Page (PInterest) Chrome extension download
Page2Images Pin Full Page (PInterest) It will take the current browser page, snapshot it and send to Pinterest as a new pin. give the best and real emulator.

page snapshot, api document, page2images website screenshot, website screenshot online demo convert html, current browser page, page screenshot, screenshot online demo b, entire page screenshot, api document support, real emulator, image online demo, current page, website screenshot b, website screenshot convert html

Performance-Analyser Chrome extension download
Performance-Analyser Get insight into the performance of the website in the current tab - sort of a mini live version of WebPageTest

user timing apis, current tab, see requests, mini live version, resource navigation, performance analyzer, type domain load times, current tab sort, load times, current page, live version, chrome extension version, performance

Urban Dictionary for ANTP Chrome extension download
Urban Dictionary for ANTP Awesome New Tab Page-compatible widget that performs Urban Dictionary searches and shows the current Word of the Day. [ANTP]

tab page, current urban word, awesome new tab page, default background color, awesome new tab, english slang terms, background color, urban dictionary api, urban dictionary home page, urban word, current word, several appbreaking bugs, urban dictionary, urban dictionary logo, urban dictionary definition page, functional internet connection

Emacsome Chrome extension download
Emacsome Emacs key commands to operate browser!

current tab number enter, previous tab enter, current tab, page page, prior line ce, tab cx k, tab highlight, tab enter, prior tab cx b, line prior line, vimium extension, bottom mback history cf, emacs key commands, new tab cx cv, tab prior tab, next tab mp

Enhanced Lounge Chrome extension download
Enhanced Lounge The best community addon for dota2lounge and csgolounge to give a better user experience.

show current bet team, current bet team, community addon, dota2lounge, home page, user experience, every trades, future updates, features auto bumping, different interfaces, displayed larger

Tweets Counter for Twitter Chrome extension download
Tweets Counter for Twitter Shows tweets for current url and stats for facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and other share services.

share services, api usage add stats, update fix, share current page, current url, shows tweets, update add stats, topsy links, shows retweets, update remove twitter, bar icon, latest retweet, graph api, add stats, update add, hide duplicate tweets, facebook google, update remove topsy, topsy api, current page, support topsy api key

Beautiful & Customizable New Tab Page Openoox Chrome extension download
Beautiful & Customizable New Tab Page Openoox The first new tab page that is both beautiful and incredibly useful! Customize almost everything, in one click.

tab page, content recommendations, chrome firefox safari, search engine, new tab page, intelligent recommendation engine, awesome pictures, discover content, new ones, current new tab page, openoox page, internet explorer, choices publicly

Hacker News discussion Chrome extension download
Hacker News discussion Displays an icon linking to comments on Hacker News for the current page.

current tab, keyboard shortcuts, hacker news, new tab, access data, icon linking, open comments, current page, yc company

Star Wars Scroller Chrome extension download
Star Wars Scroller Scroll your webpage like star wars.

current page begin, store, scroll, google doesnt allow plugins, doesnt work, opening credits, star wars, chrome store, current page, page, chrome store google doesnt

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