Best Delete Elements Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total delete elements plugins - 665
ContextDeleter Chrome extension download
ContextDeleter ContextDeleter allows you to delete HTML elements on the fly.

update added border, html elements, add features, smaller restructured, flash element, flash elements, parent container, code added, minimalist extension, delete elements, delete html elements, contextdeleter allows

Clean the Junk Chrome extension download
Clean the Junk Clean the junk - is the add-on for removing banners and other junk from the opened pages.

iframe delete built, flash music video, delete internal, junk, delete built, delete javaapplets, banners, applet delete standard, delete internal frames, embed object delete java, basic functions, removing banners, clean, delete standard size banners

f*ck overlays Chrome extension download
f*ck overlays adds a context menu to delete sign-up/sign-in overlays that prevent you from viewing a page

delete sign, context menu, multiple elements, permanent deletion, f ck, delete anything, simply refreshing, ck overlays, f ck overlays, context menu click ck, support permanent, light extension

Export SVG with Style Chrome extension download
Export SVG with Style Adds a SVG export button to the browser, which spits out SVG DOM elements present on page as files including CSS.

style elements, svg dom elements, svg export button, generated svg, dummy svg node, svg elements, svg node, parent style, css classes, elements present, invalid style rules, files including css, adds svg, css styles, parent style recognition, v3 remove, child elements uses, standalone style elements, svg element parent node, svg element, catch stylesheet access exception error

DeKi: Delete Kindle Items Chrome extension download
DeKi: Delete Kindle Items Batch delete Items from your kindle library @

kindle library, location url, batch delete items, provide operation steps, kindle library amazon, delete kindle items, bulk delete, previous version desnt work, simple tool help, javascript void function

Portent's SEO Page Review Chrome extension download
Portent's SEO Page Review Review common SEO elements and issues on the page

title tags, title tags meta, common seo elements, canonical tag, lightweight browser add, meta data, seo page review chrome extension, basic onsite seo elements, essential elements, open graph twittercard, seo elements, reviews basic onsite seo elements, meta description

UnXSS Chrome extension download
UnXSS Intercept and modify or delete websites' security headers

delete contentsecuritypolicy header, add access control, delete content security policy header, delete websites, api endpoint, frame options, delete frame options header, source code, content security policy, security headers, delete xframeoptions header, doesnt specify, foreign ajax endpoint, header options

Easel Importer Chrome extension download
Easel Importer Allows you to import HTML/CSS elements from your website into

import web elements, easel importer import web elements, easel importer allows, easel importer, easel document, visual design tool, import htmlcss elements, private beta, select design elements, import html css elements, css export

TYPO3 - Little Helper Chrome extension download
TYPO3 - Little Helper This chrome extension makes the work with TYPO3 a little bit easier.

installtool entries, changed generator, versions typo3, new simple logininstalltool entries, delete google, good bye green, delete logininstalltool icons, core versions, core news, important links, minor gui bug, new context search wiki, delete obsolete versioncheck, delete google feed api, new forge search

SelAssist Chrome extension download
SelAssist Find all HTML element properties required for Selenium Webdriver automation

extension find, added rect property, locator type ver, selenium contributors users, html element, html element properties, select selassist panel, elements panel matching, element panel, matching element, matching element ver, selassist panel, display text content, selassist panel ver, elements panel, partial link text, matching elements matching elements, type ver, properties displayed, elements properties, matching elements, selassist sidebar panel

Form Tools Chrome extension download
Form Tools Extends the developer tools to debug form fields on the page. Creates a panel to debug all forms. Export form states to JSON.

form tools, form elements, form fields, form inputs, view edit form elements, developer tools, elements panel sidebar, form data, debug form fields, debug form elements, import form data, developer tools extension panel, chrome developer tools, hidden form fields, export form, form data elements, viewedit form elements, edit values, screen real estate

DOM Destroyer Chrome extension download
DOM Destroyer Delete anything on a website with a click.

web page, temporarily hides elements, contenthiding overlays, popups content hiding overlays, delete anything, website, anything, dom destroyer empowers, page, newsletter popups

Breakup Chrome extension download
Breakup Breaks up walls of text into readable paragraphs, applies a different font and colouring.

readable paragraphs applies, websafe version, dark theme, readable paragraphs, simple chrome extension, different font, context menu, formatting options include, websites depending, select break, reformat text elements, elements, text elements

Art Project Helper Chrome extension download
Art Project Helper Add button to hide interface elements for when viewing artwork.

hide button, move mouse, show button, interface elements, viewing art work, art work, distracting ui elements, click returns everything, press f11 key, full screen mode press f11, hide interface elements, full screen mode, ui elements, bottom ui bars

Xpath Finder Chrome extension download
Xpath Finder Find Elements According To Xpath In Chrome DevTools.

find elements, xpath, matching elements, google chrome, chrome devtools, good partner, elements, highlighted outline, xpath history, github finder

WCAG Accessibility Audit Developer UI Chrome extension download
WCAG Accessibility Audit Developer UI Better UI for Accessibility Developer Tools API

tool suggests colors, ui highlights, tool runs, rule exposes, use report, use ui, latest stable api, low contrast elements, stable api, contrast elements, breaking rule elements, breakingrule elements, accessibility developer tools, accessibility developer tools api

DiagnostiCSS Chrome extension download
DiagnostiCSS Diagnostic CSS stylesheet that helps visually detect any potentially invalid, inaccessible or erroneous HTML markup.

potentially invalid inaccessible, invalid links, event attributes, diagnostic css stylesheet, inline styles, css stylesheet, deprecated elements, elements missing required attributes, elements, erroneous html markup, diagnosticss highlights, helps visually detect

Cookie Manager Chrome extension download
Cookie Manager Manage cookies and protect privacy. Add, edit and delete cookies through toolbar. Search cookies if there are many

click icon, delete particular cookie, context menu, cookie add, current domain delete, cookie edit, domain delete, cookies recreate, protect privacy, cookie manager, access cookie manager, particular domain, current domain, delete cookies, extensions cookie manager click options, add edit, sub domains, search cookies, toolbar click options, deletion delete cookies, many features

Delete All Facebook Chats Chrome extension download
Delete All Facebook Chats Automatically delete all Facebook chats from the Facebook Messages Tab with a single mouse click.

delete messages, dont forget, deleting conversations, message deleting, message permanently, facebook chat, extra settings, chat message, privacy problem, facebook messages, single mouse click, personal discussions, facebook youll, chat history, permanently delete, delete multiple messages, person contacts, deleting messages, undo message deletion

Your History Chrome extension download
Your History A better look at your browsing history. The best searching, the sharpest interface, and the most useful filters - for your history.

history grouping group visits, useful filters, minutes group visits, text styling, day delete, chrome ui access, day searching search, visits delete visits, group visits, click option, domain format hours, page title, toolbar remembers closing state, domain delete, excellent browser

FormFillr Chrome extension download
FormFillr Experiments in autofilling forms

autofill tool, select input elements, supports text input elements, visible descriptors, experimental approach, document object model, input elements, document object model dom, input, input element metadata

Print Edit WE Chrome extension download
Print Edit WE Edit web pages prior to printing. Delete, hide and format elements. Edit text. Remove adverts and sidebars.

level elements, edited web page, fix page breaks features, select print edit, previous edit, page displayed, click select, gnu general public license version, select elements, inspect format properties, enabled elements, deselect deselect, cannot float right, text edit text, previous edit commands, edit editing, format elements, previous edit command, select select, page click, insert new text, web page, html feature, edit web, selected elements, edit text, css print stylesheets, print edit

salesforce-tool Chrome extension download
salesforce-tool Clear all debug logs.

coverage button, show coverage, user button, delete debug, add delete entire logs button, add option search salesforce, search selected, delete entire logs, context menu, code coverage, edit view, add option, delete debug log section, add current logged, add add, debug user, debug logs

I don't care about cookies Chrome extension download
I don't care about cookies Remove cookie warnings from almost all websites! The EU regulations require that any website using tracking cookies must get…

necessary cookie categories, surf anonymously, every time, delete cookies, cookie categories depending, doesn delete cookies, work properly, automatically accept, eu regulations, cookie warnings, cookies, tracking cookies, hides cookie related, delete cookies automatically, websites, cookie policy

Temporary Bookmarks Chrome extension download
Temporary Bookmarks Add actual page or any web links on actual page into temporary bookmarks. You can open these web links later.

delete icon, save open, mouse button, delete bookmarks, actual page, delete bookmark, popup show list, web link click, context menu, easy browse web sites, add web link click, add actual page, web link, temporary bookmarks, web links

Web Components Chrome extension download
Web Components Identify all Custom Elements used on a site.

collection, html elements, detect pages, custom elements, webcomponents extension, source code, site, web components, address bar

Different Gmail Delete Button Chrome extension download
Different Gmail Delete Button Tweaks the Gmail web interface’s delete button.

gmail settings, button labels, gmail, extension replaces, tweaks, delete button, gmail web interface, extension replaces gmail delete button icon, gmail web interface delete button, icon, subtle version, button labels section, chosen text

ARIA Validator Chrome extension download
ARIA Validator Scans page for WAI-ARIA implementation issues.

aria implementation issues, html elements, ids contained, aria owns, open tabs, aria implementation, new tab, beta software, added checks, minor bug fixes, native html elements, html page, simple mistakes, checks elements, waiaria implementation issues

JavaScript Tracker Chrome extension download
JavaScript Tracker Tracking JavaScript (DOM or jQuery APIs) on web page at runtime

dom jquery apis, extension developers, possible error candidates, web developers, selected element, possible javascript code, web page, attach event listener, elements panel, jquery apis, github tracker, dom elements, manipulate html dom elements, javascript dom, javascript code, sidebar pane js tracker

MeasureIt Chrome extension download
MeasureIt Draw out a ruler to get the pixel width and height of any elements on a webpage.

popular firefox version, width, pixel width, draw, please note, ruler, elements, page elements, width height

Destroy It! Chrome extension download
Destroy It! Toggle the ability to destroy any ads or annoying elements of a webpage.

ability, destroy, ads, annoying elements, toggle, elements, webpage

Just Delete Me Chrome extension download
Just Delete Me Provides link in the omnibar to where to delete account and informs you how hard it is to delete your account.

simple process, light icon, fully deleted, delete account, open source, omnibar, extra steps, contacting customer, green simple, colour key, omnibar indicating

Periodic Table of Elements Chrome extension download
Periodic Table of Elements A compact and easy to use Periodic Table of Elements.

periodic table, detailed information, use periodic table, chemical elements, atomic volume, atomic mass, atomic number, chemical elements including atomic number atomic mass atomic volume density hardness electronegativity, elements, compact, information

Stylebot Chrome extension download
Stylebot Change the appearance of the web instantly

style elements, nonessential page elements, ui actions, code editor, user settings, feature requests, code css, bug reports, readability mode, make articles, color margins, simple quick

SAPUI5 control Bindings Viewer Chrome extension download
SAPUI5 control Bindings Viewer An elements side panel that displays the binding models and paths associated with the selected SAPUI5 control.

elements side panel, paths, sapui5 control, extends chrome, elements panel, developer tools adding sidebar, binding models, elements, side panel, displays, developer tools, selected sapui5 control

CSS Diff Chrome extension download
CSS Diff Easily compare CSS of two HTML elements.

elements module, html elements, chrome developer tools f12, github diff idea, another element, whole process, compare css, css properties, compare button, activate chrome developer tools, diff idea, css diff, right panel, selected css diff, css differences, compare elements

Please bring back photo grid view ! Chrome extension download
Please bring back photo grid view ! Reactivates the carousel of thumbnails on Twitter.

display promising, simply hidden, thumbnails download, current system, bad idea, new display, project github, personal observations, display, delete, cannot delete, thumbnails slideshow

HTML Tree Generator Chrome extension download
HTML Tree Generator Html is really a tree of elements, css is what defines the layout. This extension displays any page as a tree.

tree, defines, layout, elements css, extension displays, html, elements, page, css

Facebook Post Manager Chrome extension download
Facebook Post Manager Batch delete posts in Facebook timeline. Other batch processing: privacy / hide / unhide / unlike items. FREE!

use activity filters, text filters support, change privacy settings, delete hide unhide, activity log, recent new features, deletehideunhideunlikechange privacy settings, remove posts, privacy hide , facebook facebook, delete posts, facebook post manager, activity filters, delete facebook posts items, delete button onebyone, hide unhide, activity log filters, facebook posts

Playback Rate Chrome extension download
Playback Rate Control the playback rate of HTML5 <video> and <audio> elements

audio elements, speed, control, elements allowing, chromes audio implementation, context menu, adds playback rate context menu, elements, audio implementation, playback rate, html5 video

Privacy Shield Chrome extension download
Privacy Shield Removes sensitive data from browser history and cache

personal info, credit card, pc activity private, use privacy shield, delete bits, prevent crooks, sensitive data, search queries, id information, intercepted delete bits, browser history

Hyperlink Underline Remover Chrome extension download
Hyperlink Underline Remover Hides hyperlink underlines with simple CSS in all webpage <a> elements.

underlines, dislike, simple css, extensions gallery, webpage elements, personal use, hyperlink underlines, hides, elements, webpage

Power radio in Yandex Elements Chrome extension download
Power radio in Yandex Elements Listen to Power radio-stations right in your browser panel using Yandex Elements.

power radyolarna yandex elements araclyla taraycnzn panelinden ulan, listen, yandex elements, taraycnzn panelinden ulan, power radio stations, power radyolarna, power radiostations right, browser panel

Polymer Ready Chrome extension download
Polymer Ready Show an icon in the address bar when it detects some Polymer and Custom components.

show page, webcomponentsready event, background page, ready chrome extension, change events, polymer elements, items toggleable, custom components, speed thanks, address bar, show page action, address bar whenever, custom elements, custom elements thanks, event page, simple chrome extension, show icon, fixed extension

Drive Anywhere Chrome extension download
Drive Anywhere One click unlocks a faster, more convenient dashboard for your Google Drive files with this free browser extension!

drag drop upload, drive features, rename files, drive files, regular drive features, move rename, move rename delete, delete files, free browser extension, reduce tabs, google drive account, upload new files, google drive accounts, google drive, drive anywhere enables, google drive files, delete multiple files

Voila Web Screenshot Chrome extension download
Voila Web Screenshot Capture webpages in a variety of ways from within your browser!

intuitive way, elements offering complete freedom, full page, web screenshot extension, web pages, capturing web pages, entire web page, selection capture, web page, elements capture select, individual object elements, voila web, selection full page, full page capture, capture webpages, capture individual

SEO Peek Chrome extension download
SEO Peek Just one click to get a quick peek into on-page SEO factors of the web page you visit in the browser.

prev link tag, next link tag, html elements, link elements, response url, http header, canonical url, html annotation, seo peek checks, page seo, annotations rel, several http response headers, several relevant content elements, canonical link tag, seo peek, tag header, relevant content elements, http response, http canonical header, annotations canonical link tag canonical link header, document object model, link tag, onpage seo factors, link header, extension checks

Disable Cookies Chrome extension download
Disable Cookies Disable cookies on current site

disable click, disable thirdparty cookies, selected tab, party cookies set, thirdparty cookies, disableenable cookies, delete cookies, respective content settings, party cookies, options page, reload delete, disable enable cookies, disable cookies, simple switch, current site, respective content, current page, delete cookies set, site opened

History Map Chrome extension download
History Map Browsing with a map in hand

need validate javascript, map click, history map replaces, map handling aid, save items, past trial version, click display search button, click delete button, map click display button, displaying map, click button displayed, save delete, history map, web pages, delete item delete, displayed pages, displaying map history, browsing time, search result window, data displaying, item click display button, title title, forgotten searching keywords, click save button, important map data, item title, history delete, map browsing history, browsing pages, search items, browsing item, browsing history, map data, map title time, displaying history, save save, personal information protection, map search

Delete PDF Pages - PDFfiller Chrome extension download
Delete PDF Pages - PDFfiller Instantly delete PDF pages with PDFfiller extension. Edit, sign, save and share anytime, anywhere, from any device!

free day trial, pdffiller app, free pdffiller, use pdffiller chrome extension, pdf documents, powerful online pdf editor, pdffiller editor, powerful editing tools, pdf pages online, delete pdf pages, fill button, new pdffiller google chrome extension, robust online pdf editor, pdf document, delete pages, delete pdf pages online, pdffiller powerful, orange fill button, fill edit email, online pdf editor, pdffiller extension, pdffiller google chrome extension enables

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