Best Dom Element Chrome Extension Alternatives

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The Great Suspender Chrome extension download
The Great Suspender Automatically suspends unused tabs to free up system resources

tabs, suspend, memory, extension, chrome, unload, issues, page, tab, time, suspended, dark, theme, reduce, excessive

ng-inspector for AngularJS Chrome extension download
ng-inspector for AngularJS Inspector pane for AngularJS apps

inspector, scope, angularjs, extension, pane, github, suggestions, reports, model, console, address, angular, bar, button, logo

Visual Event Chrome extension download
Visual Event Know what event is bound on each dom element

dom, extension, javascript, allan, version, jardine, event, standard, events, http, www, chrome, works, link, visual

Chromium browser automation Chrome extension download
Chromium browser automation Extension for automating chromium browser, Create project -> Record -> Edit Automation -> Manage -> Play

ability, browser, code, extension, gt, extensions, web, projects, automation, step, chromium, interactions, element, create, dom

Export SVG with Style Chrome extension download
Export SVG with Style Adds a SVG export button to the browser, which spits out SVG DOM elements present on page as files including CSS.

svg, style, elements, css, adds, caused, generated, files, styles, node, present, page, couple, including, classes

DomFlags Chrome extension download
DomFlags Create keyboard shortcuts to DOM elements for a faster devtools workflow

panel, domflags, v1, attribute, chrome, dom, bug, js, shift, domflag, shortcuts, added, add, inspect, compatibility

CSSSteal Chrome extension download
CSSSteal Given DOM element returns styles applied to it and all its children.

extension, children, extract, css, dom, returns, element, styles, transfer, part, chrome, elements, inspect, defined, applied

Chrome Query Chrome extension download
Chrome Query Displaying the jQuery data associated with the selected DOM element.

chrome, selected, data, extension, jquery, displaying, query, dom, element, developers

D3 Deconstructor Chrome extension download
D3 Deconstructor This extension allows the user to deconstruct D3 visualizations on a page.

d3, data, deconstructor, extension, berkeley, visualizations, chrome, vislab, enable, restyling, width, position, height, attributes, developed

jQuery Inspector Chrome extension download
jQuery Inspector Plugin for Devtools. Adds a pane for jQuery data of selected dom element.

jquery, devtools, selected, adds, pane, extension, chrome, element, dom, information, data, handler, plugin, inspector, additional

GTM DevTools Sidebar Panes Chrome extension download
GTM DevTools Sidebar Panes Displays Google Tag Manager sidebar panes in Chrome Developer Tools.

gtm, panes, extension, chrome, sidebar, pane, macros, listener, event, object, elements, dom, click, easy, manager

Sencha Tools Chrome extension download
Sencha Tools Extends the Developer Tools, adding a sidebar that displays the Sencha data associated with the selected DOM element.

selected, tools, sencha, extends, element, data, displays, adding, sidebar, developer, extension, chrome, work, console, dom

DOM Watcher Chrome extension download
DOM Watcher Watches DOM element values and reports it back.

dom, objects, reports, values, chrome, extension, watches, element, elements, watcher, watch, inspecting, page

Kendo MVVM Inspector Chrome extension download
Kendo MVVM Inspector Chrome dev tool to inspect kendo mvvm bindings

inspect, tool, chrome, dev, mvvm, data, element, kendo, dom, bound, object, bind, inspector, bindingschrome, extension

JavaScript Tracker Chrome extension download
JavaScript Tracker Tracking JavaScript (DOM or jQuery APIs) on web page at runtime

code, web, tracker, javascript, elements, github, page, extension, element, dom, selected, js, chrome, panel, apis

RWeb Chrome extension download
RWeb Simple tool for customizing websites by adding your own CSS & JS.

added, sync, css, sites, google, auto, page, site, ui, import, online, options, bug, stats, extension

Ember Console Utils Chrome extension download
Ember Console Utils Load ember console utils js as local file

utils, console, extension, library, ebryn, ember, view, https, dom, inspected, github, element, include, whithout, locally

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