Best Explorer Tiles Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total explorer tiles plugins - 181
VeloViewer Strava Plugin Chrome extension download
VeloViewer Strava Plugin Additions to Strava website to provide helpful links and features for VeloViewer.

explorer tiles, segment details page, unexplored tile kml download, strava route builder, new strava page structure, top level veloviewer menu, veloviewer explorer tiles, route builder explorer tiles, activities links, explorer tile bordersbackground set, veloviewer menu, handle change, explorer tile, veloviewer segment details page, new strava route builder, route builder, links added

Remove Most Visited tiles on new tab Chrome extension download
Remove Most Visited tiles on new tab This extension removes the Most visited tiles on your new tabs.

tab page, visited tiles, new tab page, theme, tiles, lets, extension removes, appreciate, preserves, new tabs

Tag Explorer Chrome extension download
Tag Explorer Find marketing tags and beacons running on a webpage!

marketing tags, tag inspector blog, firing check, beacons running, third party trackers, privacy needs, use cases, perfect extension, every tag, tag management system, parent product, tag explorer, powers tag explorer

Mah Jong Connect Chrome extension download
Mah Jong Connect Play Mah Jong Connect quick and easy by clicking the little button in the top right corner of the browser.

work fast, matching tiles, tiles shift, tiles shift downwards, little button, combine matching tiles, play mah jong connect quick, cleared beneath, top right corner, browser, play game quickly, spare time, jong connect quick, play

OpenLink Data Explorer Chrome extension download
OpenLink Data Explorer Adds Linked Data browsing functionality -- across public or private networks -- to host browser.

openlink data, additional information links, collection rdf, oriented menu, public rdfizer service, view menu item collection, inbuilt middleware layer, openlink data explorer forum, linked data, none disruptive mechanism, product web, page data, linked data explorer, linked data items, openlink data explorer, openlink data explorer ode, openlink data explorer examples, broad collection rdfizer cartridgesdrivers, rdfizer services, rdfizer service

Modern New Tab Page Chrome extension download
Modern New Tab Page Modern New Tab Page replaces the traditional new tab page by a new beautiful and elegant one, made of customizable live tiles.

tab page, tiles icon, tiles color icon, download rss files, favorite web sites, modern new tab page, background image opacity, customizable live tiles, famous website icons, traditional new tab page, modern new tab page replaces, favorite image

Local Explorer - File Manager on web browser Chrome extension download
Local Explorer - File Manager on web browser Open local file links to hard disk, company's shared folders, mapped network drive... directly in your corporate website.

local explorer install, open ms word, silent install command line, file system windows explorer, file browser, open local file folder links, local hard disk drives, open windows media player, windows explorer integration, simple file, folders mapped, windows explorer, folder file, open local file links, local folders, local folder, silent enterprise client installation, active directory enterprise environment, local explorer, open windows, file folder, file folder file

Pathmatics Explorer Chrome extension download
Pathmatics Explorer The Pathmatics Explorer extension gives you real-time advertising information for the top Advertisers and Publishers on the web.

realtime advertising information, pathmatics explorer extension, real time advertising information, pathmatics, top advertisers, publishers, pathmatics explorer, web, information, subscription

Test IE Chrome extension download
Test IE Test websites in all versions of real Internet Explorer (IE6 - IE11) and Edge straight from Chrome browser, through BrowserStack.

os x yosemite, os x mavericks, mobile browser emulator, devices www, ondemand real mobile, real internet explorer, test websites, chrome browser, preinstalled developer tools, test internal, os x el capitan, screenshots www, browser live, internet explorer, internet explorer version, os x mountain lion, browserstack www

Meeco Launcher for Incognito browsing Chrome extension download
Meeco Launcher for Incognito browsing The Meeco launcher plugin is a companion extension for Meeco My Sites that launches websites into Incognito pages.

site tile, online activity, accurate reporting, convert page, manually entered urls, new private windows, meeco site tiles, site tiles, launches websites, private windows

Tiles Chrome extension download
Tiles A tiled new tab page.

new tab page look, tab page, character symbol making, large number, new tab page, character symbol, add tiles, favorite websites, alternative new tab page, minimalistic grid, chrome toolbar, twocharacter symbol

Metal-Archives Spotified Chrome extension download
Metal-Archives Spotified Add Spotify links throughout

band links links, promotional tiles, either send, new music, metal archives, awesome new stuff, album links, extension icons promotional tiles, every single day, spotify links, google group, spotify app, web store, comments concerns ideas

Speed Dial [FVD] - New Tab Page, 3D, Sync... Chrome extension download
Speed Dial [FVD] - New Tab Page, 3D, Sync... New Tab Page Replacement with 3D Speed Dial and predefined images, sync and organize your bookmarks, groups, and most visited

example amazon bookmark, mostvisited category lists, groups sync, speed dials, extension settings, speed dial, new tab page replacement, tab page, bookmark tiles speed dials, fvd speed dial, bookmark tiles, new tab page, user data policy, disable search, bookmarks groups, create group, search bar, create bookmark tiles speed dial, awesome new tab page replacement, popular speed dial

GrepWords CPC & Search Volume Enhancer Chrome extension download
GrepWords CPC & Search Volume Enhancer Adds keyword cpc and search volume to Many diffrent services including SERPs, UberSuggest, Majestic SEO, OSE and WMT

site explorer majestic seo site explorer, serps ubersuggest majestic seo, open site explorer, search data, search volume, search volume data, big link data providers, pervious chrome extensions, pervious chrome, cpc data, api key, google webmaster tools, many diffrent services

Mahjongg Alchemy Chrome extension download
Mahjongg Alchemy Try your skills in a very cool mahjong game. Click two matching tiles to remove them. Only free tiles can be selected.

next tileset, matching tiles, tile sets, new tileset, free tiles, click deal, cool mahjong game, free edge, right side, mahjong alchemy, mah jongg game, mahjong game

Salesforce Tool Suite (Debug Logs, Schema) Chrome extension download
Salesforce Tool Suite (Debug Logs, Schema) Build complex Salesforce SOQL rapidly, monitor debug logs, and launch without sharing your passwords from any Salesforce tab.

new dark theme option, salesforce api, schema explorer, users orgs, salesforce orgs fixed, multiple orgs, new reactive patternbased indexed db wrapper, salesforce schema, feature export multiple, schema explorer compare module, salesforce soql, multiple users, feature debug logs, avoid multiple duplicate exports, export export, logs feature, bugfix schema explorer, debug logs, throttle export click rate, understand processcode flow, export fixed, orgs users, logs feature fixed, schema explorer pagination issue, logs released, bugfix fixed, multiple salesforce orgs users, debug logs feature, update api, schema explorer boolean values, multiple salesforce fields

qTest Web Explorer Chrome extension download
qTest Web Explorer Document test environment data and user interactions in the browser with our exploratory testing tool.

cnew capture modes, show error message, qtest session, bug fixes, support capture device mode, session chrome, session data, relevant error message, web session, oracle jd edwards, capture screen, document test environment data, update content security policy, recording session, bug fixed, qtest web explorer, chrome randomly cleans, sso login qtest, captured screen, web explorer

IE-On-Chrome Chrome extension download
IE-On-Chrome Virtual IE (Internet Explorer) tab for Chrome ! (works on Mac / ChromeBook / Linux; Runs Java / Silverlight / Shockwave)

run java silverlight shockwave, ieonchrome extension icon, mac chromebook, chromebook silverlight, silverlight , sap business bydesign activex web camera web rdp, chrome browser, tab internet explorer, powerful central management tools, mac chromebook linux, silverlight edition, internet explorer, run java silverlight, java silverlight shockwave, ieonchrome extension, internet explorer tab, javasilverlightshockwaveoutlook web access

PageRank Display Chrome extension download
PageRank Display Displays the PageRank of open page with icon and badge. Quick access to Alexa, backlinks and indexed pages in the popup.

pages indexed, site explorer, toolbar pagerank, pr extension, extension icon, google site, yahoo site, open site, quick access, slight code improvements, code improvement , show greyed, google alexa, indexed pages, toolbar pr url, page open, open page, alexa backlinks, yahoo site explorer, open site explorer, toolbar pr

tabtiles Chrome extension download
tabtiles Control your tabs with tiles - useful for large monitors and full screen (F11) browsing.

pdf viewer buttons, full screen mode, 1pixel activation height, full screen, mouse button, usual browser tabs, chrome zoom levels, address bar close button, slow offline, standard chrome zoom, full title, tabs mouse, address bar, screen tiles, problem resizing tiles, minor zoom bug, fixed bug, normal mode, hide mode

Pricesparrow Chrome extension download
Pricesparrow Pricesparrow Price Comparison

pricesparrow price comparison, passes data, mozilla firefox google chrome opera internet explorer, shopping sites, google chrome, wanted product, shop online, save personalized data, app helps, internet explorer, third parties, mozilla firefox

Tab Master 5000 Chrome extension download
Tab Master 5000 The swiss army knife of tab, history, bookmark, session, and extension management.

current tab sessions, tabs history, order tab tiles, grid tiles, view tabs, current chrome, sort tabs, session tabs, public github repository, grid view, tab page, flexible theme editor, top search bar, shortcuts enable, tab history, tab sessions, new tab page, current chrome window, undo tab actions, history apps, swiss army knife, create app shortcuts, view sort

Data Explorer for Chrome extension download
Data Explorer for Execute SOQL queries from your browser

supports soql, com soql queries, rest api, run complex queries, tabular format, complex queries, com rest api, com developers, easier navigation, data explorer, sosl queries, soql queries, com environment

Preispilot Chrome extension download
Preispilot PreisPilot is an app which finds the best deal. If you shop online, the app helps you to find the best offers for your wanted…

preispilot supports mozilla firefox google chrome opera internet explorer, preispilot, shopping sites, google chrome, alternativ offers, wanted product, shop online, app helps, internet explorer, preispilot supports mozilla firefox

IE Tab Chrome extension download
IE Tab Display web pages using IE within Chrome. Use Java, Silverlight, ActiveX, Sharepoint, and more.

helper executable, tab enterprise, enterprise deployment options, edit sharepoint documents, local computer resources, internet explorer rendering, separate executable, web pages, ie tab helper application, netscape plugin api, display web pages, old ie rendering engine, tab helper, separate helper executable, tab extension, strict license enforcement, npapi support, internet explorer

Meteor DevTools Chrome extension download
Meteor DevTools Developer tools for Meteor

existing applications, security auditor, plugins ddp monitor blaze inspector minimongo explorer, minimongo explorer, chrome developer tools, open source, blaze inspector, plugin framework, developing meteor, meteor devtools, ddp monitor, developer tools

HTML5 FileSystem Explorer Extended Chrome extension download
HTML5 FileSystem Explorer Extended Show HTML5 stored files through File System API.

files, file system api, delete everything, filesystem api, show html5, delete single files, html5 filesystem explorer, updated version, shows html5 stored files, every developer, html5 stored files

AdMatrix Analytics Chrome extension download
AdMatrix Analytics ???????SEO????????????????????????

seo, aseahrefs site, admatrix analytcisseo, admatrix analytcisseo htmlseo ase ahrefs site explorer titlemeta h1h4 dsppas, explorer titlemeta h1h4 dsppas

qTest Explorer Extension Chrome extension download
qTest Explorer Extension Extension to assist qTest Explorer application to capture web pages on Google Chrome browser

qtest explorer, capture web pages, content security, capture metadata, oracle jd edwards, google chrome, google chrome version, chrome browser, minor bug fixes, bug fixes, automated script, content security policy, inject script, ui elements, google chrome browser

Open Site Explorer Anchor Enhancer Chrome extension download
Open Site Explorer Anchor Enhancer Adds keyword cpc, competition and search volume to Open Site Explorer

competition data added, wont work, keyword cpc competition, keyword data, search volume, open site explorer, anchor text phrases, anchor text tab, cpc search volume, keyword cpc, api key

Mahjong Games - Extension Chrome extension download
Mahjong Games - Extension Cool Mahjong Games - You will find lots of coolness and fun in these awesome, and totally free, Mahjong Games.

youll find lots, mahjong solitaire games extension, chinese dragon mahjong, totally free games, cool mahjong games, mahjong games, free online mahjong solitaire tiles games, totally free mahjong games, play free online mahjong solitaire tiles games, many others, mystic mahjong adventures, find lots, free games

Rank Checker Chrome extension download
Rank Checker Zm??te si Ranky vašich stránek

google pagerank, rank na webu pagerank, jeho c lem je zjednodu, rank checker je, en ani, rank checker, rank na, rank checker se po odkliknut postar, str nce, ranky va ich str, rychl zji tn hodnot, pro popul rn prohl e google chrome, backlinks open site explorer facebook, complete rank mozrank jyxo google backlinks, google backlinks, rank checker je roz en, open site explorer facebook share facebook, pr ce pi zji ov

SUNAT libre Chrome extension download
SUNAT libre Fix para los formularios de la página de la SUNAT, para que su JavaScript no funcione solo en Internet Explorer.

fix para, funcione solo en internet explorer, fix para los formularios de la gina de la sunat para, funcione solo, su javascript, internet explorer, los formularios, para que su javascript

Browserling - Cross-browser testing Chrome extension download
Browserling - Cross-browser testing Cross-browser test websites in the most popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Try for free!

supported android, crossbrowser test websites, web developers, live interactive crossbrowser testing service, effortless crossbrowser testing, popular browsers, popular operating systems, policy policy, explorer chrome firefox safari, many different browsers, cross browser test, cross browser testing, operating systems, internet explorer, supported browsers, supported windows operating systems, happy crossbrowser testing

Storage Area Explorer Chrome extension download
Storage Area Explorer Simple editor for Storage Area for Chrome Packaged Apps & Extensions

broken import, storage area, chrome extensions, extension open devtools, possibility import export data, open devtools, storage permission, local session, import export, local session storage, storage area explorer, permissions explanation, tabs permission, detailed permissions explanation, localsession html storage, import export data, devtools extension

FlyCow SafeBrowser Chrome extension download
FlyCow SafeBrowser The FlyCow SafeBrowser Toolbar provides a fast and secure browsing experience by automatically identifying safe and dangerous sites.

secure browsing experience, safe browsing, internet explorer browsers, browsing experience easier, safe browser, flycow safebrowser toolbar, safe browser toolbar, flycow safe browser toolbar, dangerous sites, safe sites, safebrowser toolbar, browsing experience, internet explorer, safebrowser toolbar protects, reliable failsafe connection, safe browser toolbar identifies

YNET Anti-Like Chrome extension download
YNET Anti-Like View YNET's hidden content without liking them.

, internet explorer , content, facebook, view ynets hidden, version, hidden content, view ynets, internet explorer firefox version ynet anti, view ynet, view ynet hidden content

Tile Tabs WE Chrome extension download
Tile Tabs WE Take tabs from parent windows and arrange them in layouts of tiled sub-windows.

context menu button menu, quick menu icon, tiled tab, tabs scroll, tile tab tiles tab, left windows, provide quicker access, tiled tabs, gnu general public license version, tiled layout, parent window, tile tabs, saved tabs, tiled layout click, focused tile, open layout, show layout, small quick menu icon, saved layouts, tile tab menu, saved scroll, minor bug fixes, button button menu, focused window, tile tab, show tabs, tabs layout, tiled windows, several different ways, parent windows, tiled layout button, windows tiles, button menu, tile tab menu command, menu button menu, saved layout

World Wrestling New Tab Chrome extension download
World Wrestling New Tab A new tab page that highlights the latest WWE video and news.

tab page, wwe video, support brandthunder, visual layout removing tiles, new tab page, convenient web search, please email, deserve star rating, brands marks, please rate, new tab experiences, wwe video content, highlights wwe video

USA Flag New Tab Chrome extension download
USA Flag New Tab Stars and stripes on your new tab! Support the red white and blue with this American flag new tab experience!

tab page, new tab simple, usa flag, new tab page, convenient web search, view direct, new tab, don deserve star rating, new tab experience, usa flag image, american flag, new tab page note, new tab experiences, layout removing tiles

OneAccess Chrome extension download
OneAccess My top ten OneAccess tiles.

top ten oneaccess tiles

Indiana University New Tab Chrome extension download
Indiana University New Tab A better new tab experience with Indiana University

support brandthunder, new tab simple, new tab page, tab experience, indiana university, don deserve star rating, direct search, new tab experience, please email, please rate, video direct links, new tab experiences, removing tiles

new metroTab Chrome extension download
new metroTab Custom new tab page with Metro UI.It offers several features such as speed dial,email facebook twitter notice,clock,weather.

tiles bug, appear blue background, upper right corner, update tile, weather function, email facebook twitter notice, added auto locate weather function, wallpaper support website, top right menu trigger event, oguz g l, custom new tab page, add tile

Baby Goats New Tab Chrome extension download
Baby Goats New Tab Lover of cute animals? Baby Goats new tab is for you! An adorable baby goat on every new tab you open!

visual layout removing tiles, support brandthunder, tab page, new tab experience simple, new tab page, convenient web search, every new tab, new tab, view direct, baby goat, deserve star rating, cute animals, new tab page note, new tab experiences, adorable baby goat

WhatTheFont Chrome extension download
WhatTheFont Identify the fonts and typefaces in a web page.

extension demonstration purposes, web page, font download, hover font, font downloadview page, particular page, simple extension, font families, font name, preview font, screenshots promotional tiles

New Tab Metro Chrome extension download
New Tab Metro A Metro styled new tab page

tab page, new bookmark, new tab page, easy adding, closed tabs, bookmark bar, metro styled, metro, chromes, new tiles, button, displays, chromes bookmark

Open in seomoz Chrome extension download
Open in seomoz Open the current tab in Open Site Explorer by Jeffrey Nichols

current tab, clicked opens, adds button, new tab, seomoz, open site explorer, backlink statistics, current url, jeffrey nichols, easy viewing, update extension, address bar

Suicide Squad Tribute New Tab Chrome extension download
Suicide Squad Tribute New Tab A tribute to the new DC Comics movie. Joker Harley Quinn and the rest of the Suicide Squad hooligans on every new tab page!

tab page, suicide squad images, new tab experience simple, new tab page, joker harley quinn, suicide squad, convenient web search, brands marks, every new tab page, view direct convenient, new dc comics movie, highly visual layout removing tiles, suicide squad hooligans

Solitaire New Tab Chrome extension download
Solitaire New Tab Play the classic card game solitaire on every new tab! You can even hide/unhide it!

tab page, solitaire game, new tab page, convenient web search, every new tab, don deserve star rating, hide unhide, view direct convenient, new tab page note, every new tab simple, new tab experiences, card game solitaire, playable solitaire game, layout removing tiles, classic card game solitaire

Walking Dead Tribute New Tab Chrome extension download
Walking Dead Tribute New Tab A new tab tribute to your favorite zombie show The Walking Dead!

tab page, new tab tribute, imagery inspired, official representation, new tab page, walking dead, convenient web search, view direct convenient web, tab tribute, brands marks, dead simple, favorite zombie show, highly visual layout removing tiles, visual layout

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