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AngularJS Batarang Chrome extension download
AngularJS Batarang Extends the Developer Tools, adding tools for debugging and profiling AngularJS applications.

tools, angularjs, profiling, chrome, extension, debugging, developer, extends, batarang, adding, applications

Unofficial AngularJS Batarang (outdated) Chrome extension download
Unofficial AngularJS Batarang (outdated) Extends the Developer Tools, adding tools for debugging and profiling AngularJS applications.

angularjs, extension, batarang, tools, previous, profiling, debugging, developer, extends, chrome, outdated, internet, applications, official, stable

AngularJS Inspector Chrome extension download
AngularJS Inspector Extends the Developer Tools, adding tools for debugging and profiling AngularJS applications. Based on AngularJS Batarang

angularjs, tools, extension, developer, exist, updated, issues, based, address, sadly, years, tool, programmers, batarang, work

Coggle IT Plus Chrome extension download
Coggle IT Plus Extends the interface.

coggle, f11, stay, page, hit, adds, interface, chrome, extension, extends, corners, a4, enhances

Event Spy Chrome extension download
Event Spy Spy on all events, the application code listens for, on a page.

event, spy, events, page, development, jfsl, reports, bug, github, feedback, performance, submit, memory, requests, free

Quora Extender Chrome extension download
Quora Extender Extends Quora with new features.

page, click, appears, extension, quora, magic, sort, notification, extends, button, chrome, dropdown, answer, menu, votes

Less CSS creator Chrome extension download
Less CSS creator Extends the Developer Tools, adding new tab for create and debug .less content.

css, create, chrome, tool, developer, tools, extends, tab, mixins, variables, select, extend, behavior, live, google

Sencha Tools Chrome extension download
Sencha Tools Extends the Developer Tools, adding a sidebar that displays the Sencha data associated with the selected DOM element.

selected, tools, sencha, extends, element, data, displays, adding, sidebar, developer, extension, chrome, work, console, dom

Munzee Fix Chrome extension download
Munzee Fix Helps to batch transport Munzee codes to The Skin Machine and extends clan stats.

munzee, clan, home, helps, extends, handy, page, position, adjust, quot, extension, chrome, needed, batch, level

Angular Inspector Chrome extension download
Angular Inspector Extends the Developer Tools, with a sidebar that shows scope data for selected element and adds a new panel to show scope elements

scope, developer, show, tools, chrome, extension, extends, element, adds, selected, panel, data, shows, elementsextends, sidebar

Modation Chrome extension download
Modation Soundation, amplified.

notifications, group, fixed, soundation, comments, notification, page, accessible, modation, user, groups, site, watchlist, community, invitations

Click-to-Console Chrome extension download
Click-to-Console Extension to open links in Salesforce Console.

console, extension, salesforce, open, quot, product, opening, functionality, extends, links, orgs, works, tab, directing, separate

Front End Developer Tools Chrome extension download
Front End Developer Tools Extends the Developer Tools, adding tools for front end developers.

tools, developer, front, chrome, extension, extends, adding, developers

SAPUI5 control Bindings Viewer Chrome extension download
SAPUI5 control Bindings Viewer An elements side panel that displays the binding models and paths associated with the selected SAPUI5 control.

chrome, elements, control, displays, panel, paths, selected, sapui5, models, developer, bindings, binding, tools, viewer, adding

Couchtuner Companion Chrome extension download
Couchtuner Companion This extension extends the functionality of Couchtuner by way of bookmarks, and history.

history, users, chrome, couchtuner, extension, easily, settings, quot, bookmark, shows, favourite, installations, companion, https, default

OGame fast attack Chrome extension download
OGame fast attack Boost up speed of sending fleets.

send, clicking, attacks, page, attack, chrome, speed, extension, boost, required, headers, resources, amount, planet, message

Genesis Grade Checker Chrome extension download
Genesis Grade Checker Easily check whether your grades went up or down.

grades, grade, changed, lrhsd, genesis, checker, previous, version, extension, color, method, nj, support, marking, future

Trello Checklist Plus Chrome extension download
Trello Checklist Plus Extends the Trello Checklist with usefull functions

checklist, link, trello, create, card, item, extrude, functions, feature, usefull, chrome, extension, extends, deleting, actual

Hyperiums 7 Chrome extension download
Hyperiums 7 Tools and improvements for Hyperiums 7 (unofficial)

hyperiums, extension, information, ticks, live, calculator, original, functions, player, natalie, extends, browser, tool, unofficial, tools

AirClass Screen Sharing Chrome extension download
AirClass Screen Sharing This extension is used by AirClass to enable screen sharing in Chrome browsers.

airclass, students, learning, sharing, extension, instructors, contribute, classroom, share, present, teachers, engage, screen, flexibility, convenience

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