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FB Dislike Chrome extension download
FB Dislike Add a dislike feature on Facebook ©

facebook dislike fbd, internet browser fbd, fbd adds, extension adds dislike, adds dislike, standard uninstall procedures, intellectual property rights worldwide, intellectual property, third party software, uninstall fbd, facebook uninstall fbd, add dislike, please note, maintenance costs, facebook page, display ads, time adds, fbd software

Replies and more for Google+ Chrome extension download
Replies and more for Google+ Adds reply and reply-to-author buttons to Google+ comments and a number of other enhancements.

author links, adds reply, adds extra functionality, shiftenter submit, additional sharing options, extra functionality, google comments, post adds, replytoauthor buttons, local language translate, plusissueslist itll ask, easy mentions

Playlist2XBMC Chrome extension download
Playlist2XBMC Plugin for sending YouTube videos to XBMC using JSONRPC

search results changelog, youtube playlist bar, youtube playlist, adds queue, adds play button, new yt html, button injection script, youtube adds queue, adds injection, adds button, youtube playlists, search page updates, video id filter, ajax contenttype set, playlist queue adds clear button, search results, every youtube page, video updates, youtube page, button injection, xbmc adds play, wrong video issue, youtube search page, hdspecific search pages, search page

Symbols for pasting Chrome extension download
Symbols for pasting Click on a symbol to copy it.

posts twitter, introduces tabs, extension icon prettier, symbol, click, broken face, email etc, adds mdash long hyphen, feeble attempt, nonbroken face, extension icon, adds symbol, eyebrow egregiously, face

TimeToRead Chrome extension download
TimeToRead Adds tags describing time needed to read to articles in Pocket

read words, extension adds tags, retrieve list, tags, source code, read articles, tags minute, read, extension doesn, see tags, adds tags describing time needed, add tags

UK NOTAM Map extension Chrome extension download
UK NOTAM Map extension Generates a Google Map representation of an AIS NOTAM Brief

ais website, individual notam identifiers, uk ais, tree view, uk ais website, textmode notam reporting tools, page action icon, map plotting, ais notam brief, ais notam, adds page, chrome notam map extension, narrow route brief waypoint ew issue, browser extension adds, arbitrary fir reports, notam plotting, google chrome notam map extension, google map representation

Translate To English... Chrome extension download
Translate To English... Adds a context menu to allow you to send the highlighted text to the Microsoft Translator API

highlighted text, extension simply adds context menu, simple application, text, source code, context menu, send, microsoft translator api, adds context menu, note

VQuora Chrome extension download
VQuora Adds answer-sorting and other features to Quora.

answersorting, quora, features, answers, quora answer pages adds dropdown, sort, dropdown, lets, adds answer sorting, pages, default votes, sort loaded answers, adds show

Plurk Plus Chrome extension download
Plurk Plus Simple extension for plurk. Gives ability to resize plurk windows and adds confirms to actions such as replurk or mark all as read

ability, comments sections, feature requests, comment sections, window scrolling, plurk, resize plurk windows, simple extension, plurk adds, read add, several times, plurk windows, adds confirms

'Cards View' Filter for Trello Chrome extension download
'Cards View' Filter for Trello Small extension that adds filtering by list in Trello's 'Cards' view.

trello, view, buttons, cards, adds amount, filtering cards, list, adds buttons, trello cards view, adds filtering, trellos cards view, small extension

Laravel API - source links Chrome extension download
Laravel API - source links This extension adds links to the sources on

adds links, extension adds links, added support, initial version v1, laravel versions, changelog v1, laravel versions including, v1, com, sources, github, links

Tumblr Likes - Missing Button Chrome extension download
Tumblr Likes - Missing Button A simple extension that adds a Tumblr Likes button that goes to a user's 'Liked By' page.

extension adds likes button, tumblrs updated nav bar, nav bar, likes public, every tumblr, extension fixed, access peoples, tumblr blog, likes button, likes buttons, simple extension, favourite blog, inactive likes profiles, tumblr likes, adds tumblr likes button, display faded

Basecamp Signature Chrome extension download
Basecamp Signature This extension adds a signature to the end of your basecamp comments and messages

adds messages, basecamp comments, official title chief, business people, type links, customer happiness, signature box, add signature, wont add, visible inside, text box, options page, extension adds signature, private data, official title, enable toolbox Context Menu Chrome extension download Context Menu This extension adds a context menu which provides easy Rotten Tomatoes search access.

official extension, easy rotten tomatoes, new tab, fresh logo, extension adds, flixster rotten tomatoes, extension adds context menu, context menu, certified fresh logo, united states, new item, rotten tomatoes, selected string

Sort LinkedIn's People You May Know page Chrome extension download
Sort LinkedIn's People You May Know page Adds a button that will sort the LinkedIn People You May Know page by the number of shared connections you have in descending order.

end button, adds button, lazy load, linkedin people, usage tip, simply adds button, trigger linkedins lazy load, tiny extension, shared connections, watch everything resort, couple times, chrome toolbar

EnvatoMator Chrome extension download
EnvatoMator Estimate your Envato earnings, see sales breakdowns, and remove annoyances from the Envato Marketplaces.

little improvements, daily sales breakdowns, sale count estimates, envato marketplaces, referral commission, envato earnings, sales table, adds earnings estimates, sales breakdowns, adds total sales, current month, total sales column, accidental comment reports, adds number, awesome little tweaks, next commission rate

Twitter Analytics Plugin Chrome extension download
Twitter Analytics Plugin Add options to

analytics, extension adds functionality, new tab, add options, twitter, current features adds link, icon opens analytics, com site, current features, current page, com

Web Developer Chrome extension download
Web Developer Adds a toolbar button with various web developer tools.

web developer extension, developer history chrome, web developer, reviews section, release notes, official port, web developer extension adds toolbar button, adds toolbar button, full set, web developer tools, toolbar button, web developer site, developer tools

Agario Skin Selector button Chrome extension download
Agario Skin Selector button Adds a skin button to, allowing you to select a skin

special thanks, new skin button, skin button, press play, vast majority, io, skins listed, extension adds skin button, goto agar, io play screen, adds skin button, agarioskins website, click skin

Speedy Google Play Music Chrome extension download
Speedy Google Play Music This extension adds css and js to make Google Play Music faster and better

google inc, extension adds css, css transforms, extension adds css styling, privacy policy, google permissions, speedy google music, google play music, google music, drop shadows, google play music faster, certain parts, personal information

SVG Navigator Chrome extension download
SVG Navigator This extension adds zooming and panning capabilities to SVG files viewed in Chrome.

world map animated world, n type silicon, zoom click, google chrome, second edition specifications, drag zoom, earth color trace, navigator chrome extension, svg navigator, access file urls, file urls, svgs vector vs raster, official google, chromes extension, adds pan, navigatorpefngfjmidahdaahgehodmfodhhhofkl github repository, svg navigator description svg navigator, svg file, extension adds, google chrome extension, use mouse scroll wheel zoom, svg files, pan click

z-context Chrome extension download
z-context A Chrome DevTools Extension that displays stacking contexts and z-index values in the elements panel

index rules fixes, fix reason message, new zindex rules, current element creates, stacking contexts, inspecting shadow dom elements, adds support, single global one, facilitate development use cases, adds fixes, shadow dom elements, shadow dom props, values context pull, adds index stacking context rules, facilitate development, context pull, chrome devtools extension, stacking context, shadow dom, index values

SAIS Timetable Chrome extension download
SAIS Timetable Adds a timetable of your classes on the shopping cart page.

adds download button, timetable, adds timetable, search class, search class page, add class, classes, shopping cart page, time table, page, download button, extension adds time table, cart page

Salesforce Zebra Striped Reports Chrome extension download
Salesforce Zebra Striped Reports Adds alternating colors and hover effects to rows in Salesforce tabular and summary reports.

summary reports, rows, adds alternating colors, extension adds alternating colors, colors, salesforce making, setup required, salesforce tabular, hover effects, salesforce, tabular

Time Calculator Chrome extension download
Time Calculator Quickly and easily add up hours and minutes.

extra fields, infinite number, time period, added extra, adding hours, adds analytics tracking, shift workers, analytics tracking, update added, extension customised, adds add fields, company colours, multiple shifts, extra instruction text, simple solution, ve worked, scrolling feature

Qt Project Support Chrome extension download
Qt Project Support Extension to ease the use of Qt Project forums and API docs.

screw icon tools, search results, qt api documentation search shortcut, certain thread topic, qt version, regular forum listings, qt developer network ressources, extension adds, qt project, thread topic, thread read, api docs, qt project forums, posts active, screw icon, adds qt api

OP.GG Summoner Search Chrome extension download
OP.GG Summoner Search Search for the games that you have played with a certain summoner.

summoners opgg page, adds load, another search bar, clean code, another summoner, last update, extension adds, completely refactored, opgg database, certain summoner, search bar, cleaner code, opgg page

Crunchbase Enhancer Chrome extension download
Crunchbase Enhancer This extension adds detailed stats, charts and analysis to the crunchbase investor and company pages

whole new level, automatically enhanced, crunchbase experience, crunchbase investor, related investors, extension automatically adds extremely, related investors competitor breakdowns investor rankings, extension adds detailed stats charts, useful information, uses crunchbase, company pages, competitor breakdowns, detailed stats ChromeCast Volume Chrome extension download ChromeCast Volume Adds slider to change ChromeCast volume on Pluto.TV

video player allowing, adds slider, great app, chromecast, video player, chromecast device, change chromecast volume, simple slider, include control, web interface, chrome extension adds simple slider

SoundCloud Continous Play Switch Chrome extension download
SoundCloud Continous Play Switch Adds a continous play on/off switch, so you can control Soundcloud from playing tracks infinitely

control soundcloud, , switch, play controls, tracks, adds continous play, extension adds button, playing tracks infinitely, disable continuous play, continous play

Reverse Watch Later List on YouTube Chrome extension download
Reverse Watch Later List on YouTube Adds a button to reverse the order of your Watch Later List

adds button, extension simply adds button, list, please rate, reverse, watch, youtube watch, button, page, order

MapMyRun GPX Exporter Chrome extension download
MapMyRun GPX Exporter Adds a button to MapMyRun workouts to export as a GPX file

file, adds button, extension adds button, gpx, mapmyrun, simply creates gpx file, workout page action bar, workout, button, fitness ride walk hike workout page action bar titled export, mapmyrun workouts, gpx file

IMDb for Torrentz Chrome extension download
IMDb for Torrentz Adds IMDb information to torrent files on Torrentz.

search results, torrentzsites, bittorrent, legal downloading copyrighted material isn, adds imdb information, adds imdb ratings, imdb information, imdbratings, torrent files, torrentz, https thanks

Salesforce Change Set Assistant Chrome extension download
Salesforce Change Set Assistant ** IMPORTANT ** This extension is no longer being maintained and has been merged into Boostr.…

longer, adds search bar, table header, type filter, salesforce change, current item type, search bar, boostr, adds show

Baseliner Chrome extension download
Baseliner Baseliner adds horizontal & vertical lines to help you align your grid to any website.

adds fully customisable css layer, baseliner adds, horizontal vertical lines, reviews section, github page, full set, baseliner github, customisable css layer, vertical lines, baseliner extension, baseliner github repo

WTFOSAURUS Chrome extension download
WTFOSAURUS Simply adds a button to to connect to the official server.

io server, io making, official twitch, tv wtfosaurus server, simple extension adds button, io, tvwtfosaurus agar, tv wtfosaurus agar, simply adds button, simple extension, agar, tvwtfosaurus server

HashPlug - Add Twitter Search to Google Chrome extension download
HashPlug - Add Twitter Search to Google HashPlug is a Twitter Extension for Chrome that adds Realtime Twitter search results into Google in an unobtrusive manner.

hoot suite, adds realtime twitter search results, tweet deck, realtime results, latest topics, disconnect extension, twitter extension, blocks hashplug, twitter search results, realtime twitter search results, unobtrusive manner, adds twitter search results, hoot suite silverbird, useful twitter apps, tweetdeck hootsuite

Open Frame Chrome extension download
Open Frame Adds context menu items to open a frame (or iframe) in the current tab, a new tab, new window, or incognito window.

new incognito window, incognito window, related context menu items, open frame, adds context menu items, new tab, extension adds, version removes, context menu items, tabs extension api, new window

Daring Fireball with Comments Chrome extension download
Daring Fireball with Comments Adds comments to John Gruber’s to encourage stimulating discussion. It is not endorsed by

comments, adds comments, daringfireball, informed discussions, john gruber daringfireball, tech news, https support, extension adds comments, stimulating discussion, wellinformed discussions, net, encourage stimulating discussion, john gruber, encourage stimulating

Reddit Yesterday Chrome extension download
Reddit Yesterday Adds a 'yesterday' button to the existing options in the top/controversial stories menu to see what reddit looked like yesterday.

options, top stories, existing options, adds yesterday button, reddit looked, extension adds yesterday button, yesterday, top controversial stories menu, reddit, browse reddit yesterday, topcontroversial stories, button, forgot

Wallhaven Extender Chrome extension download
Wallhaven Extender Adds download and slideshow links directly onto images on

leftright arrows, current image, adds download, slideshow links, wallpaper information pages, load new content, easy ways, new site, download wallpapers, adds download links, keyboard arrows, automatically load, scroll leftright

LocalStorage Monitor Chrome extension download
LocalStorage Monitor Flags when a site is using local storage.

last version, local storage items, adds delete powers thx, kb size, contributor tj downes, new contributor tj downes, adds support, adam tuttle, flags, manifest v2, local storage, delete powers

Dotlan Fatigue Calculator Chrome extension download
Dotlan Fatigue Calculator This extension adds Phoebe Fatigue calculations to Dotlan's Jump Planner

jump planner, extension feel free, capri sun kraftfoods ingame, dotlan popular jump planner, phoebe fatigue calculations, extension adds phoebe fatigue calculations, donate isk, adds dynamic jump fatigue calculations, dotlan jump planner, popular jump planner, dynamic jump fatigue calculations, small plugin

DMR-TAA CBRIDGE TOOLS Chrome extension download
DMR-TAA CBRIDGE TOOLS A new interactive way to use your DMR Cbridge Net-Watch. Developed by IN3FQD

new interactive way, dei vari dmr network cbridge, dmr cbridge, segnale durante il qso corrente, questa estensione, highlights qso, pagina aggiunge, il qso, adds meter, call sign, font della pagina, chrome modifica, net watch, dmr cbridge net watch, del segnale, dmr cbridge netwatch, table adds, aggiunge lsmeter oltre

Lou's List Chrome extension download
Lou's List Adds additional functionality onto Lou's List

additional functionality, adds additional features, selected items, see conflicts, first use, selected classes, additional information, adds additional functionality, bug fix, bug fixes, future reference, fixed bug preventing, additional features, lou list

TeleApp: push App Store links to your iPhone Chrome extension download
TeleApp: push App Store links to your iPhone TeleApp adds a handy 'Push to iPhone' button on any iOS App Store link, so you can push the app directly to your iPhone.

extension detects, ios device, ipod touch, app store, good news, store link, app store link, push apps, news teleapp, push notification, free ios, iphone button, ios app store link, ios app, teleapp adds handy push, teleapp logo, adds handy push, search apps, app page, ios device iphone ipad

Helium Chrome extension download
Helium A new, new tab

tab page, lightweight extension, old tab page, information dashboard, new tab, helium, extension automatically adds, new folder, daily links, weather greeting, time bookmarks

Lepra Scroll Extension Chrome extension download
Lepra Scroll Extension Adds sctoll-to-top field.

adds sctoll, top field, sctolltotop field

QRprintExtension Chrome extension download
QRprintExtension Just a simple Google Chrome extension that adds QR code to the print version of a web page.

qr code, simple google chrome extension, web page, url, print version, adds qr code

GitHub - LGTM Chrome extension download
GitHub - LGTM Display LGTM on

lgtm, adds button, display lgtm, lgtm count, github page, adds lgtm count, quick lgtm, unstable style, display, sources lgtm, github

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