Best Fixed Bug Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total fixed bug plugins - 0
WhatFont Chrome extension download
WhatFont The easiest way to identify fonts on web pages.

font, supported, improved, fonts, whatfont, detection, button, fixed, services, added, web, bug, twitter, icon, typekit

Fontface Ninja Chrome extension download
Fontface Ninja Explore fonts within a website, try and buy them !

font, fonts, ninja, version, fontface, bug, free, plugin, website, fixed, extension, improve, price, buy, typekit

Humble New Tab Page Chrome extension download
Humble New Tab Page Redesigned new tab page featuring your bookmarks, apps, most visited, recently closed, and weather in a custom layout.

version, added, fixed, weather, apps, chrome, bookmarks, default, closed, option, folder, background, tab, menu, columns

EXIF Viewer Chrome extension download
EXIF Viewer Quick viewing EXIF

exif, fixed, added, extension, cache, data, quot, image, page, parsing, bug, images, gps, crash, bugs

Uncanny Cookie Clicker Chrome extension download
Uncanny Cookie Clicker A simple helper extension for Cookie Clicker players.

v0, cookie, extension, auto, clicker, bug, golden, beta, appears, click, notify, fixed, cookies, github, problems

Simple Blocker Chrome extension download
Simple Blocker Easily block distracting or annoying websites and boost your productivity.

options, menu, simple, blocker, block, page, blocking, websites, improved, password, button, chrome, minor, fixed, bug

Falcon Proxy Chrome extension download
Falcon Proxy Falcon Proxy. Simple, clear and easy to use.

proxy, improve, fixed, translation, extension, falcon, socks, https, speed, chrome, bug, auto, stability, pac, features

Screenshot Capture(Better than Google's) Chrome extension download
Screenshot Capture(Better than Google's) Capture visible content of a tab, a region of a web page, or the whole page as a PNG image. With an all new autosave capability.

extension, capture, page, bug, pc, visible, region, tab, content, mac, fixed, image, helpful, rate, update

MyIPCam Chrome extension download
MyIPCam Easy and quick way to view and control your IP-cameras

v1, quot, cameras, cam, extension, settings, ip, camera, password, window, ptz, fixed, bug, v3, view

Streamkeys Chrome extension download
Streamkeys Global hotkeys for online music players including support for media keys.

fm, player, music, hotkeys, support, media, added, radio, page, popup, play, v1, bugs, extension, fixed

Pretty Facebook Chat Chrome extension download
Pretty Facebook Chat Prettify your Facebook chat. Bigger size, more animation, more... nice :-)

version, facebook, extension, chat, bug, shadow, fixed, chrome, pretty, icon, size, source, instructions, share, added

Photo download for Facebook Chrome extension download
Photo download for Facebook The best way to download any photo on Facebook!

facebook, download, photo, added, extension, designed, pictures, click, informations, share, history, button, compromised, chrome, copyright

WizNote Web Clipper Chrome extension download
WizNote Web Clipper Use the WizNote extension to save things you see on the web into your WizNote account.

save, fixed, update, chrome, bug, content, wiznote, extension, web, support, keyboard, add, website, note, directory

Keywords Everywhere - Keyword Tool Chrome extension download
Keywords Everywhere - Keyword Tool Free Keyword Tool to view search volume and cpc at Google Analytics, Search Console, UberSuggest, Soovle & more

data, keywords, keyword, google, tool, search, extension, shown, user, websites, fixed, analytics, volume, page, list

Subtitles For YouTube Chrome extension download
Subtitles For YouTube Use this extension to add drag and drop subtitles to any youtube video

subtitles, youtube, support, video, added, extension, fixed, size, subs, adding, page, file, srt, keyboard, opensubtitles

Thin Scroll Bar Chrome extension download
Thin Scroll Bar Thin Scroll Bar to increase screen space for little more visibility. It is thin to show current position on the document

scroll, bar, extension, mouse, chrome, current, keyboard, space, thin, document, position, page, bug, related, key

Simple = Select + Search Chrome extension download
Simple = Select + Search Right click on selected text to search on multiple search engines for Chrome. Supports grouping engines, incongito, and more.

search, engines, bug, fixed, quot, options, menu, page, chrome, added, en, google, localized, tab, fixes

Extensions Update Notifier Chrome extension download
Extensions Update Notifier Show a notification when an extension is updated.

extension, added, quot, notifications, chrome, changelog, extensions, translation, detection, updated, fixed, notification, user, locally, close

Dayboard: New Tab & Site Blocker Chrome extension download
Dayboard: New Tab & Site Blocker Replace your New Tab page with a daily to do list and block distracting sites to focus on your most important tasks each day.

day, sites, dayboard, blocked, bug, task, tab, tasks, time, list, change, refocus, ll, fixed, work

craigslist pop for power users Chrome extension download
craigslist pop for power users Save time on Craigslist by peeking into listings and images without a single click.

craigslist, update, fixed, bug, works, images, updated, email, work, view, time, added, sections, leaving, list

Ultimello, the features pack for Trello Chrome extension download
Ultimello, the features pack for Trello Extension that adds a lot of useful features to Trello

fixed, trello, cards, quot, issue, ultimello, sorting, date, sort, order, card, issues, board, labels, features

User-Agent Selector Chrome extension download
User-Agent Selector Allows per-tab switching of the User-Agent HTTP header. You can also add, edit, export and import your own User-Agents.

user, agent, chrome, add, extension, issues, http, tab, bug, fixed, icons, code, speed, updated, agents

Livestream downloader Chrome extension download
Livestream downloader This extension will allow you to download videos from past events on

extension, livestream, added, version, videos, links, broken, video, download, error, chrome, clicking, bug, data, fixed

Window Tiler Chrome extension download
Window Tiler Tile your windows with a single click.

windows, extension, bug, chrome, screen, tiling, tile, window, fixed, button, bugs, maximized, website, support, multiple

dA Message Notifier Chrome extension download
dA Message Notifier A notifier for deviantART messages. Keep track of your dA inbox!

deviantart, version, message, messages, fixed, extension, support, http, page, notifier, bug, track, deviations, feedback, notifications

Holmes Chrome extension download
Holmes Chrome Bookmark Search Extension

search, holmes, bookmark, added, shortcut, chrome, fixed, removed, watson, omnibox, default, bug, press, minor, version

Imgur to Gfycat Chrome extension download
Imgur to Gfycat Replaces animated gifs throughout the internet with gfycat optimized HTML5 videos.

gfycat, gifs, gif, v1, gfy, fixed, size, res, imgur, extension, original, videos, change, support, error

Film Stack Chrome extension download
Film Stack A film queue for Netflix.

netflix, movies, queue, v1, series, extension, film, added, works, fixed, bug, stack, bugs, find, work

Prayer Times Chrome extension download
Prayer Times Accurate prayer times calculations based on with many customizable features

release, extension, prayer, ability, time, added, athan, times, popup, screen, settings, fixed, bugs, sound, comments

Show Title Tag Chrome extension download
Show Title Tag Shows title in top of the page, since you cant read the title in the small tabs. Created by Martin Dalgaard

title, bug, feature, page, github, chrome, length, hide, visual, code, fixed, css, changed, corner, area

Fix Hootsuite Ext Chrome extension download
Fix Hootsuite Ext Add many functions to HootSuite

bug, bugfix, fix, twitter, hootsuite, add, inline, fixed, notification, change, future, style, support, image, rt

Tumblr Optimiser Chrome extension download
Tumblr Optimiser This extension attempts to optimise tumblr to prevent lag after a lot of scrolling.

images, posts, extension, tumblr, scrolling, lag, fixed, bug, loaded, image, recommendations, div, gt, slightly, screen

Ban Checker For Steam With History Chrome extension download
Ban Checker For Steam With History Automatically check bans of people you played with, your friends, and group members.

players, added, extension, played, friends, ban, history, fixed, bug, check, action, checker, click, script, steam

Mojito - Mint with a kick... Chrome extension download
Mojito - Mint with a kick... Customize Mint timeout, account sort order, page layout, transaction filtering and more...

transactions, mint, fixed, account, version, accounts, sort, bug, sorting, page, module, hide, added, budget, preference

Gaana Lyrics Extension Chrome extension download
Gaana Lyrics Extension Displays lyrics on, Google Music, Spotify, Pandora, Saavn, SoundCloud, Plex and other streaming music services

fixed, added, support, lyrics, music, bug, issue, gaana, font, pandora, issues, window, groove, spotify, plex

Permanent Readability Chrome extension download
Permanent Readability Always use Readability on selected domains

readability, extension, page, domain, work, fixed, added, patterns, menu, context, options, pattern, enable, redux, button

VK+ Switcher Chrome extension download
VK+ Switcher Lets you easily switch between multiple Vkontakte and other social networks accounts.

hotkeys, accounts, browser, profiles, fixed, vkontakte, bug, vk, google, multiple, options, profile, bugs, support, switch

Spotify Search Chrome extension download
Spotify Search Adds context menu item to search selected text in Spotify.

search, spotify, manifest, fixed, extension, v1, text, special, updateing, broke, v2, bug, mess, spaces, context

search-preview Chrome extension download
search-preview Add to search engines result pages preview like Googleâ„¢ Instant Previews

release, ver, fixed, added, preview, search, bug, speed, google, engines, link, pages, bugs, improved, small

View Background Image Chrome extension download
View Background Image 'View Background Image' on your context menu.

chrome, add, background, bug, obtained, fix, fixed, images, extension, request, feedback, github, repository, translate, image

A Bit Better RTM Chrome extension download
A Bit Better RTM Small improvements for Remember The Milk interface

list, ver, chrome, fixed, lists, bug, quot, tasks, drop, shift, milk, remember, drag, task, extension

Batch Save Pocket Chrome extension download
Batch Save Pocket Add multiple links to Pocket at once through the selected text or by pasting links into the extension.

extension, pocket, links, added, add, selected, logout, text, user, chrome, pasting, login, click, caused, error

Cipafilter Authenticator BETA Chrome extension download
Cipafilter Authenticator BETA Authenticate with Cipafilter

bug, fixed, additional, unit, multiple, issue, proxy, timed, auth, chrome, beta, state, debug, fixes, build

Delicious Bookmark Bar Sync 1.1 Chrome extension download
Delicious Bookmark Bar Sync 1.1 Copies Delicious bookmarks to the Google Chrome bookmark bar. Groups them by tag in named folders on the bookmark bar. It is sweet.

chrome, added, delicious, tags, tag, bug, sync, folders, bookmarks, fixed, notes, bar, login, bookmark, extension

AutoCorrect for Google Chrome(TM) Chrome extension download
AutoCorrect for Google Chrome(TM) Autocorrects text while you type in most text fields. Still very experimental.

list, fixed, text, icon, bug, popup, chrome, features, extension, function, fixes, add, browser, fields, ability

Rotisserie URL Rotator Chrome extension download
Rotisserie URL Rotator Rotate URLs in one Chrome tab.

urls, rotisserie, chrome, tab, extension, quot, set, url, display, options, google, v0, bug, v1, seconds

Pulse Chrome extension download
Pulse PULSEPROJECT - eRepublik fight tracker.

version, button, added, info, data, shown, fight, erepublik, quot, window, battle, stats, orders, bug, pulse

Fobot Chrome extension download
Fobot Automated Form Operation by simple text to a textbox

version, quot, chrome, tab, textbox, run, user, fobot, text, stop, fixed, function, click, xxx, robot

CLMapper Chrome extension download
CLMapper Craigslist posts shown on a map.

version, craigslist, listings, map, icon, star, favorites, clmapper, fixed, longer, housing, save, github, auto, addresses

ChromeLL Chrome extension download
ChromeLL Enhancements for the forums at the End of the Internet

fixed, quot, chromell, bug, page, imagemap, sonicmax, pm, signature, enhancements, user, rename, images, extension, info

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