Best Flash Chat Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total flash chat plugins - 852
PalTalk Express (Pop-up Chat) Chrome extension download
PalTalk Express (Pop-up Chat) Join Worlds Largest Voice and Webcam Chat. Start chatting with Users from all over the world using PalTalk Express (Pop-up Chat).

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Flash Block (Plus) Chrome extension download
Flash Block (Plus) Provides control over all flash contents

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Flash Player + Chrome extension download
Flash Player + Flash Player + save your favorite flash and run this later in player.

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StopFlash Flash Blocker Chrome extension download
StopFlash Flash Blocker Say StopFlash ! Block flash objects

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Flash Blocker free Chrome extension download
Flash Blocker free Small extension that will help to disable Flash ads on any page. You won't be bothered by annoying Flash ads with or without sound.

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Flash Fullscreen Chrome extension download
Flash Fullscreen Allows to make any flash object (e.g. game) fullscreen.

mode everything, shortcut ctrl , fullscreen mode showing, flash click, alt space toggles, flash object, flash animation, black list, flash objects, setting minimal dimensions, space toggles, create options

Super Mario Flash Game Chrome extension download
Super Mario Flash Game Enjoy Super Mario Flash Game Adventure. Super Mario Flash is one of the best Mario Games around. Play Now!

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Flash Master Chrome extension download
Flash Master Open flash file in full screen or download it for offline use

offline use, full screen, flash files, extension request feature, separate tab, offline gaming, download, report bug, open flash file, please use

Flash Sale Hack Chrome extension download
Flash Sale Hack A quick and easy way to get your Redmi 3s, Moto M from Flipkart Flash sale.

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Flash Sale Cracker Chrome extension download
Flash Sale Cracker This extension will help you to buy anything from flash sales easily

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Stop Flash Chrome extension download
Stop Flash You will see the difference in performance immediately!

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Facebook Chat Only Chrome extension download
Facebook Chat Only Hides facebook's distractions such as the timeline, leaving only the chat service.

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Maximize Flash Chrome extension download
Maximize Flash Make a flash video use as much screen size as the tab it's in and the aspect ratio allows, without causing the video to reload.

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Fix Flash 11.2 Bug Chrome extension download
Fix Flash 11.2 Bug Modify flash object parameters in html to fix transparent bug of flash player plugin for chromium on linux

flash player plugin, fix transparent bug, flash object parameters, chromium, linux chromium adobe flash player, linux, html, modify flash object parameters, , linux chromium adobe flash player

SiteChat Chrome extension download
SiteChat ShoutBox chat allows to connect people who visit the same browser pages and creates real time chat between visitors.

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BBC Radio Tuner Chrome extension download
BBC Radio Tuner BBC Radio Tuner

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8 Ball Pool Chat Chrome extension download
8 Ball Pool Chat Do you play 8 Ball Pool? Would you like to chat with other players? 8 Ball Pool Chat adds a Chat section when you play the game on…

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QuizCards: US Capitals Chrome extension download
QuizCards: US Capitals Use these interactive browser-based flash cards to easily learn the US capitals.

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Husky Chat (beta) Chrome extension download
Husky Chat (beta) Husky Chat is a useful collaboration tool that you can use to chat with your friends on the same website, at the same time!

social logins, access websites, install husky chat, husky chat, side effect, chat, sites alert, useful collaboration tool, users data, browsing activity

Local Flash Player Online Chrome extension download
Local Flash Player Online This is a simple, flexible viewer and player for flash SWF files. Get a swf, flash or a game file and play the file directly.

flash swf files, file, swf flash, swf, simple, player, flash, simple flexible viewer, flexible viewer, game file

Flash Video Downloader Chrome extension download
Flash Video Downloader Popular Video Downloader. Downloads most popular media formats, flash videos.

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Cowboom Watcher Chrome extension download
Cowboom Watcher Flash Sale and Deal of the Day notifications for Cowboom.

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QuizCards: German Chrome extension download
QuizCards: German Use these interactive browser-based flash cards to easily learn German vocabulary.

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QuizCards: Spanish Chrome extension download
QuizCards: Spanish Use these interactive browser-based flash cards to easily learn Spanish vocabulary.

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Video Autoplay Blocker by Robert Sulkowski Chrome extension download
Video Autoplay Blocker by Robert Sulkowski Prevents from autoplay the HTML5

native html5, red agreement button, html5 native video, start playing, html5 tag, chrome store, flash player, videos work, flash ads won, disable flash, video tag, play music, video won Chrome extension download One-click video conversations with text chat and screen sharing for up to 8 people for free.

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Penguins Chrome extension download
Penguins Moving penguins, Flash by Adam Bowman.

adam bowman, start working, popup, penguins flash, page link, flash, toolbar, blocked follow, case flash, penguins, open popup, scare roll move, button, home page link, penguins igoogle gadget

Automatic Cashback & Autobuy-  Chrome extension download
Automatic Cashback & Autobuy- Assured Cashback and FREE Coupons on every e-commerce site including all popular sites like Flipkart , Amazon , PayTm ,SnapDeal..

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Habitica Chat Client Chrome extension download
Habitica Chat Client This extension adds a Habitica chat client to

interactive chat box, markdown emoji support, chat client, messages markdown emoji support, chatextension features, guilds groups, submit bugs, mentions chat, click setup, oneclick setup, extension adds habitica chat, github chat extension, multilines support, facilitate interactions, parties guilds

Image/Flash Show&Download Chrome extension download
Image/Flash Show&Download Show/Download all images(also background images from css file) for current page, include all frames. Also others like Flash.

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Plug X Chrome extension download
Plug X Advanced features for Plug.DJ

individual username colors, chat image zoom, dj afk, custom mention, custom commands, chat popout, afk timers, current dj afk time, afk autorespond message, song alert song, play popup, display plug x command list, chat notification custom colors, dj alert, waitlist afk timers, custom chat colors, seamless integration allows, popout chat, custom chat popout

Chrome Links Chrome extension download
Chrome Links A simple link to over 70 internal Chrome links, such as bookmarks, downloads, developer flags, and more!

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Popup Flash Video Chrome extension download
Popup Flash Video Flash video in to a Pop-up

browser, click, flash video, icon, pop, overlay menu, address bar, page

Ingress Intel Improvement [BETA] Chrome extension download
Ingress Intel Improvement [BETA] Map and Comm improvement for the Ingress Intel Map

event icons, team chat alerts, specific colors, global chat, chat activity add filters, new players, identifiable highlighted, ingress intel map, world map, activity team chat alerts add filters, team chat, destroyed resonator, add filters

Voice Chat API Chrome extension download
Voice Chat API Start Talking

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Street fighter flash games Chrome extension download
Street fighter flash games Street fighter flash game online. No download required.

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WGT Toolkit Chrome extension download
WGT Toolkit Scales for WGT golf

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Live Helper Chat Chrome extension download
Live Helper Chat Monitor chat requests from Live Helper Chat without opening a chat

live helper, idle time, php version, lhc web index, extension options, live helper admin panel, monitor chat requests, iniset, chat, monitor pending chats, live helper chat, google chrome toolbar

FremilyChat Chrome extension download
FremilyChat Chat colours and Icons from on-screen chat for Fremily

stream, chat colours, onscreen chat, fred emilys, give users custom users, live disabled, give users, stream chat, twitch stream, screen chat, users, fred emilys chat

Flash Player Checker Chrome extension download
Flash Player Checker Check you Flash Player version in browser.

check, browser, flash player version

Flashcontrol Chrome extension download
Flashcontrol Stay in control of Flash content

custom filtering, settings panel, advanced users, flashcontrol helps, unwanted content, rightclick menu, flash content, click flashcontrols, flash element, flash elements, advanced users devtools integration shows url referrer custom filtering, devtools integration

Hubbr chat for Trello Chrome extension download
Hubbr chat for Trello Adds fully integrated chat for all your boards in Trello

next generation, primary trello card member, hubbr chat, trello board, card update, chat messages, shows board, beta users, major design update, task discussions, various minor improvements, icon turns, trello card, discuss button, trello cards, chat icon shows, course let, chat mentions

Vocabulary Flash Card Chrome extension download
Vocabulary Flash Card This extention will create your vocabulary flash card automatically based on your accessing URLs.

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Trello Chat Chrome extension download
Trello Chat Adds chat functionality to a board

chat functionality, report errors, small teams, markdown syntax, board easy, systems setup, slack skype, full markdown syntax, simple chat functionality, description text, initial working release, version history , description text box, trello chat, communicate quickly

Ghost for Chat Chrome extension download
Ghost for Chat Ghost for Chat allows you to vanish from Facebook’s chat and talk to whomever you’d like without getting caught.

vanish, ll leave, whomever, facebook, green balls, chat, ghost, talk, facebook chat, chat list, little green balls

Radiant Community Extension Chrome extension download
Radiant Community Extension This extension automatically loads the Radiant Community Script when loading

alternative footer styling, chat history, custom mention highlights change, advanced moderation tools, custom styling, custom chat, supporter options brand ambassador tools, user grab, grab menu tv mode, video alternative styling, special chat, quick rollover tools, smart vote autowoot autograb, history checking song duration, tools chat, compact history view legacy, chat history export

TwitchPlaysN64 Controller Chrome extension download
TwitchPlaysN64 Controller An interactive controller to use with -- map controller input to your keyboard.

live stream, controller icon, browser controller, key bindings, map controller input, interactive controller, filter chat, aren focusing cursor, twitch chat box, chat box, new icon, mini controller, address bar, purple controller icon, new chat system, twitchplaysn64 live

Screen Capturing for WebRTC Chrome extension download
Screen Capturing for WebRTC Screen Capturing for WebRTC

backend agent, unique feature, customer support, video chat voice, customer screen, screen sharing extension work, video chat, customer service, live chat software, voice call, main reason, text chat screen sharing, small plugin

NoFlash Chrome extension download
NoFlash Speed up your browsing disabling heavy objects that may slow down the page load and rendering (flash, pdf, ads, etc)

original stuff anytime, personal white list, objects flash pdf, rendering pdf, disabling heavy objects, original stuff, heavy object element, nice defaults, page load, load, included youtube, white list, rendering flash pdf, flash pdf, heavy objects

Despertador Online Chrome extension download
Despertador Online Despertador Online é o Único que permite Apagar a Luz do seu monitor e continua funcionando! Melhor desempenho pois não usa Flash!

permite apagar luz, permite um desempenho melhor e, diversos toques para, melhor desempenho pois, um aplicativo web que pode ser, usado em qualquer navegador, despertador online com alarme personalizado, recursos adicionados, flash player, n o usa flash, o utilizar flash player como os concorrentes, seu monitor, pode ser usado em, permite um desempenho, seu monitor e continua funcionando

Google chrome extensions Download

We collect the latest most useful Google chrome extension from Google chrome Extensions directory . You can download Chrome extensions directly from here.

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