Best Form Request Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total form request plugins - 1153
Form Editor Chrome extension download
Form Editor An extension for editing custom request(GET or POST) to web server.

form method, auto extract forms, web server, form action, web page, form acceptcharset, source codes, custom request, extract forms

FXP Chrome extension download

requestform, request form, fxp

Form+ Chrome extension download
Form+ Form+ is a simple, friendly form builder that allows file uploads in forms and responses are collected in your Google Drive

manage event registrations, form builder, workshop registration form, survey data, event registration form, form survey form, analyse survey data trends, online donation form etc, receive email notifications, google drive, create form, form event, next office retreat, receive email, job application form, create forms

Form Tools Chrome extension download
Form Tools Extends the developer tools to debug form fields on the page. Creates a panel to debug all forms. Export form states to JSON.

form tools, form elements, form fields, form inputs, view edit form elements, developer tools, elements panel sidebar, form data, debug form fields, debug form elements, import form data, developer tools extension panel, chrome developer tools, hidden form fields, export form, form data elements, viewedit form elements, edit values, screen real estate

Jotform Notifier Chrome extension download
Jotform Notifier Get JotForm form submission notifications on your browser instantly.

chrome app, form templates creating forms, received submissions, form submissions, drop form, online form builder, submissions quickly, red number, jotform form submission notifications, jotform users, drop form editor, readytouse form, form submissions instantly, jotform notifier

FormGet Online Form Builder Chrome extension download
FormGet Online Form Builder Easily create contact form, Feedback form, Helpdesk form, Booking form, Consultation service, Survey form Online orders form etc.

contact form, contact form builder, form fields, create contact form, easy online, create multiple fields, real estate application form, easy online drag, create multiple agents, single contact form, online contact form, captcha field, contact form fields, unlimited contact form entries, multiple contact form, contact form ticket, online order form etc, multiple contact forms, customizable contact form fields label, form online, contact forms, job application form, drop contact form builder tool

Form-O-Fill - The programmable form filler Chrome extension download
Form-O-Fill - The programmable form filler The programmable form filler for developers using javascript functions.

page rules, nice error reporting, matching rules, event add, bugfix show form, matching rule, oneclick form filling, programmable form filler, form content extraction, url import feature, advanced multipage workflows, click form, show form filling errors, javascript functions, last check cycle

Web Sniffer Chrome extension download
Web Sniffer View all HTTP Requests and Responses sent between the Web browser and the Web server.

request id, http request, filtered url, every http request, web server, post body, hide tab id title filtered request id, params headers request, web browser, post post, http requests, request filtered, tab id, filtered status filtered method, type request

POST&GET - Form, AJAX, HTTP Request. Chrome extension download
POST&GET - Form, AJAX, HTTP Request. English: POST&GET is a tool for HTTP request content can be constructed, You can use this tool to set the POST Content, GET…

request, http header, content, source url, content source url useragent ip http header, get httphttppostgeturluseragentiphttpcookies, http request content, english post, post content, cookies http request, httphttppostgeturluseragentiphttpcookies post, post get

HTML5 Form validation remover Chrome extension download
HTML5 Form validation remover Simple button to press when you want HTML5 Form validation to be removed from all the forms.

form click, html5 form validation, html5 form constraints, custom input type, open source, novalidate attribute, required attribute, backend form validation, current page, developers wishing, want html5 form validation, modern browser, disable validation

RestMan Chrome extension download
RestMan RESTMan is a browser extension to work on http requests.

new html preview, history dialog, http method, mouse click handling, major ui overhaul, restman history dialog, request headers, form body sections, main input field, view response headers, http requests, new dark theme, material design colors, form data body

Request Article Chrome extension download
Request Article This extension allows users of the Groningen University Library to request research articles directly from their authors

groningen university library, request research articles, request research, authors, users

ServiceNow Lookup Chrome extension download
ServiceNow Lookup Add Service-Now Functionality to Chrome for Service-Now.

sc request item, prb problem, quick access, quick reference, ticket prefixes, change request, text search interface, sc request, rfc change request, options button, change task, address bar, knowledge base item, task sc task

Copy Form Chrome extension download
Copy Form Copies a form from right click menu allowing you to paste the values to a similar form.

click menu, form, click menu allowing, another try, handy utility, click, copy form item, basically identical, input field, similar form

Lazarus: Form Recovery Patched Chrome extension download
Lazarus: Form Recovery Patched Autosaves everything you type so you can easily recover from form-killing timeouts, crashes and network errors.

useful lazarus form recovery extension, popup menu, autosaves everything, bad text, form recovery, patched version, formkilling timeouts, easily recover, text, network errors, bad text color, lazarus form recovery, patched revision, form killing timeouts crashes, type

Chromonocle Chrome extension download
Chromonocle Adds Firebug-like XHR console view details to Chrome

important info, seamlessly brings, request inspector, ajax requests, chrome console, xhr console view, easytouse xhr, console tab, convenient xhr request inspecting functionality, xhr ajax request inspector designed, firebuglike xhr console view details, convenient xhr request

HTTP Client Pro Chrome extension download
HTTP Client Pro It is an HTTP Request and Response Visualizer and Constructor tool, helps developers build, debug and test HTTP or web service APIs

http request, request, web service apis, raise request, constructor tool, helps developers, constructor tool helps developers build debug, test http, bugs issues, response visualizer, http request maker

Bitbucket Server Helper Chrome extension download
Bitbucket Server Helper Enhancements to Bitbucket Server site.

pull request list, server site disable text viewer custom, pull request merge status, disable text viewer custom, show project, repo project list, new pull request, server site, project list, check pull request properties, bitbucket server site, pull request, user avatar, show pull request merge, enhance diff formatting, open pull request list

Change HTTP Request Header Chrome extension download
Change HTTP Request Header Change the HTTP request header to touch more web views!

change http request headers, change, http request header, web views, http request headers, switch user agent, another browser, touch

Application Companion for Universities Chrome extension download
Application Companion for Universities Your personal assistant for college applications! Works on CommonApp (The Common Application®)

virtual helpdesk beside, past year applicants, common application, please email team unicq, form field, common application form, mozilla firefox download, extension update, application form

Get2Post & PostForm Chrome extension download
Get2Post & PostForm Convert get parameters to post or create your own post request using the form

post, post request, ability, extension lets convert, form, u convert get parameters, convert get parameters, create

Hidden Form Finder Chrome extension download
Hidden Form Finder See all Hidden Fields on the Page!

future potential features, need help, javascript console logging, either way, hidden form, options page, hidden fields, hidden form fields, hidden field info, certain amount

Yet Another REST Client Chrome extension download
Yet Another REST Client YARC (Yet Another REST Client) is an easy-to-use REST Client. Use it to develop, test and debug RESTful APIs.

save favorite requests, custom request methods, beautiful syntax highlighting, another rest client, request headers, google account, request methods, custom headers, requests including headers, easytouse rest client, debug restful apis, custom request headers

Refined Bitbucket Chrome extension download
Refined Bitbucket Improves Bitbucket's user experience

pull requests, collapse diffs, key binding feature, user experience, project repository website link, pull request loads, bitbucket user, user interface, sindre sorhus, github extension, pull request, pull request view, default merge strategy

Auto remove HTML5 form validation Chrome extension download
Auto remove HTML5 form validation This plugin disables HTML5 form validation automatically which is perfect for web developers

plugin disables, web developers, form validation, plugin disables html5 form validation automatically, server side validation, html5 form validation, every page, plugin, plugin removes

Form Filler Chrome extension download
Form Filler Fills web forms for you.

formfiller configuration page, define values, fills, fills web forms, fill web form fields, form fields, filling forms, logins emails passwords, double mouse click, forms, formfiller allows

Sonoma Partners' Dynamics CRM DevTools Chrome extension download
Sonoma Partners' Dynamics CRM DevTools A variety of developer tools for CRM 2015 Update 1, CRM 2015, CRM 2013 and CRM 2011 UR12+

current user information, enable disabled attributes, entity type code, debug information page, user id, db server tab, entity id entity, id display, current form ability, update crm, form information displays, current user record ability, update attributes, fetch xml, current record url, current form display, new tab replaces, id user, information entity, displays version information, business unit id, form fetch, fields ability, current form attributes, current record, current form

Simple Form Recovery Chrome extension download
Simple Form Recovery Never lose anything you type into a web form again!

extension allows, js library written, form, forms text field values locally, close accidentally, precious data, text field values, web form, anything, extension maintained, js library

Stash Extension Chrome extension download
Stash Extension Allow to add group of reviewers for pull request in stash + other features

pull request details page add, add sticker, start jenkin, pull request creation page, pr list add, pull request details page, serverextensiohlagecmhpppmpfdifmigdglnhcpnohib please visit, add button, branch overview page, use bitbucket server, stash server version, header toolbar add filters, old stash server version please use, version reviewers, pull request, extension server, pr editor note, reviewers add, add link

iiSheet Spreadsheet Chrome extension download
iiSheet Spreadsheet Fast data entry to your spreadsheets

form filler software program, data entry, screen start, easy data entry, data entries, online form filler software program, form design skill, google drive, form automatically generated, program, fast data entry, fast easy data entry

Taylor Swift New Tab Chrome extension download
Taylor Swift New Tab Taylor Swift Fan? Start each day with the Taylor Swift's most gorgeous pictures!

permission request explanations, apps bookmarks, google search form, fantastic taylor, new fresh picture, taylor swift, small extension, taylor smith, create small extension, toolbar chrome, gorgeous pictures, taylor swift fan

Form Freedom Chrome extension download
Form Freedom Never have to scroll to find the USA again

usa, puts, scroll, dropdown menus, form freedom, selects, top, great ol u, great ol, form freedom automatically selects

IRCTC Magic Autofill Chrome extension download
IRCTC Magic Autofill This Product will streamline your Indian Railway Tatkal ticket booking.

magic autofill, tatkal booking time, tatkal magic autofill form, tatkal hours starts, details form, tatkal ticket, irctc ticket booking, automate irctc tatkal ticket booking, single button, indian railway tatkal ticket booking, time required, tatkal ticket battle, irctc tatkal magic autofill, irctc form booking, form fill, credential details journey planner form selection, tatkal ticket form, railway tatkal ticket booking, confirmed railway ticket

Smart Header Chrome extension download
Smart Header Modify or change http request headers smartly and automatically.

powerful extension, special thanks, change http request headers, developer tool, zhang haoyuan, import export mix configuration, automatic rules, http request headers, zhou huaxiang, potential amazing ways, export mix configuration, modify http request headers, potential amazing, coffee providers

Testofill, Form Filler for Testers Chrome extension download
Testofill, Form Filler for Testers Enable testers to fill forms automatically/on-demand based on (sets of) rules they wrote / captured.

write little css, different search criteria, advanced book search, react support, react forms, save form, simple book search, full support, save form logging, save form confirmation popup, generate random values, save forms, rules automatically, random values, fill forms automatically, define rule sets, full access

Extra Headers Chrome extension download
Extra Headers Enables adding or modifying HTTP request header

extension allows, modifying http request headers, modifying http request header, http request header, request headers, http request headers, custom headers, small extension popup windows, user agent custom header, useragent custom header icon, user agent header, append extra variable, useragent header, extra information

Bitbucket Server Extension Chrome extension download
Bitbucket Server Extension Allow to add group of reviewers for pull request in bitbucket server + other features

add sticker, clickable branch text, pull requests, pull request creation page, pr list, bitbucket server, atlassian bitbucket server, define groups, bitbucket server , pull request, branch open, pull request details page, development version reviewers, add button

Poll, Survey, Quiz & Form by Opinion Stage Chrome extension download
Poll, Survey, Quiz & Form by Opinion Stage Add a powerful and easy to use poll, survey, quiz & form extension. Get started in minutes for free.

opinion stage polls, social networks, easy quiz, opinion stage, opinion stage quiz landing page, opinion stage quiz, opinion stage polls quizzes, use skipbranch logic, survey form, based poll, opinion stage dashboard, quiz types, create poll survey form, poll competitions elections, quizzes quizzes, opinion stage items, easy poll, poll survey quiz form, classic 1page layout form, opinion stage site

RoboForm Lite Password Manager Chrome extension download
RoboForm Lite Password Manager RoboForm Lite Password Manager. Saves, fills in login info for web sites. Logins are stored on RoboForm Everywhere server, encrypted

password support, extension logins, roboform features, password option form filler, option added ver, improvements bug fixing ver, fields option, main screen new design, features roboform, roboform lite password manager, separate full roboform, form filler, added form filler, bug fixing ver, improvements bug fixing, features form filler improvements, important separate full roboform toolbar, form filler algorithm improvements, form filler algotithm improvements, features form filler, dual master password support, features full support, features identities, bug fixing, identities form filler, current document fields functionality, features add, change master password option, separate logins

Do Not Track Chrome extension download
Do Not Track Provides Do Not Track (DNT) request HEADER injector to opt in or out of universal tracking for ALL browser requests.

visit including analytics services advertising networks, dnt extension, dnt opt, dnt extension icon, simple http request header injector, modify source, policy proposal, analytics services, dnt request header injector, social platforms, advertising networks, enables users, request header injector, browser requests

Visual Studio Online Extension Chrome extension download
Visual Studio Online Extension This extension provides some missing features in Visual Studio Online

add task, visual studio online, new vso release, field level validation, work item, pull request build, ordered item, key indent, pull request, enable key indent allows, pull request notifications, work item pop, add sprint capacity calculator

Form Save And Restore Chrome extension download
Form Save And Restore This extensions saves form data and then restores it when you want it. (For testing.)

add move, extension button, wont work, multiple forms, select elements, save multiple, simply saves, form data, saves form data, dirty extension, multiple elements, common name, click save

Globes Chrome extension download
Globes Globes - Daily Business Newspaper

request form, globes daily business newspaper, daily business newspaper, requestform, globes

Atlassian Pull Request Notifier Chrome extension download
Atlassian Pull Request Notifier Display pull request notifications from Stash and Bitbucket

edit moustache template, set popup, private repos, request details, bitbucket server stash server pull requests, disable notification edit moustache template set, public bitbucket cloud repository, browser popup, disable notification, pull request, popup title etc, display pull request notifications, public bitbucket cloud, bitbucket serverstash server pull requests

AEM Chrome Plug-in Chrome extension download
AEM Chrome Plug-in Devtools panel for AEM development. Includes in-browser Log Tracer and Adaptive Forms development tooling

detection support, log tracer host removal filter, sling log tracer data, aem development, issue log tracer host, adaptive forms development, sling log tracer, chrome tab, perrequest server side data, log tracer file download support, adaptive form bug fixes, chrome dev tools panel, tracer data, tracer plugin, tab host, adaptive form developer tools, aem adaptive form, aem adaptive forms support, adaptive form, osgi status detection bug, log tracer, adaptive forms, aem forms, aem chrome plug, form plugin, abusive sling log tracer availability check

Clipperz Shortcut Chrome extension download
Clipperz Shortcut Clipperz Shortcut simple add direct access to the most secure online password manager

simple password manager, standard encryption schemes, source code anytime, clipperz shortcut simple, encryption key, personal data clipperz security, effective single sign, direct access, plain form clipperz, password manager, data clipperz, encrypted form, secure online password manager, form clipperz

Auto-fill user credentials Chrome extension download
Auto-fill user credentials A generic form auto-filler. Grabs credentials from the URL, and auto-populates the form

get paremters, auto login feature, form auto, url fragments, query string parameters, uvar1 username uvar2 password, automatically enters, generic form autofiller, url fragments uvar1 username uvar2 password, grabs credentials, autologin feature, login form

CDN Headers & Cookies Chrome extension download
CDN Headers & Cookies Loads all http headers, cookies and Akamai response headers (http/https)

response headers, loads default response headers, addeditdelete custom request headers, requested url page, http headers cookies, load akamai response headers, akamai response headers http, specific headers, loads request headers, default response headers, http headers, edit delete custom request headers, request headers default response headers akamai response headers, akamai response headers, edit delete cookies, export request headers

Pretty Pull Requests (Github) Chrome extension download
Pretty Pull Requests (Github) This extension applies various tweaks to the github pull-request code review pages.

collapse file, collapse expand, collapse expand added, address bar, github pullrequest code review pages, file diff, github pull request, commit diffs, address bar icon, various tweaks, github enterprise support, github pull request pages, diff view, files changed, pull request pages, various features Chrome extension download Streaming companion for modern interactions between viewers and streamers.

modern interactions, favorite streamer, song request, win infinite, giveaways session, infinite prizes, multiple ways, favorite streamers, song request play, song requests, tv chrome extension

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