Best Future Visits Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total future visits plugins - 331
Your History Chrome extension download
Your History A better look at your browsing history. The best searching, the sharpest interface, and the most useful filters - for your history.

history grouping group visits, useful filters, minutes group visits, text styling, day delete, chrome ui access, day searching search, visits delete visits, group visits, click option, domain format hours, page title, toolbar remembers closing state, domain delete, excellent browser

My Style Chrome extension download
My Style Insert custom CSS into pages, immediately see the visual results, and have that CSS persist for future visits.

custom css, css persist, site design, textarea contents, future visits, hold alt, control , insert custom css, browser window, local storage

TnP IITD Notifier Chrome extension download
TnP IITD Notifier View notifications of TnP activity effortlessly anywhere you go on the web.

new company visits, tnp activity, extension button, company visits, recent notifications, view notifications, tnp iitd, button window, many updates, new notification, new update

Similarweb - Traffic Rank & Website Analysis Chrome extension download
Similarweb - Traffic Rank & Website Analysis See website traffic and key metrics for any website, including engagement rate, traffic ranking, keyword ranking and traffic source.

website traffic, rate traffic ranking, specific website ranks, monthly website visits, specific website, website traffic rankings, ranking data, ultimate competitive digital intelligence tool, allinone website checker, depth insights, website traffic analysis tools, data collection, digital intelligence, similarweb extension, detailed insights, free ranking data, website visits, visits website, website including, data including

HistoryStats Chrome extension download
HistoryStats Provides a statistical and graphical display of web page visits stored in your browser's history

extension supports simple history deletion, browsers history, web page visits, simple history deletion capabilities, historical web pages, web sites, new browser tab, browsers history based, web page visits stored, total number, browser history, browser tab, graphical display, web pages

Recorded Future Chrome extension download
Recorded Future The Recorded Future Browser Extension provides real-time threat intelligence that is just a click away in any web-based application.

potential phishing details, future browser extension, future portal, realtime threat intelligence, time threat intelligence, distill important, uncover potential, threat intelligence, browser extension, services reports, file reputation services reports, uptotheminute risk scores

Dr. Pencil Chrome extension download
Dr. Pencil The PENCIL that helps you DOCTOR. GET IT? (Many icons from:

release date set, normal browsing mode, displayed text, type stuff, work properly, future chrome extension, select style, valid css color style, style font, stuff select stuff open, nice fake screencap, block html element name, future chrome extension api, actual select box value, non96 dpi screen setups

W3Techs Website Technology Information Chrome extension download
W3Techs Website Technology Information Shows which web technologies the current site is using.

clientside programming languages, systems content, ensures compatibility, potential quality, web technologies, ssl certificate authorities, analysis tools, content management systems, content delivery networks, w3techs extension shows, potential quality problems, traffic analysis tools, future chrome, future chrome versions

Slack Bot-Filter Chrome extension download
Slack Bot-Filter This extension allows one to filter bot messages out of a slack channel.

love slack, filter bot messages, future change, slack layout, relative positioning ipo absolute, version control, project management, slack channels, use integrations, continuous integration, integration messages, bot messages, version control project, future change adjustments, slack channel

Rewards4Racing Points Reminder Chrome extension download
Rewards4Racing Points Reminder The Rewards4Racing Points Reminder helps remind you to earn points every time you shop online.

rewards4racing points reminder helps remind, earn points, future race days, every time, rewards4racing points, search engines, points, future race, shop online, individual retailer websites, points reminder, individual retailer, rewards4racing points reminder safely alerts

Tris Chrome extension download
Tris Search any and see others searching same. Chat with other Searchers in real-time. Create Alerts to be notified when others search.

chrome new tab, tris chrome extension, home page, give instant feedback, real time, tris community members, chat live, create alerts, next person visits, new tabs

DocSight Chrome extension download
DocSight Visualize visits to various documentation resources.

visualize visits, various documentation resources, bug fix, developer activities, viewing history, important development resources, fix duplicate entries, fix font issues, apis languages, extensions source code, developer resources

Doceo Center Trailblazer Chrome extension download
Doceo Center Trailblazer This app is now disabled, but it used to track and share page visits and bookmarks for research and educational purposes.

bookmark data, earlier version, educational purposes, doceo center website, doceo center, app, useful resources, share page visits, anonymous history, help teachers

MyAlerts Web & Price Tracker Chrome extension download
MyAlerts Web & Price Tracker MyAlerts Web & Price Tracker (Formerly TrackIf)

save searches, personal shopping assistant whos, monitor price history, web price tracker, new item notifications, price alerts, future availability, shopping sites, favorite shopping sites, product alerts, flight price drops, personal alerting tool, stock products, personal shopping, want price alerts, availability alerts, future sale notifications

MyAwin Chrome extension download
MyAwin MyAwin is a tool for publishers to simply promote advertisers through Awin's network

publisher visits, every publisher, generate custom urls, awin network, account switch functionality, generate links, generate shortened, key publisher partner, specific product pages, great functionality, affiliate marketing easier

citadel: edit any website and save it Chrome extension download
citadel: edit any website and save it citadel allows anyone to edit any website and save it. A special thanks to the Kickstarter backers who made it possible.

special thanks, rate stars, delete irritating features, important check, hit save, dynamic sites option, faq q, unique chrome plugin, new features, important citadel, q, next time someone visits, prank someone, click save

Tab Out! Chrome extension download
Tab Out! Tab Out! is a simple but empowering extension for chrome. Tab Out! frees you from the mess of tabs that we all get ourselves into.…

tab, use, simple, chrome, quick links, frees, future use, empowering extension

Free Counter Stat Chrome extension download
Free Counter Stat Our free counter visits is simple to install on your blog or website. The registration is free and No mail address needed.

free counter visits, simple, mail address, blog, many people, people visit, full statistical report, real time, install, mail address needed

Super Simple Highlighter Chrome extension download
Super Simple Highlighter Adds highlights to text on web pages, and tries to restore them on subsequent visits.

web site, highlight text, subsequent visits, web page, shortcut facilities, page highlights, shouldn highlight sensitive, next time, keyboard shortcut, shortcut facilities located, location content, main extensions page, web pages, use chrome

My Extensions Chrome extension download
My Extensions Are you an extensions developer? Keep track of your Chrome extensions. Be notified for new reviews, ratings and more!

display number, frequent visits, last hours, extension link, new reviews, chrome extensions, badge desktop notifications, desktop notification support, extensions view, view edit, view options, display rank graphs, ratings comments, direct links

CMeter Chrome extension download
CMeter Activates Content Meter library for web-pages.

advertising campaigns, content users, example adriver, user visits, common widely, standard data, content meter library, determine betterquality data, used meters, content meter, statistic information, adriver google analytics providing, google analytics

Easy Explorer Chrome extension download
Easy Explorer Use plain English to create reports in Google analytics. Must have tool for anyone who seeks to use the convenience of the…

dimensions coming, every day version, search box, average page, initial release support feedback please note, average session duration, kueri translates, average page views, chrome store version, male desktop visitors, google analytics, analytics search box, affinity visits, google adwords campaigns, store version, feedback use extensions

TrollAway Chrome extension download
TrollAway Blacklist with auto-downvoting for Reddit. For those special trolls.

reddit users, special trolls, google chrome, every comment, future comments, reddit blacklisting extension, super simple, auto downvote, reddit

devTweak alpha Chrome extension download
devTweak alpha Changes deviantART logo and top bar background color by the old ones.

topbar background, changes, distant future, deviantart logo, broken code, old ones, logo, top bar background color, favicon change

Spy Watch Chrome extension download
Spy Watch Allowing users to view third party internet tracking

page spy watch, party sites, third party sites, user visits, online internet, neelguha gmail, user data, questions email neelguha, spy watch, party internet tracking, third party internet, spy watch lets, internet tracking, create transparency

Feedly Counter Chrome extension download
Feedly Counter Shows unread article count from Feedly

long period, icon bug, developer id, unread articles, id expect big, unread article count, future works, bit slow, original extension, big update, extension smaller

Viewport Detector Chrome extension download
Viewport Detector Viewport detector for bootstrap 3

bootstrap, future till, class name, little extension, viewport detector, new version, different viewports, viewport, col md col sm

Enhanced Lounge Chrome extension download
Enhanced Lounge The best community addon for dota2lounge and csgolounge to give a better user experience.

show current bet team, current bet team, community addon, dota2lounge, home page, user experience, every trades, future updates, features auto bumping, different interfaces, displayed larger

CricketNotifier Chrome extension download
CricketNotifier Desktop notification of fours, sixes and wickets for selected matches

desktop notification, cricinfo scoreboard, fours, current status, fours sixes, future updates, sixes, live desktop notifications, major events

GradeMyGold Chrome extension download
GradeMyGold Easily calculate your predicted GPA within GOLD.

course grade, predicted gpa, gpa calculator, ucsb gold, course, gold website, grade set, current quarter, calculator, performed locally, future gpa, gpa

Cache Browser Chrome extension download
Cache Browser Browse Google's cache of webpages rather than viewing the original.

google cache, include checkbox, fetch cached versions, easily disable, unavailable making, top right, browse google, future updates, wayback machine, sites arent, another use, important note, google

SnippIt : Your Research Assistant Chrome extension download
SnippIt : Your Research Assistant Web Research Made Recallable

various topics, extension allows, copy paste, searchable manner, separate software program, making notes, separate software, future reference, web research, seamless way, selected text

AmIUnique Chrome extension download
AmIUnique An extension to follow the evolution of your browser fingerprint! Be notified as soon as a change is detected!

browser fingerprint, browser fingerprints, temporal evolution, current diversity, shed light, future new features, fingerprint evolution, daily data, unknown subject, small piece, recommended tools

Profanity Filter by PureMedia Software Chrome extension download
Profanity Filter by PureMedia Software Profanity Filter eliminates profanity and other offensive content from the web.

google chrome blocks, chrome sync keeps, offensive content, bug need help, profanity filter, future releases, communitydriven project, sexual language, please note, filter settings, racial slurs Away Chrome extension download Away Bypass links

url shortening service, first time, ly links, bypass adf, links introduce, ly link, shortening service, second delays, youtube video, long time, future views, certain communities, intrusive ads, restrictions put

HBO Nordic - Next Button Chrome extension download
HBO Nordic - Next Button Adds a 'Next Episode' button on HBO Nordic

decency kan accept, lightweight extension, hbo nordic, favorite hbo nordic, episode button, modern person, nordic player, future updates, next episode, another season, easily bingewatch, nordic series

Private Bookmarks Chrome extension download
Private Bookmarks Save your websites, where no one can see them!

popup menu, restore bookmarks, please contact, native language, adding bookmarks, shorcut key, future updates, bulk delete, clicking add, translate private bookmarks, private bookmarks, added ability, multiple bug fixing, browser toolbar

EZ Copy Plaintext Chrome extension download
EZ Copy Plaintext Automatically removes formatting from your clipboard when using copy. Toggle formatting by right clicking a selection.

default plaintext setting, tabs windows, next copy, normal copy paste ctrlc, toggle formatting, future copying, format next copy, copy, open prior, normal copy, ve selected highlighted

Wired Chrome extension download
Wired Wired provides in-depth coverage of current & future technology trends. Get alerts for new articles within the topics you love.

indepth coverage, twitter facebook, alerts, many new articles, regular updates, new articles, current future technology trends, get alerts, topic regular updates social sharing, news feed, articles customise

Draftback Chrome extension download
Draftback The archaeology of great writing

large docs, alreadyreplayed document, revision data, obscure url, recent update, privacy policy, great writing, case draftback, user data, stored collected, revision history, future replays, unusual case, google doc, doc playback

Corona SDK API Quick Reference Chrome extension download
Corona SDK API Quick Reference A quick list of Corona SDK API references.

quick access, related resources, corona sdk related, advanced search feature, corona sdk api references, corona sdk api documentation, future versions, quick list

Cryptable - Encrypt messages. Chrome extension download
Cryptable - Encrypt messages. Easily encrypt and decrypt messages to share with friends.

saves passwords, easily share information, cryptable extension, password field, added offline capabilities, google chrome, future releases, encryption decryption, google chrome web store, potential litigants cannot, data transfers, polarity company, instant encryptiondecryption

Hidden Form Finder Chrome extension download
Hidden Form Finder See all Hidden Fields on the Page!

future potential features, need help, javascript console logging, either way, hidden form, options page, hidden fields, hidden form fields, hidden field info, certain amount

Amazon FBA Calculator Automated Version Chrome extension download
Amazon FBA Calculator Automated Version This Extension is for Fulfillment By Amazon or (FBA) sellers. When viewing an Amazon product page, you can click the calculator…

amazon product page, new tab, amazon, calculator icon, future updates, amazon fba calculator page, new feature, calculate shipping

Reddit Hover Text Chrome extension download
Reddit Hover Text Shows the content of a reddit text post when you hover on it's link.

self subreddits, reddit page structure, reddit text post, reddit text, res night mode, read lot, introduce stricter security, text submissions, future versions, fixes res, thing hover zoom

Pandora Listener Chrome extension download
Pandora Listener Removes the annoying Are You Still Listening? from Pandora.

family board game, favorite pandora, extensions works, future releases, living room, relaxation time, room listening, song information, every hour, party dinner family board game studying

GCal Column Colours Chrome extension download
GCal Column Colours Customise the background colours of columns in your google calendar.

background colours, google calendar, give customised colours, future versions, single purpose, gcal column colours, colours, tiny nifty plugin, light grey background

Version Check for Drupal Chrome extension download
Version Check for Drupal Check what version of Drupal a web page is powered by.

version check, drupal web page, recent changes, improve detection, web page, drupal determines, support tab, drupal please, future versions, properly detected, running drupal, web pages

Version Check for WordPress Chrome extension download
Version Check for WordPress Check what version of WordPress a web page is powered by.

version check, running wordpress, improve detection, recent changes, web page, support tab, wordpress web page, future versions, properly detected, wordpress determines, wordpress please, web pages

Version Check for Prestashop Chrome extension download
Version Check for Prestashop Check what version of PrestaShop a web page is powered by.

version check, running prestashop, recent changes, improve detection, web page, prestashop please, support tab, prestashop web page, prestashop determines, future versions, properly detected, web pages

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