Best Google Hangouts Chrome Extension Alternatives

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Google Hangouts Chrome extension download
Google Hangouts Hangouts brings conversations to life with photos, emoji, and even group video calls for free.

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Blue Jeans for Hangouts Scheduler Chrome extension download
Blue Jeans for Hangouts Scheduler Enable Google hangouts participants to join video meetings via room systems and PSTN

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Dialr Chrome extension download
Dialr Converts phone numbers to clickable links that launch your favorite calling services

services facetime audio google hangouts voice skype, lightweight extension, specific websites, paired iphone, facetime audio, new application, default application set, google hangouts, nonintrusive manner, converts phone numbers, google hangouts voice, phone numbers

GIF the Web Chrome extension download
GIF the Web Animate GIFs on Facebook. Show images on gchat. Make the web more awesome.

real website, show images inline, hangouts, facebook, google hangouts support, show images, wished facebook animated gifs, wanted gchat including hangouts, gifs, animate gifs, show

Hangout Forever Chrome extension download
Hangout Forever Keep hanging out without being asked "Are you still there?"

extension automatically simulates clicks, google hangouts automatically, google hangouts, yes, clicks, every minutes, hanging

Google Hangouts Chrome extension download
Google Hangouts Hangouts brings conversations to life with photos, emoji, and even group video calls for free.

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GChat Pix Chrome extension download
GChat Pix Send and view images in Google Chat

sharing images, view images, old google chat, desktop onto, share images, chat window, clickable thumbnails, note uploaded images, google hangouts, automatically uploaded, new google hangouts, uploaded images, google chat

Web Messenger Chrome extension download
Web Messenger Chat using Google Hangouts, Skype, and Yahoo! Messenger from the web without installing any software.

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Vulcan Chrome extension download
Vulcan Convert emoticons in Google Hangouts to their text equivalent.

text equivalent, github put lot, paypal flattr, opensource, developers note, replace emoticons, google hangouts, developers, emoticons, hangouts, convert emoticons

InterCall for Hangouts Chrome extension download
InterCall for Hangouts Provides the ability to start or schedule a Google event with InterCall for Hangouts.

ability, intercall, google event, schedule, schedule google event, hangouts, start

Prijector Chrome extension download
Prijector Chrome Extension to Mirror your Screen Wirelessly to Prijector Device.

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Common Hangouts Chrome extension download
Common Hangouts Open Hangouts in a new tab

outgoing message, message tail margin v0, cant load icon, main video button, message style v, minor aesthetic fixes v, fixed multiple accounts, header colour, google hangouts, messy icons position v, outgoing message style, google apps icon fix v, main video icon, latest header colour, main video icon functionality v, latest google, multiple accounts fixed, adjusted icon tab

HangoutSnitch AntiMute Chrome extension download
HangoutSnitch AntiMute This extension allows you to auto unmute yourself on google hangouts.

extension allows, response time, auto unmute, extension automates, another participant, google hangouts, google hangout, microphone icon

Emojify Chrome extension download
Emojify Emojify is an extension that let's you view and input Emojis in chrome on webpages! How to enter emojis: Click Emojify's button in…

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Toggle Fullscreen in Hangout Chrome extension download
Toggle Fullscreen in Hangout Enable to resize the Video of the Call to Fullscreen and Back

extension enables, normal size, big videoplayer, air hangouts, need hangoutonair, browseractionbutton anymore, toggle browser, version toogle, black border added, google hangout, version works, big changes, big video

Hangouts with Tab Key Chrome extension download
Hangouts with Tab Key This extension lets you use the tab key to cycle through your Google Hangout windows

extension enables, tab, tab key, hangout, google hangout windows, multiple chat windows, switch focus, hangout windows, extension lets, cycle backwards

Custom Hangout Emoticons Chrome extension download
Custom Hangout Emoticons Makes it possible to add custom emoticons to your Google Hangouts

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THE STUDNET - Screen Sharing Chrome extension download
THE STUDNET - Screen Sharing This Chrome extension is used to allow user to share his screen during classroom hangouts.

classroom hangouts, screen, share, user

Ingress G+ Ident Chrome extension download
Ingress G+ Ident Identifies Ingress Players in G+

options page version, ingress google, identifies ingress players, page version, fixes version, public issue tracker, related web pages, options page, badge community member list moderatorowner, mention spreadsheet selfreference, player data, pulls player data, options fixes properly, talkgadget hangouts, community member, community member listings, easytosetup gdrive spreadsheet

SearchCapsule Chrome extension download
SearchCapsule ?????????Search Capsule?1??????????60?????????????

f12 alt searchcapsule f9 googlegoogle google youtubegoogle google google google ituneswikipediaamazonchromelivedoor yahoo, google google google itunes wikipedia amazon chrome, searchcapsule1 google itunes searchcapsule, ctrl, google google google, google itunes, goo goo goo goo goo goo twitter facebook tumblr, flickr pinterest github ustream, okwavegoo goo goo goo goo goo twitterfacebooktumblr, alt searchcapsule, mac ctrl win, shift alt, alt command, ver, com jtb homes

Emoji Polyfill Chrome extension download
Emoji Polyfill This fork of the 31 January 2014 version of 'Chromoji - Emoji for Google Chrome™' supports only textual emoji, now with color fonts.

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Tag Assistant Legacy (by Google) Chrome extension download
Tag Assistant Legacy (by Google) Tag Assistant helps to troubleshoot installation of various Google tags including Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and more.

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Google Tone Chrome extension download
Google Tone Broadcast any URL to computers within earshot.

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D-ToolBox Chrome extension download
D-ToolBox D-ToolBox, Shortcuts to create Google Drive documents and download as pdf, docs, xlsx, etc.. your google document.

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Google link fixer Chrome extension download
Google link fixer Prevents Google from changing the URL of the search result when you click on it

stops google, google works, extension prevents, click, url, page load, google sites, search result, google, prevents google

Infozzy: Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Skype Chrome extension download
Infozzy: Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Skype New default tab with access to popular messengers (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Hangouts, WeChat, Telegram, Slack, VK)

extension supports, facebook messenger, hangouts wechat telegram, default tab, messenger apps, vk facebook feed twitter youtube instagram gmail reddit, new default tab, facebook feed, default chrome tab, social media, popular messengers

Remote for Google Play Music Chrome extension download
Remote for Google Play Music Enables devices using the app to remotely activate the Google Play Music player controls.

google inc, google play music account, email address, control volume actions, google play, google play google play music, google permissions, google play music, extension visit bookmark, google play music player controls, start remotely, play music, easy access

Quick Create for Google Drive Chrome extension download
Quick Create for Google Drive Simple extension to make it quicker to create new Google drive documents. This Chrome Extension is not affiliated with Google, Inc.

new google, google drive documents, new tab, custom templates, new google documents, supports multiple google accounts, simple extension, multiple google accounts, google, google documents spreadsheets forms presentations

Google Hangout Keep Online Chrome extension download
Google Hangout Keep Online Auto-join Google Hangout when entering its URL & presses "I am not sleeping" time to time.

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Search Quick Chrome extension download
Search Quick Google SearchQuick automatically opens the search results of a Google Search in new tabs

search results, google connections, google search, browser add, separate tabs, secured google, google searchquick, google domains, completely loaded, new tabs, google results page, beyondextensions gmail

MailFred Chrome extension download
MailFred Master Your Inbox

google apps script, google mail, google app engine, small improvements, similar availability, feature requests, leaves google infrastructure, install mailfred, google infrastructure, browser extension, set reminders

Change Google Logo Chrome extension download
Change Google Logo We like old Google logo~

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No Google Doodle Chrome extension download
No Google Doodle Replaces Google Doodles with the default Google Logo.

replaces google, tab page, google logo, new tab page, extension replaces, submit report, international google sites, ill work, support tab, default google logo, international google, homepage www, google doodle, please use

Unofficial Google Bookmarks Chrome extension download
Unofficial Google Bookmarks Sync from Google Bookmarks

colon character, folder named google bookmarks, couple minutes, google account, feel free, open source, google bookmarks, use bookmark manager, bookmarks bookmarks bar google bookmarks development android, development android, google bookmarks folder, bookmarks bar, google website

GM Checker Chrome extension download
GM Checker Mail missending prevention for Gmail(TM)

gmail, mail missending prevention, tm, bcc, , cc, google app , , google app, google, v0, , google app

One Number Chrome extension download
One Number Check GMail, Google Reader, and Google Voice. Many sources, one number.

block thirdparty cookies, chrome default theme colors, next bug fix release, gmail google reader, service icons, toolbar button, google reader jumping, many sources, google services gmail reader voice, google reader, favorite google services, google voice

OmniDrive Chrome extension download
OmniDrive Add support to the omnibox to search in Google Drive.

google authentication, new doc, google chrome, personal google drive, press space, google drive, nongoogle documents thanks, added log, adapt folder url, improve permission, new keywords

Google Image Search Chrome extension download
Google Image Search Quickly search by image using Google

select search google, google chrome, quickly search, google based, google chrome adds shortcut, context menu, shortcut, supplied image, search, search google, google, searching images, image

Verbatim Search Chrome extension download
Verbatim Search Always use verbatim search with google

webrequest api, conflict localstorage, improves speed, new button, google domains list, verbatim search, verbatim, de activate, new google maps, cleaned code, default google search, fixed manifest format, google search, google, removed debug, google domains, pronetoconflict localstorage

Speedy Google Play Music Chrome extension download
Speedy Google Play Music This extension adds css and js to make Google Play Music faster and better

google inc, extension adds css, css transforms, extension adds css styling, privacy policy, google permissions, speedy google music, google play music, google music, drop shadows, google play music faster, certain parts, personal information

Compact Density for the new Google Bar Chrome extension download
Compact Density for the new Google Bar Reduces the height of the new Google Bar to give you more room for the rest of your content

update adds google drive, compact google bar, account authorization page, google account settings, new google bar, black google, docs drive, reader search sites, google bar, adds support, black google services bar, black bar, advanced web, google account settings pages, google advanced, update fixes organization logos, long permissions list, new google profile design, web history page, update fixes, google reader compact density, google docs compact density, update adds support, google apps, compact density

Google Photos For Chrome Chrome extension download
Google Photos For Chrome All your photos are backed up safely, Store, search, and share a lifetime of photos.

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Friends+Me Chrome extension download
Friends+Me The easiest way to share to ANYWHERE including Google+ profiles, pages, circles, communities and collections.

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Retro Google Logo Chrome extension download
Retro Google Logo Hate Google's new logo? Go back to any previous version!

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Share with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Email Chrome extension download
Share with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Email Share web pages, images, and links with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email, and Kindle.

tracking software google, google apps domains, email, email client, web page, chrome built, facebook twitter google email, many similar extensions, task manager, google analytics, background resources for Google Calendar Chrome extension download for Google Calendar Schedule meetings in Google Calendar

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Annotate PRO Chrome extension download
Annotate PRO Create, share, and USE reusable comments to edit and grade faster! Use with Canvas, Google Docs/Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Bb...

share libraries, popular education platforms, turnitin feedback studio, google classroom microsoft, annotate pro ap, google docs classroom microsoft, annotate pro, google classroom, turnitin quickmark sets, annotate pro google, schoology turnitin feedback, turnitin feedback, write free form comments, review usage data, foreign language instruction, dual language responses, google docs, google docs comment, improved support google docs, support google docs google classroom

Remove Google Redirect in Google Results Chrome extension download
Remove Google Redirect in Google Results Disables the JS function that adds redirect to Google Search Results.

google prefix, search results, redirect link, google images, redirect link leaving, google search results, js function, javascript function, google sites, google search, google uses

Lyria for Google Play (TM) Music Chrome extension download
Lyria for Google Play (TM) Music Displays lyrics for the current song in Google Play (TM) Music

greatly appreciated, current song, google play, google play tm, third party themes, lyricwikia service, available suggestions, lyrics text color, help tooltip, official google plugin, network error

Minimalistic Skin for Google Reader Chrome extension download
Minimalistic Skin for Google Reader Make a minimalistic Google Reader interface when hiting 'w' (you can change this key in options)

twitter tomap, default interface, softpedia google reader, new google toolbar, minimalistic google reader interface, items option, google reader greasmonkey script, new features, leave comment, inline titles, minimalistic skin works, google reader, minimalistic user interface, right space

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