Best Hate Trials Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total hate trials plugins - 107
Facebook - Delete All Messages Chrome extension download
Facebook - Delete All Messages Adds a page action in Facebook Messages tab in order to delete them all.

messenger logo, facebook delete, facebook messages, release note v5, facebook logo, facebook coupons, facebook page, new user interface, page action, hate trials, disclaimer, new lottery, win facebook

Tumblr Hate Chrome extension download
Tumblr Hate Remove posts and notes from your Tumblr dashboard.

hidden posts, extensions options page, tumblr dashboard, tumblr h8, tumblr dashboard remove, tumblr h8 greasemonkey script, every post notification, remove posts, hate button, tumblr hate, configurable strings, hated message, hide link tumblr hate, tumblr savior, hide notes

Goebbels Nazi Extension Chrome extension download
Goebbels Nazi Extension Goebbels very first extension, turns SJW hate into pro-Nazi hate.

bad taste, complete lunacy, first extension, nazi hate, extension turns sjw hate, 3rdwave feminism, simple extension, replaces curtain phrases, support nazism, extension exposes, pronazi hate

EZ-DL Chrome extension download
EZ-DL The extension "EZ-DL" speeds up downloading .zip, .exe & .rar files. By remotely downloading it to a server near you. WARNING:…

speeds, warning don, server, zip, rar files, remotely downloading, ezdl, hate offers ads, hate offersads, extension ez dl speeds, exe

Blank Space Chrome extension download
Blank Space Start each new tab with a little Taylor Swift.

haters gonna hate, taylor swift, new tab, haters, little taylor swift, hate, start

Tumblr Hatred Chrome extension download
Tumblr Hatred Remove posts and notes from your Tumblr dashboard.

extensions options page, userconfigurable strings, tumblr dashboard, extension appears, tumblr h8, tumblr dashboard remove, tumblr h8 greasemonkey script, every post notification, savior userscript, remove posts, hate button, tumblr hatred, please note, tumblr hate, configurable strings, hide link tumblr, hide notes

Asterisks Chrome extension download
Asterisks Asterisks allows you to lend your Internet accounts to friends without giving away your username or password. Maintain complete…

friends services, new web services, asterisks allows, internet accounts, traditional free, complete control, traditional free trials, free trial, gain access, web services, new services simple

Trump or Hitler Chrome extension download
Trump or Hitler This simple Chrome extension swaps Donald Trump and Hitler, Scary.

donald trump, enjoy share, fear, next president, trump, simple chrome extension swaps, hitler, hitler scary, simple chrome extension swaps donald trump, hate, donald trump sells hate

Magic Hate Ball Chrome extension download
Magic Hate Ball This ball will speak truth.

speak truth, answer, puts, question, ask, ball, yes, receive

SurveyMonkey FB Blocker Chrome extension download
SurveyMonkey FB Blocker Hate to see posts asking for you to take a survey? Block them from your newsfeed!

surveymonkey link, newsfeed, posts, blocks post, block, facebook newsfeed, hate, survey

Content Farm Blocker Chrome extension download
Content Farm Blocker Preventing to open content farm by mistake

prevent, hate content farms, olm1ga viewform, open content farm, source code, mistakenly click, project site, want, report content farm, mistake

Breaking Clicking Bad Chrome extension download
Breaking Clicking Bad I am the one who cheats.

day, hector, cheats, tio, enjoy, moron, enjoy clicking bad, hate clicking, hector tio salamanca, carpal tunnel syndrome

ImEthanMemeBerry - DANK MEMES Chrome extension download
ImEthanMemeBerry - DANK MEMES This extension offers many different ways to show your love and appreciation / hate and despise for the one and only ETHAN BRADBERRY

creative commons attribution, creative commons attributionnoncommercialsharealike, stupid extention, chrome extention, videos, many different ways, ethan bradberry, original videos, appreciation hate, international license

Rutgers Course Watcher Chrome extension download
Rutgers Course Watcher Adds an eye logo to quickly watch courses and be notified when they open.

watch class, real time status, watch section, redgreen indicator shows, verizon customers, another website, wrong hate, watch courses, every seconds, eye logo, previous watches, watched courses, every minutes, watched classes

Twivo Chrome extension download
Twivo Tivo for Twitter - prevent spoilers and save tweets for later

hit record, live tweeting, tvnext hackathon, app tivo, show hit, prevent spoilers, ex game, hate spoilers, nifty app, previosly hidden tweets, favorite tv shows, favorite show, twitter prevent spoilers, fees free

Basic Userscript Template Chrome extension download
Basic Userscript Template Shows A Basic Extension Mod for Facebook

shows, shows basic extension mod, facebook, basic extension mod, hate

Retro Google Logo Chrome extension download
Retro Google Logo Hate Google's new logo? Go back to any previous version!

google logo, new logo, hate google, love, activate, logo, new google logo, visit google, previous version

Less Terrible HomerConnect Chrome extension download
Less Terrible HomerConnect Makes HomerConnect easier to read and navigate.

homerconnect easier, forward buttons, several features, itd suck, easytounderstand menu, homerconnect including, site map, buttons easy access, understand menu faster navigation, hate homerconnect, ithaca college, site map tables, easy access

Tumblr Savior Chrome extension download
Tumblr Savior Would you like to control what shows up on your dashboard? Tumblr Savior is here to save you!

update eslint, delicate sensibilities, coronavirus filling, trump latest, certain topics, json add addons linter, json move eslint, addons linter, hate hearing, json update eslint, black list, tumblr savior, html remove periods

Facebook HTML5 Video Chrome extension download
Facebook HTML5 Video Replace the flash video player with HTML5 videos on Facebook.

perfect, html5 videos, make use, facebook, flash video player, html5 video speed controller, replaces, speed controller nffaoalbilbmmfgbnbgppjihopabppdk, hate flash

Fake Data - A form filler you won't hate Chrome extension download
Fake Data - A form filler you won't hate The most advanced tool for filling forms with fake and random data.

fake data, insert random, double click, alt double click, form field, easy keyboard shortcuts, filling forms, auto learn feature, generate random names, random data, insert random values, advanced tool

Youtube Spacebar Pauser Chrome extension download
Youtube Spacebar Pauser The space bar now always pauses/plays youtube videos, always.

space bar, youtube, pauses plays, watching video, video, youtube videos, pauses plays youtube videos, pause youtube video, longer scroll, youtube video, current video, want, hate

Fuck Cookies Chrome extension download
Fuck Cookies We hate cookie warnings. This extension removes almost all of them.

visit removing, cookies warnings, cookie warnings, pure conditional css, hate cookie warnings, extension removes, fuck cookies applies small stylesheet, use cookies, fuck cookies, every page, common cookie warnings, small stylesheet, magic tricks

Yelp to Google Maps Chrome extension download
Yelp to Google Maps Hate clicking on an address on Yelp and it opening in Yelp maps? Use this to have directions from a Yelp page open in Google Maps.

yelp, yelp restaurant page, yelp restaurant page open, yelp page open, yelp maps, yelp page, opening, google maps, hate clicking, address

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