Best Html Video Tags Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total html video tags plugins - 2743
Dup-ID - Scans html for duplicate ID attrs Chrome extension download
Dup-ID - Scans html for duplicate ID attrs Dup-ID - Scans html tags for duplicate ID attributes. Also lists all IDs found on page.

id scans html tags, pages html tags, duplicate ids, ids, duplicate id attributes, scans, tags, simple extension, dupid, informational purposes

Kassi Share - Send to Kodi Chrome extension download
Kassi Share - Send to Kodi Send videos to Kodi Media Center

kodi media center, performs connection test, ee etv, supported websites, connection test, premium membership, html video tags, context menu, send videos, nonblob urls, queue links, video tags, supports playlist

bbCodeInsert Chrome extension download
bbCodeInsert Insert BBCode, HTML, Markdown and Goodreads tags. Use selected text and prompts

additional tag parameters, context menu key, bbcode tags, shortcut key, bbcode html, add bbcode tags, html tags, editable form elements, possible next tag enclosure, menu entries, insert bbcode, additional tags, text line entries, goodreads tags, regular expressions, context menu, additional tag, selected text

Video Plugin Chrome extension download
Video Plugin Online streaming video plugin

online, video plugin, desire, customize online videos, online streaming video plugin, enhance html video tags, online videos, useful tools

Pixiv Tag Suggest Chrome extension download
Pixiv Tag Suggest Suggest bookmark tags similar to or related to the artwork's tags. Automatically select your tags identical to the artwork's tags.

suggest, fix highlighting tags, image tags, scaled wurm, artwork, bug fix, tags, bookmark tags, suggested tags, fix xss, tags identical, bookmark tags similar, artwork tags, internationalization japanese english, image

TimeToRead Chrome extension download
TimeToRead Adds tags describing time needed to read to articles in Pocket

read words, extension adds tags, retrieve list, tags, source code, read articles, tags minute, read, extension doesn, see tags, adds tags describing time needed, add tags

GetTabInfo Chrome extension download
GetTabInfo 全タブのタイトルとURLを一括取得。HTMLタグ、短縮URL、QRコードも生成可能。テンプレートで自由に出力内容を編集できます。

url html, url shortener firebase, gd firebase, qr , , qr , url qr , , agusasan thanks, , gl , html tags, shortened urls, gd , url api, firebase , url firebase, tab titles, output contents, url

Always Show HTML5 Video Controls Chrome extension download
Always Show HTML5 Video Controls This tiny extension makes all HTML5 video elements show controls by default.

show controls attribute, proprietary video controls, tv liveleak, html5 video tags, extension looks, html5 video elements, show controls attribute set, video tags, html5 video elements show controls, prevent conflicts, show controls, tiny extension

Native HLS Playback Chrome extension download
Native HLS Playback Allow the browser to play HLS video urls (m3u8) 'natively'

js debug mode, extension icon, awesome hlsjs library, timed metadata, native video size, supports subtitles, url catcher, enable hls, play hls video urls, native video, current page, m3u8 url, video html element, play hls video urls m3u8

Flip this Chrome extension download
Flip this Flip/rotate page or html elements.

many anchor tags, extension button, animate animate, html elements, single html elements, flip rotate, current page, flip rotate page, url pattern, highlight highlight, open new ones, options page, page transformations, appropriate url pattern, highlight rightclicked html element, url pattern enable, new highlight

Instant Video Gallery Chrome extension download
Instant Video Gallery This extension detects videos on the current page and creates a gallery overlay for quick viewing

api issue, shift v, update page, current web page, quick show videos, gallery style overview, html5 video tag, watch reference videos, display gallery, video gallery, current video, instant video gallery, video information, updates version, youtube videos, youtube api version, current video highlight, extension updates version, video updates version, videos added, object tags, current page

ImageScratch Chrome extension download
ImageScratch ImageScratch is the HTML5 tool. you can scratch all images of all web pages, and get it via data URL.

html5 canvas element, opened list, html5 canvas, web page, js color picker spectrum, browser action icon, html5 tool, html img tags, upper right imagescratch icon, imagescratch icon, web pages, images html, data url

Run Selected HTML Chrome extension download
Run Selected HTML This is an extension that helps you to run html codes,when you read some articles with HTML sample codes on page.[By @hiwanz]

hiwanz get, web developer, html codes, html sample codes, select demo codes, context menu, run selected html, selected html, run html codes, demo, html related blogs, helpful extension

Validate HTML Chrome extension download
Validate HTML Validates HTML for the site being viewed

validate, extension enables, html feed, simply select validate html, validates, site, context menu, html, validate html, validates html, page

Cite Creator Chrome extension download
Cite Creator Constructs debate cites from meta tags or page info and copies to clipboard.

high school, cite creator works, cite creator produces cites, constructs debate cites, college debate, page info, html tags, debate cites, outputs cites, cite creator, major news websites, meta tags

Code Editor for GTM Chrome extension download
Code Editor for GTM Editing HTML tags within Google Tag Manager has never been easier. Get a full code editor within the GTM interface.

code editor, javascript embedded, custom javascript macros, custom javascript, google tag manager, new html custom tag, html custom tag, light theme toggle, html tags, full code editor, google tag, gtm interface, gtm code editor, code mirror, gtm new interface

Rainbow Stackoverflow Chrome extension download
Rainbow Stackoverflow Sprinkles your interesting tags with a more color

interesting tags, plugin allows, sprinkles, tags, different colors, questions, visually scan, favorite tags, highlights questions

Videojs Webextension Chrome extension download
Videojs Webextension Use video.js rather than downloading, or using the native player to play video.

m3u8 playlists, web players, playing m3u8 playlists natively, turn support, native player, use video, browsers native video, play video, turn autoplay, native video playback, future features, html players

Captain! Chrome extension download
Captain! Reverse image search tools for HTML 5 video.

html video, alternative context menu, nonstandard html video files, reverse image search, html videos, context menu, image data, reverse image search tools, extracting frame, reverse image search engines, reverse image engines won, reverse image engines, perform search, perform reverse image search

RFCRestyle Chrome extension download
RFCRestyle Control the aesthetics and improve the navigability of HTML IETF RFC documents. Optional automatic redirects from TXT docs.

open source copyleft, open source code, web html, native chrome form inputs, html ietf rfc documents, html rfc, optional automatic redirects, average approximate user base, access web, entire gnu gpl v3, html rfc pages, html rfcs, chrome sync

Code Formatter Chrome extension download
Code Formatter A chrome plugin to format your HTML, CSS, JS or JSON code.

json code, code, use extension, chrome plugin, c php c, introductory video, code supports, html, json, html css js, format

Twitch HTML 5 Video Player Chrome extension download
Twitch HTML 5 Video Player Forces the new HTML 5 player on twitch

html player, twitch, forces, new html player

Signal Inspector Chrome extension download
Signal Inspector Shows you information about tags deployed using Signal Tag.

tags deployed, signal inspector, detect serverdirect tag fires, shows, explore fired tags, debugging tags easier, tags, note valid signal account, detect server direct tag, valid signal account, information, signal allows, signal tag

Buffer Beater Video Acceleration Chrome extension download
Buffer Beater Video Acceleration Eliminates the major causes of video buffering

major causes, video acceleration solution direct, enjoy video, quality video, video issues, video buffering, online video watching, buffer beater, changing network traffic reasonable cost, video watching, swarmify video, solve video, users demand longer, video experience, failure resiliant

Bookmarks Tagging Chrome extension download
Bookmarks Tagging Manage bookmarks with tags.

search search bookmarks, click multiple links, fix bookmark date parsing issue, tags links, bookmark view, show tags show, tags view, fix bookmark, tab show, search tab, tag links, github repository, search tab search, fix javascript exceptions, tag links supports search, visual user manual, search buttons search, bookmark addchange bookmark, github repository tagging, new tag fields, rename tags view, rename tags rename, show tags, add show, bookmark add, add rename tags, limited functionality tagging actions, search view, add bookmark

WGT Toolkit Chrome extension download
WGT Toolkit Scales for WGT golf

video drivers, different display mode, flash version, hardware video drivers flash version, place html scales, place html, flash game client, wgt flash game client, display mode, wgt golf, wgt toolkit puts, note wgt, important note

Pinboard Plus Chrome extension download
Pinboard Plus A better extension for Pinboard ( Easy to know current page has been saved or not.

sensitive auto completion, local meta keywords tags, blockquote tags, add blockquote options, tags input improvements, bug kudos, options private, tags suggestion, bug fix, auto suggestion, options page, new indicator icon, autocomplete bug kudos, current page, disable bookmark autocheck, auto check, increase auto suggestion list size, query post status

Descriptify Chrome extension download
Descriptify Adds multiple defaults to YouTube for descriptions, titles and tags

improve workflow, small box, save multiple sets, video edit, manage existing, descriptions tags, video titles, new defaults, multiple defaults, put small, multiple regularly, content creators, upload pages, descriptions titles, colourcodeable buttons

Tags Tracker Chrome extension download
Tags Tracker Track web analytic tags request sent to the server

supporter tags, netinsight doubleclick mediamind xiti, analytic comscore dax adobe, analytic server, server, analytic tags, supporter tags google analytic comscore dax adobe netinsight doubleclick mediamind xiti, several analytic tags, track web, track web analytic tags request

HTML5 Audio Tag Sound Effects Chrome extension download
HTML5 Audio Tag Sound Effects 10 Band Graphic Equalizer/Chorus/Delay/Reverb

click enable, youtube google play, bugfix google play music script, graphic equalizer, graphic equalizer chorus delay reverb, audiovideo tags, google play music, video tag ver, html5 audio tag sound effects, audio tag, audio video, address bar, bugfix google play, video tag, audio video sites, doesn work, select options, graphic equalizerchorusdelayreverb

Tumblr Tag Chrome extension download
Tumblr Tag Post your list of favorite tags on Tumblr in one click.

post, tumblr tag v3, tumblr tag v3 add, tags, new features, tumblr tags, alphabetical ordered, favorite tags, tumblr

Encode-Decode Chrome extension download
Encode-Decode Encode and decode text to and from HTML, base64, hexadecimal, and more! Or generate hashes using MD5, SHA-1, and SHA-3.

encode, html base64 hexadecimal, web developers, base64, error checking, generate hashes, source code, features include, md5 sha, binary octal hexadecimal base64 html, html, decode text, combine html, md5 sha sha

Steam Piggy Bank Chrome extension download
Steam Piggy Bank Get a quick overview of Steam's current sales

small ui changes, respective steam store page, favorite games distribution platform, user tags, awesome new view, multiple tag selection, latest sales, steam piggy bank allows, sales steam, tags search, minor ui issue, app tags, changed sorting, urc showing bundles

Github HTML Preview Chrome extension download
Github HTML Preview Github HTML Preview provide a quick way to preview the html files in the tree browser

tab page, bug report rnkeer gmail, new tab page, html files, tree browser, quick way, extennal ico button, html preview button, preview page, html preview, github html preview, file preview page

WebNotes Chrome extension download
WebNotes Make a note of important points in any article on a web page

new tab, button tool, web notes add, save important notes, rename tag, important points, user experience user guide, web notes page, web notes, message new feature requests, notes assigned, bye bye, delete tags, web notes add note, new tag, tags rename tags delete tags, web notes button, save note, delete tag, new tag name, web notes drop, add note, web page, notes rename tags, tag assigned, new features

Checkvist TimeCalc Chrome extension download
Checkvist TimeCalc Time calculation for Checkvist list item tags.

extension icon, generate tags, tag format, use checkvist, create tags, list tree, chrome tool bar, parent list items, create project estimates, checkvist list item tags, received reports, list item

HTML5 Video Tag Enhancer Chrome extension download
HTML5 Video Tag Enhancer Color Adjustment/10Band EQ/Chorus/Delay/Reverb/Playback Rate/Loop/Panels

audio tag ver, click pop, chorus delay reverb playback rate, target tag, leftclick pop, audio tag sound, color adjustment, html5 audio tag sound effects, audio tag, video tags, address bar, playback rate, doesn work, color adjustment10band eqchorusdelayreverbplayback ratelooppanels

AlterNote Editor Chrome extension download
AlterNote Editor An alternative implementation of the tinyMCE WYSIWYG editor for the Evernote web client.

evernote web client, alternote editor, image properties, alternative implementation, open links, parent tags, note text, source code, local backup copies, tinymce wysiwyg editor, oneclick addition, html block elements

Basic HTML Email Toggle Chrome extension download
Basic HTML Email Toggle Toggles between regular and basic html gmail.

toggles, gmail, basic html, basic html gmail, standard view, toggle, basic html versions, simple extension, allows

My Little Pony Video Chrome extension download
My Little Pony Video My Little Pony includes video gallery of series Friendship is Magic, Little Pony etc. Select and add new YouTube video.

youtube video gallery, little pony video c, add video, little pony, pony video, popular app contains, new season, scootaloo twilight sparkle applejack fluttershy rarity rainbow dash pinkie, little pony etc, video gallery, youtube video, video b, new youtube video, series friendship

Editor Lite Chrome extension download
Editor Lite Edit HTML easily, right inside your browser.

html dtd html dtd adobe flash, tag ctrl jquery, tag ctrl , flash embed jquery, id ctrl p paragraph tag ctrl b, tag ctrl flash embed code ctrl jquery, code editor, ul tag ctrl , facebook follow, coding ctrl, bold tag ctrl r break tag ctrl , tag ctrl html dtd ctrl html dtd ctrl, ctrl h1 tag ctrl h2 tag ctrl html dtd ctrl html dtd ctrl q div, tag ctrl, n image tag ctrl f flash, code ctrl, code ctrl j jquery function code ctrl k bookmark tag ctrl j jquery function code ctrl , save code, html dtd html dtd

Validador de HTML Chrome extension download
Validador de HTML Validador de HTML para Google Chrome

tidy library, offline html validator, html5 validation library, tidy html validation library, validator please note please, excellent tidy library, html validator, html para, automatically check, javascript port, validation library, development tools panel, address bar, development tools

Secure Shopping Chrome extension download
Secure Shopping Enhances privacy for online shopping by removing or obscuring tracking tags

enhances privacy, obscuring tracking tags, online shopping, tags

eXtract Snippet Chrome extension download
eXtract Snippet Extract HTML/CSS snippets from websites. Inspect an element and eXtract HTML CSS

html css, html css code, simply clicking, extract snippet inspect, codepen jsfiddle, media queries, extract html css panel, extract htmlcss snippets, extracted code, developer tools, extract html css, developer tools inspect element, extract snippet, html code, inspected element, inspected snippet, extract html css snippets, relevant css

Video Bookmarks Chrome extension download
Video Bookmarks Video bookmarking tool that provides an easy way to collect, organize and share videos from any video host, website and blog.

easy way, tool, follow video collections, collect organize, video bookmarks button, video, tv veoh vimeo dailymotion, video collections created, video bookmarking tool, video host, video host website, collect, share videos

Gmail Append HTML Chrome extension download
Gmail Append HTML Allows the usage of HTML content in Gmail from the context menu.

html content, select append clipboard, inline css, extension manipulates, important contact, please notice, context menu, html element, gmail tab, use inline css

HTML Content Blocker Chrome extension download
HTML Content Blocker Blocks desired HTML contents (script, style, image, object, media)

block desired html contents, badge icon text shows, script style, report bugs, simply unmark, desired icon, bug report form, badge icon, content blocker, badge number, html contents, easy interface, desired html contents script style, html content blocker, various html contents

Video Viewer Chrome extension download
Video Viewer View video links in a popup without leaving the current page

small fix, youtube urls, video sites, added support, facebook videos, another video site, view videos, video link, various updates, view video links, current page, tv videos, click watch video

Tidy Sidebar Chrome extension download
Tidy Sidebar Tidy Sidebar

tidy sidebar development, olo graph, tags field lets, tidy sidebar, list bookmarks sidebar, bookmark tags, typing asterisk, max write operations, senior analyst programmer, bad people, keyboard shortcut, search bookmarks, bookmark page, tabs list bookmarks, edit bookmark tags HQ Video Fetcher Chrome extension download HQ Video Fetcher Let's you know that a HQ video is available from

highquality video, video, chrome extensions, browsing history, source code, vikings, high quality video, com, hq video

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