Best Initial Release Gt Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total initial release gt plugins - 598
Temperature Chrome extension download
Temperature The temperature outside.

forecast location, temperature, choose, initial release permissions, toolbar, temperature right, want, units, initial release permissions forecast, formulas editable

Easy Button Chrome extension download
Easy Button A fun extension that plays the "That was easy" sound from the Staples Easy Button.

easy sound, fun extension, flat icon, initial release author, version, new flat icon, initial release author created, changelog version, code cleanup version, minor fixes, staples easy button, diljot garcha

Tab Aligner Chrome extension download
Tab Aligner Simple and powerful Tab organizing extension

release note, initial public release version, existing tab, clicking tab aligner, multiple tabs, public release, bug fix, automatic reload feature, pain point, multiple windows, tab aligner addresses, tab aligner icon

Proxxy Chrome extension download
Proxxy Simply the best proxy interface for chrome.

initial github release, russian translation update, chinese translation, proxy settings, google page, inclusion exclusion, host inclusionexclusion rules, web store release, translation update, proxy interface, options page, updated manifest, initial attempt, override connection settings, chinese translation update, turkish translation update, open options page

TV Remote for Philips Smart TV Chrome extension download
TV Remote for Philips Smart TV Full control over your Philips tv from your browser so you can leave that remote on the table

chrome browser action, angular cloned, applcation performs, chrome browser, initial release, philips tv, jointspace json api, new icon, address bar, fixed initial, full control, local network

Page Modifier Chrome extension download
Page Modifier Modifies specified page by your own JavaScript/jQuery script.

follow manifest verison, initial release options page, define domain, local computer, options page, verison changes, newedit script field, support page, define scripts, release options page, previous release syntax error, cz script

Trello-Office Chrome extension download
Trello-Office project management and time tracking based on trello

time estimations, bugfix release, bugfix release fixed, start button, start logging, initial public release, new save dialog, add time estimations, start time log, time log entry, saverecord dialog, log time, time logging, time log Playlist Manager Chrome extension download Playlist Manager Add custom playlists to!

initial dropbox support playlists, songs playlist, binwebscrcmd sxclick hostedbuttonid zdrn38dyealz6 changelog, original songs, xclick hosted button id, initial public release, new tt version, bug fixes, new interface code rewrite, new settings code cleanup, create custom playlists, custom playlists

Z3X Free Downloads Chrome extension download
Z3X Free Downloads This extension allow to download free files from support

packed state chrome don, com support, free files, release notes, download torrentfiles, z3x team, initial release, download free files, faster list loading, footer typo, download, z3xteam server, search added, download torrent files

Disapproval Look Chrome extension download
Disapproval Look Opens '' in a new tab.

opens www, website www, www, new tab, opens, initial release, disapprovallook, com, many different emoticons

Metro Style Clock Widget [ANTP] Chrome extension download
Metro Style Clock Widget [ANTP] A metro style clock for Awesome New Tab Page. [ANTP]

tab page, awesome new tab page metroclock, current version, requires awesome, awesome new tab page, minor js updates, non release version, tab page metroclock, initial release, metro style clock, hours time formats, release version, added ability, awesome metro style widget

Greentextify Chrome extension download
Greentextify Greentexts the whole internet, so >implying actually works.

colors everything, initial public release, mutationevent listeners, whole internet, version history, slight regex tweak, performance boost, image boards

Child Tab Next Chrome extension download
Child Tab Next Force new/duplicated tabs (but not those opened via links) to open next to their opener, not at the very end.

current tab, fix extension, added support, new mooon, google chrome extension, initial release, personal use, duplicated tabs, please note, new tabs Chrome extension download Removes partisanship from your news feeds

news feeds, google support, individual sites, url icon, initial release, facebook news feed, version history, identify posts, multiple sites

GTA V Next Gen Countdown Chrome extension download
GTA V Next Gen Countdown A countdown to the release of Rockstar's GTA V for PC. Previously supported next gen consoles - The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

playstation whats, support gta v pc, support date added, pre order, release date, support whats, pre order whats, handy grand theft auto, v pc minimum specifications, support gta pc, release whats, added gta pc, added support, gta v logo, daily push notification, v pc release date, pc release date, release pc, updated lowest, incorrect countdown display issue, gta pc release date, new release date set, countdown extension

colourSpy Chrome extension download
colourSpy Easily view CSS colours used on a website.

view css colours, ui tweaks, quickly find, css scss, initial release, plain text, css colours, bug fixes, handy extension, remove swatch button, added export, hsl values, preview colours

Can I Use? Chrome extension download
Can I Use? Can I Use? - Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc

support tables, improved autocomplete, l f details, html5 css3, souce code, retina icon, cleanup design, unofficial chrome extension, initial release, new icon, added autocomplete

Host name rewriter Chrome extension download
Host name rewriter Rewrite URLs for using a different host when accessing a web page.

clicking link, extension button, different host, fix installation, host name, web page, initial release, version history, options page, host names, fix rewrite, sync changes

GoToMeeting for Google Calendar Chrome extension download
GoToMeeting for Google Calendar Easily schedule GoToMeeting sessions from your Google Calendar.

configured time zone, fix release meeting, uppercase email address issue, calendar settings, automatically scheduled, fix release plugin, old google calendar url, fix release, g suite marketplace, new google calendar url, fix release fix settings button, handle google calendar changes, gotomeeting free, country selection dialog, fix release fix, meeting button, local system time zone, google calendar, calendar event, fix release meetings

Rotisserie URL Rotator Chrome extension download
Rotisserie URL Rotator Rotate URLs in one Chrome tab.

chrome tab, initial public release, chrome extension storage, google chrome, refresh rate, bulk updates, fixed bug, google cast extension, fullscreen mode, provide pausing

Play Genius Chrome extension download
Play Genius Adds lyrics from Genius to Google Play Music

lyrics button, queue button, stops displaying, initial release, google play music, open animation, options menu, elegant themes, music queue

Gmail zed Chrome extension download
Gmail zed An elegant, grayish Gmail skin

use helvetica, new outlook, helvetica neue, grayish gmail skin, initial release, ice cream fund, kids ice, minimalist extension, gmail theme, soft gray, split pane, gmail skin

Creative Commons Laser Highlighter Chrome extension download
Creative Commons Laser Highlighter This extension highlights any Creative Commons license RDFa mark-up using a laser effect.

another associate tag, amazon brand name, working group, rdfa working group, laser effect, amazon associate tag, amazon associate, present free version, initial release, creative commons license rdfa mark, present free version rewrites, bug fix release, fixed bug, rdfa api, creative commons

Tab Sleep Timer Chrome extension download
Tab Sleep Timer Close the tab with your favorite series or any another streaming video/audio after the desired time - sleep in silence

tab selection, desired time, another streaming videoaudio, chrome windows, initial release, active timers, postpone list, change log, streaming video audio, incorrect tab selection, active timers fixed fix, favorite series

URL Query Editor Chrome extension download
URL Query Editor Add and edit URL query parameters more easily.

edit url query, default shortcut key, autocomplete suggestion list, facilitate parameter input, macos command, initial release, tab focus issue, options page, url query parameters, fix tab focus issue, chrome regression, chromium issue

UptimeRobot Extension Chrome extension download
UptimeRobot Extension Check the status of your web sites on UptimeRobot

uptimerobot extension, prevent potential network errors, added second delay, api call v1, id appreciate comments, every downtime minute, com contact page, site status, web sites, console logs v1, free site monitors, initial release, site monitors

Games Release Chrome extension download
Games Release Don't miss any game release for your favorite platform ever again! With Game Release you will always know the release dates of all…

miss, release dates, dont miss, android market, playstation ps3 playstation ps4 wii wiiu nintendo3ds, app store, favorite platform, game release, favorite videogames, pc xbox

Twitter Autoload Chrome extension download
Twitter Autoload Automatically loads new tweets to whatever feed you are watching

text area incase, initial release source, clutter twitter decides, timeline tweets area, many simultaneous requests, trigger updates, twitter feed, frequently update, new tweets, new punchline, tweets area, new tweets bar

WaniKani Notifier Redux Chrome extension download
WaniKani Notifier Redux Notifies you when you have more to study on WaniKani! Now with HTTPS support!

next review, desktop notification, refresh period, site wide https, t0asterb0t studios, initial release, sitewide https, https support, displays desktop, underling site structure, underling site, extension icon

LEO Dictionary Quick Search Pop-up Chrome extension download
LEO Dictionary Quick Search Pop-up Easiest and fastest way to look-up a word in LEO dictionary.

search input field, original leo dictionary, initial release links, quickly open, increased height, upper right corner, gmail dot com, search pop, leo lion icon, search field, leo dictionary, gmail dot

Simple RSS Reader [aNTP] Chrome extension download
Simple RSS Reader [aNTP] Simple RSS Reader widget for Awesome New Tab Page. Resizable and multi-placeable. [ANTP]

tab page, basic functionality, awesome new tab page, initial release, simple rss reader, multi placeable, simple rss reader widget, antp

Salesforce Dashboards on TV Chrome extension download
Salesforce Dashboards on TV This extension will display and refresh your SalesForce dashboards in a fullscreen scrolling window.

jquery dependency, fullscreen scrolling window, refresh, removed jquery dependency, initial release, window, lightning experience, salesforce dashboards, display, experience support

Fix Sharepoint Scrolling Chrome extension download
Fix Sharepoint Scrolling Fixes Microsoft Sharepoint Stupidity With Regards To Scrolling on non-IE browsers

code sharepoint scrolling blob master, installation issues, extension modifies, view data, please contact, nonie browsers, sharepoint page, initial release, fixed installation issues, microsoft sharepoint stupidity, sharepoint site, sharepoint stupidity

Twitch Chat Strawpoll Helper Chrome extension download
Twitch Chat Strawpoll Helper Reformats Twitch chat messages that include links to

screamer website, twitch chat, website strawpoii, popcorncolonel gmail, valid strawpoll link, vote strawpollid option, vote strawpoll, initial release, easilyreadable link, new group, fixed bug, primary functions, bug reports suggestions

KissAnime AdBlocker Chrome extension download
KissAnime AdBlocker Blocks ads and prevents reduction of KPoints on KissAnime, KissManga, KissCartoon, and KissAsia

ad request blocking, specific ad blocking block ads, sharelike button blocking, initial release , fellow otaku change log, ad request blocking added, kab developer, ads v0, system v0, kissanime kissmanga kisscartoon, ad blocking system, ad blocking, blocks ads, fixed extension, temporary logging system v0, proper logger customizable options

Manga Chrome extension download
Manga ????????

fix meta charset, release log, release log , popup,

Math Anywhere Chrome extension download
Math Anywhere Render LaTeX & MathML formulas on any page you want

mathematical notation, render latex mathml formulas, integral icon, latex mathml formulas, initial release, mathml latex formulas, https support, alt tag, reading documents, mathematical notation easy

Force HD for YouTube Chrome extension download
Force HD for YouTube Forces all videos played through YouTube to HD if possible.

enhancement requests, hd quality, https version, standard definition, youtube videos selected, reviews section, requests leave, 010513 extend functionality, extension works, source change, click quality button, user interaction, initial release 090612, support hd quality, silent chrome extension, hd quality selected

Greed Chrome extension download
Greed Display a grid on any web page. You can configure grid size, shifting and opacity.

current tab, configure grid size, web page, webpage content, previous parameters, initial release, design webpage content, fix retrieving saved top, left parameters, live configure, display grid, grid previous parameters

Remember Me: Login Manager Chrome extension download
Remember Me: Login Manager Remember login information for websites that don't automatically save login and password data.

perfect solution, automatically save login, data encrypted, initial public release, password data, added colour, third party servers, encrypted data, key features, login information, change log, input placeholders, easy identification, store login usernames, site basis, enter passwords, save passwords

Whom to follow for Twitter Chrome extension download
Whom to follow for Twitter This extension corrects Twitter's "Who to follow" to "Whom to follow".

extension corrects twitter, blog post, complete reimplementation compatible, reimplementation compatible, fixed top navigation link, extension turns, initial release, thanks techcrunch, code simplifications, trademark concerns, fixed twitter accounts suggested, top navigation link

Multiplication Table Chrome extension download
Multiplication Table Drop down multiplication table.

chrome web store, license version, chrome web, language governing permissions, initial release, either express, specific language governing permissions, copyright peckitt software, writing software distributed, applicable law, spot multiplication, multiplication table

Print This Frame! Chrome extension download
Print This Frame! Right-click -> Print this frame... -> :-)

avoid callback hell, frame click print, avoid callback hell automatically, initial public release, chrome cleaned, new tab, auto close functionality, event listeners, tab jungle, handy extension, click print, autoclose functionality, stable version

History Rocker Gestures Chrome extension download
History Rocker Gestures Adds Rocker gestures for navigating back and forward.

extension allows, initial release, use rocker gestures, hold, browser history, left mouse button, extension pages, fixed bug caused, rocker gestures, mouse button

Trello Chat Chrome extension download
Trello Chat Adds chat functionality to a board

chat functionality, report errors, small teams, markdown syntax, board easy, systems setup, slack skype, full markdown syntax, simple chat functionality, description text, initial working release, version history , description text box, trello chat, communicate quickly

BoradGameGeek Image Viewer Chrome extension download
BoradGameGeek Image Viewer Browse BGG image by a popup image viewer.

browse boardgame images, image nodes, inserted image nodes, popup image viewer, browse bgg image, initial release, changelog, change icons, browse boardgame images rapidly, apply function

YouTube(TM) Mouse Controls Chrome extension download
YouTube(TM) Mouse Controls Change YouTube(TM) videos volume and seek with your mouse

reverse volume scroll feature, screen initial release, seek scroll feature, player control bar, white percentage bar, change youtube, added volume percentage feature, added options page, reverse seek scroll feature, volume scroll feature, mouse scroll, page added, bug fix, added volume, added fix, proper attribution v, options page, youtube stop, added seek, release options page, past releases v, small bug fix v, youtube page, seek options page fix, proper branding v, volume bug fix

Twitter-Hashtag-Color Chrome extension download
Twitter-Hashtag-Color chagne hashtag color.

old twitter ui, chagne hashtag color, initial release, change link css, new twitter css change, add needed files, 20121209 version, twitter ui, 20110315 version, twitter css change, 20110427 version

Wolfram|Alpha Chrome extension download
Wolfram|Alpha WolframAlpha popup chrome extension

alpha database, enter input, returns results, version log, wolfram alpha computational, message area, initial release, simple popup chrome extension, popup chrome extension, wolfram alpha, alpha computational knowledge engine, extension queries

Extension Defender Chrome extension download
Extension Defender Protect Chrome with Extension Defender, scan your extensions for unwanted or malicious apps.

paid version, malware extensions, obfuscated code, added paid version, extension icon lets, protect chrome, advanced scanning page, malware adware, development costs, install extension defender, extension defender scan, initial release, malicious apps, extension defender, automatic signature updates, malicious extensions

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