Best Iphone Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total iphone plugins - 16
iCloud Bookmarks Chrome extension download
iCloud Bookmarks Keep your Chrome bookmarks on Windows up to date with the Safari bookmarks on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

bookmarks, chrome, icloud, windows, mac, icloudcontrolpanel, iphone, extension, sla, docs, legal, ipad, touch, devices, mixing

Save to Pocket Chrome extension download
Save to Pocket Pocket Extension for Chrome - The best way to save articles, videos and more

pocket, save, chrome, view, page, click, syncs, extension, webstore, completely, android, free, ipad, upgrade, anytime Extension Chrome extension download Extension helps you remember everything you have to do.

android, tasks, app, apps, amp, extension, lists, notes, iphone, add, time, helps, world, pc, top

Tumblr Savior Chrome extension download
Tumblr Savior Tired of iPad posts filling up your dashboard? Hate hearing about an athlete's latest blunders? Tumblr Savior is here to save you!

savior, tumblr, posts, list, version, spaces, latest, multiple, webextension, tired, protect, hate, hearing, athlete, show

Instapaper Chrome extension download
Instapaper Instapaper browser extension to save links for offline reading.

instapaper, page, save, saving, extension, original, queue, browser, android, ipad, signup, iphone, account, read, pages

Calculator Chrome extension download
Calculator A beautiful scientific calculator inspired by the iPhone calculator!

calculator, extension, scientific, beautiful, forget, rate, stars, share, friends, give, inspired, access, fast, chrome, iphone

Wunderlist New Tab Chrome extension download
Wunderlist New Tab Replace your New Tab page with a lightweight version of Wunderlist that lets you quickly add new to-dos to your lists.

wunderlist, tab, page, windows, extension, free, add, capture, kindle, chromebook, quickly, mac, ideas, lightning, android

Push to Kindle Chrome extension download
Push to Kindle Send web articles to your Kindle

kindle, push, http, extension, articles, org, content, send, web, fivefilters, reading, service, chrome, article, amp

NYT Cooking Chrome extension download
NYT Cooking Collect the best recipes from across the web in one place — your NYT Cooking Recipe Box.

cooking, nyt, recipes, recipe, save, appstore, web, chrome, great, place, iphone, ipad, box, extension, saved

chromeTouch Chrome extension download
chromeTouch Enable iPhone like touch scroll interface.

extension, touch, enable, iphone, chrome, scroll, chrometouch, interface

QPush - Push Text and Links to iPhone Chrome extension download
QPush - Push Text and Links to iPhone The easiest way to push text and links to iPhone! Copy, send SMS, open links and maps right away! No need to email yourself anymore.

app, qpush, iphone, push, links, actions, open, text, sms, phone, super, http, pc, chrome, store

Send to iPhone - myPhoneDesktop Chrome extension download
Send to iPhone - myPhoneDesktop Quickly and effortlessly send links, images, maps, text and phone numbers to your iPhone or iPad with myPhoneDesktop

send, myphonedesktop, chrome, url, iphone, extension, text, multiple, web, idevice, desktop, client, selection, phone, numbers

Symbaloo Homepage 2 Chrome extension download
Symbaloo Homepage 2 Symbaloo Extension for setting Symbaloo as the Homepage in your Chrome. With Symbaloo you surf with one click to all of your…

symbaloo, favorite, websites, favorites, click, homepage, iphone, free, pc, extension, add, app, ipad, manually, mac

EchoDownload Chrome extension download
EchoDownload Download all Echo360 recordings

extension, echo360, download, work, lecture, recording, greatly, convenient, time, computer, play, simply, device, mobile, systems

Fooder Chrome extension download
Fooder Twoje przepisy w jednym miejscu! Fooder: ?atwe i wygodne u?ywanie przepisów pochodz?cych z dowolnych serwisów i blogów

na, przepis, fooder, blog, lub, specjalny, przepisu, jednym, ipad, esz, przepisy, przechowywanie, fooderze, iphone, formie

IM+ Bar Chrome extension download
IM+ Bar Surf the web with IM+ in your browser!

im, messenger, web, iphone, ipad, google, chat, blackberry, icq, buddies, facebook, myspace, rich, msn, live

Highly Highlighter Chrome extension download
Highly Highlighter Highlight to share.

highly, share, apps, highlights, highlight, highlighter, ipad, post, iphone, browser, button, chrome, extension, follow, friends

BriefTube - Instant video summarizer Chrome extension download
BriefTube - Instant video summarizer Effortlessly find any concept in any video. Instantly jump to the correct frame and second. Save time & focus on gaining knowledge

video, find, brieftube, word, time, search, exam, save, online, important, focus, subscription, knowledge, correct, studies

iCloud Reminders Shortcut Chrome extension download
iCloud Reminders Shortcut Access your iPhone/iPad Reminders on Chrome within a snap

chrome, reminders, iphone, ipad, shortcut, bar, extension, access, snapaccess, official, address, open, snap, tab, icloud

User-Agent Switcher Chrome extension download
User-Agent Switcher User-Agent Switcher is a quick and easy way to switch between user-agents.

user, agent, extension, browsers, agents, switcher, chrome, page, pages, quot, switch, ios, iphone, ipad, android

myPhoneDesktop Client Chrome extension download
myPhoneDesktop Client Call, SMS, open URL, copy text or save image on your iPhone or iPad with myPhoneDesktop Client

myphonedesktop, iphone, send, desktop, google, chrome, sms, text, copy, ipad, extension, url, client, long, computer

laClipy Chrome extension download
laClipy Connect to iPhone and send a text to other devices.

app, iphone, text, laclipy, jp, extension, support, send, store, connect, cloudclip, manifest, hl, ja, current

Prowl Chrome extension download
Prowl Sends a link to the currently visited page as a push notification to your iPhone or iPod Touch.

prowl, http, key, notification, push, chrome, page, jrmiller84, touch, sends, extension, updated, manifest, version, source

iSource News Chrome extension download
iSource News #1 Source for iPad, iPhone, iPod, Mac and Apple TV

apple, http, news, amp, mac, isource, os, forums, ios, ipad, iphone, ipod, facebook, firmware, updates

IGN Chrome extension download
IGN IGN is top for gaming news & reviews incl Xbox, PS3, Wii, PC & iPhone games. Get alerts for new articles within the topics you love.

articles, alerts, ign, news, topics, xbox, twitter, ps3, sharing, wii, social, updates, amp, regular, topic

blitz Chrome extension download
blitz Instantly load test your app from around the world with just a few clicks. No scripting and no test creation.

apps, load, extension, test, app, iphone, fun, cloud, android, blitz, public, world, extremely, understand, page

Better Eight ( Tools Chrome extension download
Better Eight ( Tools Eight?????????????????Gmail CSV??vCard?iPhone, Outlook????????????

iphone, net, tools, chrome, gmail, csv, extension, outlook, icloud, card, vcard, ver, android, myhome

Flickr Venue Chrome extension download
Flickr Venue Add a Foursquare venue to your Flickr photo

flickr, venue, photo, extension, foursquare, loads, icon, associate, geotagged, page, chrome, photothis, add, choose, bertrandom

Simple Calendar Chrome extension download
Simple Calendar Simple Vista like Calendar and old analog clock in browser window

browser, extensions, window, chrome, calendar, simple, vista, users, android, appearance, iphone, point, view, mac, http

Stash Chrome extension download
Stash Collect videos from your favorite websites to watch on your mobile device computer or TV. Powered by Rovi (

video, collect, mobile, stash, web, videos, android, library, share, ipad, iphone, device, watch, websites, favorite

QRTrans Chrome extension download
QRTrans Translate URL or text to QRCode for iPhone and Mobile Devices.

iphone, url, text, qr, code, free, version, twitter, reader, app, extension, v2, manifest, translate, civic

BossNote Chrome extension download
BossNote ?????????? BossNote ??? Google Chrome - ?????????? ?????? ? ?????????? ? ???? ???? ?? ?????? ???? ????????!

bossnote, www, https, chrome, iphone, ipad, android, facebook, extension, pages, twitter, vk, google, http, ru

To Pushover Chrome extension download
To Pushover Quick push urls, images, text and dial/phone numbers from Google Chrome via Pushover.

phone, extension, images, pushover, text, chrome, dial, push, urls, quick, running, android, mobile, iphone, google

Zattoo Remote Control Chrome extension download
Zattoo Remote Control Control zattoo remotely with your mobile

zattoo, tv, works, control, channels, android, apptitude, https, iphone, remote, extension, chrome, app, store, remotely

Save to Beach Chrome extension download
Save to Beach Beach extension for Chrome - click the button to save the web page to Beach (available now on iPhone)

beach, save, button, travel, extension, suggests, feature, iphone, chrome, destination, grouped, tagging, smart, helps, social

BrowSync Chrome extension download
BrowSync Synchronised browsing and debugging tool. Preview site on muliple mobile device without touching them.

extension, devices, browsing, device, favorite, desktop, browsync, install, tablet, pages, windows, muliple, mobile, android, iphone

Video Conversations for IBM SmartCloud Chrome extension download
Video Conversations for IBM SmartCloud WebRTC based Audio/Video Conversations using OVX for IBM SmartCloud and IBM Meetings. Supports Chrome (PC/Mac), iPad, iPhone, and…

chrome, ibm, smartcloud, iphone, video, conversations, ipad, mac, pc, webrtc, based, extension, audio, android, ovx

FreeNew App Store Chrome extension download
FreeNew App Store Download the best free Android?iPhone & iPad?Windows apps at

apps, software, download, windows, android, freenew, www, free, store, net, chrome, extension, mobile, games, applications

VK Music Remote Chrome extension download
VK Music Remote Use your iPhone to control music playback from over wifi.

music, vk, remote, control, extension, chrome, iphone, playback, wifi

Mobile User-Agent Chrome extension download
Mobile User-Agent Change to mobile user-agent within one click

agent, user, extension, change, mobile, chrome, clickthis, iphone, click

xCurrency Chrome extension download
xCurrency An easy to use currency convertor that looks up multiple currencies at the same time instantly.

http, currencies, mobile, app, easy, xcurrency, multiple, gl, currency, instantly, extension, convertor, converter, android, phone

TeleApp: push App Store links to your iPhone Chrome extension download
TeleApp: push App Store links to your iPhone TeleApp adds a handy 'Push to iPhone' button on any iOS App Store link, so you can push the app directly to your iPhone.

app, push, teleapp, store, apps, iphone, page, ios, extension, device, link, chrome, notification, ipad, adds

DoubleVision-Mobile Sync+Send to Phone Chrome extension download
DoubleVision-Mobile Sync+Send to Phone Send any website to your mobile device instantly. Videos & content even play on your mobile lockscreen.

screen, amp, facebook, iphone, computer, mobile, sync, gt, videos, getdoublevision, ipad, apps, send, lockscreen, settings

i-Pusher Chrome extension download
i-Pusher Extension allows you to send various content to iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

extension, application, link, iphone, page, device, text, browser, app, click, content, image, chrome, mt, amp

Multi Screen Responsive Tester Chrome extension download
Multi Screen Responsive Tester Test your website in different Screen resolution and mobile devices, iPhone, iPad, Nexus etc. and different user agents.

screen, nexus, mobile, test, ipad, website, iphone, devices, blackberry, google, responsive, chrome, kindle, extension, amazon

Punchr Page Monitor Chrome extension download
Punchr Page Monitor Monitor any web page for updates.

page, app, iphone, punchr, monitor, extension, chrome, ls, amp, web, receive, push, free, notification, straight

unlockriver free unlock,How to sim unlock Chrome extension download
unlockriver free unlock,How to sim unlock unlockriver free and easy sim unlock solutions.

unlock, free, iphone, phone, sim, htc, mobile, network, learn, unlockriver, step, nokia, pin, instructions, wireless

QR Code Generator Chrome extension download
QR Code Generator ???????????QR??????????????QR???????????????????????

generator, code, chrome, px, extension, qr, iphone

Yellow Chrome extension download
Yellow Make plans with Yellow!

yellow, friends, chrome, profile, sync, everyday, android, adylitica, simple, calendar, google, iphone, contacts, account, free

Do Responsive Chrome extension download
Do Responsive This is a simple great untility for developers and site administrators to check their local and remote websites in multiple views.

extension, websites, access, layout, layouts, developer, warning, remote, chrome, local, gmail, responsive, ipad, delete, iphone

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