Best Javascript Frameworks Chrome Extension Alternatives

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Wappalyzer Chrome extension download
Wappalyzer Identifies software on the web

wappalyzer, extension, https, firefox, detects, applications, issues, frameworks, javascript, servers, web, platforms, ecommerce, systems, management

Visual Event Chrome extension download
Visual Event Know what event is bound on each dom element

dom, extension, javascript, allan, version, jardine, event, standard, events, http, www, chrome, works, link, visual

Frameworks Chrome extension download
Frameworks Displays JavaScript frameworks used on a site.

js, frameworks, support, yui, dojo, spine, mootools, ember, github, jquery, fixes, snack, prototype, d3, activejs

Illuminations Chrome extension download
Illuminations Illuminating the web, one framework at a time... see how the web really works!

element, object, views, chrome, panel, illuminations, takes, widget, bring, devtools, javascript, framework, extension, web, click

UX Profiler Chrome extension download
UX Profiler Extends the Developer Tools, adding ability to measure and profile UX by grouping related events together.

user, profile, events, supports, profiler, ux, transaction, caused, including, xhrs, frameworks, description, javascript, detailed, major

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