Best Jquery Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total jquery plugins - 40
Lazarus: Form Recovery Chrome extension download
Lazarus: Form Recovery Autosaves everything you type so you can easily recover from form-killing timeouts, crashes and network errors.

lazarus, form, bug, chrome, extension, database, code, firefox, comments, website, version, good, add, errors, due

chromeIPass Chrome extension download
chromeIPass KeePass integration for browser Chrome using KeePassHttp

support, fix, password, fields, lukas, add, quot, keepasshttp, schulze, generator, keepass, chrome, github, chromeipass, field

jQuery Debugger Chrome extension download
jQuery Debugger Chrome Developer Tools extension for jQuery development

jquery, elements, panel, selectors, selected, events, element, shows, data, extension, chrome, easily, sidebar, matching, inspector

LocalGalleryViewerExtension Chrome extension download
LocalGalleryViewerExtension Allows opening local folders and show containing images in a gallery slideshow

local, images, extension, gallery, tab, controlpanel, chrome, superbgimage, jquery, chromecast, webpage, directory, folders, share, eberhard

Refresh for Twitter Chrome extension download
Refresh for Twitter Refresh the Timeline automatically when there are new tweets.

v2, twitter, page, refresh, tweets, fixed, removed, jquery, needless, mthie, v1, works, script, extension, https

WizNote Web Clipper Chrome extension download
WizNote Web Clipper Use the WizNote extension to save things you see on the web into your WizNote account.

save, fixed, update, chrome, bug, content, wiznote, extension, web, support, keyboard, add, website, note, directory

Extended S3 Browser Chrome extension download
Extended S3 Browser An extension to browse S3 files on your chrome browser.

s3, files, view, chrome, extension, added, easy, twitter, interface, set, save, credentials, features, add, bootstrap

PageLiner Chrome extension download
PageLiner Create guidelines on websites to check alignment for example.

guide, lines, v1, extension, color, added, fixed, create, rulers, id, changed, en, shown, line, github

Viewport Dimensions Chrome extension download
Viewport Dimensions This extension displays Chrome’s viewport dimensions when resizing the browser window.

extension, dimensions, viewport, chrome, fix, github, size, window, issues, browser, color, outer, updated, mode, fixed

Strong Password Generator Chrome extension download
Strong Password Generator Simple tool for generating strong and secure passwords

added, version, password, extension, translation, list, option, strong, select, length, generator, custom, generate, passwords, jquery

Chrome Sniffer Plus Chrome extension download
Chrome Sniffer Plus Sniff web framework and javascript libraries run on browsing website.

web, javascript, sniff, extension, github, justjavac, framework, apache, php, iis, blogger, drupal, phpbb, jquery, chrome

Gmail Show Time Chrome extension download
Gmail Show Time Shows full date/time in email listing and detail headers.

email, time, version, minor, detail, extension, shows, fix, format, date, function, preview, library, pm, support

Editor Lite Chrome extension download
Editor Lite Edit HTML easily, right inside your browser.

ctrl, code, tag, chrome, editor, html, http, extension, browser, jquery, coding, flash, save, facebook, dtd

jQuery Audit Chrome extension download
jQuery Audit Audit jQuery's delegated events, internal data, and more.

quot, jquery, panel, dom, audit, objects, elements, variables, events, delegated, function, sidebar, data, node, highlight

Instant Wireframe Chrome extension download
Instant Wireframe View any web page as a wireframe. Instantly!

wireframe, extension, view, version, screenshots, plugin, option, web, respective, framify, jquery, encounter, suggestions, affiliated, owners

Trump Filter Chrome extension download
Trump Filter Remove Donald Trump from the Internet.

trump, filter, donald, political, chrome, extension, bugs, news, internet, room, real, estate, permutation, celebrity, ascendance

jQuerify Chrome extension download
jQuerify Inject jQuery latest stable release version into any page you want or indicate presence of jQuery if it is included on page…

jquery, page, quot, plugin, chrome, inject, injected, button, version, work, conflict, extension, important, friends, case

No MouseWheel Zoom Chrome extension download
No MouseWheel Zoom This extension disables the annoying zoom shortcut Ctrl + Mousewheel on Chrome.

chrome, extension, zoom, tabs, changing, shortcut, settings, jquery, mousewheel, unzooming, disables, zooming, sudden, access, file

CLEAN crxMouse Gestures Chrome extension download
CLEAN crxMouse Gestures CLEAN Version! Boost browsing productivity with your fingertips - Mouse Gestures, Super Drag, Wheel Gestures, Rocker Gestures.

gestures, mouse, drag, extension, v3, code, optimized, image, background, amp, crxmouse, clean, productivity, fully, scrolling

Advanced Web Scraper Chrome extension download
Advanced Web Scraper An easy, powerful web scraping app for screen scraping using CSS selectors and to create agents for Data Scraping Studio software.

scraping, data, web, extract, css, selector, element, website, html, extension, click, generate, selectors, preview, studio

Trellists: Trello Lists Master Chrome extension download
Trellists: Trello Lists Master Allow to hide and show lists at Trello's boards.

lists, list, bar, trello, extension, board, implemented, status, top, fixed, menu, updates, page, show, lot

Code Formatter Chrome extension download
Code Formatter A chrome plugin to format your HTML, CSS, JS or JSON code.

code, format, json, extension, css, html, www, chrome, video, http, introductory, c++, youtube, javascript, easy

ng-inspect for AngularJS 1.x Chrome extension download
ng-inspect for AngularJS 1.x Helps you in debugging AngularJS applications. Extends the elements panel in devtools to display scope properties.

scope, element, properties, helps, elements, access, jquery, rootscope, angularjs, extension, function, watchers, verified, tested, isolatescope

JQuery AJAX Capture Chrome extension download
JQuery AJAX Capture Capture AJAX requests done in browser. Generate JQuery code to replay such requests. Execute AJAX and see results.

ajax, requests, extension, code, request, click, jquery, generate, open, results, capture, tab, checkboxes, website, simplify

JScript tricks Chrome extension download
JScript tricks You can trick any page! Add your own JavaScript (powered by JQuery) and/or CSS to any page.

quot, css, page, tricks, script, jquery, code, nice, javascript, text, image, js, save, match, edit

Frameworks Chrome extension download
Frameworks Displays JavaScript frameworks used on a site.

js, frameworks, support, yui, dojo, spine, mootools, ember, github, jquery, fixes, snack, prototype, d3, activejs

OP.GG Summoner Search Chrome extension download
OP.GG Summoner Search Search for the games that you have played with a certain summoner.

search, games, summoner, bar, planning, quot, click, add, fix, find, ran, text, jquery, played, extension

Script Injector Chrome extension download
Script Injector Injects scripts and css right into the head of any website which can be accessed from chrome console.

chrome, css, test, console, inject, jqueryui, plugin, extension, website, head, developed, logics, scripts, js, accessed

Rabbook Reader Chrome extension download
Rabbook Reader ??|Rabbook ???????

chrome, rabbook, jquery, leanrabbook, selectors, www, http, reader, https, webstore, detail, tieba, ref, baidu, shinemoon

Live Streaming Checker Chrome extension download
Live Streaming Checker checker for USTREAM and etc.

http, live, streaming, noun, checker, nico, extension, jquery, ustream, iconic, twitter, powertip, twitch, works, report

FlashGet Chrome extension download
FlashGet Instantly Copy/Past CDN or download starter template - Stop loosing your time looking for Jquery, Angular or other frameworks

vos, en, jquery, time, gridism, cdn, instantly, template, instantan, flashget, angular, download, responsive, optimisez, votre

jQuery Unique Selector Chrome extension download
jQuery Unique Selector Find the unique selector for any element on page.

selector, element, unique, mouse, find, pick, based, jquery, writing, testing, frameworks, page, elements, elemt, optimal

Keyboard-fu Chrome extension download
Keyboard-fu An extremely customizable keyboard shortcuts interface that aims to rid you of the rodent :)

extension, api, page, version, hotkey, jquery, keyboard, documentation, fu, opening, fixed, javascript, options, twitter, open

No Link Underline Chrome extension download
No Link Underline Removes unsightly underlines from html links.

links, chrome, remove, v1, underlines, extension, underline, underlined, browser, time, versions, absolutely, great, provide, setting

ScriptRunner Chrome extension download
ScriptRunner Runs JavaScript!

javascript, support, multiple, extension, execute, scripts, jquery, api, highlighting, syntax, chrome, isolated, runs, scriptrunner, automate

WorkFlowy for Coders Chrome extension download
WorkFlowy for Coders An extension for WorkFlowy to add markdown support and syntax highlighting in notes

markdown, syntax, http, notes, workflowy, extension, copyright, style, support, code, jquery, john, highlighting, showdown, add

Chrome Query Chrome extension download
Chrome Query Displaying the jQuery data associated with the selected DOM element.

chrome, selected, data, extension, jquery, displaying, query, dom, element, developers

FA Previewer Chrome extension download
FA Previewer Full-size pop-up image previewer for submission view on Fur Affinity

image, previewer, preloading, fa, images, chrome, fur, fixed, update, https, furaffinity, size, loading, serofox, bug

CSS and Javascript Injection Chrome extension download
CSS and Javascript Injection This plugin will remember all css/js code you injected in every website and auto-inject them when web page is loaded

css, code, js, alias, injected, fix, inject, page, web, chrome, auto, bug, bootstrap, github, plugin

jQuery Event Callback Lister Chrome extension download
jQuery Event Callback Lister Chrome Developer Tools extension for view jQuery callback events

jquery, callback, events, event, elements, panel, extension, chrome, selected, element, sidebars, tools, affect, delegated, live

jQuery Everywhere Chrome extension download
jQuery Everywhere jQuery on every page... jQuery Everywhere. As it has to be.

page, jquery, test, extension, chrome, weird, problems, works, attention, pages, sucks, js, disabling, extensions, variables

Elegant New Tab Chrome extension download
Elegant New Tab Makes your New Tab come alive. Beautiful Transparent Material Design with color adaptive ripples. Best of Speed Dial, Momentum

tab, weather, animations, ripple, inspired, background, elegant, adaptive, color, material, chrome, open, jquery, transparent, design

Play Framework Tools Chrome extension download
Play Framework Tools This extension helps developers more efficiently build apps with the Play Framework.

version, play, auto, url, open, refresh, framework, opened, error, compile, file, tab, editor, support, https

Web Application/Tool Sniffer Chrome extension download
Web Application/Tool Sniffer Detect web applications, tools, and javascript libraries running on the websites you browse.

detection, web, project, github, javascript, https, chromesniffer, running, libraries, code, bar, updated, frameworks, pulled, submitted

AppMint Lite: HTML5/jQuery Mobile App Builder Chrome extension download
AppMint Lite: HTML5/jQuery Mobile App Builder Drag-and-drop to quickly prototype your mobile app User Interface. Export the generated HTML/CSS/JS. It's that simple!

app, mobile, jquery, html, builder, export, zip, drag, drop, code, mac, linux, upload, based, internet

jQuery Inspector Chrome extension download
jQuery Inspector Plugin for Devtools. Adds a pane for jQuery data of selected dom element.

jquery, devtools, selected, adds, pane, extension, chrome, element, dom, information, data, handler, plugin, inspector, additional

Selector Assistant Chrome extension download
Selector Assistant Description

css, selector, element, extension, click, meal, enjoy, update, jquery, web, chrome, tool, descriptionthis, xpath, page

Javascript Library for Console Chrome extension download
Javascript Library for Console Easy access to many useful Javascript libraries in javascript console.

libraries, chrome, javascript, insert, console, easy, jquery, mootools, prototype, dojo, pane, datejs, note, option, delete

jQuery Console Fix Chrome extension download
jQuery Console Fix Chrome DevTools console.log fix for jQuery objects

chrome, extension, console, jquery, objects, fix, highlighting, forget, file, url, list, full, versions, hover, older

QueryjQuery Chrome extension download
QueryjQuery jQuery API, jQuery UI, jQuery Mobile API Document Search

jquery, search, api, tab, extension, time, chrome, ui, google, features, mobile, added, documentation, save, tag

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