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ScriptSafe Chrome extension download
ScriptSafe Regain control of the web and surf more securely.

prevent, options, fingerprinting, block, added, default, random, option, disabled, canvas, settings, page, list, api, users

Silver Bird Chrome extension download
Silver Bird Silver Bird is a Twitter extension that allows you to follow your timelines and interact with your Twitter account.

extension, bird, tweets, silver, google, timeline, twitter, features, user, permissions, chrome, http, arrive, remember, faq

Dark Reader Chrome extension download
Dark Reader Care your eyes, invert page colors, use dark theme for night and daily browsing.

chrome, extension, web, dark, page, inverted, sites, eyes, pages, extensions, invert, filter, switching, https, night

Stackup Chrome extension download
Stackup Track, Measure, and Reward Online Reading.

stackup, reading, online, track, time, chrome, interests, students, extension, net, profile, ferpa, compliant, captures, amp

Bestlaw Chrome extension download
Bestlaw A browser extension to add the features Westlaw and Lexis forgot.

bestlaw, document, free, westlaw, cases, read, click, automatically, features, text, numbers, citations, west, case, lexis

Rabbook Reader Chrome extension download
Rabbook Reader ??|Rabbook ???????

chrome, rabbook, jquery, leanrabbook, selectors, www, http, reader, https, webstore, detail, tieba, ref, baidu, shinemoon

Be awake Chrome extension download
Be awake The extension allows to manage system power setting, allows to keep and stay system and display be awake or use default behaviour.

system, power, awake, online, extension, manage, setting, works, screen, presentations, book, reading, chrome, easily, dim

Premier Chrome Toolbar Chrome extension download
Premier Chrome Toolbar Premier Reader Chrome Toolbar

click, text, word, summary, premier, dictation, dictionary, chrome, aloud, simply, tool, reading, reader, pointer, access

Better Homestuck Chrome extension download
Better Homestuck Improves the Homestuck reading experience

homestuck, page, firefox, chat, reading, minor, extension, button, default, visiting, addon, progress, saves, pages, improves

Free Nook Books Deluxe Chrome extension download
Free Nook Books Deluxe Free Nook Books are directly in your browser

nook, books, free, app, note, hand, authors, prices, amp, book, barnes, store, romance, rarely, upcoming

Linkpack Chrome extension download
Linkpack Linkpack extension for Google Chrome

linkpack, links, extension, set, choice, saved, link, dropbox, read, save, saves, chromelinkpack, google, keyboard, select

Dark Theme Everywhere Chrome extension download
Dark Theme Everywhere Darkens bright pages for easier night time reading. Unofficial improvement of 'Nicer Inverter'.

dark, quot, pages, theme, page, extension, default, darkens, version, detail, reduce, chrome, https, background, chromium

Notifier for Trello Chrome extension download
Notifier for Trello View, filter, and save your Trello notifications as read or unread.

trello, notifications, v1, notification, links, issue, cycododge, unread, link, view, option, support, log, read, sound

Dark Dino Chrome extension download
Dark Dino Replace the default error pages on Google Chrome web browser to a darker version (night mode).

dark, quot, pages, extension, page, chrome, web, eyes, night, mode, issues, theme, error, url, bottom

Free Nook Books Chrome extension download
Free Nook Books Free Nook Books are directly in your browser

nook, books, free, note, app, hand, prices, authors, amp, book, barnes, store, romance, rarely, upcoming

Buy Ebooks Download Chrome extension download
Buy Ebooks Download Find and Buy Ebooks to Download and read ebook reviews on hot ebooks daily!

ebooks, ebook, extension, download, deals, read, reviews, great, popular, free, hot, contests, giveaways, device, updates

Facebook Adblock Chrome extension download
Facebook Adblock Blocking Facebook Ads

facebook, adblock, source, extension, posts, request, nice, feature, message, read, track, blob, blocking, chrome, activity

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