Best Languages Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total languages plugins - 12
Google Input Tools Chrome extension download
Google Input Tools Input Tools lets you type in the language of your choice.

extension, input, quot, type, click, keyboard, select, languages, language, switch, imes, chrome, handwriting, list, transliteration

PanicButton Chrome extension download
PanicButton Hide all your tabs at once with one single button and restore them later.

added, panicbutton, tabs, improved, http, page, security, hide, google, hidemyass, star, options, twitter, fixes, languages

Select and Speak - Text to Speech Chrome extension download
Select and Speak - Text to Speech Select and Speak uses iSpeech's human-quality text-to-speech (TTS) to read any selected text in the browser. It includes many…

text, speech, female, ispeech, select, male, tts, speak, contact, software, commercial, chrome, english, languages, audio

Spell Checker for Chrome Chrome extension download
Spell Checker for Chrome Spell Checker extension for Chrome. It's easy to use and fast. This extension supports 12 languages for spell check.

spell, check, chrome, user, support, spanish, languages, english, finnish, extension, words, danish, spellings, russian, polish

EXIF Viewer Chrome extension download
EXIF Viewer Quick viewing EXIF

exif, fixed, added, extension, cache, data, quot, image, page, parsing, bug, images, gps, crash, bugs

TLDR Chrome extension download
TLDR Too long didn't read? Let TLDR shorten it.

tldr, web, page, content, time, heuristics, plugin, long, read, versions, summaries, free, extension, creates, language Skins Chrome extension download Skins This extension allows to add custom skins into game.

skins, skin, extension, game, hide, add, custom, portuguese, ukrainian, nickname, improved, performance, io, reserved, profile

Comics and Manga online Chrome extension download
Comics and Manga online Read for free more than 350 comics and manga with daily update !

online, comics, manga, amilova, comment, released, chapters, publishing, portuguese, spanish, french, huge, crazy, english, community

Duolingo Vocabulary Manager Chrome extension download
Duolingo Vocabulary Manager This is a vocabulary addon to help study Duolingo words

duolingo, study, vocabulary, list, words, vocab, feedback, email, months, month, days, stories, day, hour, entire

Rest Web Service Client Chrome extension download
Rest Web Service Client Rest Web Service Client to develop and test RESTful web service APIs

enter, extension, request, headers, service, response, web, authentication, methods, multiple, application, json, tab, requests, chrome

Scratch JS Chrome extension download
Scratch JS Write and execute ES6/ES2015 within DevTools!

js, devtools, extension, es6, issues, es2015, livescript, compile, scratch, babel, transpilers, integrates, traceur, allowing, test

Talking Web Chrome extension download
Talking Web Select the text and let Talking Web read it for you.

web, talking, text, read, pages, languages, tts, eye, speech, select, listen, word, language, sentence, switch

Translate Anywhere Chrome extension download
Translate Anywhere you can translate sentences that you select on the web page into various languages

translate, page, web, sentences, select, languagesyou, extension, chrome, languages, lastupdate

MindTheWord Chrome extension download
MindTheWord Learn languages while browsing the Internet!

language, translated, words, languages, learn, chinese, internet, pre, defined, bring, infer, welsh, vietnamese, traditional, uighur

COPY URL Chrome extension download
COPY URL Extension for the correct copying of URL address. COPY URL allows to copy URL addresses containing characters of national alphabets

url, copy, update, added, address, extension, links, copying, context, languages, characters, browser, national, chrome, menu

NeoBuxOx Chrome extension download
NeoBuxOx NeoBuxOx adds helpful information in referral listings and statistics page. Designed to be fast, clean and light.

neobuxox, profit, information, referral, account, greek, statistics, listings, english, languages, designed, light, calculated, quot, fly

Dictionarist - Instant Dictionary Chrome extension download
Dictionarist - Instant Dictionary Double click on a word to view its translations in the pop up dictionary.

dictionary, english, click, rio, rterbuch, translations, double, fran, deutsch, portugu, pop, chinese, greek, ol, dutch

One LinGo Chrome extension download
One LinGo One LinGo

english, business, word, phrase, pearson, global, lingo, privacy, collaboration, enterprise, translation, reverse, conditions, multiple, including

myVocabu Chrome extension download
myVocabu Translate, learn and train words from foreign languages

words, chrome, translate, quot, added, extension, page, translation, workouts, bahasa, basa, hausa, igbo, maori, sesotho

Email Dictation Chrome extension download
Email Dictation Dictate messages in Gmail™. Why type, when you can speak?

extension, gmail, version, dictate, fixed, message, language, speech, existing, dictation, added, recognition, release, chrome, languages

W3Techs Website Technology Information Chrome extension download
W3Techs Website Technology Information Shows which web technologies the current site is using.

web, information, chrome, languages, networks, content, systems, technologies, shows, site, side, extension, w3techs, future, quality

Fast Page Scroll Chrome extension download
Fast Page Scroll Quickly scroll to the top or bottom of any page without using the mouse wheel.

scroll, extension, page, chrome, add, click, pages, usage, double, top, translation, bottom, browser, extensions, js

IP Flager Chrome extension download
IP Flager Shows country flag for the website in the location bar.

country, shows, flag, information, page, current, website, rank, extension, languages, bug, version, map, city, chrome

Quillpad Roaming Chrome extension download
Quillpad Roaming Type in 9 Indian languages using Quillpad

languages, quillpad, indian, chrome, extension, type, roaming, website, quillpadtype

Lexin dictionary Chrome extension download
Lexin dictionary Swedish to other languages dictionary. Powered by Lexin and Folkets Lexikon

version, translation, languages, english, swedish, added, translations, support, folkets, lexin, word, serbian, dictionary, http, visual

JsCIN: JavaScript based Chinese Input Methods Chrome extension download
JsCIN: JavaScript based Chinese Input Methods Chinese Input Methods (XCIN/GCIN compatible) for Google ChromeOS™

chrome, chinese, methods, input, extension, compatible, win, mac, gcin, based, chromeos, xcin, google, settings, languages

Unsubtitle for Netflix Chrome extension download
Unsubtitle for Netflix Remove forced Netflix subtitles.

netflix, subtitles, extension, screen, unsubtitle, click, people, studying, foreign, languages, annoyed, clutter, time, browser, rendered

TagSpaces Chrome extension download
TagSpaces File Browser with Web Content Scraping and Chromecast Support.

file, files, local, tagspaces, chrome, web, content, application, extension, browser, integrated, music, browsing, directory, platform

SimpTab - New Tab Chrome extension download
SimpTab - New Tab Minimalistic's chrome new tab page extension, hope every time open, you have a good mood.

simptab, background, kenshin, tab, time, open, include, daily, https, extension, hope, bing, changelog, github, chrome

JW Daily Scripture Chrome extension download
JW Daily Scripture The JW Daily Scripture, available in your toolbar

icon, scripture, v0, text, v1, features, language, languages, quot, added, jw, extension, daily, english, small

Gmail syntax highlighting Chrome extension download
Gmail syntax highlighting Adds a formatting button to syntax highlight code on Gmail messages.

syntax, highlight, gmail, contribute, html, code, java, js, c++, adds, css, bash, formatting, button, free

Text-to-Speech Chrome extension download
Text-to-Speech Speaks text out loud.

extension, text, privacy, loud, data, browser, google, policy, configure, pronunciation, hotkeys, rate, pitch, volume, language

Lingvo TV Chrome extension download
Lingvo TV Learn languages while watching movies online. Translate words and grow your vocabulary, on the go.

learn, extension, translate, movie, app, subtitles, languages, time, online, watch, words, tv, foreign, netflix, movies

Agaram - Indian Multilingual Dictionary Chrome extension download
Agaram - Indian Multilingual Dictionary Helps to find the meaning of any English/Indian Language word in the browser

dictionary, language, word, indian, english, tooltip, words, extension, google, agaram, clicking, browser, icon, preferred, meaning

Auto Notes Chrome extension download
Auto Notes Smart, efficient and most secured note taking tool extension for Google Chrome. One click sync to Google Docs and more..

notes, updated, page, extension, chrome, alt, text, auto, fixed, ver, fixes, html, google, formatting, features

W3C Validator Chrome extension download
W3C Validator Validate documents. NOT the official W3C Validator, but using the official API

validator, markup, documents, document, w3c, html, validating, validate, checking, quality, check, validation, sgml, include, languages

CR HLS Player Chrome extension download
CR HLS Player A test for video js

player, hls, supports, option, episode, options, page, video, streams, resolution, code, auto, ad, require, openings

Wikimedia Input Tools Chrome extension download
Wikimedia Input Tools Wikimedia Input Tools allows you to type in your native language from among 60+ languages.

languages, language, input, kurdish, telugu, hindi, german, deutsch, select, type, tools, pacific, asia, region, spoken

Instant Translate Pro: Select and Translate Chrome extension download
Instant Translate Pro: Select and Translate Translation, text-to-speech, transliteration on pages and in the pop-up for 100+ languages.

translate, pop, translation, text, languages, unpin, drag, support, translations, enter, page, pro, browse, menu, pronounciation

Learn2Code Chrome extension download
Learn2Code Learn programming in a practical way without moving out from browser!

code, extension, powered, languages, learn2code, programming, compile, features, editor, browser, compiler, local, syntax, include, haskell

DexType for LEAP Motion Chrome extension download
DexType for LEAP Motion DexType is a program that allows you to use a gesture recognition device to control Chrome.

dextype, needing, leap, includes, keyboard, portuguese, recognition, chrome, control, keystrokes, spanish, slovenian, slovakian, include, languages

Currency - Exchange Rates + Converter Chrome extension download
Currency - Exchange Rates + Converter Quick view of exchange rates (USD, EUR, GBP, BITCOIN etc.)

ability, currency, rates, exchange, converter, languages, quick, display, complaints, peso, suggestions, fixed, send, select, problem

MBDictionary(English/Chinese/Japanese/Korean) Chrome extension download
MBDictionary(English/Chinese/Japanese/Korean) A translator/dictionary extension, support English/Chinese/Japanese/Korean.

english, support, extension, translation, multi, chinese, dictionary, gt, chrome, toolbar, page, phrase, korean, japanese, word

Linguarana Extension Chrome extension download
Linguarana Extension Hover on the word or select the text to translate. Add the translation to your vocabulary by clicking the most appropriate option.

words, vocabulary, phrases, languages, ina, learning, add, sloven, linguarana, extension, dansk, finnish, polish, albanian, norsk

Duolingo Tweaks Chrome extension download
Duolingo Tweaks A set of tweaks to make Duolingo experience even better.

duolingo, extension, practice, duolinguo, website, tweaks, language, session, realize, code, suggestions, bug, updates, free, reports

Omnibox Google Translate Chrome extension download
Omnibox Google Translate Quick access to Google Translate from Omnibox

translate, languages, google, reverted, address, text, bar, spanish, dutch, access, language, french, english, prefixes, pairs

Marksy Chrome extension download
Marksy Marksy - take control of how you write on the web with a simple markup translator

marksy, markup, language, markdown, write, web, text, comment, panel, jspwiki, inputs, browser, googlecode, min, wiki

Quran Translation Chrome extension download
Quran Translation This extension enables you to translate the holy quran to many languages in an easy to use interface.

translation, quran, extension, language, select, interface, languages, holy, translate, surah, navigate, easily, easy, enables, chrome

WME Aerial Shifter Chrome extension download
WME Aerial Shifter This script helps you adjust the position and opacity of underlying satellite imagery

wme, v1, fixed, left, beta, underlying, opacity, position, shifter, chrome, adjust, helps, extension, script, reset

Spell checker and Grammar checker by Scribens Chrome extension download
Spell checker and Grammar checker by Scribens A powerful, free spelling and grammar checker. Scribens corrects 250 types of grammar mistakes. English and French.

scribens, grammar, checker, powerful, area, french, drop, menu, extension, free, chrome, spelling, text, choose, click

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