Best Longer Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total longer plugins - 6
Fruumo - New Tab Page Chrome extension download
Fruumo - New Tab Page Beautify Chrome's New Tab Page.

chrome, fruumo, extension, page, bugs, tabs, tab, wallpaper, changeable, npknnddabjhdijgmmbocdicnknegobkm, bug, closed, time, mini, longer

Show Apps in new tab Chrome extension download
Show Apps in new tab This extension shows the apps overview when opening a new tab in Chrome.

extension, chrome, url, apps, overview, tab, opening, osx, cmd, shortcut, ctrl, linux, windows, automagically, demand

Sense (Beta) Chrome extension download
Sense (Beta) A JSON aware developer console to ElasticSearch.

extension, chrome, sense, github, maintained, developer, aware, elasticsearch, json, longer, present, console, https, bleskes, store

ePN CashBack Plugin Chrome extension download
ePN CashBack Plugin Get cashback for every order in AliExpress, Ozon, ASOS and Banggood stores with ePN Cashback plugin

cashback, stores, epn, plugin, aliexpress, banggood, coupons, asos, ozon, order, increase, ve, questions, click, discount

Chrome Toolbox (by Google) Chrome extension download
Chrome Toolbox (by Google) We no longer provide this extension because most features were made in NPAPI and NPAPI is no longer supported in Chrome.

extension, chrome, longer, npapi, google, provide, features, supported, toolbox

react-detector Chrome extension download
react-detector Detects ReactJS apps as you browse.

react, outline, detects, adds, components, browse, reactjs, extension, chrome, id, longer, click, icon, page, v0

Google Search with Bing Wallpaper Chrome extension download
Google Search with Bing Wallpaper Make your Google page have the daily Bing wallpaper in Full HD

google, bing, wallpaper, extension, bugs, longer, listening, working, fixed, devices, publish, put, remembered, search, feature

Iframely URL Previews Chrome extension download
Iframely URL Previews As seen on Lifehacker & PC World. Formely Iframely for Gmail. Now: Preview URLs on any site.

iframely, gmail, show, url, preview, previews, longer, click, plugin, pages, link, code, script, simple, formely

Show and Hide Passwords Chrome extension download
Show and Hide Passwords Show and Hide Passwords allows you to view and hide passwords on password fields.

passwords, shp, extension, chrome, hide, password, longer, signing, possibly, install, caps, lock, type, active, selected

StockBlocker Chrome extension download
StockBlocker Hide stock photos from Google Images

images, google, results, bug, fixes, extension, hide, stockblocker, features, photos, performance, improvements, internationalization, adding, size

ATLANTIS 3D Editor Launcher Chrome extension download
ATLANTIS 3D Editor Launcher This extension will Launch ATLANTIS 3D Editor 2.0+ as standalone application from Chrome version 45+ that no longer support plugin.

chrome, extension, editor, longer, version, application, atlantis, standalone, launcher, support, plugin, launch

Meme Dump (Old Version) Chrome extension download
Meme Dump (Old Version) This extension is no longer being updated.

app, extension, dump, updated, chrome, meme, frequently, version, link, playback, anymore, background, webstore, faster, detail

Tab Hibernate Chrome extension download
Tab Hibernate Send tabs you don't use to into hibernation to save up on memory usage

tabs, extension, memory, computer, hibernate, usageyour, longer, battery, tab, send, improve, chrome, unused, put, usage

Download Assistant Chrome extension download
Download Assistant We no longer provide this extension because most features were made in NPAPI and NPAPI is no longer supported in Chrome.

extension, chrome, longer, npapi, assistant, provide, features, supported, download

Sametime Fix Chrome extension download
Sametime Fix This extension fixes the problem with the Sametime webclient

extension, sametime, problem, fixes, web, visible, chat, webclientthe, version, client, chrome, fix, longer, needed

OMG! Chrome! Chrome extension download
OMG! Chrome! The official OMG! Chrome! extension

chrome, extension, read, click, post, v3, items, toolbar, icon, omg, title, stays, fix, longer, os

Smooth Scroll [Atavi] Chrome extension download
Smooth Scroll [Atavi] Smooth scrolling and extra features.

smooth, quot, scroll, scrolling, button, browser, atavi, extra, settings, instantly, long, watching, sharply, twitch, viewing

Readsy Chrome extension download
Readsy Bring embedded speed reading to any website by double clicking the text

read, text, speed, double, reading, embedded, website, click, readsy, extension, chrome, clicking, punctuation, pauses, longer

Pop Search Chrome extension download
Pop Search Search for a movie to find where you can watch it instantly.

pop, search, instantly, watch, movie, tool, extension, created, secret, places, find, supported, chrome, longer, watching

Facebook Redirect Fixer Chrome extension download
Facebook Redirect Fixer Removes redirection of external links on facebook to protect your privacy and improve page load time.

facebook, links, redirection, load, extension, privacy, external, removes, protect, shared, learn, chrome, page, fixer, improve

Salesforce Change Set Assistant Chrome extension download
Salesforce Change Set Assistant ** IMPORTANT ** This extension is no longer being maintained and has been merged into Boostr.…

salesforce, boostr, adds, chrome, extension, type, show, set, change, header, check, items, longer, current, maintained

Unhide Password Chrome extension download
Unhide Password Make your password readable

password, passwords, login, extension, longer, wrong, headache, fields, type, lock, active, selected, possibly, times, creating

Amachete Chrome extension download
Amachete Amachete is the only Global Amazon FBA research platform, that allows you to find private label opportunities for all of the…

uk, sales, amazon, data, amachete, fixed, label, private, bugs, longer, searches, individual, listings, enhanced, markets

oneKeyboard Chrome extension download
oneKeyboard Chrome extension for the Android IME, oneKeyboard.

computer, extension, onekeyboard, ps, faq, keyboard, kb, visit, appspot, android, app, mechanism, longer, open, https

Mindfield Online Chrome extension download
Mindfield Online Shows off desktop notifications, when a user has new surveys available.

extension, emails, chrome, day, browser, online, surveys, counts, mindfield, access, opinion, industry, participate, opportunities, number

CtrlV Chrome extension download
CtrlV Paste your images straight to the web.

image, images, upload, copy, paste, faster, ctrlv, extension, latest, shows, status, longer, requires, java, focused

Youtube Spacebar Pauser Chrome extension download
Youtube Spacebar Pauser The space bar now always pauses/plays youtube videos, always.

youtube, video, plays, pauses, extension, spacebar, page, scroll, fixed, internet, chrome, space, pauser, bar, videos

Your Download Is Done Chrome extension download
Your Download Is Done Makes a ding sound when a download is finished. Nothing more. Nothing less.

download, extension, sound, ding, long, downloads, perfect, longer, checking, progress, small, completed, chrome, computer, ridiculously

LiberTweet - Make Longer Tweets Chrome extension download
LiberTweet - Make Longer Tweets Seamlessly write longer tweets from inside with @LiberTweet_com

tweets, libertweet, longer, store, play, android, extension, seamlessly, chrome, write, images, apps, details, attached, google

Dixit Chrome extension download
Dixit Dixit Extention

de, qui, vous, dixit, chaque, revisit, plongera, mots, extension, extentionpour, usit, criture, menter, en, jour

Gallery Downloader Chrome extension download
Gallery Downloader Download image galleries, videos, or anything else with the help of user created rule sets.

download, gallery, rules, downloader, click, rule, website, quot, videos, expression, image, included, longer, sites, regular

Greentextify Chrome extension download
Greentextify Greentexts the whole internet, so >implying actually works.

greentext, longer, regex, gt, extension, greentexts, colors, initial, boost, performance, mutationobserver, listeners, mutationevent, replaced, chrome

Tweet More Chrome extension download
Tweet More This extension allows you to tweet more than 140 characters on

tweet, text, twitter, extension, send, image, long, summary, longer, sites, navigating, timeline, wrote, characters, tweets

Cloud to Butt Redux Chrome extension download
Cloud to Butt Redux Replaces the text 'the cloud' with 'my butt', as well as 'cloud' with 'butt' in certain contexts.

version, extension, butt, cloud, replace, longer, github, chrome, redux, improvements, previous, replaces, textarea, contents, hank

NotHub Chrome extension download
NotHub Notification client for GitHub.

github, nothub, social, enjoy, users, timeline, watch, extension, notification, interested, coding, notify, events, watching, helps

Olwimpics Chrome extension download
Olwimpics Olwimpics no longer blocks Olympics chatter. Formerly preserving your athletic self-esteem during your daily finger exercises.

esteem, olwimpics, extension, chrome, generally, don, care, filled, large, hangouts, handy, events, internet, favorite, chatter

Wikipedia Speedup Chrome extension download
Wikipedia Speedup Speed up your Wikipedia page loads. Do your Wikipedia page loads take unusually long, ie. longer than other sites? This extension…

wikipedia, www, extension, impressum, loads, problem, page, users, experience, speed, chrome, long, beware, unusually, longer

GitHub Markdown Menu Chrome extension download
GitHub Markdown Menu Adds a navigation menu to any readme or Markdown file in GitHub.

extension, markdown, github, menu, navigation, page, documents, read, click, chrome, navigations, file, contents, adds, scroll

ANF Lunch Menu Chrome extension download
ANF Lunch Menu This extension shows you what the lunch menu for the week is

menu, lunch, extension, longer, mystery, week, chrome, shows, iswhat, anf

ResumeTube Chrome extension download
ResumeTube Keep and Resume YouTube videos with a click.

videos, resumetube, saved, video, youtube, chrome, extension, thumbnail, tutorials, clear, browser, design, longer, clicking, download

Button Relocker Chrome extension download
Button Relocker Instantly re-locks the button when the timer resets.

timer, button, resets, clicking, extension, chrome, instantly, locks, longer, worry, relocks, thebutton, relocker, reset

RestrictedModeEscaper Chrome extension download
RestrictedModeEscaper Redirect to the no-cookies version of YouTube to view the restricted videos.

youtube, videos, chromebooks, app, cookies, version, extension, redirect, restricted, view, chrome, redirects, longer, works, foxinflame

No2FA Chrome extension download

extension, mandatory, longer, deleted, factor, july, functional, outdated, code, safely, delete, authentication, no2fa, chrome

TsukiyoPower Chrome extension download
TsukiyoPower Extension pour savoir si TsukiyoPower est en live sur

vous, sur, stream, la, le, les, tsukiyopower, si, extension, en, ou, twitch, avez, pouvez, de

Trackerless Magnet URI Chrome extension download
Trackerless Magnet URI Rewrites all Magnet URI links to forces BitTorrent clients to use trackerless rather than server-assisted peer-discovery.

bittorrent, extension, centralized, uri, peer, discovery, trackerless, magnet, single, client, slower, longer, act, bit, trackers

Hide Twitter Replies Chrome extension download
Hide Twitter Replies Hide annoying replies on Twitter, see the genuine tweets.

twitter, replies, extension, hide, profile, clicking, tweets, feed, annoying, website, visit, deprecated, longer, project, supported

Spotify Scout Chrome extension download
Spotify Scout Highlight an artist to view their current top tracks, click any track for it to instantly play in Spotify.

spotify, artist, play, click, current, desktop, player, top, quot, tracks, instantly, individual, longer, linking, songs

People You May Hate Chrome extension download
People You May Hate Auto-hides Facebook's uber-annoying 'People You May Know' pane.

people, hides, pane, extension, frustrating, constantly, hate, source, facebook, chrome, auto, github, uber, annoying, cases

#WrongMoveYale Chrome extension download
#WrongMoveYale Yale had the opportunity to change the name of one of Yale’s 12 existing residential colleges, Calhoun College. John C. Calhoun…

college, slavery, calhoun, yale, ynus, chrome, colleges, google, franklin, pierson, actively, continue, wrongmoveyale, longer, glorifying

YouTube2Spotify Chrome extension download
YouTube2Spotify A chrome extension for playing music from YouTube through Spotify

spotify, extension, music, youtube, work, songs, listen, quot, chrome, computer, installed, playing, video, longer, simply

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