Best Manage Multiple Wordpress Chrome Extension Alternatives

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MultiPress Chrome extension download
MultiPress WordPress' Press This interface for Chrome. Supports multiple blogs.

blogs, new tab, wordpress blog press, multiple blogs, wordpress blog, press, supports multiple blogs, wordpress press, wordpress, various issues, easy access

Scan WP - WordPress Theme and Plugin Detector Chrome extension download
Scan WP - WordPress Theme and Plugin Detector Have you ever been on a really great WordPress site and want to know how it was built? What theme they used? What plugins give it…

great wordpress site, wordpress site, additional information, strong keywords, estimated traffic main, wordpress themes, wordpress, wordpress theme detector website, main competitors, orange wordpress logo

WP Write Chrome extension download
WP Write Simple blogging client for WordPress blogs.

publish new posts, wordpress blogs, wordpress automattic, supports wordpress, simple blogging client, selfhosted wordpress sites, wordpress sites, com blogs, xml rpc api, hosted wordpress sites

Version Check for WordPress Chrome extension download
Version Check for WordPress Check what version of WordPress a web page is powered by.

version check, running wordpress, improve detection, recent changes, web page, support tab, wordpress web page, future versions, properly detected, wordpress determines, wordpress please, web pages

Wordpress Site Manager Chrome extension download
Wordpress Site Manager This extension stores Wordpress sites. It also brings more functionality to the theme editor.

including shift, wordpress theme editor including, codemirror editor, wordpress username, login page, wordpress site, auto login, store site, php code, functionality improvements, wordpress sites, general prettiness update, main pages, ctrl shift, theme editor, wordpress theme editor, wordpress site information, easy access

WordPress Theme Detective Chrome extension download
WordPress Theme Detective A WordPress Theme Detector/Finder extension for Google Chrome that detects the WordPress Theme of the Website you are viewing.

wordpress theme, theme, google chrome, favorite websites, wordpress theme detector finder extension, wordpress theme detective, source code, wordpress theme detective extension, wordpress theme detectorfinder extension, detective extension

WordPress Checker Chrome extension download
WordPress Checker Checks WordPress blogs for unmoderated and spam comments.

wordpress admin pages, wordpress blogs, internal improvements code cleanup, extension checks, code cleanup, version improve handling, internal improvements, wordpress, checks wordpress blogs, checks, spam comments

Blish Chrome extension download
Blish Post to WordPress in two-clicks

article title, article title paragraphs, wp extension, publish new posts, remote publishing permission, w icon, wordpress url username, rpc setup wp, wordpress version, wordpress account, blish wordpress extension, security reason, click post, tool allows, wp version

WPSNIFFER Chrome extension download
WPSNIFFER Detects active WordPress theme being used on current WordPress website.

current wordpress website, wordpress theme, detects active wordpress theme, theme, links, active wordpress theme, google search, themes, detects

uPop -- Make Your YouTube Experience Awesome Chrome extension download
uPop -- Make Your YouTube Experience Awesome Helps you view & manage multiple ad-free youtube videos in a single tab.

youtube experience, multiple adfree youtube videos, popcorn time, watch videos, youtube videos, avid videophile, casual person, single tab, tab multiple, current tabs, multiple videos, bugging advertisments, single page, view manage multiple, minimize multiple videos, multiple bug fixes

PageXray Chrome extension download
PageXray This tool will show you the technologies used on any page.

show wordpress plugins, new upcoming features, scan upto, wappalyzer chrome, chrome shows, technology scanners, theme template information, scan online, shows wordpress, wordpress themes, show wordpress, request print, similar technology scanners uses, javascript codes

WordPress Admin Switcher Chrome extension download
WordPress Admin Switcher Quickly log into and switch to/from the WordPress Admin with a single keyboard shortcut or click.

wp admin bar, wp admin enter, postpagecustom post type, wordpress admin login screen, main admin screen, cmdctrl shift , ctrl shift , admin post, type wp admin, hit cmdctrl shift , mouse trackpad, post type, shift , keyboard shortcut, admin post edit screen, wordpress site hit, address bar, site wordpress, wordpress site, wordpress admin, hit enter, admin bar, wordpress admin bar

Wordpress Chrome Bug Fix Chrome extension download
Wordpress Chrome Bug Fix Correct issue with Wordpress Admin menu rendering in Chrome.

display issue, correct issue, wordpress admin menu, wordpress admin pages, related wordpress, chrome tickets, slimming paint feature, issue, paint feature, feature caused rendering issues, wordpress admin menu rendering

WordPress Codex Cheatsheet Chrome extension download
WordPress Codex Cheatsheet Quick access to commonly used WordPress functions

brad vincents, accordion menu, brad vincents github cheatsheet extension, github cheatsheet extension, quick access, purely css based accordion menu, wordpress function, wordpress functions, wordpress codex, wordpress codex cheatsheet extension, google simply copy

Descriptify Chrome extension download
Descriptify Adds multiple defaults to YouTube for descriptions, titles and tags

improve workflow, small box, save multiple sets, video edit, manage existing, descriptions tags, video titles, new defaults, multiple defaults, put small, multiple regularly, content creators, upload pages, descriptions titles, colourcodeable buttons

Wordpress Style Editor Chrome extension download
Wordpress Style Editor Save CSS changes made in developer tools, directly to the Wordpress stylesheet.

child theme support, theme stylesheet, wordpress stylesheet, stylesheet happen, chrome developer tools, interface switched, save css, real time, bug fixes, make modifications, wordpress style, ftp programs, theme styles, developer tools CMS Security Scanner Chrome extension download CMS Security Scanner A free tool that lets you check if any domain is running WordPress, Drupal or Joomla.

check, free tool, joomla, drupal, lets, running wordpress drupal, wordpress, domain Plugins SVN Link Chrome extension download Plugins SVN Link On WordPress plugins pages, show a button linking to the plugin's SVN repo under the .zip file download button.

plugin svn repo, plugin description area, wordpress plugins pages, show button linking, simple chrome extension, svn repo, zip file download button, new version, plugin description, wordpress plugins pages show button linking, org plugin pages, wordpress, added favorite button

WP This Chrome extension download
WP This WordPress “Press This” directly in chrome

tool, use, site blog url, tool released, chrome, press, wordpress press, wordpress, siteblog url

Color My Css Chrome extension download
Color My Css this extension makes the job of a front-end web developer so much easier. Click the icon and see your divs automagically colorized…

job, web developer, divs, click, icon, divs automagically colorized, total lifesaver, wordpress themes, editing wordpress themes, frontend web developer 1click plugin install Chrome extension download 1click plugin install Install a wordpress plugin right from the plugin page!

blogs dashboard, adds button, wordpress plugin right, install wordpress plugin, plugin install page, click plugins install, plugin page, click install, install, clicked youre, plugin, web opened, org plugin pages, install page, org plugin page

Secure Wordpress Admin for VPN Chrome extension download
Secure Wordpress Admin for VPN Allows secure login to Wordpress via remote VPN or Amazon Web Services

amazon web services, secure login, remote vpn, login, allows, wordpress

WordPress Theme Detector and Plugins Detector Chrome extension download
WordPress Theme Detector and Plugins Detector This tool detects theme and plugins used on WordPress sites and displays information about them.

result, wordpress sites, plugins, remote server, tool detects theme, sends, displays information, plugins detection

Scrible Toolbar Chrome extension download
Scrible Toolbar Smarter Web reading & research. Annotate, bookmark, save, cite, manage & share online articles. Use with your account.

full text search, manage multiple tools, scrible account, writing process, national history day, scrible toolbar extension allows, scrible toolbar, learning writing, smarter web reading research, multiple content areas, ell students, scrible service streamlines, scrible library users, save web LOGINS Chrome extension download LOGINS Helps you manage Salesforce login credentials and lets you login with 1 click.

salesforce login credentials, manage multiple orgs, every time, login credentials, login information usrename password security, salesforce admin, entering username, login information, com login information, account information, manage salesforce login credentials

GlotDict Chrome extension download
GlotDict Improve the workflow on

translate, wordpress, glotdict extension implements, translate plugins themes wordpress, org, workflow, related projects, translate plugins, many new features

Be awake Chrome extension download
Be awake The extension allows to manage system power setting, allows to keep and stay system and display be awake or use default behaviour.

manage system power, manage system power setting, stay system, easily manage power setting, use default behaviour, book reading, power settings, please note, system awake, watching online movies, prevent system, manage power, provide ability

Over-export Chrome extension download
Over-export Exporter simplement votre overblog vers wordpress.

en quelques cliques, overblog vers, dexporter votre blog h berg par overblog vers, utiliser lextension overexport, blog overblog vers wordpress, export vous, un blog depuis, blog importer, exporter blog overblog vers, votre blog, exporter simplement votre overblog vers, lextension overexport connectez vous votre, configurer export blog, fichier xml, votre overblog vers wordpress, overexport vous permet en quelques, export blog, blog wordpress, vous votre tableau, de votre blog wordpress, blog depuis une, fichier xml importer dans, overblog dans wordpress

Zattoo Remote Control Chrome extension download
Zattoo Remote Control Control zattoo remotely with your mobile

multiple devices works, simply pause, favorite channels, iphone android zattoo remote control, remote control, brilliant picture quality, chrome extention, control zattoo remotely, entire tv schedule, hd channels, advertisingfree channel changes, zattoo remote control, channels manage, change channels manage volume pair, devices works

ExpressCurate Chrome extension download
ExpressCurate ExpressCurate is a content curation tool for creating high quality content.

install free expresscurate wordpress plugin, high quality content faster, predefined keywords, high quality content, frequent high quality posts, create wordpress posts, expresscurate chrome, chrome browser, analyze web pages, curate content, article add, content curation, curation window, window expresscurate enables, install expresscurate chrome extension, essential seo attributes, free expresscurate wordpress

Wordpress Admin Bar Control Chrome extension download
Wordpress Admin Bar Control Hide & show the admin bar with one easy click!

added benefit, chrome storage api, frequent basis, easy click, admin bar control, want easy concealment, hide show, action icon, admin bar, admin bar display, high density displays, plugin action button, wordpress admin bar

Brthe Chrome extension download
Brthe Save Seamlessly

price today, shopping companion rolled, entire process, multiple times, referral codes, online shopping companion, payment gateway etc, multiple coupon websites, browser extension, multiple layers, multiple ways, details multiple, new account, takes care

WordXPress - WordPress fastest posting tool Chrome extension download
WordXPress - WordPress fastest posting tool Post very quickly pictures and videos from a web page to your wordPress blog using XML-RPC

source page link, add source page, top menu bar, many bug corrections, add title, choose title, source page url, youtube api v2, dropdown popup, wordpress blog, use source keyword, source button, documentation link, automatically add, youtube vimeo

Vtiger for Gmail Chrome extension download
Vtiger for Gmail Vtiger for Gmail TM

vtiger crm, employee record, meeting alerts, google contacts, manage customer service tickets, notes emails, manage employee, receive online payments, notes create follow, calls deals tickets, record phone calls, manage customer, manage employee leaddeal assignments, customer service representative, control employee record visibility, 360degree historical views

Channels for Netflix Chrome extension download
Channels for Netflix Add TV shows on Netflix to channels that you create and manage, enabling you to watch episodes from multiple TV shows back-to-back.

channels menu, create channel, tile image, multiple tv shows, choose channel, manage button, new features, multiple tv shows backtoback, watch episodes, netflix allows, tv show, tv show backtoback, tv shows, tv show tile image, channel enables

Wordpress Stats Chrome extension download
Wordpress Stats Show Wordpress hits

stats popup, google chrome, api key page, title tooltip contains, special users edition, counter label, check easily, popup showing, akismet api code, red label background, complete http site address, option popup, api key, api key page instruction phrase, option label, wordpress realtime visit counter, total counter range

Yanado - Task Management inside Gmail Chrome extension download
Yanado - Task Management inside Gmail Yanado turns your Gmail into powerful collaboration tool. Create tasks and turn emails into tasks within seconds.

manage project, create custom statuses, powerful collaboration tool, receive project, project management, manage yanado, single click, create tasks, breakdown complex task, perfect tool, manage project progress, real time notifications

var_masterpiece Chrome extension download
var_masterpiece Turn a PHP var_dump into a readable, collapsible piece of art! JSONView for var_dump's

php var dumps, var dump, debug wordpress, var dumps, opensource project, php var dump, debug wordpress yii laravel, opensource project feel free, php vardump, works great, collapsible piece, syntax aware, collapsible syntax, readable collapsible, var dump var dump var dump, php framework

Multiple File Download Chrome extension download
Multiple File Download This extension enables the user to select all the documents present in the web page for download.

extension scans, file extensions, default folder set, web page, coursera lessons, chrome browser, many times, select multiple files, multi select files, select files, multiple files, encounter situations, multiple file, multiple file downloader facilitates

TeamPassword Chrome extension download
TeamPassword Password sharing for collaborative teams.

save time, start protecting, cloudbased platform helps, manage multiple logins, enable password filling, free trial, software development firms, teampassword helps, strong password generation, efficient way, get quicker access

Open Multiple Websites Chrome extension download
Open Multiple Websites This extension enables you to open pre defined links in new tabs

extension enables, open multiple websites, open pre, favorite websites, copy paste, frequently visited website, single click, simple chrome extension, open multiple, open multiple websites open, open pre defined links, open multiple urls, new tabs

Copy and paste multiple items,more Clipboards Chrome extension download
Copy and paste multiple items,more Clipboards Copy and paste multiple items, get more Clipboards in your context menu and save your time.

keyboard shortcutscommands, assigned keyboard shortcuts commands, much time, copy url images, context menu, paste multiple items, chrome extension allows, multiple items, multiple clipboard, copy multiple items, copy operation

Invite Blog to AtContent Chrome extension download
Invite Blog to AtContent Invite Bloggers you like to AtContent

extension button, amazing post, cool wordpress blog, cant find, repost button, atcontent imagine, blog joins atcontent, browser extension, extension button invite, visit cool wordpress blog click, invite bloggers, invite

Multiple Change Set Component Selector Chrome extension download
Multiple Change Set Component Selector Chrome Extension to select multiple components in Change Set

component selector, awesome extension, feedback good bad, multiple components, salesforce change, select multiple components, multiple change, change set, every component, multiple change set component, different visualforce pages, selecting multiple components, components manually

Auto Login Chrome extension download
Auto Login Automatically login to your favourite websites without entering credentials , even for Basic Auth Now

enable disable auto login, password autologin, fixed issues, autologin icon, fixed settings basic auth, basic authentication popups, basic auth, autologin capture icon, move autologin capture icon, delete individual credential, favourite sites basic auth, multiple sites, import export autologin data, manage multiple passwords, autologin information, goto autologin options support, favourite websites, autologin icon dissappears

Watcher Chrome extension download
Watcher A time management stopwatch that allows you to track time for multiple items at once.

subtract time, multiple time totals, nearest quarter hour, rounds time, color code, multiple projects, edit watch, time management stopwatch, track time, easier management, multiple items, multiple time, collapse watches

Collabspot: SugarCRM 7 for Gmail Chrome extension download
Collabspot: SugarCRM 7 for Gmail Collabspot is a sales email platform that integrates SugarCRM with Gmail.

avid email user, copy paste anything, manage tasks, new leads fall, timely sales information, complete customer profile, information collabspot, opening sugarcrm, gmail users, manage customer, manage customer info, sales information, allowing users, view customers, easy 15second setup, sales email

MultiTimer ZN Chrome extension download
MultiTimer ZN This multi timer will allow you to keep track of the time you spend on different activities.

specific activity, keyboard shortcuts, multiple activities, different activities, multiple checkpoints, track time, key features, different projects, multiple timers, multi timer

Multiselect for Trello Chrome extension download
Multiselect for Trello Manage and modify multiple cards at once

entire list, select cards, copy cards, add remove, copy card, bug fixing, add due, selected card, delete multiple cards, select multiple cards, multiple cards, copy card urls, cards selected, modify multiple cards, addremove custom fields, archive multiple cards, multiple trello cards

Manage Web Workers Chrome extension download
Manage Web Workers Manage and block web workers on any page

provide feedback, manage, block web workers, work, progress, feedback, page

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