Best New Way Chrome Extension Alternatives

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Draftback Chrome extension download
Draftback The archaeology of great writing

draftback, docs, data, play, extract, large, revision, doc, playback, google, jsomers, lets, write, ll, bottom

Houzz Bookmarklet Chrome extension download
Houzz Bookmarklet Find images that you like on the web and click the Houzz button to add them to an Ideabook.

houzz, button, chrome, extension, photos, save, click, unique, articles, products, read, web, browser, discover, renovation

TabJump - Intelligent Tab Navigator Chrome extension download
TabJump - Intelligent Tab Navigator A new way to navigate your tabs. Easily access most used tabs, associated tabs, and closed tabs. Allows tab locking too.

tabs, tab, tabjump, http, gl, chrome, goo, restore, closed, manager, jump, frequently, molly, closing, license

Ambient Aurea Chrome extension download
Ambient Aurea Bring your image to an ambient lighting effect with just one click on the button.

image, google, https, extension, ambient, shows, aurea, facebook, browser, focus, option, photo, chrome, pinterest, ambientaurea

New Way Chrome extension download
New Way You could not get access to the site? We will help you.

extension, access, chrome, site

Sphere Chrome extension download
Sphere Sphere - Best of the web, tailored to you.

sphere, content, personalized, extension, experience, interests, ll, interesting, receive, recommendations, sources, love, taste, engaged, actions

ChopChop extension Chrome extension download
ChopChop extension ChopChop extension.

video, chopchop, videos, friends, facebook, youtube, chop, lets, captions, create, titles, straight, search, drop, favorite

Swing a Swing State Chrome extension download
Swing a Swing State A new way to help Hillary win, every day.

hillary, ll, key, day, state, computer, give, ways, part, easy, chrome, extension, states, voters, battleground

New Tab Draft Chrome extension download
New Tab Draft A whole new way to use your Chrome Tab. Open a new tab to take notes, inspirations and make calculations

draft, tab, notes, chrome, feedback, facebook, server, write, https, browser, calculation, open, quot, private, give

PasteWall Clipper Chrome extension download
PasteWall Clipper PasteWall Clipper - Post anything to PasteWall with a right-click

pastewall, post, click, select, wall, intuitive, network, page, online, experience, notebook, project, management, officially, launched

NADApoints Chrome extension download
NADApoints NADApoints allows you to earn while surfing the web and redeem for gift cards at your favorite retailers.

videos, nadapoints, earn, cards, web, points, favorite, watching, gift, redeem, cell, start, today, monthly, retailer

SocialPilot Chrome extension download
SocialPilot Easily Schedule Posts Across Multiple Social Media accounts

socialpilot, accounts, helps, social, easily, media, posts, create, marketers, facebook, unique, linkedin, feature, post, pages

Profile Background Chrome extension download
Profile Background FINALLY You can now customize the look, feel and background of your Facebook Profile!

profile, background, friends, skin, menu, page, extension, skins, facebook, ve, chosen, create, universe, click, save

HTLiveSight Chrome extension download
HTLiveSight A Hattrick Live Match Viewer

matches, live, firefox, match, window, lineup, chrome, add, hattrick, added, mozilla, automatically, browser, plugin, compatible

Tumblr Post Tags Chrome extension download
Tumblr Post Tags Post your list of favorite tags on Tumblr in one click.

tumblr, tags, add, extension, post, click, productive, posts, writing, chrome, list, simple, favorite, feature, tumbtag

Linkhunter Chrome extension download
Linkhunter Find your links on Delicious or Pinboard.

links, linkhunter, page, add, press, icon, link, selected, search, private, chrome, small, box, results, click

babelbar Chrome extension download
babelbar Chrome TTS.

amp, babelbar, read, web, research, slang, great, translates, work, site, places, designed, visit, updates, status

500px New Tab - Beautiful Background Chrome extension download
500px New Tab - Beautiful Background Latest trending 500px photos in your new tab page

tab, px, extension, background, account, linked, image, brighten, chrome, pagefrom, creator, google, custom, beautiful, categories

wishbuuk Chrome extension download
wishbuuk Create your lists of favorite items, share them on Facebook and always get the perfect gift.

wishbuuk, favorite, friends, items, facebook, gift, buy, click, access, quot, page, online, ll, link, visit

Instant Search Chrome extension download
Instant Search Speeds up your searches on many websites through the use of custom shortcut words and using context-menu.

search, website, shortcut, websites, menu, context, searched, productivity, enter, text, letter, searches, searching, custom, amazon

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