Best Page Post Chrome Extension Alternatives

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Super Tumblr Reblog Chrome extension download
Super Tumblr Reblog Reblog like a boss. A helpful reblog monster if you have many blogs or if you reblog like crazy.

tumblrs community guidelines, secret dashboard shows, good post slipping, reblog page, daily queue, blog auto queue, reblog monster, dont load dashboard underneath, new tumblr design, 09 number keys, tumblr blog, post page, automatically post, dont post, reblog page speed boost, text input areas

GaiaPlus Chrome extension download
GaiaPlus The simple, light and easy post formatter for Gaia.

post, chrome sync, forum post, making forum post private message post, many post formats, simple light, private message, making profile comment, post formats, easy post formatter, profile comment

Tumblr - Tiled Dashboard Chrome extension download
Tumblr - Tiled Dashboard This extension modifies the look of your Tumblr dashboard.

tumblr settings, tumblr dashboard, post width, post positioning, new settings possibility, customizable post border, customizable gutter width, new options, current tumblr, page tumblr, new icon, current page, great speed improvement, height doesnt change, lets users

Quora - Save to Pocket Chrome extension download
Quora - Save to Pocket Save Quora Answers, Questions and Blog Posts to Pocket

links v0, list page, answers page, quora v0, answer question blog post, every answerquestionblog post, blog posts, pocket account, answer page, news feed, item answer question, answerquestionblog post, options page, pocket link, individual answer page, pocket account right, children answer, save quora answers, pocket links, item answer question post

Post to Tumblr Chrome extension download
Post to Tumblr Post to Tumblr right from your browser toolbar!

post, effortlessly post text photos quotes links music, tumblr right, browsing, browser extension, sites, something, post text, browser toolbar

DInstagram Chrome extension download
DInstagram Download photos and videos from Instagram quickly and easily!

download feature, photo video, download post, different formats, download photos, forca mail gamjj74, download instagrams post, continued developer contact twitter gabrieljmj, current page download post, continued developer contact, note download, instagram isnt click, right button

Succynct Chrome extension download
Succynct A minimalist client

minimalist app, minimalist chrome client, omnibox faster mention notifications, url bar post, twitter share intents view profiles, post notifications, post post, omnibox search hashtags, net client, include notifications, feedback hit

9GAG LILiK Mod Chrome extension download
9GAG LILiK Mod Mod to make 9gag a better place

z key, post permalink, long post visualization, nsfw showing, gif control, night mode, remove wake, super duper extension, long post, posts list, awesome features

GroupMe Chrome extension download
GroupMe Allows sharing to GroupMe from desktop

see conversations, groupme, muted ogg, post messages, badge notification, github page, added search, allows, post issues, lets users, github

post eliminados en Taringa! Chrome extension download
post eliminados en Taringa! Ver los post eliminados de Taringa! usando el cache de google. by emilandi

post eliminado, el cache de google, al contenido, los post eliminados de taringa, el post fue guardado por los, post fue guardado por, usando el cache, de google podras acceder al contenido de, los servidores, post eliminado espero te sea de, com taringa, espero te sea, post eliminados

True Unexpected Jihad Chrome extension download
True Unexpected Jihad True Unexpected Jihad will fuzz /r/unexpectedjihad post scores, post time, comment amount, and subreddit name.

fuzz unexpectedjihad post scores post time comment amount, true unexpected jihad, front page, post scores, comment amount, unexpected jihad, post score, subreddit name, time posted, true unexpected jihad experience, comment amount offering true unexpected jihad experience, post time

Honey Chrome extension download
Honey The fastest way to share a link with your co-workers on Honey.

highlighted text, post description, optional description, topic youd, specific pull quote, honey network, useful links, share link, page youre, extension lets, create post based

Aliexpress Tool Chrome extension download
Aliexpress Tool Tracking all international parcels from aliexpress, search in goods, search by image and fast access to the menu

singapore post, express mail service, swiss post, search goods, dpd shipper flyt hhexp, mail china post, nice aliexpress menu, com menu, hongkong post, china post air mail, goods search, number aliexpress tracking, tracking parcels, aliexpress search, dhl ups fedex tnt, international mail

Q-EmoText Chrome extension download
Q-EmoText แทรกตัวอักษรแสดงอารมณ์ - Emoticon / ใช้เป็น Notepad เล็ก ๆ เพื่อพิมพ์และค้นหาได้

facebook button, new html5 security system, last message button, g status text, share page, post fb, emotion text, share page function, emotion text emoticon, status fb g emotion text, add post share, remove facebook buttons, postshare current page, version support

Tipila Chrome extension download
Tipila Use Tipila to save code snippets, how to's & programming tips as you come across them. So you can find them easily when needed.

extension allows, search tips, manage share, rich search functionalities, blog post, tips easily, simple configuration change, post programming tips, tipila tipila, exact solution, programming tips, easily find, tip tip, programming problem, current page, solutions find, post tips, blog posts

Tiny Tweetr! for Blogger from Blog  Chrome extension download
Tiny Tweetr! for Blogger from Blog Lets Blogger add a Tweet This! link to blog posts thereby allowing users to Tweet from your blog to twitter with just one click

blog post, google extension, selected html code, blog post readers, current compose page, blog readers, settings options select, draft mode, inserted code, tiny tweet, blogger platform, blog url, derive maximum benefit, draft extension, selected text, link post, google chrome browser

SA Needful Chrome extension download
SA Needful Performing CPR on the Something Awful forums

example subforum tree layout, post hitting, favourite forums, navigate backforward thread page, infinite scroll mode, smilie box, another smilie forum dependant word filters, smilie forum, quick toggle hideshow avatars, button tweet embed, images favourite forum, right hand side, thread page, post signature box hide forum categories, smilie page, quick reply livestream mode, box hide forum

kindleit direct Chrome extension download
kindleit direct Post webpage to kindle directly by using kindleit

current tab, asynchronous send, contextmenu function, first time, push kindle, web page, post current tab web page, kindle fivefilters, add kindle fivefilters, extension send web page asynchronous, easily add contextmenu function, happens success, send kindleit, post webpage, current tab web page

italiansubs-plus-plus Chrome extension download
italiansubs-plus-plus A Chrome extension that adds features to the website.

dei post, aumenta il contrasto fra post consecutivi di ogni thread, il pulsante dei, forum con pi, fra post, ricevuti quando ci sono elementi non letti, di ogni thread, mostra un separatore fra post consecutivi di ogni thread, il pulsante, spoiler della, della board, di android, topic con molte immagini sotto spoiler, thread con risposte non lette della board corrente, tutti thread con, fra board di, il click sul pulsante apre tutti, ogni post, tutti thread, ogni board del forum, riduce al minimo le dimensioni dei post, di android ice cream sandwich, del forum

The Washington Post News Chrome extension download
The Washington Post News Get to the newest and most interesting stories as fast as possible. Get The Washington Post now!

fast extensions, privacy policy, specific feeds, articles, red icon notification, new articles, automatically check, washington post news, washington post

Post Office Chrome extension download
Post Office Chrome email functions

outlook web access, send mail links, post office, chrome email functions, web access, clicking links, web access url, default mail client, post office mail bypass, machine default mail, choice set, options page, outlook mail, microsoft live mail, web mail provide, default email provider

Craigslist Autoposter Chrome extension download
Craigslist Autoposter Automatically post to Craigslist.

post, step, delete craigslist listings, post update, automatically post, craigslist, update

2 Second Tumblr Chrome extension download
2 Second Tumblr Post directly to Tumblr from Chrome.

post, dashboard, longer, simple post page, opens, small popout, opens small popout, chrome, tumblr

HoverReader Chrome extension download
HoverReader Read an article simply by hovering over a link!

entire article, blogs usa, usa today, angeles times, post new york post chicago tribune, popular online newspapers, los angeles times washington post, article simply, online newspapers, instant preview, google news, newspaper articles

POST&GET - Form, AJAX, HTTP Request. Chrome extension download
POST&GET - Form, AJAX, HTTP Request. English: POST&GET is a tool for HTTP request content can be constructed, You can use this tool to set the POST Content, GET…

request, http header, content, source url, content source url useragent ip http header, get httphttppostgeturluseragentiphttpcookies, http request content, english post, post content, cookies http request, httphttppostgeturluseragentiphttpcookies post, post get

appchan x Chrome extension download
appchan x The most comprehensive 4chan userscript.

gallery mode, post hiding, customizable timer, embedding youtube vimeo twitch, based post, image reply, comprehensive feature, customizable themes, comprehensive feature list, cooldown timer, cooldown timer captcha cacheing, title link preview, thumbnail replacement, regular expressionbased post filter

Check SSL Chrome extension download
Check SSL Checks if websites have weak SHA-1 SSL certificates.

proventobespoofable sha1 hashes, weak sha1 ssl certificates, blog post warns, sites ssl, blog post, sha ssl certificates, recent blog post, information transparency, ssl cert, sites theyre, web users, unreliable ssl cert, intermediate certificates, open source project, include simple ui, extension checks

9gif Chrome extension download
9gif Use 9gif to extract gif url from 9gag post.

mp4 videos, extract gif url, clickable url, play animation, gif, gif extension, gag post, retrieve url, animated post, gif url, animation posts, gag updates

ScrollMark (Autosave Scroll Position) Chrome extension download
ScrollMark (Autosave Scroll Position) ScrollMark is a small yet intuitive extension created to save you time and effort. It's frustrating when you return to a long…

long article, page loads, blog post, url bar, youve lost, long article blog post, intuitive extension created, intuitive extension, original position, scrollmark icon, online reference

There Be Dragons Chrome extension download
There Be Dragons Unleash dragons. Replaces selected words with different words. Just forget you even have this installed. No mercy.

washington post wall street, huffington post, abc news, usa today, unleash dragons, atlantic wire, major news, subtly replaced, major news websites, wall street journal, washington post, guardian bbc nbc usa

PostIt Chrome extension download
PostIt post selected text to...

post, nakamap, text, post selected text, link url, smartphone

Request Maker Chrome extension download
Request Maker Log, edit and send HTTP requests

request maker, access bookmark, proper browser action support, html forms, url chrome, useless information, post data, options page, page action popup, page action feature, page action, web pages, url headers

Web Sniffer Chrome extension download
Web Sniffer View all HTTP Requests and Responses sent between the Web browser and the Web server.

request id, http request, filtered url, every http request, web server, post body, hide tab id title filtered request id, params headers request, web browser, post post, http requests, request filtered, tab id, filtered status filtered method, type request

Avocado Post Chrome extension download
Avocado Post Speed up advertising real estate listings

real listings, post smarter, advertise real listings, real estate listings, speed, avocado post helps, faster, popular platforms, help, advertising real estate listings

Smart Punctuations Chrome extension download
Smart Punctuations Replaces straight quotes ("like this") with smart quotes (“like this”) in Blogger's post editor and Gmail's compose box.

address bar, supported sites, compose box, default punctuation characters, extension adds, source code, quotes quotes quotes, smart quotes, blogger post editor, post editor, punctuation characters, blogger blog post, editing blogger

Loadzen Recorder Chrome extension download
Loadzen Recorder Create scenarios in your browser for load tests at

dynamic data submission, new dynamic random data generation feature, random data, post record, dynamic data sets, ajax post, dynamic test, dynamic random data, loadzen load testing, post ajax, user journey, new random dynamic data submission, dynamic data, test dynamic, loadzen recorder, post form data, dynamic web applications, upload random sample data, post form data capture, random dynamic data, testing system, random data generation, scenario actions

"Post on VK" Button Provides easy way for VK users to rapidly share materials with friends.

post, easy way, vk users vk, vk button, friends, vk users, add, embedded post, button, share materials, vk, rapidly share materials

F.B.(FluffBusting)Purity Chrome extension download
F.B.(FluffBusting)Purity F.B. Purity cleans up and customises Facebook, letting you filter out the junk you dont want to see

small information bar, right hand column, facebook post, block application, every gameapp post, text filter, game app post, custom image content filters, news feed, hide filter, block games, trending hashtags, app game, appgame spam filter wont hide, game application posts, hide post, image content filter, help fund development, pages pages feed games feed, application posts

Block NSFW posts from Reddit at work Chrome extension download
Block NSFW posts from Reddit at work Sometimes you browse reddit at work. We get it... we do it too. But randomly clicking a NSFW post isn't worth getting fired over...

browsing reddit, dogecoin d6hfhxh9b1yq9tj2gvm645ehkxvldm7729, nsfw post isn worth, nsfw post, click nsfw post, nsfw posts, random click, much thanks, reddit, nsfw works, browse reddit

Politics Blocker for Facebook Chrome extension download
Politics Blocker for Facebook Block any politically related post from your facebook.

facebook, political posts, related post, upcoming election, block, anything, sick, politically related post

Tumblr Collage Chrome extension download
Tumblr Collage A revolutionary way to browse Tumblr photo blogs

tumblr dashboard, browsing feature, tumblr collage, fixed issue, likes page, photo post, collage icon, tumblr blog, blog photos, photo collage, browse tumblr photo blogs, noticeable difference w lots, tumblr collage tab, new tab displaying, previous post, tumblr photo, icon click, empty address bar, options page, likes blog posts, slow loading tumblr blogs, left arrow key, beautiful interactive photo collage, simple click displays, tumblr collage icon, collage tab

Facebook ReFresh Chrome extension download
Facebook ReFresh The Facebook UI is old and boring. Facebook ReFresh programatically rebuilds the page based on the size of your browser.

facebook, facebook refresh version, facebook ui, version, refresh modifies, refresh version, interactive game, facebook refresh, fb destroy fun, facebook refresh modifies facebooks existing html, post comment box, page based, newsfeed based, post filters, programmatically reorganize

+AutoSave Chrome extension download
+AutoSave Automatically save the text. Shift + Enter post. for Google Plus™.

post, ctrl enter shortcut, shift enter, automatically save, shift, text, enter, external web sites, shift enter post, ctrl enter shortcut, shift enter post, google

Matter Chrome extension download
Matter Highlights the important text in a page to save you reading time.

textrank algorithm, good description, blog post, matter uses, reading time, post summarization, matter highlights, important text, important parts

Get2Post & PostForm Chrome extension download
Get2Post & PostForm Convert get parameters to post or create your own post request using the form

post, post request, ability, extension lets convert, form, u convert get parameters, convert get parameters, create

WordPress Admin Switcher Chrome extension download
WordPress Admin Switcher Quickly log into and switch to/from the WordPress Admin with a single keyboard shortcut or click.

wp admin bar, wp admin enter, postpagecustom post type, wordpress admin login screen, main admin screen, cmdctrl shift , ctrl shift , admin post, type wp admin, hit cmdctrl shift , mouse trackpad, post type, shift , keyboard shortcut, admin post edit screen, wordpress site hit, address bar, site wordpress, wordpress site, wordpress admin, hit enter, admin bar, wordpress admin bar

Fan page helper Chrome extension download
Fan page helper Fan page helper auto invites people who liked your fan page post but not yet a fan of your page to join your page

facebook fan page, time consuming, fan page helper auto invites people, daily basis, page invite, facebook fan page lot, helper auto invites people, facebook fan page helper, get likes, fan page, fan page post, facebook fan page helper automatically invite people

Danimal Soundboard! Chrome extension download
Danimal Soundboard! Soundboard for annoying office guests

special thanks, extensions pin tab kprenametitle facebook post, extension bar, loud air horn, royalty free, quick access, facebook post filter, sad trombone, annoying office, boos sad trombone loud, coworker steps, mit license

uTorrent Link Sender Chrome extension download
uTorrent Link Sender Send a link to the uTorrent Web UI

utorrent ui, google store feedback, contextual menu, extensions full, fixed broken package, magnet link, settings page, settings page news, utorrent web ui, current page, added ability, feedback please post, utorrent server settings

Package Tracker Chrome extension download
Package Tracker Track your Packages realtime and automatically notified when the shipping status is changed.

tracking status, canada post tracking, trace mail, track postal packages, package tracking extension, australia post canada, usps ups ups mail innovations, track packages track postal, track shipping, trace track trace shipment trace package trace mail trace shipping trace, new zealand post imex aramex canpar, mail fedex fedex, global mail fedex fedex smartpost tnt express royal mail postnl, tracking ups tracking fedex tracking dhl express tracking lasership tracking ontrac tracking, dhl express dhl, tracking postal tracking, track shipment, shipping status, hong kong post, direct link fastway lasership dpd lso norco, shipment status, post tracking, automatically notified, package tracking, ups ups mail

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We collect the latest most useful Google chrome extension from Google chrome Extensions directory . You can download Chrome extensions directly from here.

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