Best Prevent Conflicts Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total prevent conflicts plugins - 198
Datarmine, Privacy everywhere with blockchain Chrome extension download
Datarmine, Privacy everywhere with blockchain Keep your publications safe from prying eyes. Choose who can access it and prevent web services from using them.

prevent, message, open extension, substitution message, asymetrical ciphering, prevent web, asymetrical ciphering rsa, prevent web services, block chain, web services

WebRTC Leak Prevent Toggle Chrome extension download
WebRTC Leak Prevent Toggle Toggle WebRTC leak prevention using the official API.

important information, github username, toggle webrtc leak prevention, options apply, webrtc leak prevent extension, official api, webrtc leak prevent, open automatically, webrtc privacy options, error handling, automatic option, toggle webrtc, webrtc leak prevention, leak prevention, whole browser, leak prevent toggle

Always Show HTML5 Video Controls Chrome extension download
Always Show HTML5 Video Controls This tiny extension makes all HTML5 video elements show controls by default.

show controls attribute, proprietary video controls, tv liveleak, html5 video tags, extension looks, html5 video elements, show controls attribute set, video tags, html5 video elements show controls, prevent conflicts, show controls, tiny extension

Chrome Links Chrome extension download
Chrome Links A simple link to over 70 internal Chrome links, such as bookmarks, downloads, developer flags, and more!

shorthang gpu clean gpu crash gpu hang ppapi flash crash ppapi flash hang, internals bookmarks cache chrome chrome urls, local state media internals, flash gcm internals, accessibility app cache internals, bookmarks downloads, chrome links, cache webrtc internals webrtc, cache internals, flags flash, profiler quota internals service worker internals settings, urls components conflicts copresence crashes credits, crash crash crash, flash hang, new tab omnibox password manager internals, flash crash, conflicts copresence crashes credits device log devices, gpu crash gpu hang, internals gpu, crash crash crash dump kill

IPinator VPN Chrome extension download
IPinator VPN IP Protection with IPinator

ip protection, many ips, surf anonymously prevent websites, additional locations, easytouse chrome extension, ip address, prevent websites, ipinator vpn, ip locations, ip country location

Twivo Chrome extension download
Twivo Tivo for Twitter - prevent spoilers and save tweets for later

hit record, live tweeting, tvnext hackathon, app tivo, show hit, prevent spoilers, ex game, hate spoilers, nifty app, previosly hidden tweets, favorite tv shows, favorite show, twitter prevent spoilers, fees free

unTabs Chrome extension download
unTabs Easily convert your Chrome tabs to a list, save tabs in one or more groups and restore them back to tabs in a click.

computer memory consumption, chrome tabs, prevent browser tab clutter, tabs open, browser slows, browsing experience, various bug fixes, tab list, computer memory, specific tab, stars feedback, chrome crash happens, open tabs, reduce memory usage, browser experience, prevent browser tab, prevent tabs, list save tabs, multiple chrome tabs

Comics Assist Tool Chrome extension download
Comics Assist Tool This extension unblock AdBlock activity and serve functions

additional functions, ads blocker, extension unblock adblock activity, serve additional functions, downloading picture, extract contents, serve functions, prevent adblock blocking, certain page, cookie monitoring function, prevent adblock

Break Timer Chrome extension download
Break Timer Enforce periodic breaks to prevent RSI / eye strain.

customizable breaks, break window, standalone desktop app, break timer, enforce periodic breaks, rsi eye, prevent rsi eye strain, break start, watson breaktimer, break countdown, fullscreen break window, prevent rsi eye

Remove Google Redirection Chrome extension download
Remove Google Redirection Prohibit click-tracking, and prevent url redirection when clicks on the result links in Google search page

prevent, prohibit clicktracking, url redirection, home page, donate, google search page, prevent url redirection, result links, donate button, prohibit click tracking

Cuffing Season Chrome extension download
Cuffing Season Browse the internet freely - Hide your browsing history and use our VPN to hide your traffic. Watch porn freely.

favorite web videos, stash web pages, prevent specific, web pages, web videos, local web restrictions, password protect use, history blocker prevent, private tabs, download videos download, idle tabs autoclose private tabs, freely hide, tabs auto

Vocabulary in Context Chrome extension download
Vocabulary in Context Save vocabulary in its context and review them later. A highly efficient tool to improve vocabulary when learning foreign language.

added context, case hotkey conflicts, efficient tool, https page, saving vocabulary, great tool, open memorize page, prompt user, foreign language, efficient way, added ability, click extension icon

xTab Chrome extension download
xTab Limit the maximum number of tabs that can be open at the same time.

added page, donation link, new xtab logo, updated background page, tabs open, tabs tabs, default settings, additional functionality, active tab, new position, open tabs, tab limit dropdown, prevent tabs, prevent closing tabs, tab active, group policy please, updated extension, customize settings, enterprise environment, tab limit

WebRTC Leak Prevent Chrome extension download
WebRTC Leak Prevent Prevent WebRTC leaks using the official API.

chromium browsers, hidden webrtc privacy settings, official api, open automatically, controlling hidden webrtc, options require, chrome version, issues clarification, webrtc based services, open options functionality, newer options, webrtcbased services, options page, options automatically, prevent webrtc leaks, webrtc leaks

Tunnello VPN - Unblock, Ultra-Fast & Secure! Chrome extension download
Tunnello VPN - Unblock, Ultra-Fast & Secure! Fast, Simple & Secure. Best solution to unblock any websites, video or apps. Bypass censorship & change your location

internet change, internet service provider, address ip, rsa4096 bits certificate, bypass pricing discrimination, access websites apps, t411 prevent piracy, simple google chrome browser extension, favorite streaming entertainment, proxy tunnello vpn, ip address, unblock websites, bypass censorship change, vpn proxy, prevent government agencies, internet location, tunnello vpn

Remove Facebook Redirections Chrome extension download
Remove Facebook Redirections Removes redirection tracking of clicks from Facebook.

prevent click, facebook, redirection, removes facebooks redirection, removes redirection tracking, click, shared links, redirect fixer blob master includes fixfacebookredirect, prevent click tracking, removes redirection, clicks, facebooks redirection, links

Lou's List Chrome extension download
Lou's List Adds additional functionality onto Lou's List

additional functionality, adds additional features, selected items, see conflicts, first use, selected classes, additional information, adds additional functionality, bug fix, bug fixes, future reference, fixed bug preventing, additional features, lou list

Overlay Clock Chrome extension download
Overlay Clock Displays a digital clock on a page.

digital clock, mk improved, small semi, displays small digital clock, overlay clock extension, eliminate web, small semitransparent patch, displays digital clock, clock, kindle cloud reader, small digital clock, original overlay clock extension, fullscreen mode, web site conflicts

JustBlock Security Chrome extension download
JustBlock Security Security Pack for Chrome™: block malware, speed up your browser, block Ads and secure your privacy

browser block ads, chrome open links, block malware block, chrome extensions, internet security tool, third party cookies, malware malicious chrome extensions, block malicious, block advertising networks, prevent facebook, block malicious chrome extensions blocks, block websites, block shadow clicks, facebook account, block ads block, prevent websites, unique digital fingerprint, block malware, data block, protect chrome, malicious cryptocurrency miners, hide digital fingerprint, chrome block malware, malicious extensions

Sitefinity CMS Detail Viewer Chrome extension download
Sitefinity CMS Detail Viewer Displays details about Sitefinity CMS websites and adds features to the back-end page editor

content block highlighting, license information, sitefinity content managenemt system, hover added, features added, added build, sitefinity content, sitefinity cms detail viewer, prefixed css classes, avoid css conflicts, new page preview feature, updated version signatures, updated license, version build edition, updated version signatures option, sitefinity logo, content placeholder labels

GifHub Chrome extension download
GifHub Insert GIFs from into GitHub comments

paul molluzzo, fix bug, prevent issues, fix issue, non gh, page detection, githubs js, gh enterprise sites, editing comment, preventing button

WebRTC bloker Chrome extension download
WebRTC bloker Blocks the leaking of WebRTC.

prevent, webrtc, basic app, blocks

Pixel-art zoom Chrome extension download
Pixel-art zoom Zoom on pixel-art without the blurriness

click dragging, first extension, low resolution, get blurry, context menu, try ctrl, original size, tool allows, prevent pixel distortion

Tumblr Optimiser Chrome extension download
Tumblr Optimiser This extension attempts to optimise tumblr to prevent lag after a lot of scrolling.

optimise tumblr, ideal boundaries, extension aims, recent changes, prevent lag, main image, extension attempts, certain images

Goal Reminder Chrome extension download
Goal Reminder Reminds you of your goals in life while wasting your time in the internet. No registration. Full privacy. Speech (TTS)

short walk, regular breaks, sportive breaks, extension reminds, prevent wasting, speech voice, pomodoro technique, stay fit, full privacy, advanced motivaider, life surfing

Anonymous VPN - WebRTC leak prevent Chrome extension download
Anonymous VPN - WebRTC leak prevent Protect against WebRTC leaks under VPN connection

, anonymous vpn, protect, vpn connection, webrtc leaks

Privacy Extension Chrome extension download
Privacy Extension Provides Privacy for Chrome

active tab, localsession storage, prevent browser, effective measures, embedded resources, restricting exposure, open source, please note, header fields, overwriting navigator, user agent, cookie navigator canvas

Backspace means backspace! Chrome extension download
Backspace means backspace! Backspace no longer leaves the page you're on. Alt and left arrow will still work.

config pages, chrome webstore, prevents backspace, form data, leaving page, keyboard focus, input field, doesn work, prevent frustrating loss, backspace

Missionary Download Blocker Chrome extension download
Missionary Download Blocker Blocks all Missionary Downloads, they should be able to upload photos, not download files

prevent access, download files, upload photos, missionary downloads, locks everything, simple extension, control panel, disables password saving, custom error screen

ZScaler Bypass Chrome extension download
ZScaler Bypass Bypasses ZScaler validation by automatically entering the account and password for you.

remain secure, information externally, personal email, 2 go, every day, firefox addon, bothersome log, install greasemonkey, zscaler bypass, prevent users, social networks, 3 set, options extensions, lose time

StandApp Chrome extension download
StandApp Gentle reminders to regularly stand up while desk-bound to help prevent serious illnesses like diabetes or heart disease.

dont move, desk bound, help prevent, real difference, stay healthy, dont stand, stop breaking, cant move, serious illnesses, gentle reminders, frequent standing breaks significantly, every minutes

Block image Chrome extension download
Block image Block images and videos.

, block images, prevent images, toggle, toggle blocking, videos, extension icon, chrome toolbar

Prevent Accidental Likes Chrome extension download
Prevent Accidental Likes Get a confirmation message before you like something on Facebook.

stop, accidental likes, facebook, accidentally liking, mistakes, confirmation message, something, liking things

IP2Location IP Geolocation Extension Chrome extension download
IP2Location IP Geolocation Extension Geolocation lookup via IP address for a website, Geo-IP data provided by

geolocation lookup, web server, information box, tiny icon, ip geolocation, ip2location ip geolocation, ip address, prevent phishing activities, geoip data, web pages, geographical location

Tab Modifier Chrome extension download
Tab Modifier Take control of your tabs

prevent tab closing, pin tab, rename tab, change tab icon, feel free, mute tab, google analytics script, options page contains, tab modifier, options page, visited website, unique tab

Unseen Chrome extension download
Unseen Blocks the ”seen” feature of Facebook Messenger, on both and

prevent people, facebook, blocks, messenger, feature, newly launched messenger, facebook messenger, facebook messages, simple extension

Select It Chrome extension download
Select It Select It make it easy to open text links or search Google by text selection.

prevent spammy links, comments sections, time opening link, want users, site owners, text selection, open text links, hard time, search google

Facebook Don't Track Me! Chrome extension download
Facebook Don't Track Me! Smart extension which prevent you from being tracked by Facebook. There are a couple of other extensions which do the same things,…

dont show unwanted ads, prevent, temporarily disabled, tracked, facebook, couple, advantages works, dont cause problems, dont show, smart extension, memory usage

Content Farm Blocker Chrome extension download
Content Farm Blocker Preventing to open content farm by mistake

prevent, hate content farms, olm1ga viewform, open content farm, source code, mistakenly click, project site, want, report content farm, mistake

ShareMeNot Chrome extension download
ShareMeNot Prevents third-party buttons embedded by sites from tracking you until you actually click on them.

party buttons, thirdparty cookies, tweet button, research project, prevent thirdparty buttons, extension designed, completely removing, web experience, online browsing activities, party buttons embedded, traditional solutions, every site

Privacy Shield Chrome extension download
Privacy Shield Removes sensitive data from browser history and cache

personal info, credit card, pc activity private, use privacy shield, delete bits, prevent crooks, sensitive data, search queries, id information, intercepted delete bits, browser history

Gif Delayer Chrome extension download
Gif Delayer Gif Delayer delays playing gifs until they are fully downloaded.

gifs added, total size, gif delayer delays, fix bug, fully loaded, loading gifs, playing gifs, prevent fetching, fix issue, start playing, firstworld problems, gif urls, gif delayer, duplicate resource requests, package moving common code

image-picker Chrome extension download
image-picker chrome extension named image picker version

prevent rightclick, tool, web page, chrome extension named image picker version, download image, image picker version, save images

UptimeRobot Extension Chrome extension download
UptimeRobot Extension Check the status of your web sites on UptimeRobot

uptimerobot extension, prevent potential network errors, added second delay, api call v1, id appreciate comments, every downtime minute, com contact page, site status, web sites, console logs v1, free site monitors, initial release, site monitors

MLDonkey Chrome extension download
MLDonkey Interact with mldonkey and add download tasks automatically when you click elinks.

mldonkey options add, unused permission, prevent ed2k links, links continue, set user, send elinks, add download, remove unused, new chrome, extension options, p2p client, add service info, remote mldonkey server, rich notifications, web interface

Hide My IP Chrome extension download
Hide My IP Hide Your IP Address for Free!

unlimited bandwidth, website bypass, prevent isp, proxy vpn extension, proxyvpn extension, ip address, bypass firewalls, high censorship countries, hide, internet activity, high censorship

Image blocker Chrome extension download
Image blocker Chrome extension for comfortable image blocking.

unhide images, context menu item reveals, traffic saver, doesn prevent image, web page, comfortable image, bar icon, conceals images, true operastyle functionality, true opera, simple click, imageblocker address bar icon

Dayboard: New Tab & Site Blocker Chrome extension download
Dayboard: New Tab & Site Blocker Replace your New Tab page with a daily to do list and block distracting sites to focus on your most important tasks each day.

important tasks, refocus tab, new tab page, new tab, help prevent, blocked sites, minimal todo list focus mode, tab settings, co change log, important task, features blocked sites, favorite apps turn, list focus

Tabstop Chrome extension download
Tabstop Stops tabs from loading on startup

stops tabs, blocked tab, start chrome, initial start, saving data usage, simple extension, data usage, prevent tabs, tabs, automatically reload, start

OpenInBrowser Chrome extension download
OpenInBrowser Prevents Duplicate Tabs, while also refreshing the current tab. To be used along side of OpenInBrowser plugin for Sublime Text

current tab, prevent duplicate tabs, sublime text, every time, tab, prevents duplicate tabs, openinbrowser plugin, tabs, prevents

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