Best Previous Version Desn Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total previous version desn plugins - 2108
UltraIMG - Image Hosting Screenshot Capture Chrome extension download
UltraIMG - Image Hosting Screenshot Capture Capture visible content / region of a web page, or the whole page. Edit your image / screenshot with our tools and upload

editing page, broken version, html bbcode delete link url, correct direct link, ultraimg fixed, text box circle blur eraser undo, previous broken release, automatically upload images, small text bug, previous broken, editing screen, options screen, small bug fix, fixed small text, fixed image, visible content region, fixed version, ultraimg button, enable selective scre, click upload image, previous version

Facebook Select All Chrome extension download
Facebook Select All Select all your friend on new Facebook template

select, release fix, friend, facebook event, facebook change, working previous version, new facebook template, invite, facebook template, previous version

Cloud to Butt Redux Chrome extension download
Cloud to Butt Redux Replaces the text 'the cloud' with 'my butt', as well as 'cloud' with 'butt' in certain contexts.

cloud, version, text, certain contexts, textarea contents, longer replace textarea contents, replaces, old version, previous version

IQDB Context Chrome extension download
IQDB Context Right-click anime images to reverse-image-search for larger versions through IQDB.

permission removed, rightclick anime images, background tab, new background tab, manifest v3, extension manifest, extension manifest v3, creative commons attributionnoncommercialsharealike, chrome version, anime images, version history, results tab, special characters, background page, results open, minimum chrome version, previous version

Print Edit WE Chrome extension download
Print Edit WE Edit web pages prior to printing. Delete, hide and format elements. Edit text. Remove adverts and sidebars.

level elements, edited web page, fix page breaks features, select print edit, previous edit, page displayed, click select, gnu general public license version, select elements, inspect format properties, enabled elements, deselect deselect, cannot float right, text edit text, previous edit commands, edit editing, format elements, previous edit command, select select, page click, insert new text, web page, html feature, edit web, selected elements, edit text, css print stylesheets, print edit

screenreader standalone Chrome extension download
screenreader standalone Reads out aloud web pages easily and gives your eyes a much needed break!

free high quality tts voice, upto previous punctuation mark, upto next full stop, upto next punctuation mark, press nextprev sentenceparagraph buttons, new sentenceparagraph etc, read aloud, mozilla firefox mobile android, previous full stop, key moves upto, offline reading, upto previous punctuation, press key, sentence paragraph, upto previous

SBIS3 BL Methods Logger Chrome extension download
SBIS3 BL Methods Logger ??????????? ???????? ? ??????-?????? Changelog Version 1.1.71 - ?????????? ??????? ???????? ?? ?? - ?????? ????????? ?? ???????? -…

parsed response request version, json tree view, record version, changelog version, preserve log, p version, record recordset version, mimetype version, json, recordset version, ws version, request response, devtools preserve log, cloud version

Genesis Grade Checker Chrome extension download
Genesis Grade Checker Easily check whether your grades went up or down.

regional high school district, lenape regional high, changed grade, previous method, changed grades, genesis grade checker, extra helpful information, marking period, genesis grade checker extends, grade checker, period support, nj schools, color changed, lrhsd marking period support, add lrhsd multiuser support, changed grade checker, previous version

CardCounter for Trello Chrome extension download
CardCounter for Trello Shows the number of cards in every list in Trello. Adds support for Kanban limits.

limit wasnt, donate button version, fix version, minor style changes version, small performance fix version, donate link version, donate button link, dropdown arrow version, donate button text version, update count, enabled version, fixed count wasnt updated, visual changes version, donate button, trello added donate button version

Injector Chrome extension download
Injector Runs your custom code snippets on any website

complete archive, help desk, custom code snippets, open source, create custom code snippets, current page, constructed breakdown, easy access, previous version

Loqui Chrome extension download
Loqui The easiest way to communicate with other imgurians.

posts version, loqui version, highlights admin, highlight users text, chat application, complete new version, open close, imgur version, ddos protection version, updated design, allow mods, basic rooms, mods highlight users text mods turn green, green allow banunban version, users version, fly changes version

Backstay Chrome extension download
Backstay Stop Backspace key shortcut taking you back to previous page.

key shortcut, backspace key, issues brought, pressed takes, keyboard shortcut, previous web address, text delete key, previous page, backspace key shortcut, spent time, online form, extension developed, type something, chrome takes

Scroll to next image Chrome extension download
Scroll to next image Hit Ctrl+Down to scroll the page so the next image is aligned to the top of the window.

next large image, keyboard shortcuts, ctrl , hit ctrl, pixel height, scroll position, version history, window causing, next image, previous image, suggestions contact

Shut up and cast Chrome extension download
Shut up and cast Adds a page content to various sites to push video files to your Chromecast

previous chrome plugin, chrome address bar, plugin install, previous chrome plugin stream, push video files, top right corner, video link, popular casting device, plugins capability, right place

Verse of the Day Chrome extension download
Verse of the Day Be provided with the verse of the day. Powered by Bible Gateway

living translation nlt, new century version, leave suggestions, god word, standard version, nueva version internacional, version internacional, christian standard bible, new international version, english standard version, standard bible, voice voice, new living translation, james version, new king james version

Tabula (New Tab To-do List) Chrome extension download
Tabula (New Tab To-do List) Replace your New Tab Page with a beautiful to-do list that logs your work and is always in sync.

tab page, populates today, random background, beautiful to, new tab page, old to, google chrome, items show previous, populates today entry, main features, previous entries, google chrome instances

Codecademy Redesigned Chrome extension download
Codecademy Redesigned New feature

discuss notifications, old posts, several previous extensions, darker colors, extension combines, old notifications page, posts saved, profile page adding points, points day, notification bell link, many useful tutorials, new feature, previous extensions, completely revolutionizes

Fappish Chrome extension download
Fappish keyboard shortcuts

current image, previous image, early version, revious image, handed usage, onehanded usage, current features, automatically move, site functions, helper extension, com keyboard shortcuts, current features config, point report

Words Blocker Chrome extension download
Words Blocker Block parts of site by keywords list

primary language version, consecutive commas version, block words, important fixes, blocking content, synchronization version, tesaurus support, chrome built, block word, badly words, block parts, word lists, bad word, keywords list, blocked version, words list, fix version number display version

Bible for all Chrome extension download
Bible for all The most complete Bible solution. It offers offline access to bible translations, voice reading and much more. Install and enjoy!

new user interface bug fixes version, bug fixes version, use voice reading, text version, version version, offline access, voice reading, new american standard version version, complete bible solution, interface bug, bible translations voice reading, new interface model, browse search, chrome checkout, fast search functionality

LASTab Chrome extension download
LASTab Fixes selected tab after close occurs, returning you to your previous tab instead of the random one next to the one you closed.

close occurs returning, extension lastabz, previous tab try, unlabeled tabs forced, unlabeled tabs, previous tab, many tabs, current window, previously selected tab, selected tab, close occurs, random consecutive tab, guess right

CoffeeConsole 2 Chrome extension download
CoffeeConsole 2 A CoffeeScript console within the Chrome Dev Tools. Updated/Fixed Version of Coffee Console.

fixes, updated fixed version, coffee console, version, coffeescript console, chrome dev tools, shows errors, updatedfixed version, chrome, complied script, latest version

Noted Chrome extension download
Noted Highlight text on webpages.

highlight important, highlight text, previous highlights, highlight important passages, highlighter popover, revisit page easily unhighlight previous highlights quickly toggle, noted users highlights, highlight, popular highlights, oneclick highlighting

Word Clock (Extension) Chrome extension download
Word Clock (Extension) A clock that displays fuzzy time in a artistic style. Now in bite-size!

extension version, passer bys gasp, screen app version, version adds, tells time, cool telling time, fullscreen app version, fuzzy time, proudly show, small version, toolbar button, artistic style, actual word clock

PHP Docs Chrome extension download
PHP Docs A PHP document is opened from a selection character string.

manifest file version, option, php document, file version, version, support omnibox support, suggest version, release note version, selection character string, support, small improvement, small improvement option searchbox dictionary suggest version

Greed Chrome extension download
Greed Display a grid on any web page. You can configure grid size, shifting and opacity.

current tab, configure grid size, web page, webpage content, previous parameters, initial release, design webpage content, fix retrieving saved top, left parameters, live configure, display grid, grid previous parameters

Retro Google Logo Chrome extension download
Retro Google Logo Hate Google's new logo? Go back to any previous version!

google logo, new logo, hate google, love, activate, logo, new google logo, visit google, previous version

Navigation Shortcuts Chrome extension download
Navigation Shortcuts Allows next, up, prev, and top links to be used with simple keyboard shortcuts.

simple keyboard shortcuts space bar navigates, next page ctrl , next page, previous page ctrl , page ctrl, top page, online books documentation, navigation plugin, sections index page ctrl shift , shift space bar navigates, page ctrl shift, ctrl right, bottom shift, previous page, previous page ctrl, smart link detection, simple keyboard shortcuts, rel top

OmegaSkipper Chrome extension download
OmegaSkipper A better way to stay there

, tool, time paid version, omegle, version, stay, way, subscription version omegaskippersubscription, small price

DeKi: Delete Kindle Items Chrome extension download
DeKi: Delete Kindle Items Batch delete Items from your kindle library @

kindle library, location url, batch delete items, provide operation steps, kindle library amazon, delete kindle items, bulk delete, previous version desnt work, simple tool help, javascript void function

Cinema Mode Chrome extension download
Cinema Mode - This extension lets you enjoy your online videos without any of the distractions by dimming all of the other elements on the web…

enjoy youtube, previous purpose, web page, many bug fixes, new facebook page, cinema mode lets, new version, online videos, facebook page, cinema mode, preferred level, extension lets

MobileLayouter Chrome extension download
MobileLayouter userAgent?????????????????Web??????????????

web web ua twitter xfit jp fit, event type err, useragent, chrome defalultgooglechromeuseragent version, web web, user agent uauseragentweb useragent version, jp tips, useragent version, web, useragent window, ua twitter xfitjp fit, useragentua version

Tube Keys Chrome extension download
Tube Keys The missing keyboard shortcuts for YouTube

next button, next video, keyboard shortcuts, previous button, keys chrome extension, multimedia keys, control youtube playlist, full source code, tube keys, previous video, missing keyboard shortcuts

Persian Jalali Calendar with Iran Holidays Chrome extension download
Persian Jalali Calendar with Iran Holidays Persian/Jalali Calendar with date converter and Iran Holidays

yyyy mm, omid shariati www, buttons navigate, official web, previous year, web sites, date converter, jalali calendar, official web site, current month, previous months, jalali date, current monthday, show current month day navigate

Swaginator Chrome extension download
Swaginator Brings swag to your text

save options, opening popup, brings swag, application structure performance, options panel, performance improvements version, extension works, added options page, first time version, great change, new version, options page, autoselect text, triggers generel, text input field, output area version, text swaginated, popup version

Snapchat Chrome Chrome extension download
Snapchat Chrome Snapchat lets you easily talk with friends, view Live Stories from around the world

free version, ghost mode send view, pro pc v2, snapchat pro snapchat snapchat pro snapchat pro, cool feed explore, new design, snapchat pro pc, story watch friends story, pro pc version online, pc version snapchat pro pc version, snapchat pro version, want download snaps, new account watch snaps, easily talk, ghost mode add friends add snaps, watch snaps, snapchat pro, snapchat pro pro snapchat pro pro snapchat version snapchat pro, pc version, friends view live, friend official client

Image Viewer in New Tab Chrome extension download
Image Viewer in New Tab Image Viewer in New Tab

previous zoom, image images, next k, contextmenu get image images, web page, new tab, previous u zoom, slideshow start stop view images, startstop view images, context menu, zip images, n zoom, image viewer

Speed Learning Chrome extension download
Speed Learning An extremely simple tool to help you master a foreign language while browsing the Web.

vocabulary learning, simple tool, drive api, api speed learning, sl vocabulary2, access sl vocabulary created, use google drive api, select save, google docs, please email, sl vocabulary, speed learning, foreign language, spreadsheet sl vocabulary2, google documents list api, interactive vocabulary learning, previous version

py3redirect Chrome extension download
py3redirect Automatically redirect to a specific Python 3 version's documentation

version docs, pretty annoying, specific python version, python docs page, source code, open source software, specific python version documentation, python docs, python switching, version docs constantly, google search results, specific version, opensource software, mit license

500px Chrome Extension Chrome extension download
500px Chrome Extension Override the new tab page with images from 500px image feeds. (Unofficial 500px Extension)

tab page, streams popular editors choice upcoming, load image info modal, keyboard shortcuts, new tab page, load image, previous images, respective image owners, displays image exif data, image exif, fetch images, px image, show chrome, load previous, load previousnext image, new random image whenever, added navigation icons, chrome apps list

The Incredible Radio Extension Chrome extension download
The Incredible Radio Extension With our free app you can listen to your favourite radio stations!

stream list update, button version, removed popup, flat design search, design version, stream version, official press logo pack, support support, design removed, removed facebook radio, little bugfix, facebook radio startstop button version, radio station asap, logo version, b category button, stream list, version listen, new extension name , time version, time removed, stream list isnt online, popup version

Tab Means Tab Chrome extension download
Tab Means Tab Makes the tab key act like a tab key.

default tab function version, insert tab, code cleanup version, negative reviews, shift tab, tab key act, disable extensions, selection version, disable tabbing, enable disable, disable tab feature, tab key, anyone elses, site page, extensions page enable, disable tab, web page, version log version, default function

One Window Chrome extension download
One Window Automatically moves new Windows and Popups as Tab to the Main-Window. So it is never more than a single Window open.

abandon features, fixed issue invalid, added option, te right, tabs version, window open, popups added option, active tab version, tab version, join tabs option, features introduced, join popups, black list, gmail co, tab feature, problems version, removed settings, open source, new windows, unreliable behavior version

Warez-BB Search Chrome extension download
Warez-BB Search Search Warez-BB for what you need

search warez bb, color layout version, tab problem, added context menu changed color, select submitting, warezbb version, search options version, fixed javascript problem version, updated search options version, search warezbb, updated search options, context menu, opens popup, problem fixed javascript problem version, warez bb version, search options, change log version, javascript problem version

ChaZD Chrome extension download
ChaZD ChaZD ???????????????????????:)

settings show, minimum font size12, https http version, settings web contentcustomize fonts, https version, shift bug version, key version, api key version, shift version, bug version, font size12 , chazd chrome12 settings show advanced settings web contentcustomize fonts, ctrl shift

VK+ Switcher Chrome extension download
VK+ Switcher Lets you easily switch between multiple Vkontakte and other social networks accounts.

bugs fixed, google accounts support, multiple vkontakte, fix hotkey handler, fix profile switching bug, fix request handling, google profiles switching, new browser security policy, social networks accounts, active tab detection, fixed bugs, fixed facebook support, vkontakte facebook, fixed bug, previous version bugfixes, different browser tabs

UpTop Chrome extension download
UpTop Click on the left border of a page for scroll to the top. To return to the previous position, click it again.

left edge, 1pixelwidth invisible div, cursor, previous position, google chrome, web page, possible places, screen left edge click, screen left edge, pixel width invisible, buttons moving mouse cursor, previous position click, mouse cursor

MySQL-Reference-Manual-Version-Checker Chrome extension download
MySQL-Reference-Manual-Version-Checker Warn if referring version of MySQL reference manual is out of range

mysql reference, documentations version, plugin warns, version, range, mysql reference manual, screen capture, warn, plugin, read document, referring version

YouTube List View Chrome extension download
YouTube List View This extension displays your youtube subscription in the list view.

youtube fixes, youtube subscription, youtube subscriptions, means meant, youtube subscriptions grid view, provide temporary solution, extension displays, replace youtubes previous list view, list view, temporary solution, finally fixed, temporary fix, previous list view

OmegaSkipperTrial Chrome extension download
OmegaSkipperTrial Free version of OmegaSkipper for Omegle

omegle , free version check, wordshort phrase, free version, dont worry, strangers phrases, data exchanged, skip button, random things, stranger type, pro version , automatic hi phrase

Google chrome extensions Download

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