Best Shift Enter Chrome Extension Alternatives

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rikaikun Chrome extension download
rikaikun A port of rikaichan for chrome. Translate Japanese by hovering over words.

rikaikun, v0, link, options, bug, added, pop, words, fields, chrome, file, faq, extension, text, turned

Replies and more for Google+ Chrome extension download
Replies and more for Google+ Adds reply and reply-to-author buttons to Google+ comments and a number of other enhancements.

google, messages, extension, comments, sharing, adds, share, fix, page, comment, post, reply, favicon, number, id

Super Highlight Search Chrome extension download
Super Highlight Search Search for text on the current page. By search strings are highlighted on a dark background, you can find it quickly.

search, page, string, match, background, text, list, strings, quickly, runtime, load, multiple, keyboard, tab, enter

Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Translate Chrome extension download
Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Translate Provides keyboard shortcuts in the Google Translate™ page.

alt, gt, translate, source, shift, lang, page, binded, yamayamayamaji, google, keyboard, shortcuts, https, result, github

Chrome Regex Search Chrome extension download
Chrome Regex Search An extension for Regex Search in lieu of Chrome's CTRL+F

search, regex, enter, extension, popup, clicking, chrome, options, pull, shift, open, keyboard, type, https, matches

Exploratory Testing Chrome Extension Chrome extension download
Exploratory Testing Chrome Extension Exploratory testing session using Chrome

v1, report, session, html, testing, export, exploratory, extension, chrome, shortcut, shift, enter, suggested, reports, styles

Godville UI+ Chrome extension download
Godville UI+ UI improvements for and

hero, godville, forum, quot, extension, monster, godvillegame, voices, chats, enter, shift, type, custom, background, enhancements

+AutoSave Chrome extension download
+AutoSave Automatically save the text. Shift + Enter post. for Google Plus™.

extensions, google, chrome, enter, shift, automatically, post, external, save, text, custom, webstore, extension, posted, writing

Slack Enter Key Modifier Chrome extension download
Slack Enter Key Modifier Enter should not send message always on

enter, slack, message, shift, post, modifier, chrome, extension, key, send, ctrl, line, comstart, alt, mac

Interrobang Chrome extension download
Interrobang Shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+/ writes an interrobang character. Toolbar button displays window of characters to choose.

interrobang, characters, ctrl, button, extension, window, displays, shortcut, shift, enters, writes, easy, ways, enter, popup

Youtube I am feeling Lucky Chrome extension download
Youtube I am feeling Lucky Skip YouTube search results and launch videos instantly. Covered by The Next Web , link-

search, youtube, google, extension, https, feeling, lucky, chrome, button, http, gmail, increasing, facebook, video, logic

+Custom4 Chrome extension download
+Custom4 All in one custom set for Google Plus™

key, stream, custom, reduction, google, image, operation, display, customize, header, layout, black, fixed, extension, custom4

red robot [with rainbows] Chrome extension download
red robot [with rainbows] Press Ctrl+Shift+Enter when you're over the button to turn Robot on off. Enter your desired flair seconds to play.

robot, rainbows, flair, press, button, enter, colored, presses, notifications, play, ctrl, extension, chrome, playing, hoo

+Comments Chrome extension download
+Comments Popup google+ comments, and share. shift + enter post.

comments, popup, google, blogger, post, shift, account, support, share, extension, api, comment, counter, badge, ripple

HipChat Emot Chrome extension download
HipChat Emot Add a list of available HipChat emoticons for easy use as well as some nice hot keys.

hipchat, emoticons, storage, emot, easy, enter, nyh, github, nice, add, update, linking, autocomplete, fixed, line

DeadMouse Plus Chrome extension download
DeadMouse Plus Surf with your keyboard. Follow links on the web page using keyboard. Use Ctrl+Shift+k to enable/disable deadmouse plus.

link, hitting, extension, shift, links, page, web, keyboard, enter, start, deadmouse, ctrl, escape, enable, disable

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