Best Special Permission Chrome Extension Alternatives

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The QR Code Extension Chrome extension download
The QR Code Extension Allows to generate a QR Code for the current page and scan a QR Code using the webcam.

code, qr, click, extension, current, page, www, qrcode, note, url, consumption, good, privacy, security, tabs

1-click-timer Chrome extension download
1-click-timer a slick and reliable timer app for Google Chrome

timer, chrome, stylish, special, design, safe, works, offline, app, reliable, extension, slick, easy, permission, indicators

Send to Calendar Chrome extension download
Send to Calendar Send events to Google Calendar automagically from any webpage. No more re-typing! Select text, right click, and 'Send to Calendar.'

calendar, extension, text, event, google, info, chrome, send, website, facebook, automagically, works, click, detect, accurately

Link Grabber Chrome extension download
Link Grabber Extracts hyperlinks from an HTML page

links, grabber, link, http, react, html, icons, fatcow, twitter, configurable, block, page, context, menu, click

Incognito This Tab Chrome extension download
Incognito This Tab Open current tab in an incognito window.

incognito, extension, quot, tab, context, permission, adware, activity, mode, weight, button, chrome, current, open, menu

Lubuntu Scrollbars Chrome extension download
Lubuntu Scrollbars Makes Chrome/Chromium scrollbars match with Lubuntu.

scrollbars, version, match, lubuntu, extension, google, chromium, chrome, mismatch, fixed, color, styles, permissions, run, changed

Insta-Wow! Chrome extension download
Insta-Wow! Wally will pop up wow when you click the toolbar button. There's also a 1 in 4 chance he'll say it at half or double speed! Wow!

wow, wally, extension, click, requires, process, pop, background, certification, incredible, ll, double, speed, moments, toolbar

Convert LinkedIn Profile to Printable Chrome extension download
Convert LinkedIn Profile to Printable Converts a LinkedIn Profile page into a printable format

page, profile, linkedin, printable, extension, clicking, chrome, bar, icon, required, convert, converts, address, layout, formatfrom

Pokemon Go Collection Chrome extension download
Pokemon Go Collection We love Pokemon. So do you. Start your day with a beautiful pokemon picture that will give you a perfect mood!

pokemon, extension, chrome, required, love, ll, collection, pure, give, picture, upper, beautiful, image, day, special

Spell Check Chrome extension download
Spell Check Highlights misspelled words on the active webpage.

words, misspelled, shift, check, spelling, errors, requires, cmd, special, permissions, page, spell, web, inline, chrome

Funny Adblock Chrome extension download
Funny Adblock Used by zillions, a free ad blocker that blocks ALL annoying ads, malware and tracking. And it's insanely funny :).

funny, adblock, code, github, ads, animated, replaces, annoying, requested, blocks, funniest, blocker, ad, free, zillions

it is i the frenchiest fry meme from tumblr Chrome extension download
it is i the frenchiest fry meme from tumblr that frenchiest fry meme from tumblr. full song and everything

meme, edit, tumblr, version, fry, full, permissions, lol, people, installing, wow, friends, everythingnow, extension, frenchiest

JIRA Worklog Helper Chrome extension download
JIRA Worklog Helper Makes tracking and logging time easy for JIRA users.

time, log, jira, tracking, clock, click, agile, selected, tickets, needed, worklog, special, permissions, source, code

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