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Tiny Tiny RSS Notifier Chrome extension download
Tiny Tiny RSS Notifier This extension displays the number of unread articles in your Tiny Tiny RSS installation

recent change, tt rss public api call add experimental function, unread articles, extension displays, toolbar button, periodically update tt rss, new ttrss public api call, experimental function, tiny tiny rss installation, changes color, update ttrss feeds

Tiny D20 Chrome extension download
Tiny D20 A tiny dice set that lives in your toolbar!

maximum roll, results table, minor textcolor issue, fancy roll animation, small formatting bug, options menu, fixed bug, possible value, maximum possible rolls, tiny dice set, tiny d20

Moodle Direct PDF Viewer Chrome extension download
Moodle Direct PDF Viewer Opens PDFs on Moodle full screen, rather than the default tiny viewer

default tiny, tiny section, tiny viewer, click link, moodle, full screen, extension converts, annoying chrome, opens pdfs, moodle full screen, screen, pdf file, direct links

.gif to .gifv Chrome extension download
.gif to .gifv Tired of viewing gifs on Imgur? Use gifv!

people, submitting content, imgur links, gifv, faster newer, viewing gifs, gifs, use gifv, tiny extension, package, imgur, tiny extension automatically redirects

Reload CSS Chrome extension download
Reload CSS Reload your css without refreshing the page

fresh css, tiny front, extensions options page, opensource project, tiny frontend style change, css reloader, slow web app, customizable keystroke, open source project

Multicolumn for Feedly Chrome extension download
Multicolumn for Feedly Display feedly text in multi-column layout.

multicolumn display, browser size, columns depenging, display style, latest update, multi column layout, tiny layout, tiny fix, useless slide layout, multi column display, display, new dom, multicolumn layout, tiny layout fix

Old Compose | Better Compose Window for Gmail Chrome extension download
Old Compose | Better Compose Window for Gmail *FEATURED ON: Lifehacker, CNET & more* Old Compose is a free tool for Gmail that improves your compose window

old compose extension restores, new york tech community, tiny compose boxes, compose restores, compose screen, text insert link, tiny boxes, third party plugins, compose window, full compose screen, reputable members, hand formatting options, conceived developed, old compose restores, important old compose works

Codeigniter 2 User Guide Chrome extension download
Codeigniter 2 User Guide Easy access offline for User Guide PHP Framework Codeigniter 2

user guide codeiginiter, offline, access easily, single click, easy access offline, user guide php framework codeigniter, access, tiny extension let, tiny extension, need access

Tiny Tweetr! for Blogger from Blog  Chrome extension download
Tiny Tweetr! for Blogger from Blog Lets Blogger add a Tweet This! link to blog posts thereby allowing users to Tweet from your blog to twitter with just one click

blog post, google extension, selected html code, blog post readers, current compose page, blog readers, settings options select, draft mode, inserted code, tiny tweet, blogger platform, blog url, derive maximum benefit, draft extension, selected text, link post, google chrome browser

Go2Doc Chrome extension download
Go2Doc This extension opens the corresponding tab in

tiny little gopher, org page, extension opens, new tab, extensions shows, gopher appears, gopher opens, gopher, little gopher opens, extensions shows tiny, address box

TinyFilter PRO - the best Web Filter addon Chrome extension download
TinyFilter PRO - the best Web Filter addon Tiny Filter blocks adult & pornographic content, anti malware & spyware. Protect your children at home, library or classroom.

adult blocker parental control, anti spam web site, web site anti, content protect, content filtering, content anti, web content filtering, virus web site, blocks inappropriate, general features, adult sites including adult content, filter settings, anti online, sites related, web site, online sites, tiny web filter adult, tiny webfilter pro, inappropriate content, anti adult content website anti, tiny web filter, anonymous proxy web site, anti spyware, related website anti, tiny filter blocks adult, sites including, parental control software, related website, filtering inappropriate content

Tiny Country Games Sound Board Chrome extension download
Tiny Country Games Sound Board Simple Soundboard Chrome Extension

simple soundboard chrome extension

Light Youtube Auto Replay Chrome extension download
Light Youtube Auto Replay Light Youtube Auto Replay, It's light and simple!

light, tiny small size light weight application, tiny small size, video progress bar reach, light weight application, replayed automatically, youtube video, bug report suggestion, option menu, light youtube auto replay

The Ethical Ad Blocker Chrome extension download
The Ethical Ad Blocker The most ethical way to block all ads. By Darius Kazemi (Tiny Subversions).

ethical way, content providers, darius kazemi, ethical ad blocking experience, experience ads, leech free content, everybody wins, tiny subversions, users don, darius kazemi tiny subversions, don leech free content, guaranteed ethical ad blocking experience

Facebook Video Volume Sync Chrome extension download
Facebook Video Volume Sync This extension remembers and synchronises your volume for videos on Facebook.

youtube soundcloud, facebook, extension remembers, fact facebook videos, synchronises, many others, videos, volume, tiny extension fixes

Truthbot Chrome extension download
Truthbot View information about news sites and articles via

news, news organization, articles, view information, source code, news sites, truthbot, tiny extension

Make America's Hands Tiny Again Chrome extension download
Make America's Hands Tiny Again Tired of reading about a certain presidential candidate? This extension replaces his name with his most distinguising feature.

certain presidential candidate, extension replaces, feature, distinguising feature, presidential candidate, name, reading

IP2Location IP Geolocation Extension Chrome extension download
IP2Location IP Geolocation Extension Geolocation lookup via IP address for a website, Geo-IP data provided by

geolocation lookup, web server, information box, tiny icon, ip geolocation, ip2location ip geolocation, ip address, prevent phishing activities, geoip data, web pages, geographical location

Screen sharing for Chrome extension download
Screen sharing for Allow screen sharing in the WebRTC visio conference app

im webrtc visio conference app, vroom reference implementation, screen, tiny extension, screen sharing, vroom

Appspresso Debug Extension Chrome extension download
Appspresso Debug Extension ADE(beta) let you debug appspresso app via Google Chrome devtool

open popup window, google chrome devtool, tiny helper extension, debug appspresso app, ade beta, super powerful google chrome devtool, app, beta, ade, loads appspresso app

Youtube disable lightsaber sound Chrome extension download
Youtube disable lightsaber sound Removes the annoying youtube lightsaber sound

youtube, youtube plays, annoying youtube lightsaber sound, annoying lightsaber sound, hours today, ve enabled star, tiny little extension, lightsaber sound, removes, extension simply disables, star wars, originally distributed

ShapeShift Lens Chrome extension download
ShapeShift Lens Send Altcoins to a Bitcoin address using ShapeShift automatic conversion.

bitcoin addresses, shapeshift automatic conversion, litecoin peercoin dogecoin, tiny shapeshift fox icon, shapeshift lens, plugin lets, trusted service, pay bitcoin address, lens extension, bitcoin address

Feedly Notifier Chrome extension download
Feedly Notifier Extension for Feedly news reader

news site, article preview, feedly news, unread news headers, direct link, desktop notifications, button click, https support, news reader, set categories, feedly notifier, unread news count, tiny extension, mark news, background mode

Sort LinkedIn's People You May Know page Chrome extension download
Sort LinkedIn's People You May Know page Adds a button that will sort the LinkedIn People You May Know page by the number of shared connections you have in descending order.

end button, adds button, lazy load, linkedin people, usage tip, simply adds button, trigger linkedins lazy load, tiny extension, shared connections, watch everything resort, couple times, chrome toolbar

XKCD Alt Text Chrome extension download
XKCD Alt Text The XKCD Alt Text extension makes it slightly easier to read the XKCD web comic. It's primary function is to add a description…

xkcd web comic, tiny hover text, description beneath, increase visibility, xkcd alt, add description, text extension, description, slightly easier, primary function, add description beneath

Comic Sans Replacer Chrome extension download
Comic Sans Replacer Replace Comic Sans MS font on all websites with Comic Neue font by Craig Rozynski

ugly comic sans ms font, super fast cdn, tiny extension replaces, public domain, comic sans ms font, craig rozynski, comic sans, web font, comic neue font, superfast cdn jsdelivr, font

Google Calendar with Readable Fonts Chrome extension download
Google Calendar with Readable Fonts This extension injects various font styling features alongside the toolbar in Google Calendar

bold fonts, tiny laptop screen, extension ve, google calendar, font styling, automatically saved synced, google product forum, calendar events, change log, various font styling features, event fontstyling, real solution, font size

Rearrange Tabs Chrome extension download
Rearrange Tabs Allows users to rearrange tabs using keyboard shortcuts

rightmost tab, rearrange tabs extension, rearrange tabs, keyboard shortcuts, update commands, rightmost positions, move tabs, tab move, mac chrome, change icon color, keyboard shortcut, tiny google chrome extension, update key, locate rearrange tabs, new installs, key combination

Anstatauxi Chrome extension download
Anstatauxi Eta etendilo por Chrome kiu anstataŭigas tion kion vi tajpas laŭ x-sistemo. (sx -> ŝ, cx -> ĉ, ktp.) Tiny chrome extension that…

tiny chrome extension, chrome kiu anstata igas tion kion, cx, xsystem, eta etendilo por chrome kiu anstata igas tion kion vi tajpas la sistemo, system sx cx, ktp, eta etendilo, replaces, sx cx ktp, type

Unsubscribe Button Chrome extension download
Unsubscribe Button Unsubscribe from emails with one click.

hidden unsubscribe links, address bar whenever, gmail messages, many newsletters, marketing enewsletters, tiny text searching, precious working hours, marketing newsletters, every unwanted esubscription, keyboard shortcut, uncountable hours, address bar, button chrome extension, unsubscribe button

Colorpeek Chrome extension download
Colorpeek Simply share CSS colors from text selections, images or websites using Colorpeek.

tiny web app, hex values, web inspectors, different sources, text selections images, text selections, web app, css colors, grab color values, additional features, webpage palettes

TweetStorm Chrome extension download
TweetStorm Get rid of the 140 characters limit on

automatically break, multiple parts, new tweetstorm button, twitter, characters, browser extension, characters limit, twitter storm right, multiple parts attached, create twitter, com, tiny cage, tweetstorm button appears - Who is hosting that website? Chrome extension download - Who is hosting that website? Find out who is hosting any website with 1 simple mouse click.

free tool, daily income estimate, daily visitors, simple mouse click, server location, ip hostname, daily look, hoster isp, website value estimate, tiny button

MoodiModo Chrome extension download
MoodiModo Perfect your life!

physical activity, human brain, human mind, first step towards, first foundation, personal genome project, upper right hand corner, environmental factors influence, electronic health records, mood data, tiny electrical impulses, data integration feature

Salesforce Hover Chrome extension download
Salesforce Hover Adds an orange hover effect to report rows in SalesForce and blue to the Chatter screen

cmd donations business s6qqdxqfztkd4, business s6qqdxqfztkd4 lc, tiny add, code usd, chatter screen, multiple columns, hover effect, large reports, report rows, orange hover effect, slight hover effects

BroadcasterPro Chrome extension download
BroadcasterPro Avoid the awkward slow downs that come with reading live comments on your tiny phone screen.

previous comments, slow downs, periscope live, chrome browser, recent comments, tiny phone screen, second screen, viewer count, live comments, phone screen, recording area

GCal Column Colours Chrome extension download
GCal Column Colours Customise the background colours of columns in your google calendar.

background colours, google calendar, give customised colours, future versions, single purpose, gcal column colours, colours, tiny nifty plugin, light grey background

Remove the Limits of G+ Chrome extension download
Remove the Limits of G+ Remove the black space and white space from google+ stream using this tiny addon with customizable options.

messagebug reportfeature request, google stream, white space, customizable options, remove black, google profile feel free, message bug report feature, height limit, tiny addon, working remove, optional changes, visual modifications, black space

Quick Grade Chrome extension download
Quick Grade View your grades without the hassel of Navagating PSU's Angel System.

angel system, main popup runs, sandbox feature, chrome sandbox feature due, quick grade, feedback module, inline javascript, angel report system, quick grade usage, psu angel system, beautified extension, tiny angel, report system output, included feedback

Complice New Tab Page Chrome extension download
Complice New Tab Page Put what's most important right in front of you.

tab page, consistent progress, new tab page, stay focused, larger system, making consistent progress, front, put, stay, important right, goals called complice, tiny piece, right

Omni Image Search Chrome extension download
Omni Image Search Image search made simple.

image search, use , chrome search engine list, help people, tiny utility, quickly give omnibox, use ctrl l command l, web store review, google image, people google images, omni image search

Disqus Condensed Chrome extension download
Disqus Condensed Condensed theme for enhanced readability when browsing

home channel feeds, enhanced readability, tiny text link, explore discussions, feeds x2 stories, related discussions sidebar, discussions sidebar, social media link, moderate people, created discussions, x2 stories, condensed theme, excerpts highlighted, community guidelines

Snip It Chrome extension download
Snip It A tiny tool for programmers to save code snippits and access it conveniently!

top code snippets, every programmer, code, save code snippits, appreciated leave, snippets, code snippits, features full syntax highlighting, internet connection, full syntax highlighting, tiny tool

Breakpoint Chrome extension download
Breakpoint The easiest way to find the break points in your responsive web designs.

responsive websites, break points, arrow increase, tiny icon, exact pixel, exact size, please note, window extensions keyboard, break point, perfect companion, find keyboard, arrow decrease, responsive web designs, browser window, window extensions

Always Show HTML5 Video Controls Chrome extension download
Always Show HTML5 Video Controls This tiny extension makes all HTML5 video elements show controls by default.

show controls attribute, proprietary video controls, tv liveleak, html5 video tags, extension looks, html5 video elements, show controls attribute set, video tags, html5 video elements show controls, prevent conflicts, show controls, tiny extension

Pace4Chrome Chrome extension download
Pace4Chrome A pace.js page load progress indicator on every page.

overall page load progress, css code, invalid regular expressions, advanced editing mode, js page, websites url, chrome spinner, regular expressions, source code, js page load progress indicator, new mobile chrome preset, url blacklisting feature, new options page offering, tiny release cleaning

fossBytes Chrome extension download
fossBytes fresh bytes of technology and more

new research work, fresh bytes, fossbytes fresh bytes, latest technology news, tiny hearing aid, latest technology news section, official chrome extension, world section, news section, new gadgets, indian technology website, technology news, car apps, indian news, technology news section focuses, indian technology websiteblog, science news section, trending science, news trending information

Flow: Rainbow New Tab (with clock) Chrome extension download
Flow: Rainbow New Tab (with clock) Enjoy a beautiful, flowing rainbow new tab page with clock.

smoother animation, relaxing minimal rainbow, rainbow new tab page, minimal rainbow new tab page, hideable text editor area, upper right corner, rainbow move, removed ugly, animation added, bug fixes, minimal flow, tiny persistent, beautiful apple retina, flow rainbow, persistent todo list, high dpi monitor

tab packager by Chrome extension download
tab packager by turn your open tabs into one super short link!

bz launch v3, new link, open tabs, site design, new domain, tiny footprint, current chrome window, bz link, new site design v2, new site design, domain tab, added button, https support v4, tabs open, added evernote link

Textbox Tamer Chrome extension download
Textbox Tamer When you resize a textbox on the web, Textbox Tamer will keep it that way!

information visit tamer, textbox tamer, text boxes, text field, textbox, web textbox tamer, change information, text box, web editing environment, next time, frustrating things, tiny text boxes, resize textbox

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