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Night Shift Redux Chrome extension download
Night Shift Redux Night Shift automatically shifts the colors of your browser content to warmer end of the color spectrum after dark
Feedly Notifier Chrome extension download
Feedly Notifier Extension for Feedly news reader
Undetectable AdBlocker Chrome extension download
Undetectable AdBlocker This adblocker blocks ads on youtube, forbes, businessinsider and many other websites while remaining undetected.
Advanced Image Search Chrome extension download
Advanced Image Search Tiny extension to construct a URL for an advanced Google Images search.
Rearrange Tabs Chrome extension download
Rearrange Tabs Allows users to rearrange tabs using keyboard shortcuts
Nook Chrome extension download
Nook Nook is an extension that plays Animal Crossing hourly themes on the hour.
Chrome Image Uncenterer Chrome extension download
Chrome Image Uncenterer Un-centers the image viewer introduced in Chrome 56.0+
The tiny URL shortener Chrome extension download
The tiny URL shortener A minimalistic Chrome extension for shortening URLs
Tiny Sketchbook by cloudHQ Chrome extension download
Tiny Sketchbook by cloudHQ Create, collaborate, and share your tiny sketchbook doodle art projects
TweetStorm Chrome extension download
TweetStorm Get rid of the 140 characters limit on Twitter.com
Old Compose | Better Compose Window for Gmail Chrome extension download
Old Compose | Better Compose Window for Gmail *FEATURED ON: Lifehacker, CNET & more* Old Compose is a free tool for Gmail that improves your compose window
Youtube Skip Sign-in Chrome extension download
Youtube Skip Sign-in If you don't want to see pop-ups asking to sign-in on Youtube, this tiny app is for you.
Unsubscribe Button Chrome extension download
Unsubscribe Button Unsubscribe from emails with one click.
Tiny Tweetr! for Blogger from Blog  Chrome extension download
Tiny Tweetr! for Blogger from Blog Lets Blogger add a Tweet This! link to blog posts thereby allowing users to Tweet from your blog to twitter with just one click
Tiny Tiny RSS Notifier Chrome extension download
Tiny Tiny RSS Notifier This extension displays the number of unread articles in your Tiny Tiny RSS installation
Base64 Decoder Chrome extension download
Base64 Decoder Decodes Base64 strings. Highlight the string and right-click.
TinyURL Chrome extension download
TinyURL A one-click tool to generate a tiny URL (https://tinyurl.com) from your current URL and automatically copy it to the clipboard.
Hand-me-down for Google Meet Chrome extension download
Hand-me-down for Google Meet Automatically lower your hand in Google Meet when you start talking
Auto-switch to Latest Tweets for Twitter Chrome extension download
Auto-switch to Latest Tweets for Twitter This tiny extension will switch you back to Latest Tweets automatically every time you load Twitter homepage
ShowSubjectGmail Chrome extension download
ShowSubjectGmail Always show the subject field when replying in Gmail!
KCSG Tools For Kartra Chrome extension download
KCSG Tools For Kartra User interface enhancements for Kartra authors. Not affilated with, endorsed, or supported by Kartra or Genesis Digital.
XKCD Alt Text Chrome extension download
XKCD Alt Text The XKCD Alt Text extension makes it slightly easier to read the XKCD web comic. It's primary function is to add a description…
Sort LinkedIn's People You May Know page Chrome extension download
Sort LinkedIn's People You May Know page Adds a button that will sort the LinkedIn People You May Know page by the number of shared connections you have in descending order.
IP2Location IP Geolocation Extension Chrome extension download
IP2Location IP Geolocation Extension Geolocation lookup via IP address for a website, Geo-IP data provided by ip2location.com.
WProofreader Secure Grammar Checker Chrome extension download
WProofreader Secure Grammar Checker Сorrect and improve your messages, docs, and emails with WProofreader secure writing assistant.
Comic Sans Replacer Chrome extension download
Comic Sans Replacer Replace Comic Sans MS font on all websites with Comic Neue font by Craig Rozynski
Video Volume Sync Chrome extension download
Video Volume Sync Remember and synchronise the volume for videos on Facebook.
TinyToolbarClock Chrome extension download
TinyToolbarClock This extension shows the time and date in the toolbar
Youtube disable lightsaber sound Chrome extension download
Youtube disable lightsaber sound Removes the annoying youtube lightsaber sound
Buff me up, baby! Chrome extension download
Buff me up, baby! No videos? No problem! (Removes the video ads from CotLI, while still giving you the buff.)
.gif to .gifv Chrome extension download
.gif to .gifv Tired of viewing gifs on Imgur? Use gifv!
My Tiny Tiny RSS Chrome extension download
My Tiny Tiny RSS A chrome app link to your personal install of Tiny Tiny RSS.
Slack "Also send to #Channel" Default On A tiny extension to check the "Also send to #Channel" checkbox by default.
ShapeShift Lens Chrome extension download
ShapeShift Lens Send Altcoins to a Bitcoin address using ShapeShift automatic conversion.
Bongo Cat Typing Chrome extension download
Bongo Cat Typing Let Bongo Cat accompany you while you are typing.
Tiny Tiny RSS Checker Chrome extension download
Tiny Tiny RSS Checker This extension displays the number of unread articles in your Tiny Tiny RSS installation.
Make America's Hands Tiny Again Chrome extension download
Make America's Hands Tiny Again Tired of reading about a certain presidential candidate? This extension replaces his name with his most distinguising feature.
My Playlist Chrome extension download
My Playlist The easiest way to add music to your personal playlist from YouTube and SoundCloud
Quick Cards for Trello Chrome extension download
Quick Cards for Trello A Trello Chrome Extension by the Tiny Power-Ups Club
Always Show HTML5 Video Controls Chrome extension download
Always Show HTML5 Video Controls This tiny extension makes all HTML5 video elements show controls by default.
Facebook Video Volume Sync Chrome extension download
Facebook Video Volume Sync This extension remembers and synchronises your volume for videos on Facebook.
Truthbot Chrome extension download
Truthbot View information about news sites and articles via Truthbot.org.
Codeigniter 2 User Guide Chrome extension download
Codeigniter 2 User Guide Easy access offline for User Guide PHP Framework Codeigniter 2
Tiny Country Games Sound Board Chrome extension download
Tiny Country Games Sound Board Simple Soundboard Chrome Extension
Aqua Buddy Chrome extension download
Aqua Buddy I'm your friend ? and I'm here to help you stay hydrated!
Anstatauxi Chrome extension download
Anstatauxi Eta etendilo por Chrome kiu anstataŭigas tion kion vi tajpas laŭ x-sistemo. (sx -> ŝ, cx -> ĉ, ktp.) Tiny chrome extension that…
Moodle Direct PDF Viewer Chrome extension download
Moodle Direct PDF Viewer Opens PDFs on Moodle full screen, rather than the default tiny viewer
Copy page URL as plain text Chrome extension download
Copy page URL as plain text Decodes the page address URI and copies it to clipboard as plain text.
Support for Deltek™ Timekeeping Chrome extension download
Support for Deltek™ Timekeeping Corrects Deltek™ support in Google Chrome™
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