Best Toolbar Button Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total toolbar button plugins - 3
AdBlock Chrome extension download
AdBlock The most popular Chrome extension, with over 40 million users! Blocks ads all over the web.

ads, adblock, version, chrome, blocked, history, website, blocks, automatically, web, million, unobtrusive, favorite, tab, safari

Web Developer Chrome extension download
Web Developer Adds a toolbar button with various web developer tools. The official port of the Web Developer extension for Firefox.

extension, web, chrome, developer, features, set, data, http, feature, full, apis, settings, reset, sites, disabled

WhatFont Chrome extension download
WhatFont The easiest way to identify fonts on web pages.

font, supported, improved, fonts, whatfont, detection, button, fixed, services, added, web, bug, twitter, icon, typekit

Plugins Chrome extension download
Plugins Chrome Plugins button

chrome, plugins, page, windows, acrobat, adobe, flash, player, media, turn, buttonbutton, toolbar, button, extension

DuckDuckGo for Chrome Chrome extension download
DuckDuckGo for Chrome DuckDuckGo enhancements for Chrome.

duckduckgo, search, answers, searches, extension, chrome, information, instant, https, quot, personal, engine, bar, address, menu

WAToolkit Chrome extension download
WAToolkit A set of useful and lightweight tools for WhatsApp™ Web client.

whatsapp, notifications, chrome, extension, web, tab, watoolkit, click, unread, icon, issue, quot, button, permissions, time

Enable Copy Chrome extension download
Enable Copy Enable Copy

v0, www, http, remove, quot, net, typeerror, read, cn, manifest, money, udn, export, import, enable

Print Edit WE Chrome extension download
Print Edit WE Edit web pages prior to printing. Delete, hide and format elements. Edit text. Remove adverts and sidebars.

edit, print, page, web, firefox, edited, toolbar, editing, text, elements, button, feature, disabled, main, chrome

SimpleClear Chrome extension download
SimpleClear A handy way to clear cache, cookies, downloads and history.

extension, clear, options, click, steps, navigation, keyboard, fork, toolbar, features, feedback, button, working, replicate, missed

Click and Save Chrome extension download
Click and Save Click to save images. Auto Rename, Filter, and Save most pictures.

save, images, click, image, filter, toolbar, button, auto, rename, filenames, unique, generate, keywords, drag, switch

Incognito This Tab Chrome extension download
Incognito This Tab Open current tab in an incognito window.

incognito, extension, quot, tab, context, permission, adware, activity, mode, weight, button, chrome, current, open, menu

Add to Dropmark Chrome extension download
Add to Dropmark A quick way to add links, images, and screenshots to your Dropmark collections.

dropmark, add, links, click, collections, files, drag, page, notes, drop, quickly, button, organize, quick, chrome

Share on Twitter Chrome extension download
Share on Twitter Share web pages, selected text and links on Twitter using the toolbar button, keyboard command and context menu option.

share, twitter, extension, command, chrome, keyboard, users, track, privacy, context, history, homepage, require, permission, read

SEO Tools (Former PageRank) Chrome extension download
SEO Tools (Former PageRank) Best SEO Tools. Lightening Fast. No mess.

page, extension, added, alexa, rank, tools, improve, tracking, mixpanel, current, show, seo, pagerank, chrome, user

Pinboard Chrome extension download
Pinboard A toolbar button for the Pinboard bookmarking service (

pinboard, support, keyboard, chrome, bookmarks, menu, add, remove, reorder, items, notifications, bookmarking, shortcuts, full, token

Send to OmniFocus Chrome extension download
Send to OmniFocus A toolbar button to send the current page to the OmniFocus inbox.

omnifocus, extension, current, button, awkward, customize, title, captures, text, url, toolbar, send, page, clippings, window

XPath Chrome extension download
XPath Get XPath of element on click. It shows multiple versions of XPath & CSS Path to pick and choose the one that fit individual needs

xpath, chrome, click, extensions, element, notification, window, fit, extension, individual, versions, toolbar, path, pick, copied

ReadCube Web Importer Chrome extension download
ReadCube Web Importer Import scholarly articles from PubMed, Google Scholar and journal websites into your ReadCube reference manager library

readcube, web, references, import, extension, library, articles, notes, scholar, google, websites, download, page, synced, improves

Open In Papers Chrome extension download
Open In Papers A quick short cut to load a PDF document or web resource into your Papers library.

papers, pdf, web, open, extension, chrome, follow, apps, mekentosj, organizer, view, itunes, browse, documents, lets

Natural Reader Button Chrome extension download
Natural Reader Button Unofficial addon that puts the Natural Reader JavaScript bookmarklet in a toolbar button for users that don't use the bookmark bar.

button, reader, unofficial, natural, addon, extension, puts, toolbar, chrome, javascript, bookmarklet, users, bar, don, bookmark

Extensions Reloader Chrome extension download
Extensions Reloader Reload all unpacked extensions using the extension's toolbar button or by browsing to "http://reload.extensions"

quot, extensions, extension, reload, chrome, unpacked, process, open, github, reloader, avilable, google, browsing, toolbar, source

WhatsApp Web Launcher Chrome extension download
WhatsApp Web Launcher Quickly launch WhatsApp Web in a new tab.

extension, whatsapp, web, tab, quickly, users, launcher, chrome, launch, require, permission, button, toolbar, affiliated, doesn

Turbo Download Manager Helper Chrome extension download
Turbo Download Manager Helper browser integration for turbo download manager

extension, download, chrome, quot, turbo, manager, helper, downloads, monitor, button, browser, kemfccojgjoilhfmcblgimbggikekjip, integration, managerthis, webstore

TeX All the Things Chrome extension download
TeX All the Things An extension which lets you enable LaTeX on any website

extension, enable, math, github, latex, pull, inline, send, mathjax, typed, choose, sum, disable, chrome, requests

SimpleUndoRecents Chrome extension download
SimpleUndoRecents A simpler popup to undo closed tabs with tab history.

tabs, extension, tab, closed, chrome, click, popup, steps, api, feedback, undo, working, faq, replicate, mini

Downloads Folder Launcher Chrome extension download
Downloads Folder Launcher Quickly open the 'Downloads' folder on Chrome OS devices right in the browser window.

folder, chrome, extension, browser, os, keyboard, launches, download, default, manager, tab, chromebook, launcher, devices, button

Tile Tabs WE Chrome extension download
Tile Tabs WE Take tabs from a parent window and arrange them in a layout of tiled sub-windows.

layout, tile, tabs, tiles, tab, tiled, parent, button, toolbar, window, menu, click, saved, context, chrome

User-Agent Switcher Chrome extension download
User-Agent Switcher User-Agent Switcher is a quick and easy way to switch between user-agents.

user, agent, extension, browsers, agents, switcher, chrome, page, pages, quot, switch, ios, iphone, ipad, android

History On/Off Chrome extension download
History On/Off Control your browsing history. Disable and enable history recording when you decide.

history, extension, recording, browser, disable, disabled, local, storage, enable, sites, work, visits, browsing, click, button

Facebook Share Button Chrome extension download
Facebook Share Button Easily share web pages and links on Facebook.

facebook, share, button, https, browsernative, window, popup, web, link, easily, www, set, c6rooxlapue, feedback, suggestion

Dictionary, Thesaurus & Reference Chrome extension download
Dictionary, Thesaurus & Reference Quick access to reference pages on and

reference, popup, extension, dictionary, thefreedictionary, word, click, shortcut, page, button, toolbar, legal, highlight, options, details

Bulk Media Downloader Chrome extension download
Bulk Media Downloader Grab and download media (image and video) sources by monitoring network (like FlashGot)

media, extension, video, window, grabber, download, downloader, network, monitoring, toolbar, link, grab, bulk, youtube, file

Tiny Tiny RSS Notifier Chrome extension download
Tiny Tiny RSS Notifier This extension displays the number of unread articles in your Tiny Tiny RSS installation

rss, extension, unread, tt, tiny, number, displays, experimental, add, function, call, tooltip, periodically, api, update

Smart HTTPS Chrome extension download
Smart HTTPS Automatically changes HTTP addresses to the secure HTTPS, and if loading encounters error, reverts it back to HTTP.

https, http, error, page, addon, address, smart, check, addresses, report, extension, support, order, protocol, automatically

Friends Removal 2016 - Unfriend all at once Chrome extension download
Friends Removal 2016 - Unfriend all at once Friend Remover deletes inactive FB friends in your Facebook friends list. Fast & easy unfriend a few or remove all in one click.

friends, removal, facebook, inactive, browser, fb, list, remove, chrome, friend, extensions, helps, unfriend, developed, support

ImageX Chrome extension download
ImageX Enable/disable show/hide display of images by altering the Content Settings for a page.

images, extension, imagex, file, current, gt, settings, access, setting, urls, updated, needed, content, websites, changing

Copy Better Chrome extension download
Copy Better Let the copy experience more better

copy, extension, button, text, donate, http, selected, current, html, url, kodango, toolbar, cache, page, home

Dr. Pencil Chrome extension download
Dr. Pencil The PENCIL that helps you DOCTOR. GET IT? (Many icons from:

popup, text, pencil, font, extension, chrome, future, api, open, work, displayed, page, style, button, tab

PowerSwitch Chrome extension download
PowerSwitch Switch tabs by typing

tabs, tab, powerswitch, press, windows, command, list, switch, keyboard, enter, ui, files, type, fixes, chrome

Minilogs Chrome extension download
Minilogs's Chrome Extension

minilogs, save, click, web, organize, page, playlists, sounds, logs, extension, videos, completely, chrome, amazing, create

System Info Chrome extension download
System Info Adds a toolbar button that displays information about the device's CPU and RAM.

ram, extension, release, fixed, small, bug, displays, activity, level, cpu, chrome, information, open, adds, button

Quick Shortcuts Chrome extension download
Quick Shortcuts Since Chrome do not provide an easy way to find everything, this toolbar button lets you find it faster.

extension, page, chrome, find, shortcuts, toolbar, print, button, background, windows, acrobat, memory, adobe, flash, ins

Insta-Wow! Chrome extension download
Insta-Wow! Wally will pop up wow when you click the toolbar button. There's also a 1 in 4 chance he'll say it at half or double speed! Wow!

wow, wally, extension, click, requires, process, pop, background, certification, incredible, ll, double, speed, moments, toolbar

vPause - player hotkeys Chrome extension download
vPause - player hotkeys Control (vkontakte) audioplayer form any tab: hotkeys, toolbar button

track, button, hotkeys, player, play, tab, current, show, switch, vk, control, pause, questions, buttonask, form

1-Click Toolbar Button to Facebook Chrome extension download
1-Click Toolbar Button to Facebook Add a toolbar button to open a web link in a new tab.

button, toolbar, web, open, extension, chrome, facebook, add, link, tab, click

Interrobang Chrome extension download
Interrobang Shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+/ writes an interrobang character. Toolbar button displays window of characters to choose.

interrobang, characters, ctrl, button, extension, window, displays, shortcut, shift, enters, writes, easy, ways, enter, popup

Youtube Zero Annotations Chrome extension download
Youtube Zero Annotations Watch Youtube Videos without the annoying Annotations, Texts and Clickable Links in Videos. Works on All Players on any Website!

annotations, youtube, videos, removal, version, button, quot, toolbar, extension, click, automatically, works, web, update, text

Http User-Agent Switcher Chrome extension download
Http User-Agent Switcher Http User-Agent Switcher extension adds a menu on web page and a toolbar button to switch between user-agents on Chrome.

user, agent, switcher, desktop, http, windows, extension, bingbot, chrome, blackberry, included, opera, presets, agents, safari

Privacy Protector Plus Chrome extension download
Privacy Protector Plus removes all forms of tracking including web-bugs, tracking-scripts and information-collectors, plus protects your personal data.

list, privacy, extension, page, tracking, bugs, website, protects, options, report, icon, forms, blocked, text, reload

KanbanTool add task button Chrome extension download
KanbanTool add task button A toolbar button which lets you add tasks to multiple boards without losing the stream of consciousness.

add, boards, extension, tasks, button, github, kanbantool, released, mit, freely, license, enabled, losing, multiple, chrome

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