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Screencastify - Screen Video Recorder Chrome extension download
Screencastify - Screen Video Recorder The #1 screen recorder for Chrome. Capture, edit and share videos in seconds.
Web Disability Simulator Chrome extension download
Web Disability Simulator Simulates how people with disabilities experience the web
Show me the React! Chrome extension download
Show me the React! Highlight React components on the page.
Hundreds Grid/Chart Chrome extension download
Hundreds Grid/Chart The hundreds grid/chart helps learners with counting, number recognition, mathematical operations, and discovering number patterns.
GoConqr Chrome extension download
GoConqr GoConqr is a personal learning environment that allows students & teachers to create, discover and share learning resources.
Walling Web Clipper Chrome extension download
Walling Web Clipper Jot down quick notes, save bookmarks and images to your Walling.app Daily Desk and Walls.
Prelude Character Analysis Chrome extension download
Prelude Character Analysis Helping people get the best out of careers, relationships and life, through a fresh and practical understanding of personality.
Mayday Chrome extension download
Mayday Mayday is the first intelligent knowledge base available anywhere to boost your support productivity and quality.
Collibra Everywhere Browser Extension Chrome extension download
Collibra Everywhere Browser Extension The Everywhere Browser Extension provides seamless access to Collibra metadata from within Tableau and other web apps.
Check Status Code Chrome extension download
Check Status Code Check server status code, redirection URLs, response headers, Basic Authentication & redirection chain of server connection.
CleanUp Chrome extension download
CleanUp Clear cache and refresh the page at the same time
Rizzoma Activity Stream Chrome extension download
Rizzoma Activity Stream Act in a stream instead of email ping pong
Wagbee Collector Chrome extension download
Wagbee Collector Capture, link, mashup, and map info that is on the web and on your mind
Dec-Bin-Hex Converter Chrome extension download
Dec-Bin-Hex Converter This extension helps in converting between decimal,binary and hexadecimal big numbers
Car Building Games - Garage at Duckie Deck Chrome extension download
Car Building Games - Garage at Duckie Deck It’s a wonderful garage mechanic game for boys. It develops the child’s motor skills as well as visual synthesis and analysis.
Online Learning Support Net (OLSN) Chrome extension download
Online Learning Support Net (OLSN) The Online Learning Support Net (OLSN) adds on-demand animated reading guidance and relevant reference support to online words.
US vs UK English Chrome extension download
US vs UK English Compare over 250 real American and British phrases to improve your pronunciation, vocabulary, listening, and cultural understanding!
LongShot AI - Long Form Writing Assistant Chrome extension download
LongShot AI - Long Form Writing Assistant AI writer for those who take long-form content seriously. Rephrase. Summarize. Customize tone. Insert text without losing context.
LinkFrame Chrome extension download
LinkFrame An open geteway for Handshake
Puzzle Games - Little Creatures Duckie Deck Chrome extension download
Puzzle Games - Little Creatures Duckie Deck Can you tell what is on the picture? We have hidden three pictures in this puzzle Games.
Counting Games - Finger Counting Duckie Deck Chrome extension download
Counting Games - Finger Counting Duckie Deck Learning how to count requires a lot of practice in the beginning, yet it's obviously known that counting on fingers is the...
IActionable Chrome extension download
IActionable You or your company must have an IActionable account in order to log in and use this software. IActionable is a work performance…
Reading for Vocabulary Chrome extension download
Reading for Vocabulary This extension enables translation lookup with quizzes to facilitate vocabulary learning while reading a foreign language.
WireX Systems Network Forensics Platform Chrome extension download
WireX Systems Network Forensics Platform WireX Network Forensics Platform (NFP) helps enterprises evolve their forensics to better meet today’s demanding requirements with…
ThoughtTrace Chrome extension download
ThoughtTrace ThoughtTrace is a Document Understanding and Contract Analytics platform.
Rare Drop Extension Chrome extension download
Rare Drop Extension The Rare Drop extension gives you quick access to Rare Drop services and has direct integration with Mixer and our X Logger service.
Understanding Men & Relationship Insights Chrome extension download
Understanding Men & Relationship Insights The target is to help women in relationships understand the men and general relationship advice for couples
Hidden Steam Achievements Chrome extension download
Hidden Steam Achievements This app shows you hidden game achievements for easier understanding of progress.
Simple Notifications for Facebook Chrome extension download
Simple Notifications for Facebook Gives you a red bordred notification even with the social media platform Facebook is pinned.
Workstream Concierge Chrome extension download
Workstream Concierge Workstream is the hub for your analytical work.
Common Core Math 101 Chrome extension download
Common Core Math 101 Common Core Math 101 is a companion app to the book ‘A Parents Survival Guide to Common Core Math’ by Christen Nine M.Ed. [a.k.a.…
Dog Games - Dog and Bone at Duckie Deck Chrome extension download
Dog Games - Dog and Bone at Duckie Deck How high does the boy have to jump to be able to help the doggie get his favorite bone?
Content Outliner Chrome extension download
Content Outliner An Extension that allows the user to check the Word Count and Outline of a page. It also acts as a helper when using google searches
AngularJS Birbal Chrome extension download
AngularJS Birbal Angular performance inspection by Birbal eyes. Detailed digest cycles, watch, effect of events, effects of http
CFTrends Chrome extension download
CFTrends Provides better ClickFunnel Affiliate Commission Reporting
The Human Women Guide Blog Chrome extension download
The Human Women Guide Blog The relationship blog for men and women
Ship Games - Cargo Ship at Duckie Deck Chrome extension download
Ship Games - Cargo Ship at Duckie Deck Have you ever hand the chance to see what working in a harbor looks like? In this game, you can become a port crane operator.
Kora Web Knowledge Capture Chrome extension download
Kora Web Knowledge Capture Use the Kora Web Knowledge Capture extension to save things you see on the web into the knowledge repository of your Kora account.
FibonacciMD Chrome extension download
FibonacciMD Search our dictionary. Highlight relevant terms on sites you visit and hover and click to get their definitions.
Cortext Chrome extension download
Cortext Cortext is a website that helps you detect bias, opinions, and fake news.
Rally Attention Stream Chrome extension download
Rally Attention Stream The Mozilla Rally Attention Stream
Speak Ai - Import & Analyze Text Chrome extension download
Speak Ai - Import & Analyze Text With a single click, import text from any web page onto your Speak account to analyze insights and sentiment instantly.
Gitsight by Remotely Chrome extension download
Gitsight by Remotely Gitsight derives insights from open source repositories and their contributors.
B.Ed Practical Files Chrome extension download
B.Ed Practical Files B.Ed Practical Files and Assigments in English and Hindi for B.Ed 1st year, 2nd Year and For All Semesters Free Download PDF
Fitnesse Viewer Chrome extension download
Fitnesse Viewer Show all scenarios on the page
Webcam Overlay CSS Chrome extension download
Webcam Overlay CSS Add (css) overlays to your webcam feed. Personalize your screencasts by adding logo's, texts or gradients. NOTE: no support for…
WebPDI Purview Chrome extension download
WebPDI Purview View Vector office WebPDI Stats for your division.
Kora Web Knowledge Capture (Beta) Chrome extension download
Kora Web Knowledge Capture (Beta) Use the Kora Web Knowledge Capture extension to save things you see on the web into the knowledge repository of your Kora account.
1x1 Chrome extension download
1x1 Having trouble digesting what you're reading? Read web pages a sentence at a time using the arrow keys.
DEX Insight Chrome extension download
DEX Insight DEX Insight for Google Chrome
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