Best Web Fonts Chrome Extension Alternatives

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WhatFont Chrome extension download
WhatFont The easiest way to identify fonts on web pages.

font, supported, improved, fonts, whatfont, detection, button, fixed, services, added, web, bug, twitter, icon, typekit

New Tab Clock Chrome extension download
New Tab Clock Replaces the New Tab page with a simple customizable clock.

extension, tab, clock, chrome, click, roboto, icon, remove, information, indie, sc, fonts, menu, amatic, saved

Font Playground Chrome extension download
Font Playground Preview your site with Google web fonts and get the css code.

fonts, font, https, extension, chrome, preview, google, web, url, settings, text, click, detail, names, selector

TypeWonder Chrome extension download
TypeWonder This extension helps you to test webfonts on active chrome tab via

web, fonts, site, test, typewonder, chrome, extension, url, instantly, preview, active, choice, webfonts, helps, tab

Web Fonts enhanced by TypeDNA Chrome extension download
Web Fonts enhanced by TypeDNA TypeDNA Font Manager Application

font, web, typedna, enhanced, fonts, code, webdesign, click, project, list, livew, manager, applicationweb, copy, tool

Disable Web Fonts Chrome extension download
Disable Web Fonts Disables use of custom web fonts on all websites

fonts, web, extensions, disables, code, source, custom, woff2, captn3m0, otf, ttf, woff, requests, blocks, bandwidth

RFCRestyle Chrome extension download
RFCRestyle Restyles RFC (HTML) pages for reduced eye strain and easier navigation. Adjustable colors, and fixed position TOC.

quot, page, html, version, extension, rfc, user, accessible, inconsolata, mouse, styling, pages, css, position, top

Squint Chrome extension download
Squint Blur content on the page.

extension, body, alignment, judge, web, proximity, gauge, blur, quickly, page, content, seat, design, longer, elements

Nicomm Chrome extension download
Nicomm NicoNico(????) style comments for live stream

nicomm, embed, comments, youtube, preview, niconico, images, supported, data, emotes, video, stream, web, options, google

Webfont Previewer Chrome extension download
Webfont Previewer This extension allows you to test webfonts out on any website and target which elements the fonts should be applied to.

fonts, code, webfont, webfonts, applied, list, test, opened, refreshed, tabs, extension, installed, selectors, previously, work

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