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Yawas - Web Highlighter Google Chrome Extension Download

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Yawas - Web Highlighter chrome extension

Yawas - Web Highlighter Google chrome Extension overview

Yawas - Web Highlighter chrome extension is Highlight web pages in multiple colors. Stored online in Google Bookmarks and recreated automatically when you revisit a page.

3.0.6 adds support for remapping highlights using readability chrome extension 3.0.5 add 2 second delay before remapping highlights to deal with dynamically generated pages 3.0.4 make sure all text elements on a web page can be text selected, e.g.

http://money.howstuffworks.com/currency1.htm 3.0.3 dont ask if user wants to login everytime a page loads, just show gray icon in chrome 3.0.2 fixed bugs where annotations did not "stick"; only performs network access for top-level window, not every frame 3.0.1 click on the yawas button to scroll through the highlights; dont store highlights if not logged in 3.0.0 bug fixes, up to date with chrome extension api (deprecated methods for tabs) - Oct 14: new option to email URL + highlighted parts by Gmail (context-menu or keyboard shortcut) - sept 28 2015: using http post to store highlights, making it work when you highlight many sections of a web page - august 19 2015: fixed problem when highlights could not be deleted (innerText instead of textContent, because textContent has new lines) Yawas for google chrome lets you highlight web pages in multiple colors and all your highlights are stored automatically in your Google Bookmarks.

When you revisit pages you have highlighted, Yawas will recreate the highlights for you.

All functions are available from the context-menu.

To highlight, select some text and choose the color from the context menu.

To delete a highlight, right-click while your mouse is over and choose "Yawas - Delete" from the context-menu.

You can also quickly access all your bookmarks with "Yawas - Search" or edit the current pages bookmark (including its labels/tags) with "Yawas - Edit".

All options are also available through keyboard shortcuts.


Ctrl-Shift-Y for Yellow and Ctrl-Shift-D to Delete)

Yawas - Web Highlighter Chrome extension Download

It is the Yawas - Web Highlighter google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download Yawas - Web Highlighter chrome extension (CRX)

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