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Chrome Extensions For Ocr

Chrome extensions for OCR [ Extracting text from image ] OCR or Optical character recognition Chrome extensions are used to extract text from the image in the google chrome browser.

chrome extensions for OCR [ Extracting text from image ]

OCR  or Optical character recognition Chrome extensions are used to extract text from the image in the google chrome browser. These Chrome extensions are useful for extracting the text from the images with the Google Chrome browser. 

Web developers and internet users are searching for extracting the text from the image, the concept behind this process is called the ocr means optical character recognition.

By using the OCR can and get extract the text from the image. It means you cannot copy the text from an image directly by using the functionality of the ocr you can extract the text from the image.

Basically, you need software to do this type of text extraction process from an image. Fortunately, Chrome extensions will also help you to do the tasks like ocr. Here are the Chrome extensions are used to extract text from the images. This type of image-to-text extension are also called the ocr chrome extensions.

What is Ocr? 

The process of extracting the text from the image is called the ocr.  it is not possible to copy the text from the image, but by using the OCR software you can extract the text from an Image. Here I compile the list of the chrome extensions to copy the text from the image. 

How to extract Text from Image using these google chrome extensions?

Image to text process is very easy with these Google Chrome extensions. 
For this, you just select a chrome plugin from the below list and install it into your Google Chrome browser then pin it to the browser. 
Whenever if you want to extract the text from the image you just select that image and right-click on it and put the option image to text or extract text from the image. 
Then respective google chrome browser for processes the text on the image and get a text from the image. 
In the google chrome web store, there are hundreds of image-to-text chrome plugins available but I selected the most downloaded and error-free chrome extensions from them and I conclude those extensions into a List Here. In this list some of the chrome addons use the API of the respective websites, those website owners use the technologies like artificial intelligence, JavaScript, Node JS, Python, etc. 

If you are searching for the mobile applications a mobile app to extract text from the image then this list is not for you. By using this Chrome plugin you can not only extract only English but also you can extract many languages from the image.  You can extract the most popular languages like german, Spanish, Hindi, 



Block site Chrome extension download
Block site Stay focused and let Block Site automatically blocks websites of your choice. Best for procrastination problem

Add a website you want to block in the options and it is automatically blocked.When you try to go to this ...

Snap&Read Universal Chrome extension download
Snap&Read Universal Text reader (TTS) that simplifies vocabulary, translates text, reads inaccessible text (OCR), and captures and cites sources.

Snap&read extension for Chrome™ reads both accessible and inaccessible text aloud from websites, Flash websites, images, Google Docs, eBook Readers, kindle ...

SiteBlock Chrome extension download
SiteBlock Block sites to discourage procrastination

Find yourself visiting websites unrelated to your current task, even without thinking place a barrier in your way by blocking the ...

Block Site Plus Chrome extension download
Block Site Plus You will no longer have procrastination and postponing problems with this extension.

What is the functionality This extension measures time you spend on the certain websites and you can set the max ...

Timewarp Chrome extension download
Timewarp Time Warp kindly reminds you not to procrastinate when you need to get things done.

When you need to get things done but just cant stop checking your Gmail, Facebook, Youtube, and Reddit etc, time warp ...

DistractOff Chrome extension download
DistractOff Stops you from visiting web-sites on impulsive procrastination.

Have you ever noticed how frequently you visit your favorite websites ever had those moments when you just open a new ...

Procrastinator Chrome extension download
Procrastinator Helps you stay focused on the web by blocking unnecessary destractions

** new - you can now customise the block page with your own url; either local file, or http url!Find yourself ...

Domain Blocker Chrome extension download
Domain Blocker Helps you hide ads, avoid tracking, load pages faster, fight procrastination

Domain Blocker is written to be as efficient as possible, in terms of speed (CPU) and memory (RAM).The main idea is ...

The Procrastination Button Chrome extension download
The Procrastination Button Whether you're just trying to pass the time, or don't have the will to do anything else.

A very simple extension designed to help users pass (or waste) time.The application lets you count the number of times you ...

LaterBox - New Tab Chrome extension download
LaterBox - New Tab Beat procrastination and do important work first.

Maintain your focus by putting your random thoughts in Laterbox.Whenever some random thoughts strike while you are working...instead of going after ...

Mileage Calculator [xp] by Chrome extension download
Mileage Calculator [xp] by See the number of frequent flyer miles you could earn with Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, Hotwire, and more! (all unaffiliated)

Where to credit shows you the number of miles you could earn on any frequent flyer program!Search for your flights on ...

picoCrypt Chrome extension download
picoCrypt Interface to Picosoft PicoCrypt

picoCrypt Google Chrome

Members Interests Chrome extension download
Members Interests Promoting transparency in democracy.

A browser extension that looks for mentions of MPs in articles and provides a link to their entry in the Register ...

BOCRates Chrome extension download
BOCRates A browser action to show the Bank of China`s currencies exchange rates in real time, with a popup showing the detail rates chart.

If you have business in China or be a chinese student studying abroad, you may ofen have money transfered by Bank ...

Motocross Video Gallery Chrome extension download
Motocross Video Gallery Motocross contains video gallery about motocross racing, motorbike and more.

motocross video gallery contains videos about freestyle motocross, fmx racing, motorbike and world championship.How To Add, Browse, Edit: * Right-click ...

OCR Screen Chrome extension download
OCR Screen OCR for web browser screen

ocr screen allow you to do OCR that you open page of browser.1.Open page that you want to do OCR.2.Click OSc ...

TrelloCRM Chrome extension download
TrelloCRM Adds CRM to your Trello

TrelloCRM =========== TrelloCRM adds functionality to the awesome for use in sales pipelines.Setup ----- TrelloCRM is a Chrome ...

Fitocracy Unit Converter Chrome extension download
Fitocracy Unit Converter This extension converts workout entries in the Fitocracy feed to your preferred system of units.

Do you want to cheer for your fellow fitocrats for how much they lift but you dont know how much is ...

Study Buddy Procrastination Helper Chrome extension download
Study Buddy Procrastination Helper Study Enhancement Tool. Improve time management by limiting access to social media over customizable time intervals.

enhance study productivity by limiting the amount of time spent on social media sites (Facebook / Instagram / Pinterest / Reddit ...

Hillary Clinton Tribute New Tab Chrome extension download
Hillary Clinton Tribute New Tab Support Hillary Clinton on her quest to win the Presidential Democratic nomination by getting this new tab experience!

please rate us!If you feel we don’t deserve a 5-star rating, please email or call us first!We want to hear from ...

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