Sidecar Bookmarks Sidebar Chrome Extension

Sidecar Bookmarks Sidebar chrome extension

Sidecar Bookmarks Sidebar for Chrome Download

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Sidecar Bookmarks Sidebar chrome extension is A simple bookmark sidebar that stays open while your browse.
 Updated January 26th 2015 - See notes below

Finally! A sidebar that shows your Chrome bookmarks while you browse. Do you miss the Firefox bookmark sidebar? Well this is the extension for you. 

- Tree view opens and collapses at your request. 
- Search your bookmarks in the sidebar.
- Choose wether you want Sidecar to stay open or open on demand
- Add the page your on as bookmark to any folder in Sidecar 
- Open and close the sidebar with button on browser toolbar
- Open and close with key command (See below how to open Sidecar for settings)

Why does Sidecar open on top of the page instead of pushing it over to the right like Firefox?
Sidebar bookmark in Firefox are part of the actual browser. Therefore it has special allowances. Chrome extensions dont have the allowances. Yes, we could make Sidecar push the content to the right instead of overlay. However, we have tested this extensively and it has proven problematic and in many cases, broken the layout of websites. Most user have told us that since Sidecar has easy ways to open/close it (see below) quickly that it is ok that it opens on top of the page. They just open/close when needed - usually with key command.

1. Click the browser tool bar button
2. Click the little tab you see on the left side of your browser
3. Setup a custom key command. Here is how: While in Chrome choose the 'Window' menu then 'Extensions'. Scroll to the very bottom of the Extensions list. Click 'Keyboard Shortcuts'. Find Sidecar in the list and enter your a keyboard shortcut of your choice. Now Sidecar will open/close anytime you like. 

UPDATED JAN 26th 2015
- Based on feedback, weve made the little tab on the left side of the browser optional. See settings panel for on/off switch. Also fixed a bunch of other bugs.  

UPDATED JAN 13th 2015
- Added a small tab that hangs off the left side of the browser frame. Clicking the tab makes it really easy to open Sidecar. 

UPDATED DEC 11th 2014
- Added optional 'Always Open' or 'Open on Demand' feature
- You can now add bookmarks to folders right inside Sidecar. Click a little plus button next to each folder in Sidecar, it will add the current web page to that bookmark folder. Really quick way to bookmark pages. Faster then the Firefox drag and drop method - we think, let u snow what you think
-Added a close and settings button to the bottom of sidecar
is a bookmarks sidebar that en Marshal want it

How to install Sidecar Bookmarks Sidebar chrome extension in chrome Browser

You can Follow the below Step By Step procedure to install the Sidecar Bookmarks Sidebar Chrome Extension to your Chrome Web browser.

  • Step 1: Go to the Chrome webstore or download the extension Sidecar Bookmarks Sidebar Chrome Extension Download from
  • Step 2: Now search for the Sidecar Bookmarks Sidebar in Chrome Webstore Search and click on the search button.
  • Step 3: click on the Sidecar Bookmarks Sidebar Chrome Extension Link
  • Step 4: in the next page click on the Add to Chrome button to Download and Install the Sidecar Bookmarks Sidebar extension for your Chrome Web browser .

Sidecar Bookmarks Sidebar Chrome extension Download

Looking for a method to Sidecar Bookmarks Sidebar Download for Chrome then this download link is for you.

It is the Sidecar Bookmarks Sidebar Chrome extension download link you can download and install Chrome Browser.

Download Sidecar Bookmarks Sidebar chrome extension (CRX)

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