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Add to Trello Google Chrome Extension Download

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Add to Trello chrome extension

Add to Trello Google chrome Extension overview

Add to Trello chrome extension is Add cards to your Trello boards from your browser.

whats new: - donate via paypal - You can now change what is pre-filled for the card title and description, or just leave it blank if thats your thing - Board and list overrides will always select the same board and list each time you open the popup window Add to trello lets you easily add a cards to the trello board of your choice straight from the browser.

Automatically save your current tab to the board and list of your choice.

The web pages title and link will be automatically filled in for you, and the extension will remember the board and list you chose last.

Add to Trello Chrome extension Download

It is the Add to Trello google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download Add to Trello chrome extension (CRX)

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