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Advanced Font Settings chrome extension

Advanced Font Settings Google chrome Extension overview

Advanced Font Settings chrome extension is Customize per-script font settings..

This extension allows you to customize font settings for different language scripts.

For example, you can set the default font for simplified chinese content to be different than the font for japanese content.

The settings are per-script (as specified in ISO 15924) rather than per-language.

For example, there is a single setting for cyrillic script rather than separate ones for Russian, Ukrainian, etc.

Chrome will use the font settings controlled by this extension when BOTH of the following are true: 1) The web page has declared the language of the content (e.g., by using the HTML lang attribute); and 2) The web page has not specified a font to use.

To use this extension, add it to Chrome and then go to chrome://extensions and click on the "Options" link for this extension.

Advanced Font Settings Chrome extension Download

It is the Advanced Font Settings google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

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