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Localhost Automate Google Chrome Extension Download

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Localhost Automate chrome extension

Localhost Automate Google chrome Extension overview

Localhost Automate chrome extension is Converts file URLs to http://localhost for developer testing purposes.

* Added support for Linux and Mac OS * bugfix: The extension stopped working since it saved data on the chrome.storage.local, yet pulled its data from chrome.storage.sync.

The issues now resolved * The extension now supports multiple localhost directories for multiple localhost urls (e.g.

localhost:8080 or any other format the user has chosen) * Updated the extension to support urls whether if they end with a forward slash (/) or without a forward slash.

* Implemented an indicator in the Extensions icon to let the user know if they havent enabled access to file urls About localhost automate ----------------------------------- As a developer working under his localhost server before uploading a project to the WWW, Ive encountered one issue (or a disturbance, so to speak) that somehow always takes away 3-4 seconds of my workflow.

After opening a web document, whether if its an html file, php file or anything else, google chrome opens it under file:// protocol instead of http://, resulting in developers clicking on the address bar just to switch to http://localhost.

Localhost Automate is what solves it.

localhost automate provides an easier, more comfortable way to tell the browser to get the http://localhost up there instead of file://, as long as the web document is in the preconfigured folder.

localhost automate requires a valid path to your localhost folder (ie.

d:wwwroot), so afterwards, if youre opening a file under d:wwwrootSome_Project, the extension would redirect it to http://localhost/Some_Project.

Comments, bugs and suggestions are welcome.

I hope youll enjoy it as much as Ive enjoyed making it.

Localhost Automate Chrome extension Download

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Download Localhost Automate chrome extension (CRX)

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