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Markdown Preview Plus chrome extension

Markdown Preview Plus Google chrome Extension overview

Markdown Preview Plus chrome extension is Converts and previews markdown files (.md, .markdown) to HTML right inside Chrome..

Automatically parses markdown files (.md) into HTML.

This is useful if youre writing markdown (ultimately targeting html) and want a quick preview.

Usage: 1.

Install extension from webstore (creates no new UI) 2.

Check "Allow access to file URLs" in chrome://extensions listing: 3.

Open local or remote .md file in Chrome.

4.see nicely formatted html!

Note: The auto reload feature is disabled default.

## Features * support auto reload.

* support external css file.

* Customize theme for every md file.

* support github flavored markdown.

* export nicely formatted html.

* Support MathJax.

## Release Notes ### 0.5 & 0.5.1 * Added option to enable latex delimiters.

* disable gfm line breaks.

* improved mathjax integration.

Thanks ktchu * improved github flavored markdown support * Support file extension .rst.

The file extensions option is more easier to use.

More info and source at

Markdown Preview Plus Chrome extension Download

It is the Markdown Preview Plus google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download Markdown Preview Plus chrome extension (CRX)

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