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RotoGrinders - DraftKings Tools Google Chrome Extension Download

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RotoGrinders - DraftKings Tools chrome extension

RotoGrinders - DraftKings Tools Google chrome Extension overview

RotoGrinders - DraftKings Tools chrome extension is Automated Lineup Entry.

This extension adds important data to the Draftkings Lobby and My lineups page such as contest overlay amount and player exposure.

version 1.3: Added a salary cap remaining calculator for H2H views.

player exposure calculations on My Lineups page are now broken up by start time instead of Upcoming/Live.

version 1.2: Added the ability on My LIneups page to toggle the player ownership percentages between "Total Entries" and "Unique Lineups" views.

version 1.0: NEW FEATURES: view a contests margin and overlay in the Lobby.

view the percentage of lineups containing a player next to the players name on the My Lineups page version 0.8: removed all features related to bulk creating/editing/withdrawing of contests due to DraftKings updated terms of service.

stay tuned for future features version 0.7: added "edit lineup entries" option.

Select a lineup that has been entered multiple times into a single contest, or into multiple contests.

This option will replace each entry with a lineup from your .csv file.

This is ideal if you have entered one dummy lineup into multiple contests or into the same contest multiple times.

version 0.6: added ability to bulk edit lineups or replace one or more lineups with a selected lineup version 0.5.6: fix to handle last names greater than 2 words and NFL defenses version 0.5.5: fixed some styling conflicts with DraftKingss UI version 0.5.4: Weve added a dropdown in the contest pop-up that lets you select groups of 50 lineups to enter.

we have also added a withdraw all button when you access a contest pop-up from the MyContests page that lets you withdraw all entries for a contest.

Once youve installed the extension, go to your Lineups page on DraftKings.

Youll notice an orange import lineups button.

Click on that button and a window will appear allowing you to upload a CSV to enter multiple lineups.

Use a CSV created with the rotogrinders lineup builder or create your own!

Check out this step by step tutorial:

RotoGrinders - DraftKings Tools Chrome extension Download

It is the RotoGrinders - DraftKings Tools google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

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