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Total css selector plugins - 5
SelectorGadget Chrome extension download
SelectorGadget Easy, powerful CSS Selector generation.

selector, selectorgadget, element, css, extension, open, click, page, chrome, bookmarklet, complicated, version, discovery, rejection, generation

Google Font Previewer for Chrome Chrome extension download
Google Font Previewer for Chrome Lets you choose a font from the Google Font directory with a few text styling options, and preview them on the current tab.

font, directory, lets, chrome, google, quickly, page, find, star, quick, preview, options, entire, fonts, styling

Font Playground Chrome extension download
Font Playground Preview your site with Google web fonts and get the css code.

fonts, font, https, extension, chrome, preview, google, web, url, settings, text, click, detail, names, selector

Selenium Page Object Generator Chrome extension download
Selenium Page Object Generator A nimble and flexible Selenium Page Object Model generator to improve agile testing process velocity.

add, version, button, object, selenium, page, chrome, text, support, options, generator, element, selector, attribute, template

Advanced Web Scraper Chrome extension download
Advanced Web Scraper An easy, powerful web scraping app for screen scraping using CSS selectors and to create agents for Data Scraping Studio software.

scraping, data, web, extract, css, selector, element, website, html, extension, click, generate, selectors, preview, studio

CSS Selector Tester Chrome extension download
CSS Selector Tester Test your css selector by using this quick script. Does not support the "HTML" Element or "*" selector.

selector, css, bug, updated, fixed, matching, support, ui, quot, elements, test, fixes, html, include, minor

CustomBlocker Chrome extension download
CustomBlocker Filter any element on any web site with any condition with XPath and RegExp

websites, specific, block, filters, create, results, keywords, xpath, css, twitter, elements, selectors, tweets, customblocker, github

unusedCSS Chrome extension download
unusedCSS Find unused CSS Selector from your Web site/Web application just by using it

unused, css, extension, dom, application, web, styling, modifications, selector, manipulation, page, load, events, usage, update

Stealth Chrome extension download
Stealth Stealth is a simple Chrome Browser Extension for hide web page elements. Usage 1. Go to option 2. Set CSS Selector for hide…

hide, web, stealth, extension, element, selector, source, icon, chrome, simple, browser, set, elements, github, css

Unused CSS Selectors Chrome extension download
Unused CSS Selectors Inspect unused CSS

unused, css, inspect, chrome, selectors, extension, cssinspect

Strike Out Nofollow Links Chrome extension download
Strike Out Nofollow Links Just strikes out nofollow links via CSS3 selectors.

links, nofollow, strikes, webmaster, seo, expert, selectors, tool, product, chrome, extension, css3, cloxy, strike

Copy Css Selector Chrome extension download
Copy Css Selector Extends the Developer Tools and context menu, adding a sidebar that displays the css path of DOM element.

selector, element, css, menu, unique, find, testing, developer, extends, tools, context, mouse, extension, adding, copied

WebDriver Scripting Assistant Chrome extension download
WebDriver Scripting Assistant Identify an element’s CSS selector to drive your AppDynamics Synthetic Browser Monitoring or Selenium WebDriver scripts

css, element, selector, click, webdriver, extension, identify, selenium, select, scripting, assistant, pick, synthetic, browser, actions

Prototypo web preview Chrome extension download
Prototypo web preview This extension allows you to use and synchronize font you create with Prototypo directly on your web site

extension, prototypo, web, chrome, tool, tab, icon, clicking, fonts, selectors, font, page, create, css, sync

UI Automation Chrome extension download
UI Automation UI Automation helps you to write automated UI tests.

ui, extension, https, automation, write, java, tests, github, template, automated, helps, selectors, css, xpath, providing

Encreo UI Spy Chrome extension download
Encreo UI Spy A chrome extension for Selenium WebDriver users to generate XPath, CSS Selector for web elements.

encreo, chrome, spy, ui, locators, xpath, console, generate, css, selector, web, users, webdriver, google, browser

Webfont Previewer Chrome extension download
Webfont Previewer This extension allows you to test webfonts out on any website and target which elements the fonts should be applied to.

fonts, code, webfont, webfonts, applied, list, test, opened, refreshed, tabs, extension, installed, selectors, previously, work

Unsplash Free Hi-Resolution Photos Previewer Chrome extension download
Unsplash Free Hi-Resolution Photos Previewer Lets you choose a free hi-resolution photo from the blog and preview them on the current tab.

free, lets, preview, resolution, choose, page, unsplash, entire, quickly, photo, find, blog, chrome, previewer, photos

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