Best Debug Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total debug plugins - 35
React Developer Tools Chrome extension download
React Developer Tools Adds React debugging tools to the Chrome Developer Tools.

react, inspect, chrome, page, tab, components, selected, element, component, extension, tools, tree, devtools, props, current

NetBeans Connector Chrome extension download
NetBeans Connector The NetBeans Connector provides deep integration between the award winning NetBeans IDE and the Google Chrome browser.

ide, netbeans, javascript, integration, application, web, development, live, editing, debugging, chrome, sizes, elements, including, browser

JetBrains IDE Support Chrome extension download
JetBrains IDE Support HTML/CSS/JavaScript editing and JavaScript debugging using JetBrains IDEs.

chrome, javascript, css, html, extension, live, jetbrains, page, pycharm, support, ultimate, reloading, idea, browser, intellij

Google Analytics Debugger Chrome extension download
Google Analytics Debugger Prints useful information to the JavaScript console by enabling the debug version of the Google Analytics Javascript.

analytics, chrome, extension, javascript, google, press, tracking, messages, gallery, version, icon, debug, console, bugs, extensions

Ripple Emulator (Beta) Chrome extension download
Ripple Emulator (Beta) A browser based html5 mobile application development and testing tool

mobile, ripple, application, emulator, visit, testing, html5, beta, platform, development, blackberry, perform, javascript, debugging, html

Xdebug helper Chrome extension download
Xdebug helper Easy debugging, profiling and tracing extension for Xdebug

extension, xdebug, profiling, shift, debugging, pages, tracing, php, github, submit, request, ideas, bugs, pull, mac

Native HLS Playback Chrome extension download
Native HLS Playback Allow the browser to play HLS video urls (m3u8) 'natively'

hls, extension, m3u8, video, enable, js, library, catcher, hlsjs, paste, url, disable, link, awesome, mode

PHP Console Chrome extension download
PHP Console Display PHP errors & vars dumps in Google Chrome console and notification popups, execute PHP code remotely.

php, errors, dump, console, optional, data, javascript, server, extension, chrome, http, eval, debug, exceptions, call

Vue.js devtools Chrome extension download
Vue.js devtools Chrome devtools extension for debugging Vue.js applications.

chrome, js, extension, devtools, vue, debugging, applications

Ember Inspector Chrome extension download
Ember Inspector Tool for debugging Ember applications.

ember, application, controllers, source, routes, extension, chrome, models, templates, objects, debugging, inspector, view, download, urls

jQuery Debugger Chrome extension download
jQuery Debugger Chrome Developer Tools extension for jQuery development

jquery, elements, panel, selectors, selected, events, element, shows, data, extension, chrome, easily, sidebar, matching, inspector

ADB Chrome extension download
ADB ADB Plugin for remote debugging Chrome on Android (Now deprecated)

chrome, adb, remote, extension, debugging, android, deprecated, plugin, github, window, update, version, google, googlechrome, run

Chrome Logger Chrome extension download
Chrome Logger For server side logging and debugging in chrome console.

chrome, extension, console, adds, chromephp, chromelogger, debugging, notes, server, side, picker, switching, logic, color, behavior

Augury Chrome extension download
Augury Extends the Developer Tools, adding tools for debugging and profiling Angular 2.0 applications.

quot, issue, augury, tree, type, resolve, version, applications, state, caused, information, extension, component, components, debugging

eZDebug Helper Chrome extension download
eZDebug Helper Web Developer Toolbar panels for eZPublish (4.5+) websites developers.

ezpublish, extension, debug, messages, list, message, developer, default, installation, gt, main, highlighted, page, easily, color

Knockoutjs context debugger Chrome extension download
Knockoutjs context debugger Shows the knockout context & data for the selected dom node in a sidebar of the elements pane.

knockoutjs, context, chrome, observable, extension, knockout, viewmodel, sidebar, github, selected, data, elements, comments, pane, view

Adobe DTM Switch Chrome extension download
Adobe DTM Switch This handy extension allows you to toggle the debug mode and staging mode for Adobe Dynamic Tag Management. The debug modeā€¦

mode, adobe, dtm, library, staging, debug, toggle, icon, extension, installed, dynamic, address, bar, chrome, switches

ObservePoint Tag Debugger Chrome extension download
ObservePoint Tag Debugger Troubleshoot & inspect all web analytics tags, variables, and on-click events. Supports SiteCat, Google Analytics, WebTrends + more.

tag, observepoint, data, analytics, tags, extension, debugger, web, press, chrome, events, page, click, information, users

Oogle Chrome extension download
Oogle Improves Google's image search results by highlighting the found image in its page.

page, version, image, fixed, options, search, results, images, highlight, google, extension, icon, chrome, displayed, added

WebGL Inspector Chrome extension download
WebGL Inspector Debug, diagnose, and explore WebGL scenes.

webgl, extension, inspector, feel, free, tools, source, fix, html, pix, goal, making, explore, gdebugger, advanced

Adobe Analytics Debugger Chrome extension download
Adobe Analytics Debugger Prints to JavaScript console what data is sent to Adobe Analytics.

data, id, adobe, information, shows, v1, server, rdc, cookie, debugger, displays, added, marketing, press, visitor

Analytics Debugger Chrome extension download
Analytics Debugger Display your analytics tags directly on the page

version, update, debugger, analytics, amp, request, page, variable, adobe, debugging, counter, plugin, sitecatalyst, chrome, link

Angular Scope Inspector Chrome extension download
Angular Scope Inspector Help you debug AngularJs scope, inside the Elements tab of the Developer Toolbar.

scope, element, inspector, elements, sign, tab, dollar, starts, attribute, toolbar, parent, hope, inherited, controller, extension

Backbone Debugger Chrome extension download
Backbone Debugger Developer Tools extension for debugging Backbone.js applications.

backbone, events, status, tools, developer, triggered, models, views, chrome, collection, releases, sync, extension, url, routers

SAML Chrome Panel Chrome extension download
SAML Chrome Panel Extends the Developer Tools, adding support for SAML Requests and Responses to be displayed in the Developer Tools window

saml, traffic, chrome, panel, tools, developer, working, browser, open, set, format, tabs, network, jasonwzs, github

Akamai debug headers Chrome extension download
Akamai debug headers Add diagnostic headers to Akamai'd websites

headers, akamai, extension, debug, cache, http, reddit, download, test, ttls, hits, uk, xbox, action, information

JWT Debugger Chrome extension download
JWT Debugger The debugger as a Chrome extension

jwts, chrome, extension, debugger, github, support, signatures, jwt, debug, easily, io, cookies, tab, current, hmac

Telerik Kendo UI Chrome Inspector Chrome extension download
Telerik Kendo UI Chrome Inspector Telerik Kendo UI Chrome DevTools extension

chrome, ui, kendo, extension, devtools, html, rendered, inspecting, execution, part, toolbar, debug, widgets, actions, troubleshoot

Event Tracking Tracker Chrome extension download
Event Tracking Tracker Plugin to track GA Event Tracker event calls that persists across pages

event, tracker, plugin, calls, url, developers, ga, tracking, header, showing, toggle, analyticsjs, collection, advanced, reduced

Analytica Tools for debug Chrome extension download
Analytica Tools for debug Analytica Tools for debug is a devtools extension for exposing tracking data to developers. Shows count of open tabs in console.

extension, data, analytica, open, tools, debug, shows, developers, tracking, exposing, devtools, chrome, tabs, count, console

GTM Sonar Chrome extension download
GTM Sonar Debug your page template to see if it works with Google Tag Manager's auto-event listeners.

listener, page, gtm, extension, debugdl, clicking, pop, added, action, click, test, array, jquery, form, link

Salesforce Lightning Inspector Chrome extension download
Salesforce Lightning Inspector For inspecting Lightning apps

component, components, lightning, event, inspector, navigate, update, helpful, inspect, view, bug, extension, show, salesforce, tree

TICloudAgent Bridge Chrome extension download
TICloudAgent Bridge Facilitates flashing and debugging TI devices from the cloud

application, extension, debugging, devices, flashing, bridge, ticloudagent, web, facilitates, communicating, instruments, launching, texas, hardware, sockets

Signal Inspector Chrome extension download
Signal Inspector Shows you information about tags deployed using Signal Tag.

signal, tags, fired, extension, tag, inspector, account, direct, needed, server, detect, shows, information, debugging, chrome

Sonoma Partners' Dynamics CRM DevTools Chrome extension download
Sonoma Partners' Dynamics CRM DevTools A variety of developer tools for CRM 2015 Update 1, CRM 2015, CRM 2013 and CRM 2011 UR12+

ability, crm, form, current, open, id, entity, displays, attributes, record, user, information, fetch, display, update

Django Debug Panel Chrome extension download
Django Debug Panel Django Debug Toolbar inside WebKit DevTools. Works fine with background AJAX requests and non-HTML responses.

django, ajax, debug, applications, panel, chrome, background, page, responses, requests, toolbar, extension, works, devtools, recamshak

Exceda Akamai Headers Extension Chrome extension download
Exceda Akamai Headers Extension Diagnostic Extension to help identify Akamai debug headers for a given site.

extension, akamai, headers, site, exceda, urls, caching, chrome, simply, resource, diagnostic, debug, run, debugging, information

var_masterpiece Chrome extension download
var_masterpiece Turn a PHP var_dump into a readable, parsable, foldable piece of art! Makes PHP debugging much easier

var, php, dump, dumps, foldable, debug, extension, read, readable, big, free, feel, contribute, wraps, punctuation

Yet Another REST Client Chrome extension download
Yet Another REST Client A free and easy-to-use REST Client. Use it to develop, test and debug RESTful services.

request, requests, favorites, headers, including, extension, custom, google, client, yarc, free, data, save, chrome, rest

WebGL Insight Chrome extension download
WebGL Insight A helpful Chrome extension for WebGL development

webgl, viewer, program, inspector, extension, usage, insight, chrome, call, resource, capabilities, providing, productive, variety, variable

JWT Analyzer & Inspector Chrome extension download
JWT Analyzer & Inspector JWT Inspector lets you inspect JSON Web Tokens in requests, cookies and local storage.

jwts, jwt, inspect, inspector, requests, debug, storage, cookies, built, console, session, local, intuitive, user, packaged

Cipafilter Authenticator BETA Chrome extension download
Cipafilter Authenticator BETA Authenticate with Cipafilter

bug, fixed, additional, unit, multiple, issue, proxy, timed, auth, chrome, beta, state, debug, fixes, build

AngularJS Console Chrome extension download
AngularJS Console Extends the Developer Tools, Panel for helping developers with AngularJS helpers.

developers, code, angularjs, chrome, angular, tools, extends, quickly, modules, extension, buttons, quick, radio, console, injectables

Symfony2 Profiler shortcut Chrome extension download
Symfony2 Profiler shortcut Symfony2 Profiler shortcut

profiler, debug, extension, symfony2, access, quot, information, toolbar, render, response, ajax, request, rest, show, symfony

AngularJS Inspect Watchers Chrome extension download
AngularJS Inspect Watchers Inspect the scope watchers of an Angular app

extension, angular, watchers, app, angularjs, page, action, inspect, number, debug, scope, navigate, info, performance, web

Salesforce Developer Tool Suite Chrome extension download
Salesforce Developer Tool Suite Suite of tools like Debug log viewer, which loads without any authentication or ask for user name or password.

debug, logs, code, users, extension, suite, salesforce, view, cases, authentication, test, logging, loads, coverage, anonymous

Google Analytics Debugger Chrome extension download
Google Analytics Debugger A browser extension for debugging Google Analytics tracking code

analytics, tracking, page, tracker, metrics, beacons, google, properties, easy, beacon, debugger, extension, custom, context, multiple

Dynamic Ad Inspector Chrome extension download
Dynamic Ad Inspector Inspect and debug Dynamic Ads.

ad, dynamic, google, dfa, extension, info, studio, https, creative, ads, type, inspector, troubleshoot, agree, terms

HTTP Trace Capture Chrome extension download
HTTP Trace Capture Displays and saves network traces of HTTP request/responses along with the MHTML of the loaded dynamic webpages.

http, network, dynamic, request, mhtml, loaded, screens, server, data, interact, research, applications, study, web, aims

Leprosorium on Steroids Chrome extension download
Leprosorium on Steroids Set of different things and pipyakas that increase hang time on Leprosorium.

bugfix, fix, v2, comments, v1, filter, feature, added, page, support, date, remove, post, video, mode

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