Best Deki Delete Kindle Items Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total deki delete kindle items plugins - 999
DeKi: Delete Kindle Items Chrome extension download
DeKi: Delete Kindle Items Batch delete Items from your kindle library @

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Kindle Optimizer Chrome extension download
Kindle Optimizer Adds instant Google Search and Translate functionality to the Kindle Cloud Reader.

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eReaderIQ Integrator Chrome extension download
eReaderIQ Integrator Integrates eReaderIQ with Amazon for quickly checking Kindle price history & watching for Kindle price drops.

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Kindle Books Chrome extension download
Kindle Books Free Kindle Books and Kindle Book Deals are directly in your browser

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Add pinyin to Chinese text. Chrome extension download
Add pinyin to Chinese text. Pin Yin is a great way to learn Chinese. It detects the largest block of Chinese text on a page, gets rid of everything else, and…

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Push to Kindle Chrome extension download
Push to Kindle Send web articles to your Kindle

android kindle app, android users, ipad kindle app, plain text downloads, privacy page, climate breakdown, kindle app, kindle fire users, washington post journalist, google play store, ipad users, need article suggestions, alternative download options, kindle privacy, amazon app store orgpushtokindledpb005gfm0h0, kindle button, avert climate crisis for Amazon Kindle Highlights Chrome extension download for Amazon Kindle Highlights Export your Amazon Kindle Highlights to your favorite integrations or download to multiple file formats.

favorite integrations, advanced formatting options, casual reader clippings, multiple file formats, kindle annotations, third party services, beautiful web site, kindle highlights, numerous formats, kindle notes

Free Kindle UK Books Chrome extension download
Free Kindle UK Books Free Kindle UK Books are directly in your browser

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Amazon Kindle Cloud Launcher Chrome extension download
Amazon Kindle Cloud Launcher Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader lets you read ebooks instantly in your web browser - no Kindle device required.

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Free Kindle Books, Nook and Kobo Free Books Chrome extension download
Free Kindle Books, Nook and Kobo Free Books Free Kindle Books, Free Nook Books, Free Kobo Books are directly in your browser

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Free Kindle Children Books Chrome extension download
Free Kindle Children Books Free Kindle Children Books are directly in your browser

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Free Mystery Books Chrome extension download
Free Mystery Books Free Kindle Mystery Books, Free Nook Mystery Books and Free Kobo Mystery Books are directly in your browser

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Clean the Junk Chrome extension download
Clean the Junk Clean the junk - is the add-on for removing banners and other junk from the opened pages.

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Kreeder - speed reader for Kindle Chrome extension download
Kreeder - speed reader for Kindle The one and only speed reading chrome extension for the Kindle Cloud Reader. Love speedreading? Love Kindle? Now you can have both.

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Free Kindle Books Chrome extension download
Free Kindle Books Free Kindle Books are directly in your browser

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History Map Chrome extension download
History Map Browsing with a map in hand

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Web to Kindle  Chrome extension download
Web to Kindle Edit and send web pages to your Kindle for easy reading.

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Free Science Fiction Chrome extension download
Free Science Fiction Free Kindle Science Fiction Books, Free Nook Science Fiction Books and Free Kobo Science Fiction Books are directly in your browser

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Find eBook Edition Chrome extension download
Find eBook Edition Display the "View Kindle Edition" button if there's Kindle edition of books in Amazon's wish lists.

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LocalStorage Monitor Chrome extension download
LocalStorage Monitor Flags when a site is using local storage.

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Facebook Post Manager Chrome extension download
Facebook Post Manager Batch delete posts in Facebook timeline. Other batch processing: privacy / hide / unhide / unlike items. FREE!

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Phone To Desktop Chrome extension download
Phone To Desktop Phone To Desktop Chrome Extension

sent texts, extension uses, desktop android app, identification code, google chrome, google account, task list, delete individual items, desktop chrome extension, delete individual, google tasks, extension lets

Send to Kindle (by Chrome extension download
Send to Kindle (by Push web articles to your Kindle

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EJDic Script for Kindle Cloud Reader Chrome extension download
EJDic Script for Kindle Cloud Reader Kindle Cloud Readerで、Dictionary.comの代わりにWeblioのリンクを表示するようになります。

kindle cloud reader dictionary, kindle cloud reader , , kindle cloud reader dictionary, weblio , kindle cloud reader, weblio , com weblio

UnXSS Chrome extension download
UnXSS Intercept and modify or delete websites' security headers

delete contentsecuritypolicy header, add access control, delete content security policy header, delete websites, api endpoint, frame options, delete frame options header, source code, content security policy, security headers, delete xframeoptions header, doesnt specify, foreign ajax endpoint, header options

TYPO3 - Little Helper Chrome extension download
TYPO3 - Little Helper This chrome extension makes the work with TYPO3 a little bit easier.

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kindleit direct Chrome extension download
kindleit direct Post webpage to kindle directly by using kindleit

current tab, asynchronous send, contextmenu function, first time, push kindle, web page, post current tab web page, kindle fivefilters, add kindle fivefilters, extension send web page asynchronous, easily add contextmenu function, happens success, send kindleit, post webpage, current tab web page

Wunderlist New Tab Chrome extension download
Wunderlist New Tab Replace your New Tab page with a lightweight version of Wunderlist that lets you quickly add new to-dos to your lists.

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Cookie Manager Chrome extension download
Cookie Manager Manage cookies and protect privacy. Add, edit and delete cookies through toolbar. Search cookies if there are many

click icon, delete particular cookie, context menu, cookie add, current domain delete, cookie edit, domain delete, cookies recreate, protect privacy, cookie manager, access cookie manager, particular domain, current domain, delete cookies, extensions cookie manager click options, add edit, sub domains, search cookies, toolbar click options, deletion delete cookies, many features

Delete All Facebook Chats Chrome extension download
Delete All Facebook Chats Automatically delete all Facebook chats from the Facebook Messages Tab with a single mouse click.

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Apollo Sync for Chrome Chrome extension download
Apollo Sync for Chrome Chrome extension to be used with Apollo Sync Mobile Apps on iOS/Kindle Fire.

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Conduit Mobile App Maker Blog Chrome extension download
Conduit Mobile App Maker Blog Stay up to date on all the hottest tech and mobile news, small business tips, and exciting product releases.

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Your History Chrome extension download
Your History A better look at your browsing history. The best searching, the sharpest interface, and the most useful filters - for your history.

history grouping group visits, useful filters, minutes group visits, text styling, day delete, chrome ui access, day searching search, visits delete visits, group visits, click option, domain format hours, page title, toolbar remembers closing state, domain delete, excellent browser

salesforce-tool Chrome extension download
salesforce-tool Clear all debug logs.

coverage button, show coverage, user button, delete debug, add delete entire logs button, add option search salesforce, search selected, delete entire logs, context menu, code coverage, edit view, add option, delete debug log section, add current logged, add add, debug user, debug logs

I don't care about cookies Chrome extension download
I don't care about cookies Remove cookie warnings from almost all websites! The EU regulations require that any website using tracking cookies must get…

necessary cookie categories, surf anonymously, every time, delete cookies, cookie categories depending, doesn delete cookies, work properly, automatically accept, eu regulations, cookie warnings, cookies, tracking cookies, hides cookie related, delete cookies automatically, websites, cookie policy

Temporary Bookmarks Chrome extension download
Temporary Bookmarks Add actual page or any web links on actual page into temporary bookmarks. You can open these web links later.

delete icon, save open, mouse button, delete bookmarks, actual page, delete bookmark, popup show list, web link click, context menu, easy browse web sites, add web link click, add actual page, web link, temporary bookmarks, web links

Steam Market - Favorite Items Chrome extension download
Steam Market - Favorite Items Create your own list of items to keep track of in the Steam Market

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Different Gmail Delete Button Chrome extension download
Different Gmail Delete Button Tweaks the Gmail web interface’s delete button.

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Copy and paste multiple items,more Clipboards Chrome extension download
Copy and paste multiple items,more Clipboards Copy and paste multiple items, get more Clipboards in your context menu and save your time.

keyboard shortcutscommands, assigned keyboard shortcuts commands, much time, copy url images, context menu, paste multiple items, chrome extension allows, multiple items, multiple clipboard, copy multiple items, copy operation

Browser Clipboard Chrome extension download
Browser Clipboard Browser Clipboard makes copy/paste easy by providing a panel that can hold multiple items.

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1-Click Share Link Chrome extension download
1-Click Share Link Share and receive links with 1 click

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Freebookshub - Download Free eBooks for UK Chrome extension download
Freebookshub - Download Free eBooks for UK Download Free and Reduced rate eBooks

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SPOI Filter Chrome extension download
SPOI Filter Control the way you read RSS news online.

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ALL SEEING EYE Chrome extension download
ALL SEEING EYE Record All Browsing in Screenshots & Full Text. Search For Anything At Any Time. Never Forget Where You Read Something. 100% Private

web history, history menu, visual interface, browsers history menu, delete individual items, normal browser history, web sites, find stuff, screenshots full text, read something, new page, new entries, browser history, full content, browser creates

Just Delete Me Chrome extension download
Just Delete Me Provides link in the omnibar to where to delete account and informs you how hard it is to delete your account.

simple process, light icon, fully deleted, delete account, open source, omnibar, extra steps, contacting customer, green simple, colour key, omnibar indicating

ClipboardFusion (extension) Chrome extension download
ClipboardFusion (extension) Sync your clipboard with your computer and other mobile devices!

mobile devices, clipboard items, mobile device, sync, clipboard, mobile device clipboard, create edit, save clipboard items, sync clipboard items, pin clipboard items, easy access

Hacker News: Mark All Read Chrome extension download
Hacker News: Mark All Read Save time on HN by marking read the titles and comments you already scanned

save time, show parent, local browser, comment threads, news item, hacker news listing page, home page, new items links, new items, news page, news items, read items, collapse comment threads

Search items in steam groups. Chrome extension download
Search items in steam groups. This extension allows to find items you looking for in Steam group members inventories. (On Steam group members page e.g.…

item search, scout pyro, game items, steam group members inventories, search items, steam group members, drow ranger, limited genuine vintage, choose items category, select game inventory, steam trading system lack, steam group, load inventories, uncommon rare, marketable gifted crafted deluxe shopping tool Chrome extension download deluxe shopping tool Discover a wealth of similar items at all price points when you shop at your favorite online fashion stores

dejamoda shopping assistant, favorite online, price points, additional alternative items, visual search, favorite online fashion, similar items, find similar, favorite online shops, fashion items, suggesting additional, personal information, quickly discover fashion items, favorite online fashion stores

Add to Fashiolista! Chrome extension download
Add to Fashiolista! Add your own finds to Fashiolista from any website.

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