Best Developer Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total developer plugins - 123
OneTab Chrome extension download
OneTab Save up to 95% memory and reduce tab clutter

tabs, onetab, computer, list, click, chrome, memory, depending, web, resuming, save, scripts, additional, reducing, running

Web Developer Chrome extension download
Web Developer Adds a toolbar button with various web developer tools. The official port of the Web Developer extension for Firefox.

extension, web, chrome, developer, features, set, data, http, feature, full, apis, settings, reset, sites, disabled

ColorZilla Chrome extension download
ColorZilla Advanced Eyedropper, Color Picker, Gradient Generator and other colorful goodies

colorzilla, color, colors, bug, websites, chrome, http, contact, privacy, picker, picking, data, picked, gradient, html

New Tab Redirect Chrome extension download
New Tab Redirect Allows a user to provide the URL of the page that loads in a new tab.

page, tab, omnibar, version, redirect, chrome, permissions, extensions, custom, tabs, extension, google, wiki, highlight, https

React Developer Tools Chrome extension download
React Developer Tools Adds React debugging tools to the Chrome Developer Tools.

react, inspect, chrome, page, tab, components, selected, element, component, extension, tools, tree, devtools, props, current

AngularJS Batarang Chrome extension download
AngularJS Batarang Extends the Developer Tools, adding tools for debugging and profiling AngularJS applications.

tools, angularjs, profiling, chrome, extension, debugging, developer, extends, batarang, adding, applications

Java API Search Chrome extension download
Java API Search Adds support to the omnibox to search within the Java API.

search, chrome, omnibox, java, relevant, online, straight, class, source, github, api, adds, extension, support, mpress

Messenger (Unofficial) Chrome extension download
Messenger (Unofficial) Use Messenger (Unofficial) from within your browser

version, extension, changelog, developers, chrome, facebook, due, messenger, language, messages, fb, shown, mobile, http, message

Allow-Control-Allow-Origin: * Chrome extension download
Allow-Control-Allow-Origin: * Allows to you request any site with ajax from any source. Adds to response 'Allow-Control-Allow-Origin: *' header

cross, web, chrome, response, origin, domain, file, request, cors, flags, access, header, http, org, ajax

DHC REST Client Chrome extension download
DHC REST Client REST & HTTP API developer's pocket knife. Easy to use and configurable. HATEOAS, Hypermedia, Requests History+Repository, and more.

dhc, api, testing, restlet, requests, access, chrome, apis, history, http, url, rest, data, service, websites

BuiltWith Technology Profiler Chrome extension download
BuiltWith Technology Profiler Find out what the website you are visiting is built with using this extension.

builtwith, find, version, technologies, extension, profiler, preferences, rejoice, hide, built, website, chrome, publishing, debian, google

Super Browse for Netflix Chrome extension download
Super Browse for Netflix Access Netflix Secret Categories

categories, netflix, movies, super, browse, extension, movie, access, secret, extra, features, choose, added, contact, hide

Xdebug helper Chrome extension download
Xdebug helper Easy debugging, profiling and tracing extension for Xdebug

extension, xdebug, profiling, shift, debugging, pages, tracing, php, github, submit, request, ideas, bugs, pull, mac

ChromeVox Chrome extension download
ChromeVox ChromeVox - Giving Voice to Chrome

chromevox, web, applications, accessibility, desktop, users, chrome, access, screen, speed, giving, check, rich, experience, extension

2048 in Popup Chrome extension download
2048 in Popup Play 2048 anytime you want, it's always in your browser!

tiles, tile, game, slide, grid, player, puzzle, click, user, score, play, extension, merge, number, open

One Click Google Hangout Chrome extension download
One Click Google Hangout This extension starts a google hangout.

hangout, extension, account, google, click, bread, sliced, greatest, hayes, eric, start, copied, url, waiting, menus

Hide YouTube Comments Chrome extension download
Hide YouTube Comments Hides all user comments on YouTube. Nothing less, nothing more. Specifically, there is no button to show the comments again.…

comments, youtube, icon, video, work, button, strange, manifest, fixed, december, show, works, wpzoom, text, automatically

DOM HIGHLIGHTER Chrome extension download
DOM HIGHLIGHTER A dom highlighter for front-end developer.

dom, highlighter, chrome, extension, front, developer

BrowserStack Chrome extension download
BrowserStack BrowserStack lets you test your websites straight from your browser on 700+ real mobile and desktop browsers.

browsers, browserstack, browser, website, mobile, test, installed, real, extension, developer, pre, support, open, websites, testing

Accessibility Developer Tools Chrome extension download
Accessibility Developer Tools Accessibility audit and element properties.

elements, audit, quot, accessibility, element, pane, sidebar, page, chrome, tab, github, link, refer, aria, extension

timeStats Chrome extension download
timeStats You will be surprised how much time you spent on particular web pages.

time, extensions, statistics, wips, chrome, visited, websites, showing, spend, stats, browsing, utm, add, timestats, sites

Sense (Beta) Chrome extension download
Sense (Beta) A JSON aware developer console to ElasticSearch.

extension, chrome, sense, github, maintained, developer, aware, elasticsearch, json, longer, present, console, https, bleskes, store

CSS Analysis Chrome extension download
CSS Analysis View the stats behind the CSS

css, chrome, applied, rules, extension, view, content, stats, information, alt, cssgreat, developers, shift, press, users

Ember Inspector Chrome extension download
Ember Inspector Tool for debugging Ember applications.

ember, application, controllers, source, routes, extension, chrome, models, templates, objects, debugging, inspector, view, download, urls

Unofficial AngularJS Batarang (outdated) Chrome extension download
Unofficial AngularJS Batarang (outdated) Extends the Developer Tools, adding tools for debugging and profiling AngularJS applications.

angularjs, extension, batarang, tools, previous, profiling, debugging, developer, extends, chrome, outdated, internet, applications, official, stable

Plus for Trello (time track, reports, scrum) Chrome extension download
Plus for Trello (time track, reports, scrum) Reports, Timers, hashtags, offline, burn-downs, spent vs estimate by card, list, board, user, team, history and more!

trello, spent, reports, card, cards, charts, chrome, offline, boards, estimate, html, team, user, timers, weekly

jQuery Debugger Chrome extension download
jQuery Debugger Chrome Developer Tools extension for jQuery development

jquery, elements, panel, selectors, selected, events, element, shows, data, extension, chrome, easily, sidebar, matching, inspector

DevTools Theme: Zero Dark Matrix Chrome extension download
DevTools Theme: Zero Dark Matrix A highly customized dark theme for Devtools.

changelog, theme, tools, themes, fix, experiments, chrome, devtools, developer, select, dark, enable, blob, history, toolbar

Panic Button Plus Chrome extension download
Panic Button Plus Hide your tabs faster with single button or single key and restore them later

button, extensions, hide, tabs, wips, key, chrome, single, choose, team, hear, happy, users, eula, privacy

Grid Pak Chrome extension download
Grid Pak The responsive grid generator

responsive, tool, grid, buton, page, access, design, chrome, extension, generatorthis, handy, simply, click, toolkit, remarkable

Tamper Chrome (extension) Chrome extension download
Tamper Chrome (extension) Allows the user to modify requests as they happen.

chrome, tamper, modify, responses, requests, browser, left, https, github, tools, developer, companion, extension, install, click

Speedevmeter Chrome extension download
Speedevmeter A developers friend for checking loading speed of any site

page, speed, loading, improve, extension, developers, friend, web, checking, chrome, fast, loads, siteare, speedevmeter, information

Web Developer Checklist Chrome extension download
Web Developer Checklist Analyses any web page for violations of best practices

extension, web, problem, discover, developers, chrome, practicesfor, page, checklist, analyses, website, areas, companion, easily, practices

DInstagram Chrome extension download
DInstagram Download photos and videos from Instagram quickly and easily!

download, instagram, videos, photos, note, user, video, extension, contact, gabrieljmj, twitter, photo, mail, gamjj74, forca

Discover DevTools Companion Chrome extension download
Discover DevTools Companion Challenge yourself to learn the Chrome DevTools with this extension and the new Code School Course! Visit…

devtools, chrome, extension, code, google, challenge, chapter, school, find, discover, earn, knowledge, policy, agree, challenges

Test IE Chrome extension download
Test IE Test websites in all versions of real Internet Explorer (IE6 - IE11) and Edge straight from Chrome browser, through BrowserStack.

browserstack, test, testing, http, mobile, local, explorer, browsers, browser, sign, devices, www, websites, lion, internet

eZDebug Helper Chrome extension download
eZDebug Helper Web Developer Toolbar panels for eZPublish (4.5+) websites developers.

ezpublish, extension, debug, messages, list, message, developer, default, installation, gt, main, highlighted, page, easily, color

LivePage Chrome extension download
LivePage LivePage reloads website resources such as CSS, HTML and JavaScript as they update on the server.

livepage, extension, environment, reloads, issues, file, server, live, domains, faster, lot, website, development, local, future

Chrome Poster Chrome extension download
Chrome Poster Chrome poster is a developer tool that allows you to interact with http server

poster, firefox, http, developer, https, tool, chrome, client, simple, similar, server, homepage, addon, interacting, org

QCLean:Remove Facebook Ad,Suggested Page&Post Chrome extension download
QCLean:Remove Facebook Ad,Suggested Page&Post Remove ads, suggested pages and posts on News feed of Facebook.

v0, facebook, fix, hide, page, remove, posts, extension, post, suggested, option, bugs, pokemon, quot, chrome

Tabs to the Front Chrome extension download
Tabs to the Front Optionally open new tabs in the front.

chrome, tabs, front, page, disable, open, toggle, extension, options, quot, change, support, optionally, domain, opened

Site Info! Chrome extension download
Site Info! Are you a web developer ? Find out the tech used behind every site!

site, extension, web, tech, builtwith, chrome, developer, find, service, info LOGINS Chrome extension download LOGINS Lets you login with 1 click.

account, lets, information, extension, username, password, accounts, quickly, login, forcecomlogins, force, hope, selected, refer, details

ObservePoint Tag Debugger Chrome extension download
ObservePoint Tag Debugger Troubleshoot & inspect all web analytics tags, variables, and on-click events. Supports SiteCat, Google Analytics, WebTrends + more.

tag, observepoint, data, analytics, tags, extension, debugger, web, press, chrome, events, page, click, information, users

GetFavicon Chrome extension download
GetFavicon Quickly and easily download any favicon from any site

download, favicon, extension, quickly, easily, web, designer, developer, siteif, tool, chrome, getfavicon, site

Twitch Stream Chrome extension download
Twitch Stream Know when your favorite channel is streaming online.

extensions, channel, wips, twitch, extension, live, chrome, streaming, stream, icon, team, developer, tv, hear, happy

WebGL Inspector Chrome extension download
WebGL Inspector Debug, diagnose, and explore WebGL scenes.

webgl, extension, inspector, feel, free, tools, source, fix, html, pix, goal, making, explore, gdebugger, advanced

Web Developer Form Filler Chrome extension download
Web Developer Form Filler This extension is used by developers to make it easy to fill forms

web, extension, fill, github, form, filler, easy, code, source, pages, developer, developing, forms, developers, formsthis

RailsPanel Chrome extension download
RailsPanel Devtools panel for Rails development

extension, rails, development, panel, app, gem, chrome, rendering, text, total, views, times, rendered, parameter, list

MagiCSS - Live CSS Editor Chrome extension download
MagiCSS - Live CSS Editor Live preview of CSS changes with an in-page CSS editor. Beautify CSS, minify CSS, syntax highlighting and create GitHub Gist & mail.

css, code, write, page, test, magicss, editor, quot, beautify, original, run, live, chrome, extension, github

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