Best Gmail Chrome Extension Alternatives

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TaskCracker for Gmail Chrome extension download
TaskCracker for Gmail TaskCracker for Gmail extension allows you to work with your Gmail tasks visually.

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Gmail Blue April Fool's Joke Chrome extension download
Gmail Blue April Fool's Joke Changes Gmail to Gmail Blue

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GIPHY for Gmail Chrome extension download
GIPHY for Gmail Add the power of GIPHY to your Gmail experience. Search and discover the best GIFs for your every email need quickly and easily.

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Gmail Checker Chrome extension download
Gmail Checker This extension is for notify incoming new messages of Gmail. And support multiple Gmail account.

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Gmail zed Chrome extension download
Gmail zed An elegant, grayish Gmail skin

use helvetica, new outlook, helvetica neue, grayish gmail skin, initial release, ice cream fund, kids ice, minimalist extension, gmail theme, soft gray, split pane, gmail skin

Custom Tab Names for Gmail Chrome extension download
Custom Tab Names for Gmail Alters the names of Gmail tabs for convenience.

easily sort emails, gmail tabs create, different accounts, browser note, create custom names, different custom name sets, gmail tabs, gmail filters, gmail changes, multiple sources

Gmail Image Width Fix Chrome extension download
Gmail Image Width Fix Restricts the maximum width of images in emails. Shrink pictures and image down to a size that will not stretch the page.

gmail page, lightweight fix, gmail users, gmail email body, long lines, shrink pictures, maximum width css style, maximum width, star icon

Better Gmail Unsubscribe Chrome extension download
Better Gmail Unsubscribe Adds an unsubscribe link for when Gmail doesn't offer one

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Gmail Filter Enhancements Chrome extension download
Gmail Filter Enhancements Make Gmail filter management easier.

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Old Gmail Emoji Chrome extension download
Old Gmail Emoji A collection of the old-style gmail emojis for easy copy-pasteing.

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Remember The Milk for Gmail Chrome extension download
Remember The Milk for Gmail Task management goodness.

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Crypto Gmail Chrome extension download
Crypto Gmail Crypto Gmail is a simple plug in to your Gmail account which does just what its name says – encrypts Gmail!

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Powerbot for Gmail(beta) Chrome extension download
Powerbot for Gmail(beta) Bring the power of Evernote to Gmail.

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Powerbot for Gmail Chrome extension download
Powerbot for Gmail Bring the power of Evernote to Gmail.

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Email templates for Gmail Chrome extension download
Email templates for Gmail Supercharge Gmail with a gallery of email templates - emails designed for business, personal or fun.

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Gmail Label and Email Sharing Chrome extension download
Gmail Label and Email Sharing Email and label sharing plus real-time team collaboration and chat without ever leaving Gmail™

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TeX for Gmail Chrome extension download
TeX for Gmail Use LaTeX (a method for rendering mathematical formulas) with Gmail.

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Notifus Chrome extension download
Notifus Notifus: notifies you about unanswered GMail conversations.

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Pretty Print Gmail Chrome extension download
Pretty Print Gmail Cleans up printing for Gmail.

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Different Gmail Delete Button Chrome extension download
Different Gmail Delete Button Tweaks the Gmail web interface’s delete button.

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2-Pane for Gmail/Calendar Chrome extension download
2-Pane for Gmail/Calendar Tune Gmail by hiding the top navigation. Easily turned on and off through an icon in addressbar. It works with Google Calendar too.

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CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite Legacy Chrome extension download
CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite Legacy CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite Legacy enables true cloud-to-cloud synchronization of your Gmail with NetSuite.

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Panel Extension For Gmail Chrome extension download
Panel Extension For Gmail View your Gmail in a panel within Google Chrome.

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Newman Chrome extension download
Newman Get simple notifications when a new gmail message arrives.

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Save emails to Slack Chrome extension download
Save emails to Slack Save any Gmail™ email to Slack with one click

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Live Labels Chrome extension download
Live Labels Make Gmail labels work in inbox list view mode as links.

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Toggl Timer Skin for Gmail Chrome extension download
Toggl Timer Skin for Gmail Changes Toggl Mobile to fit Gmail layout

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Contextinator Chrome extension download
Contextinator Browse the Internets around your projects

project window, visit project, web browsing sessions, project window belong, big picture, tasks contextinator, bookmarks people, browser tabs, visit gmail, web browsing, gmail label belongs, open project, single page, unread gmail, unread gmail messages, unread email

Send Link by Email or Gmail Chrome extension download
Send Link by Email or Gmail Share web pages, images, and links by email or Gmail.

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BX24Mail - GMAIL for Bitrix24 Chrome extension download
BX24Mail - GMAIL for Bitrix24 Watch your crm data from your bitrix24 in your Gmail

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Engage for Gmail Chrome extension download
Engage for Gmail Track emails and insert templates in Gmail

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X-notifier Neo Chrome extension download
X-notifier Neo Notifier for Gmail, iCloud, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL and so on

xnotifier neo checks, unread mails, unread emails, preview messages, save password, gmail icloud hotmail, detect login, support gmail multiple login, gmail multiple login, webmail accounts

Save as EML for Gmail Chrome extension download
Save as EML for Gmail Save a message as a .eml file when you click "Show Original." The file name of .eml is the date of the message.

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Gmail Shortcut Chrome extension download
Gmail Shortcut Access Gmail on Chrome within a snap

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Gmail Gifline Chrome extension download
Gmail Gifline The fastest way to include gif in your emails

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Multi Forward for Gmail Chrome extension download
Multi Forward for Gmail This extension allows users to forward multiple emails through the Gmail website. For more information, see-…

see forwardforgmail, gmail website, information, multiple emails, see, users

Insightly CRM Gadget Fix For Gmail Chrome extension download
Insightly CRM Gadget Fix For Gmail Insightly CRM fix for GMail. Removes the 'Insightly Gmail Gadget' controls from every email.

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Videpper Beta Chrome extension download
Videpper Beta Record and share videos directly in Gmail.

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Save emails to SharePoint Chrome extension download
Save emails to SharePoint Save any Gmail™ email to SharePoint with one click

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Ryver Chrome extension download
Ryver Easily share webpages with your Ryver app!

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Convert Gmail Emails to PDFs (by Duffel) Chrome extension download
Convert Gmail Emails to PDFs (by Duffel) Download your Gmail emails and messages as PDFs in one-click!

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Clio for Gmail Chrome Extension Chrome extension download
Clio for Gmail Chrome Extension The extension connects Gmail to your Clio account (matters, communications, documents and tasks).

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ndGmail Chrome extension download
ndGmail Integrate your Gmail account with NetDocuments.

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Wunderlist in Gmail Chrome extension download
Wunderlist in Gmail Show Wunderlist3 to the right of your Gmail inbox or GCalendar, so that you check your todo-lists with your email!

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Gmello for Trello Chrome extension download
Gmello for Trello A simple tool for integrating Gmail with Trello

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SignEasy for Gmail and Dropbox Chrome extension download
SignEasy for Gmail and Dropbox Sign, fill and attach your documents without leaving your Gmail window

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Gmelius for Gmail Chrome extension download
Gmelius for Gmail Turn Gmail into a collaboration tool and sync it with your favorite apps like Slack or Trello.

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Type Helper plus Chrome extension download
Type Helper plus Auto-Complete with Shift Key + Any Alphabet

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Wordzen for Gmail Chrome extension download
Wordzen for Gmail We write your emails for you.

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Gmail & Office 365 Plugin for VTiger Chrome extension download
Gmail & Office 365 Plugin for VTiger VTExperts the most trusted Extension developer for VTiger. Gmail & Office 365 Plugin for VTiger (Corrensa).

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