Best New Tab Page Chrome Extension Alternatives

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A New, New Tab Page Chrome extension download
A New, New Tab Page A new, sexy, better new tab page.

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New tab page by Chrome extension download
New tab page by The ultimate personal start page -

tab page, organize bookmarks, new york times, ultimate personal start page, new tab page, new tab extensions, new loading spinner, start pages, duplicate link checker, start page start, feeds notes, bug fix, chrome new tab page, start page, chrome address, excellent home page, web pages, bookmark search

Create Link Chrome extension download
Create Link Copy current page URL to clipboard in various formats.

page title , extension options page, osx windowsxp windows7, current page title, firefox addon, various formats, current page url, configure formats, page title page url, source code, link href page url page title, link tag easily, page url

Classic New Tab Page Chrome extension download
Classic New Tab Page Classic New Tab Page is an extension the brings back the Classic Chrome New Tab Page.

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99tab Chrome extension download
99tab A fast and useful start page dashboard featuring news, weather, todo, customizable backgrounds and more!

useful widgets, easily turn, start page dashboard, home page, weather todo, popular web services, start page, useful start page dashboard, awesome responsive layout, home page extensions, personal dashboard, bookmarks bar, chrome home page, new handy start page

Edit Page! Chrome extension download
Edit Page! Enables you to edit the content of the current page

extension enables, page restores, start changing, original content, edit page, edit, enables, simply click edit page, current page, page

app.telemetry Page Speed Monitor Chrome extension download
app.telemetry Page Speed Monitor Get the page load times of any web page! app.telemetry Page Speed Monitor shows offset and duration of website performance metrics.

page load times, w3c navigation timing, telemetry page speed monitor shows offset, website performance metrics, web page, page load based, telemetry page speed monitor, detailled information, page load, load time, page

Hide Most Visited Pages Chrome extension download
Hide Most Visited Pages Hides the "Most Visited" page link section in the New Tabs window.

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DIM Chrome extension download
DIM Puts an end to bright pages.

complete whiteblacklisting system, universal dark theme, page styling, page loading, added content, page loading time, options page, intelligent page styling, image processing, every page, white blacklisting, styling pages, image processing algorithms

Navigate on paste Chrome extension download
Navigate on paste Middle click on a page navigates to the content of the primary selection. Requires Linux.

tab page, open new tabs, new tab behavior, middle click triggers, new tab page, new tab, bug fix, status update, page navigates, clipboard contents, extension middle, middle click, page, blank page

Decreased Productivity Chrome extension download
Decreased Productivity Discreetly surf the web! Control exactly how you want web pages to look like.

page background text, tab domain, page icons, options dp, productivity dp, hide page icons, browsing text page background, options page, address bar icon, control image opacity, add custom css code, leave page fonts, textpage background colours, replace page titles, cloaked pages, table border colours

Reddit Infinite Scrolling Chrome extension download
Reddit Infinite Scrolling Infinite Scrolling for Reddit.

html5 history api, new page items, latest page, hacker news, loading text, page items, progress spinner, page thats, last item, current page, next page, infinite scrolling, latest items

Next Page Chrome extension download
Next Page When viewing pages or images which are numbered and in serial order,this extension can help you navigate to Next Page.

new settings, settings saved, new options page, navigate serial numbered pages, detects number, new facebook page, create custom logic, next page, page number, serial order, configurable hotkey shortcut

Empty New Tab Page Chrome extension download
Empty New Tab Page With this extension, new tabs display a blank page instead of the usual new tab page with thumbnails.

tab page, visited pages show, new tab page, noisy simple, tabs display blank page, thumbnails, usual new tab page, dark mode support, adds dark mode support, blank page, new tabs, prefer plain

simple-debug.css Chrome extension download
simple-debug.css Debug your layouts with one line of CSS and a single click.

current page adding outlines, extension injects simple debug, debug, page layout, single click, page elements, current page, layouts, line, page, css, page layout easier

Beautiful & Customizable New Tab Page Openoox Chrome extension download
Beautiful & Customizable New Tab Page Openoox The first new tab page that is both beautiful and incredibly useful! Customize almost everything, in one click.

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Awesome HQ (Extension) Chrome extension download
Awesome HQ (Extension) Your dashboard for everything. Are you ready to be awesome?

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Page Eraser Chrome extension download
Page Eraser Easily erase unwanted elements from web pages.

eraser fade, minimum browser version page eraser, incognito pages, certain version, install page eraser, flash banner ads, erase elements, options page, page refreshes, page eraser, web pages, browser version page eraser simple translator Chrome extension download simple translator Easily translate words from any website within your browser — with auto-focus!

added icons, new mobile page, browser, easy popup, translate words, auto focus, search field, new page, mobile page, required permissions, page bahaviour, website

New Tab Apps Page Chrome extension download
New Tab Apps Page Replaces the Google Chrome™ New Tab Page with the Apps Page.

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Valentine's Day 2016 New Tab Chrome extension download
Valentine's Day 2016 New Tab Spread some love on your new tab page this year with the high-res Valentine's Day 2016 New Tab!

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Page up, top Chrome extension download
Page up, top Allows you to go to the top (page up) of current page for one click or hot key (ctrl + pgup ^) for all site (facebook /…

site facebook, top page, hot key, r250514217099 z298132469411, click, top, facebook , current page, allows, page, hot key ctrl pgup

NITC Authenticator Chrome extension download
NITC Authenticator Authenticate your internet connection automatically using this extension. Built for use in NIT Calicut.

click save credentials, centre authentication, nongoogle page, page shows, login page, extension automatically, face issues, institute authentication page, authentication page, internet connection, automatic authentication, connection automatically

Clean Tab - New Tab Page Chrome extension download
Clean Tab - New Tab Page New Tab page replacement with beautiful photography.

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New Tab Page Counter Chrome extension download
New Tab Page Counter Track the number of times you open the new tab page, and how much time you have it open. You probably will be amazed!

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Tab for a Cause Chrome extension download
Tab for a Cause Raise money for charity with every browser tab you open!

send emergency aid, collect ad revenue, couple banner ads, every browser tab, tab page, new tab page, give clean water, new tab page widgets, incredible new tab page, plant trees send emergency aid give, open tab, tab page widgets

FreeMobile old login page Chrome extension download
FreeMobile old login page Remplace la nouvelle page de login de FreeMobile par un truc plus cool

sur les, la page de, une page, utilisateur si la reconnaissance choue, pour revenir ponctuellement la page, des chiffres, les chiffres, extension le, si extension, si la, extension en, si les, de la, un changement mineur dans, la page, la page est, de freemobile contourn encore en, peut enregistrer des comptes, mise jour pour prendre, le chargement des images, de freemobile changement, de extension, s curit sa fa, si les images varient, page de login de freemobile

Fan page helper Chrome extension download
Fan page helper Fan page helper auto invites people who liked your fan page post but not yet a fan of your page to join your page

facebook fan page, time consuming, fan page helper auto invites people, daily basis, page invite, facebook fan page lot, helper auto invites people, facebook fan page helper, get likes, fan page, fan page post, facebook fan page helper automatically invite people

Old New Tab Page Chrome extension download
Old New Tab Page Replaces New Tab page with old new tab page (ie list of chrome Apps).

tab page, new tab page, play style, applications shortcuts, official app, applications shortcuts flipkart snapdeal jabong myntra homeshop18 amazon, old new tab page, chrome apps, replaces, ie list

Show Referrer Chrome extension download
Show Referrer Chrome Extension to mark up web pages with their referrers

referrer chrome extension source, web page, referrerchromeextension source, page, referrers, adds markup web page showing, project web page, web pages, mark, mit license

Auto refresh page Chrome extension download
Auto refresh page Auto refresh page:This extension can automatically refresh the page, you can set different time intervals specified page refresh.…

refresh page, set refresh, brush forum activity brush, random time interval, online refresh, normal operation, page remains online, favorite singers list, page refresh, different time intervals, current page, background page, random time, time intervals, page refreshes, refresh refresh, domain name

force font Chrome extension download
force font Forced to change the font page

menu, font page, display font, date support, mouse button menu, current page font, favorite font, page font, chrome browser font, page, browse page, font

IOS 8 New Tab Page Chrome extension download
IOS 8 New Tab Page Bring IOS 8 to your Chrome, a customizable new tab page with IOS 8 style, App Store, games and more. Let the fun begin.

tab page, new stylish, chrome customizable, app icon, new tab page, screen mode, ios devices, customizable new tab page, app store games, tab page settings, edit mode, deactivate edit mode, ios new tab page settings, new tab page let, app store, full screen mode, settings icon, new tab page offers

Web Page Sticky Notes Chrome extension download
Web Page Sticky Notes Sticky Notes For Web Pages

change font properties, cluttered note board, frame video embed, click type, progress circle completes, page specific, web page, resizedouble click edges, backgroundtextborder color transparency, click edges, icons clean, text border, several people mention, specific page, web page matching

Live Start Page - Living Wallpapers Chrome extension download
Live Start Page - Living Wallpapers Live new tab page: customize clocks, to-do list, hundreds of live backgrounds in your browser.

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New tab URL Chrome extension download
New tab URL Redirect new tabs to a given URL.

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Xplug for APEX Page Designer Chrome extension download
Xplug for APEX Page Designer Enhance the APEX 5.0 Page Designer with some features currently unavailable in the official release (switch panes, ...)

apex page designer, previous page , page designer, change page designer theme, official release, official release switch panes, apex page designer switch panes, next page buttons, change page designer theme including night mode theme enhanced messages search, nightmode theme, disable tooltips possibility

Site Analyzer Chrome extension download
Site Analyzer This extension will analyze a page using GTmetrix

total page size, yslow score, gtmetrix, analyzing points pagespeed score, test server, page load time, score page load, gtmetrix uses, analyze page, vancouver canada, page, total page size number, pagespeed score

Webpage Screenshot - Entire page screenshot! Chrome extension download
Webpage Screenshot - Entire page screenshot! Since 2015 The most popular tool for your day to day. Whole page screenshot, sharing and much more.

entire page, popular tool, page screenshot, user data, horizontal content, sensitive data, visible area, image data, entire page screenshot, google google, send captured image, share unlimited, whole page screenshot, editor page, extension doesn, evernote web clipper

Embark - New Tab Page Chrome extension download
Embark - New Tab Page A minimalistic new tab page.

tab page, chromes default, date embark loads blazingly fast, new tab page, date embark, highly customisable, minimalistic new tab page, hour clock, beautiful photography allowing, embark replaces, beautiful photography, options page, inspirational photographs

ExtManager Chrome extension download
ExtManager Manage the chrome extensions. One click to enable or disable extension. Group extensions and drag it. Sort extensions by drag it.

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Postpone Page Chrome extension download
Postpone Page Save pages to read later without relying on an external website.

postpone page, external website, plugins plugins, postpone page lets, additional permissions, options page, save pages, enable additional features, current page, additional features, scroll position, tango desktop project

QuickGoDownloads Chrome extension download
QuickGoDownloads Quick go to download page

downloaded page, download page, quick, chrome, page, fast way

Canopy GUI Enhancer Chrome extension download
Canopy GUI Enhancer Enhance the standard CambiumNetworks Canopy Web GUI

ap evaluation page, real time throughput, standard cambiumnetworks canopy, arp page, mac address lookup, pmp100 pmp430, ip address lookup, address lookup, nat table page, ap data vc page, ap throughput page, table page, table buttons

Blank New Tab Page Chrome extension download
Blank New Tab Page Override the default new tab page with blank page.

tab page, new tab page, chrome page, new chrome window, enter chrome, new tab, page, extension prevents, chrome page choose open specific page, specific page, google search, blank page, chrome window, extension prevents google search page

Fast New Tab Redirect Chrome extension download
Fast New Tab Redirect Redirect the New Tab page to your favorite

tab page, new tab page, minimal implementation, tab page redirection, main code, lines, favorite, redirect, new tab page redirection

Shopping researcher Chrome extension download
Shopping researcher We can who ASIN and JAN on Amazon. We can also transfer it to Ebay. We also support US, JP, IT, FR, UK, DE Amazon.

display banner, rakuten banner, displayed search, select show hide, product page, product list page, individual product page, page link, asin search, fix design collapse, displayed link, price transition, page display, display seller id, product detail page, selectable csv output mode, price comparison table, bug support, link display function, add link, search page

Page Markup Chrome extension download
Page Markup Draw on any webpage with a variety of tools to express your thoughts, make a point or just simply edit

extension enables, simply edit, simply navigate, variety, click page markup, express, draw, tools, page markup, page, webpage

Navigation Shortcuts Chrome extension download
Navigation Shortcuts Allows next, up, prev, and top links to be used with simple keyboard shortcuts.

simple keyboard shortcuts space bar navigates, next page ctrl , next page, previous page ctrl , page ctrl, top page, online books documentation, navigation plugin, sections index page ctrl shift , shift space bar navigates, page ctrl shift, ctrl right, bottom shift, previous page, previous page ctrl, smart link detection, simple keyboard shortcuts, rel top

Awesome New Tab Page Chrome extension download
Awesome New Tab Page Enhance your New Tab Page with ultimate customizability and power. Awesome, like you. [ANTP]

tab page, apps shortcuts, create custom shortcuts, click uninstall, uninstall chrome extension, new tab page, awesome new tab page, commercial purpose, background color button, additional crypto widgets, uninstall apps, chrome new tab page, price tracker widgets, awesome new tab page replaces, open color

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